Melanie Griffith knows good parenting

August 4th, 2006 // 108 Comments




  1. HEY! What does Antonio have to say about this??

  2. BadGoat

    Melanie is just continuing the good examples and traditions that her mother Tippi Hedren instilled in her. Tippi allowed Melanie to move in with Don Johnson at the age of 14, so what’s the big deal with letting your daughter light-up at 17?

  3. A Nobody

    I thought that was Mary-kate Olsen…

  4. Carl Rogerson

    Seems to me that what Melanie and her daughter choose to do is their business. At least they are still talking to each other and actually spending time together. Can’t even say that about a lot of parents and their kids that aren’t famous.

  5. they look like trash, hahahahahahahaha

  6. Its good to know this.I appreciate it lol.

  7. Hernan

    Better cigarettes, than all the pills in mama bathroom

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