Melanie Griffith knows good parenting

August 4th, 2006 // 108 Comments




  1. @44 – Is that when you became the “DancingQueen”? – and what’s up with that “walking penal code violation” posting above you?

  2. lomies

    Are they European?

  3. ToiletDuck


    That website is downright frightening – Antonio must be drunk constantly or suffer from some sort of eye disease, because I cnanot imagine waking up next to that – she should have a goatee by now for all the skin that’s been pulled back and stretched – with all the pups she’s squeezed out for various men over the years, I am sure she’s had her cooch cinched up too…if not, I would imagine it would be like fucking a pail of warm water…

  4. @50 I also went to her website and found Melanies messages. As soon as I opened it, I could here her in my mind saying, “I have a mind for business and a bod for sin” in that throaty asthmatic voice of hers.

    And then I scratched my brain right out of my fuckin head!!

  5. This chick was banging Don Johnson when she was around 14, I don’t really think her instincts on proper behavior for kids are the norm.

  6. pop

    what truly saddens me about this story is that melanie grifith’s daughter is not hot…

  7. ToiletDuck

    This woman has had her legs in the air so many times the bottoms of her feet are sunburned…

    Nice to see she’s teaching her daughter some of her “tricks”, like smoking in filthy back alleys trolling for drug deals…

  8. biatcho

    I’m thinking that on this particular street corner they’re standing on, Melanie is, unfortunately, the higher paid hooker.

  9. ToiletDuck

    Well, one of her shitty movies was titled “Working Girl.” Need we say more??

    And her kid must be on the Auschwitz Diet. Maybe they consider a cigarette to be “lunch”…

  10. Sixtyeth!!!


  11. Her daughter needs to put on some weight.

  12. popcornsuite

    “Melanie probably just knows that and accepts it. It doesn’t mean she likes it. I’m sure if she had her choice, she’d not allow it.”

    That’s like me saying to my daughter, “Sweetie, I don’t want you having sex at such a young age, but here are some porno videos since I know you’ll probably do it anyway. Might as well spice it up.

    This is gross. Get a clue, Mel.

  13. Do Freebird

    “what truly saddens me about this story is that melanie grifith’s daughter is not hot”

    I don’t know, after looking at all the pictures, I think she’s kind of cute in a Don Johnson gene pool, submissive lesian biker, anorexic, terminal lung cancer, close to death kind of way.

    And nice prison tattoo on Melanies arm. She’s actually managed to starve off what used to be a pretty impressive Rack job.

  14. ToiletDuck

    “Here are scenes from Melanie Griffith’s latest film, titled ‘Whore’, the poignant story of ‘Pepper Flappysnatch’ a former actress-turned-prostitute-after-her-hot-Spanish-hubby-dumps-her-for-someone-hotter. She dedicates her life to helping Beverly Hills street kids who have maxed out their credit cards and don’t know else to turn to for help.”

  15. Tattoo Joe

    I’m surprised they got caught smoking. They usually would use that trick where they can disappear completely by turning sideways. But I guess it would look weird to see two cigarettes just floating in mid-air.

  16. All you need to do is search for Melanie Griffith porn and find the picture of her getting cummed on her head. It explains this behavior and you can pretty much see her whole life flash before your eyes.

  17. PunjabPete

    The reason the “daughter” is so small and thin is they made her out of all the parts of Mel that have been refurbished and replaced in the last 10 years… Have you seen Mels lips lately? Looks like a baboon’s ass…

  18. KatieN

    If I was driving by, I would have thought they were junkie crack whores.

  19. ptprez

    i would ask for both of them for $30…

  20. PunjabPete

    61 – Come on… It’s AIDS Chic…
    What a great look….

  21. ToiletDuck

    WHat a lousy mother, Melanie you should be ashamed of yourself allowing that child to become so overweight…she needs to lose AT LEAST fifteen pounds if she even has a hope in hell of being considered for any roles in Hollywood nowadays…

    Jesus Christ woman, what the fuck is wrong with you??

  22. Sir Psycho Sexy

    Trivia :

    Melanie Griffith moved in with Don Johnson ( pictured daughter Dakota’s father ), when she was 14 and he was 22, married him at 18, and divorced a year later.

    So, in addition to being a drug-addled, talentless, bankrupt douche, Don Johnson is also a pedophile.

  23. ToiletDuck

    Well, judging from her horrible films, most of her best performances have been displayed while she is on her back or her knees, no doubt in front of coked-up producers, whom, while sober would not give this nepotite a job as messenger girl on the set were it not for her mother…

  24. alaskanchicsickle

    @72 the “pedo-smile” too funny.

  25. Mr. Fritz

    Spindoc, I was thinking the exact same thing. Wasn’t he 10 years older than her too? Her mom was lenient, so she is too.

  26. Caoimhe

    #37. “This is not that big of a deal to me. The girl is going to smoke whether her mom lights her cigarettes or not, you know? Melanie probably just knows that and accepts it. It doesn’t mean she likes it. I’m sure if she had her choice, she’d not allow it.” –You are an idiot. just because ‘she’s gonna do it anyway’ does not mean her mother should condone it. It’s like all these parents who think that they’re taking temptation away by letting their kids experiment. But all that they’re doing is showing their kids that it’s totally okay to do drugs and drink. Sure some kids will take their ‘experimenting’ underground, but even if kids’ parents let them experiment at home, they’ll still go out and drink and do drugs with their friends. Maybe the parents should actually discipline their children instead of trying to be cool, or trying to be their kids’ friends.

  27. You have to be 18 to smoke at the other side of the big pond? How patronising is that ? I thought that paternalistic and patronising governments was our problem…

  28. slinkhard

    77, gotta love how your focus moves from cigarettes to ZOMG, the dangers of drink and drugs!11!
    I can’t see myself lighting a cigarette for my kid even if I smoked myself, but the girl is 17, what exactly is Griffiths supposed to do to prevent her smoking?
    Body slam her into the pavement and have a CCTV watching her every move to make sure she doesn’t smoke? (Not to mention, most people in Hollywood smoke to keep their weight down. Otherwise there’d be moral majority people like you saying ‘How DARE her parents allow her to become overweight and risk her health, the first step to hooking your body on the street for crack?!11′

  29. Caoimhe

    #79. I’m just saying that parents should be more responsible. And I’m not saying that people should beat their children, I just think that parents should have consequinces for their childrens’ actions. And she doesn’t like her daughter smoking she shouldn’t be lighting her cigarettes, but obviously she could care less. And you know what else keeps someones weight down? Fucking exersize!!

  30. Sheva

    Folks have it all wrong. The girl is not smoking cuz she wants to but she has a quota. Since mom can’t give up cigs, she has to smoke with someone. She told her daughter if she meets her quota, she’ll get breast implants.

    So that’s what the smoking is about. Getting gigantor breast implants that will tip her over when she drinks too much.

    Now what’s this about exercise? Isn’t that something European women do?

  31. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    @77, 78, 79


    Take your political agenda’s and shove them, or bend over and allow me to do it for you!!

    Truly yours,


  32. ToiletDuck



  33. ToiletDuck

    Yeah, and you can forget the exercise thing – Melanie’s idea of exercise is power shopping on Rodeo Drive, following by some cocktails and a few screaming orgasms with the pool boy later on the afternoon – hubby is probably on some movie set in Europe, bangin’ a starlet anyway…what a fucked up arrangement…and like I said before, the cigarette is probably “lunch”…

  34. ToiletDuck

    Here’s a fun little video from a movie Melanie did for Brian de Palma – she actually looks good here before all the plastic surgery – she gets porked in a restroom by a geek, and there is a hokey orgasm at the end, but good nevertheless…

  35. Only Melanie can prevent sidewalk fires.


  36. PunjabPete

    85 – ROFLMAO

    Mel in assless chaps banging what looks suspiciously like Bill Maher.. WTF?

    Hollywood is strange…

  37. Rachel

    so, I went to high school with this girl, and I have to say she’s one of the dumbest people I’ve ever met, and also turned half the girls in her grade into cokeheads. Melanie Griffith looks like a bag lady every time she picks her up from school, except bag ladies don’t usually have collegen inflated lips overtaking their face. … usually.

  38. mnxygrl

    in pennsylvania…its 18 to purchase and 16 to smoke…

  39. mnxygrl

    in pennsylvania…its 18 to purchase and 16 to smoke…

  40. Man if one decent stylist gets hold of that girl mom is history. And she knows it.

  41. Da Boar

    #37…..bull crap. Do you help your 16 year old pick out her tattoos as well????

  42. for_the_love_of_jerusha

    What in the HELL does Antonio see in this sorry excuse of a trollope?

  43. for_the_love_of_jerusha

    What in the HELL does Antonio see in this sorry excuse of a trollope?

  44. Justin Igger

    they can both smoke my dick for real though

  45. ibizagirl

    Dont be stupid. Many many many teenagers smoke. HArdly a reason to accuse her of anything.

  46. ibizagirl

    Dont be stupid. Many many many teenagers smoke. HArdly a reason to accuse her of anything.

  47. ibizagirl

    Dont be stupid. Many many many teenagers smoke. HArdly a reason to accuse her of anything.

  48. Beam It To Me

    This scene is obviously Step 2 in the mother-daughter “How to Snort Coke” lesson. Step 1; use the extra long acrylic pinkie nail to snort coke into both nostrils (see photo 4). Step 2; light up a cigarette to mellow out the buzz and make it last longer.

    Its not often we get to see this usually covert behavior publically in broad daylight. Generally its something that is only heard from the outside of a bathroom stall (with several pairs of feet visible only) in the ladies’ room of an L.A. nightclub. This really is a rare and unusual sighting. And caught on film too!

  49. findamom

    If it looks like trash and smells like trash. It is probably TRASH.

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