Melanie Rios Was There, Too

We’ve already seen Kacey Jordan, so I felt it was important to take a look at porn star Melanie Rios (Formerly Melanie Jane), the other fifth of Charlie Sheen’s hooker sandwich, who seems to prove he hasn’t entirely lost it. Had he spent the past three days holed up with just Kacey Jordan and her beak, the situation might’ve been way worse than we imagined. But now that I see Melanie, I kind of want to subscribe to Charlie’s newsletter even though I’m sure it’s nothing but a piece of paper with dollar signs written in hooker blood and coke. “It’s like money to them,” he probably says.

Special thanks to Mark for providing the pics of Melanie and Kacey even though he won’t tell me how Charlie Sheen orders these chicks and/or give me a ballpark on shipping.

Photos: Club Melanie Jane (NSFW)