Mel Gibson’s wife wants a divorce

April 13th, 2009 // 115 Comments

Mel Gibson’s wife Robyn filed for divorce on Good Friday, according to TMZ:

Sources tell us there is no prenuptial agreement — they were married in 1980, before Mel Gibson amassed a fortune estimated at $900 million back in 2006. Under the laws of California, community property — which includes earnings — is divided 50/50.
Robyn is also asking for spousal support and attorneys fees.
Robyn lists the date of separation as “to be determined.” This is important, because earnings generally cease to be community property when the couple separates. There could be a skirmish over this. We’re told the couple grew increasingly apart over the last few years, especially since Mel’s drunk driving arrest in 2006.

Wow. She divorced the guy who made The Passion of the Christ on Good Friday? I hope she learned the secret of his seven herbs and spices because he’s definitely not telling her now. The Colonel holds no quarter for blasphemers!

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  1. 4Me2Know

    Mel’s got no passion from Christ.

  2. Balls

    The man tells it like it is and is not afraid to speak the truth. Amazing that an Anglo has been permitted to flourish in an industry dominated by- – - -

  3. Karen

    That picture is EXACTLY how I imagine “Ted Kennedy’s Tumor” looks. Same views, too.

  4. Cindy

    She’s put up with a lot and she’s had to put in a ton of effort to make sure their kids didn’t get permanently scarred by Mel’s conservative political and religious beliefs, which are psychotic even by the standards of conservative psychos. She deserves at least 75% of the money, not half.

  5. He was so kool as mad max,,,now hes turning into Salvador Dali without the mad-genius attached…

  6. havoc

    In place of the “respondent”, I hope she calls him “sugar tits”…


  7. truth

    He’s every bit as repulsive as Rosie.

  8. smarg

    To me, his two best movies were Mad Max and the Road Warrior. After that, he turned creepy.

    She’s gonna get half his fortune, word. However, rest assured he didn’t invest any of it with the Jew Madoff. hee!

  9. Phil

    His wife is going to get whatever she wants. Does anybody really doubt that he’s an abusive drunk? If he contests this, he’ll be making movies on his Sony Handicam.

  10. Andrea

    She is gonna CLEAN HIM OUT!!!!!!!!

    Hahahahahaha! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  11. Tim

    28 years… What a real shame.

  12. justifiable

    #4 She put up with a lot of cheating on Mr. Religious’s part, and she should’ve filed before he started building that fundamentalist Church compound – good luck figuring out the value of that. The rumor is that they really separated 3 ago, but I hope she gets her half.

  13. Megan

    Jesus doesn’t like it when you fashion your facial hair into that of a generic devil. For shame! This is brilliant hahaha. He deserves every bit of it.

  14. Jade

    $450mil isn’t enough?

    She needs spousal support on top of that?

    Honestly, that’s pathetic. She’s like that one-legged dancer who’s name I forgot.

  15. Pastafarian

    How will an A-list movie star, worth a half a billion dollars after a divorce ever be able to find a new wife?

  16. antijanet

    He made a good retard in “Tim.”

  17. Sid



  18. Still White on the Outside

    Daaaaaaaammn… she’s gonna drink his milkshake…

  19. Anon


    Another worthless gold digger. Makes me wonder why she’s splitting from him as this shows they are obviously suited to each other.

    Another Heather Mills. Wonder if when she gets her $450 mil why she needs spousal support.

    Can someone explain why if you get divorced why you want to be tied to that person and lets be honest dependent on them for money?

    If you get divorced you’re supposed to start anew. Sure get some money for maybe 2 years but then get a job you lousy bum, and if the settlement goes over a set amount you should get a lump sum and nothing else.

  20. lop

    Another self-righteous moralizer proves we’re all the same – we love the women, and religion, marriage vows, and professed morality all go out the window when a hot piece of ass offers us up a slice.

  21. Molly

    who cares about the divorce and how his wife is bleeding him for half his shit

    let’s talk more about his facial hair, because that is the real story here.

  22. Is she asking for custody of their donkey?

  23. Jrz

    Um…….so…….what the FUCK happened to Mel Gibson???!!!!

  24. Jrz


    Ghetto father making out with ghetto girl, to two-year-old tugging at his jeans: Nigga, stop cock-blockin me!

  25. brian

    @ 4 – Cindy – Hilarious…

  26. Vickie

    “Another worthless gold digger.”

    They have 7 kids. She’s the one who raised them – he takes credit for being an active father, but what that means in his case is that he “lays down the law” according to his beliefs. Then he leaves for months at a time to make a movie (and he’s made tons of them, so he’s been gone much more often than he’s been home), and she has to do all of the parenting work for seven kids while making sure they don’t suffer because of his crazy ideas about how the world works. The first kid to write a memoir will show exactly how much the mom had to put up with and how little the dad could be counted on for anything except proselytizing (when he wasn’t busy fucking somebody else).

  27. Jrz

    Really… in the fuck do you go from this….

    to that General Custer/ 3 Muskateers lookin’ motherfucker up there?

  28. Toolboy

    Where the fuck is Muttley? MUUUHAHAHA….

  29. Angry Beaver

    He reminds me of Col. Sanders and that makes me happy. Mmmm….deep fried chickens from anonymous offshore locations….mmm

  30. Matt

    He looks like this because for a few years now, he’s been celebrating “communion” in his own church by pouring some homemade wine into a cup and adding slivers of his children’s flesh.

  31. PunkA

    The Passion of the Heist. That is what this divorce is. Out and out stealing. Yeah, she deserves to get paid. But give her $200 million and tell her to go away happily and shut it. She was not the face on the billboards. She did not sell 1 damn movie ticket. She didn;t make one damn film. And please tell me one housewife in this country who would not be thrilled with $200 million? I rest my case.

  32. Anon


    Don’t portray her as the selfless sacrificing mother and him as the doesn’t give a toss father just because you read a lot of one-sided womens mags.
    I’m sure she raised them all by herself with no help (maids, nannys, best private schools that money his movies could’ve paid for)

    Nope all the blood sweat and tears came from her and her alone.

    She is a gold digger because she wants $450 million AND spousal support.
    How much money do you need?

    If she was so selfless why not greedy and got for that little extra you don’t need?

    She has no integrity because of that and why they both deserve each other.

    Thats why she’s a gold digger.
    Only seeing $$$. You put your head in the lions mouth too far and it’ll bite.

  33. Drewingkrew

    I learned why Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn, has just filed legal papers to divorce .Mel Gibson after 28 years of marriage, citing “irreconcilable differences.” See the video because of what they are divorced!!! Mel-Gibson-divorcedFlash clip about 28 years of marriage Gibsons

  34. justifiable

    #19 Since she’s spent most of her adult life in a full-time job: raising their kids and making a home for their family so he can go off and make movies while she holds it all together she’s hardly a Heather Mills, who married McCartney way after he became a success. She latched on after the fact, Robyn Gibson was a hands-on partner while he was building his career. So now she’s supposed to go out and become a nanny or a personal assistant? Hell no to that – she put in the sweat equity and put up with a lot of shit from him – now it”s time to divide it up. When you spend your life loyally working at one job, when you retire you get a pension. Same thing here with spousal support – and their youngest child is only 10, so she’s not done working.

  35. Anon

    #Should have been

    If she was so selfless why get greedy and go for that little extra you don’t need?

  36. crazypants

    #14 – Right on!

    $450 million PLUS SUPPORT? Any one of their kids who’s a minor is gonna get Child Support, so exactly why does anyone need extra money on top of $450 million?

    Is her first order of business going to be buying a $449 million car? Stupid.

  37. Patricia

    Here it is again. When things are going good, the guy admits that he leans on his wife for support and – in some cases – virtually all the work to raise kids and run a household. And the statistics show that in many cases, he says that while cheating more than once. Then, when things go bad, he says “here’s a chunk of change, bitch, it’s more than a housewife deserves, now go away.” The California law is based on percentages, not absolute amounts. It’s 50% when the net worth is low and it’s 50% when the net worth is high. Try to wrap your pea-brains around that.

  38. fact

    #32: “I’m sure she raised them all by herself with no help (maids, nannys, best private schools that money his movies could’ve paid for)”

    Take your own advice and read something first before commenting. Crazy-Eyes Gibson “doesn’t believe” in maids or nannies or expensive schools or anything like that. He’s made a huge point of saying that to whoever will listen. What it has meant is that yes, she did have to do all the work.

  39. Anon

    with $450million or even just a paltry $200million why do you need child support?

    The important thing for a child in divorce is that they are provided for (even$100 million would do that) and that both parents have access and spend time with their children.

    So why does she need spousal or child support with the big windfall she’ll receive?

  40. Captain-Insano

    Half of his fortune isn’t enough, she also wants spousal support? This is why I fucking hate women. Deep down they are all heartless greedy whores with no regard for anyone but themselves.

  41. Mike

    The Three Muscateers called… They want their beard and mustache back.

  42. duh

    When you initiate a legal proceeding (or any contest involving money), you make an aggressive start, claiming everything you could possibly get under the law, and then you go to settlement negotiations that inevitably result in significantly less. You don’t start low and then assume your opponent will be pleased by that and instantly concede.

    So, which problem is it: you folks are retarded, or you’ve never set foot in the real world?

  43. Anon


    If thats true it doesn’t alter the fact that she didn’t do it all by herself. He was there as well.

    But he had to work and are you telling me she didn’t support his career?
    Because if she didn’t then why does she deserve any money?
    If she didn’t why would she want the big houses and private planes etc.

    She supported him so you can’t use his career against him because she definitely can’t.

    And you’re missing the point. Who needs $450 mil AND spousal support?

  44. InternetToughGuy

    Look at all the little terrorists on here complaining about Mel. What’s wrong? Can’t handle the truth?

  45. @42 I vote retarded. As in– not even allowed on the shortbus cause they is so retarded.

  46. steve

    I can’t imagine Mel being anything except Mad Max about this whole thing. Why is anybody assuming he’ll negotiate reasonably, or even sanely? Isn’t divorce completely unacceptable in his extreme variant of Catholicism? I’m sure his wife knows that he’ll fight this whole thing as if God is depending on him to do that to uphold His Will. Because that’s exactly what Mel will be thinking (well, in the brief intervals when he’s not thinking “fuckin dirty Jews”). If I were advising his wife, I’d say prepare for a battle and don’t give an inch, because Mel sure won’t. And I’d completely understand why she simply can’t take it anymore, living with him.

  47. Anon

    From interviews it sounds like his wife is just as religious as he is.
    In fact more so according to him.

    It sounds like she introduced him to religion.

    So you can stop acting like that is one sided.

    Also I personally know you go in high in a divorce knowing you’ll get less (duh obvious) but people on here are making it sound like she’ll get nothing or $100 mil isn’t enough to live on whilst at the same time telling her to take more than 50%
    Have a go at them

  48. A

    50% of the fortune is for her, the child support is for the kids and the fact that Mel Gibson will continue to work and make more money. If she has proof that he cheated on her, she can nail his ass to the wall and rightly so. Men have to understand that if you are going to cheat and screw around on your partner then you should not bitch and moan when she slams you with a divorce. I know, I am a lawyer.

  49. Whatthe?

    #44…..what is “the truth”?

  50. O.J.

    Crazy Sanders gay brother could have just killed her. They always get off in LA

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