Mel Gibson’s mistress claims she’s not his mistress

April 14th, 2009 // 59 Comments

Seen here on the set of Edge of Darkness with a soon-to-be-divorced Mel Gibson, Russian singer Oksana Kolesnikova denies she’s his mistress despite widespread reports to the contrary. TMZ reports:

TMZ spoke with a rep for Oksana Kolesnikova, who gave us the following statement: “Sorry to hear about Mel Gibson’s divorce. Somehow Oksana is being linked to Mr. Gibson, but there are no emotional ties between the two that I am aware of.
Oksana has in the past entertained Mr. Gibson with her piano music as he dined at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Yes, I definitely welcome the opportunity to set the record straight, our Oksana is not romantically involved with Mr. Gibson.”

She “entertained Mr. Gibson with her piano music.” Interesting. You know what’s always a good thing to do after that? Take a pregnancy test.

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  1. ruesrowan

    @16…..31 is right, it is a common mistake. Mel is an American born and almost raised, he became an Aussie when he was a tweenager.

  2. E.T. wanted to go home too, folks!!

  3. I bet Jesus makes him cry everytime he screws her.

  4. Fati

    #22 – Excuse moi? Did you mean to imply that Russian standards for beauty are low? Now, I don’t wanna brag, but I’ll have you know that Russian women are among the most gorgeous ones in the world. Even if that were not so, they would still be a hell of a lot prettier than North American women. I’ve never seen a fatter, uglier bunch than American and Canadian STANDARD women.

    That’s not to say that this girl isn’t kinda ugly though. She’d be considered below average in Russia.

  5. ohai

    She’s nowhere near ugly. You all are just pissed chicks like that don’t get off on the fact that you still live in your parents’ basements.

  6. rakau

    @38 in catholicism divorce is discouraged obviously but its not like “not allowed” or anything…thats what an annulment is for. it is only considered bad when you do not get an annulment and then get remarried. i hate it when a-holes like you go around spewing dumb shit about religion when you have no idea what you are talking about. you must be one of those far left nuts who thinks their shit dont stink

  7. K.T

    #33……FUCK OFF CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    She’s a mother who raised 7 children, spent 28 yrs of her life with him….how do YOU think that she’s not entitled to his money you dumb fuck???? She was there before he got the billions, so she’s entitled to the millions cunt-o!
    And dont call his wife ‘whorey’ as though she was following his money and waiting for a cheque when he’s got some russian slut skank hanging around like a fucking rash….SHE’S THE WHORE CHASING THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not his dedicated, faithful, devoted wife you pathetic bastard.

    This slut is not worth a fucking red fucking penny….who cares if shes 23 yrs younger???? Give her 5, 10yrs and she aint 30 no more…..!!!!!!!!!! Where will he be then?????????? Fucking money grubbing whore. I hope his wife screws him over BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Suck it CUNT!

  8. kat

    To #22. Rick — WAKE UP! What a moron you’re!! Did you hear about Russian beauty standards on some cold-war era cartoon?? You wouldn’t even dare to dream what Russian beauty standards really are. When the dudes from the US and Western Europe go to Russia, their JAWS DROP, because they’ve never seen such beautiful women in their lives! The whole world knows the ugliest fattest women live right here in the States.

  9. She is a little rough looking, but still, I bet she has a silky smooth year. Nah. Probably more like an angry boy spoon through a black eye.

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