Mel Gibson and a euphemisim for a vagina go for a jog…

September 29th, 2009 // 50 Comments

MR. BEAVER: What are we gonna do tonight, Mel?
MEL: Same thing we do every night, Mr. Beaver. Blame the Jews.
MR. BEAVER: Wow. Really? I thought we’d just get drunk and drive around.
MEL: Can we say it’s the Jews’ fault?
MR. BEAVER: … I can’t hang out with you anymore.
MEL: Is it because of the Jews?
MR. BEAVER: Get your hand out of my colon.

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  1. It's Me Fuckers

    hmmmm… still no COCK.

  2. i certainly hope these were taken out of context…

    …without a small child around, or at least an attempt at infant entertainment an adult has absolutely no business with a hand puppet

  3. dude_on

    @1 – if you utilize keyword “cock” in your favorite search engine there is a good chance you will be directed to a gay porn site that will allow you to finally see what one looks like. I think we all will be much happier after you get your look.

    Somehow Mel with a beaver puppet has left me otherwise speechless. Unless beavers are revered antisemites and/or notorious drunk drivers.

  4. freebie

    Sigh. He used to be so good to look at.

  5. Joblo

    Something looks wrong about the title. I think it’s a euphemism, not an.

  6. if you only knew

    He’s on a movie called THE BEAVER about a depressed man who becomes obsessed with a puppet of a beaver. Jodie Foster is directing. It’s a really good script, was actually on the blacklist a year or so ago.

  7. ASenseOfRevenge

    @6 – Actually, I believe it’s right. If it starts with a vowel you always use “an” not “a.”

  8. NH

    Looks like South Park were right about Mel after all. He’s batshit insane.

  9. victory

    Cause I don’t give a fuck, I’m crazy, like Mel Gibson.

    No, wait, that just makes me sound racist.

  10. Amy

    I think the beaver is “The Brain.” Mel would be “Pinky”…or Eddie Haskell…whichever one.

  11. Delgo


  12. JADE

    Ah hahaha that is funny as shit. I would so jog with a beaver, wait I already do. roflmfaowsmp

  13. Fai

    @6 You’re right. The title is grammatically incorrect. It’s “a euphemism”, not “an euphemism”.

    Fish and #8 need to go back to school.

  14. Sad

    Crazy crazy Mel, wtf are you doing

    @8 you fail

  15. mel

    @8- It’s called a vowel sound. So why is it “an hour”? Because it has an “ah” sound, like the letter “a” that we all know and love. Euphemism, however, has a “you” sound, with the letter “y”, that we don’t love.

  16. Valery

    so gay

  17. strange. very strange.

    check out my mummy dress @

  18. Valery

    so gay

  19. i think

    yeah so iwatchstuff already mentioned that Mel was reuniting with Jodie Foster for a movie called the Beaver.
    He’s still insane but this is just for a role.
    Unless he’s keeping the prop….

  20. What the fuck happened to him?

  21. paul

    FYI – These are production stills from “Lethal Weapon 5″

  22. ThePJN

    Mel Gibson: Still ‘King of the Awesome!’

  23. Ein

    Oh man this guy is awesome³

  24. george clooney

    Mel Gibson = nazi bastard!!!

  25. george clooney

    Mel Gibson = nazi bastard!!!

  26. Long Duc Dong

    He so rich, you so poor…

  27. Galtacticus

    What’s he doing with that toy beaver?! Is he suffering from the MJ-syndroom?!

  28. Nero

    Since when do you get a beaver with a happy meal?!

  29. Courtyardpigeon

    That man is not aging well. He looks like a heavy smoker.

  30. Hello There

    There are a lot of vdariables here. aybe he lost a manly fun bet to do some dudes and this is his punishment.

    Either way, #8 is stupid.

  31. RoMp

    I hate it when sheep start saying shit like “an history”

  32. RoMp

    I hate it when sheep start saying shit like “an history”

  33. turd the third

    Guess that is the only beaver he can get these days, after acting like a freaking jackass for so many years.

  34. Phil McCracken

    I think the Jews have prematurely aged him.

  35. datroof

    If he’s randomly running around with a beaver puppet and making faces to match, I have newfound respect for the man.

  36. huh?

    roflmfaowsmp << WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS MEAN?

  37. Freddo

    Another daft old dipshit who should just fade away while he still has some dignity.

  38. rae

    im sure his soon to be ex wife is glad she “jumped” this crazy train……yeeesh

  39. Jacob Slatter

    Hey! It’s Sugar Dick Gibson!

  40. Truth hurts

    Yeah it’s such a shame to have a white guy with balls running around like a loose cannon. Watch Fox News and you will see the white man enslaved to his master.
    Not all of us are.

  41. squeehunter

    Let’s compare Mel Gibson to Roman Polanski.

    Anti-semetic statement (while drunk) – Universal shunning by Hollywood.
    Found guilty of CHILD RAPE – Revered as a great film maker by Hollywood with a petition going around to free him signed by various famous people.

    Geeze, Mel Gibson should have raped Polanski as a child instead of saying something bad about his race. He would have gotten off a lot easier.

  42. Buns

    anyone else notice he’s starting to look like a bad imitation of Jack Nicholson?

  43. Pigs are pork

    yeah it seems pretty sick that a man can’t say what is on his mind and if you know you history you will find out what he says has a lot of merit. the other guy is a pervert and aint it cute that none other than the ugly woody allen would be there to defend him – himself a child molestor. just wonderful.

  44. Adrienne

    HAHAHAHA that dialogue was a CLASS ACT. I’m dying of laughter. No seriously, I thought it was funny.

  45. TheAdmiral

    I don’t care about context; number 5 is now my favorite picture ever.

  46. EricLR

    #42–Dude, it’s Hollywood. For anyone in the film industry, insulting Jews in Hollywood is about as smart as walking into Harlem, screaming the N word, then asking for work. Who do you think founded every single major studio?

  47. Lola

    I love the photos, I love he caption! this post and its silliness has made me laugh better then i have all day!

  48. Lola

    I love the photos, I love the caption! this post and its silliness has made me laugh better then i have all day!

  49. Caucasoid

    #47 Hey dude yourself. Perhaps Mel should found his own movie studio and let other like minded individuals join in. Then perhaps we could have television that would not be so ignorant and vulgar and maybe they could get up enough cash to buy back Disney and make it family oriented again rather than pushing premature sexuality on young female “consumers” (that is what the capitalists think of the low life poor as right?).

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