Mel Gibson will sh-t down your throat

February 3rd, 2010 // 85 Comments

While promoting his new film Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson got pissed with WGN-TV reporter Dean Richards who asked if the public will perceive the actor differently after his famous, anti-Semitic DUI arrest where he called an officer “Sugar-tits.” Via PopEater:

“That’s almost four years ago, dude … I’ve done all the necessary mea culpas. Let’s move on.” Of course, the interview quickly wraps up — but not before Gibson mutters, “bye bye, asshole” under his breath.

It has been four years, so to help Mel Gibson out, I e-mailed my Gay Jewish Overlords who control the media to see if he has, in fact, done the necessary “mea culpas.” This is their response re-posted in its entirety:

Dear Gustav Giantnuts,

For the last time, I am not the “Super Flaming Rabbi King of Hollywood” who hates Mel Gibson for making a “crazy-ass movie about Jesus that might as well have been called ‘Hey, Hitler, had the right idea.’” Although, I share your confusion on why Mel Gibson thinks Satan’s into androgyny. Maybe he hates David Bowie. I dunno.

Anyway, pat yourself on the back for watching my movies,

James Cameron

P.S. Did you know I can kill a man on the steps of the Chinese Theater and the cops can’t touch me? I love telling people that :D

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  1. laurens

    might’ve been 5 years ago, but you’re still a racist fuck.

    just like chris brown will still be a douche. one bad night lasts a lifetime in the limelight

  2. Keith


    Make and release a sex video starring your new girlfriend, and we’ll frogive – provided there video is of her, and not your 60 year old sausage.

  3. Georgeo

    Maybe put some bacon on his head and then that shit site Geekologie can post something about this, too.

    I know! Make a robot dinosaur bacon Hayden Montag and you guys can fight over who gets to post it first.

  4. tburke

    In pic # 4 it looks like he is dating a slightly hotter version of the Octomom.

  5. I thought the video was hilarious, and the interviewer WAS an asshole. If Gibson hadn’t been drunk lo those several years ago, no one would’ve known he was a racist, and everyone would still think he’s wonderful (if a bit crazy).

  6. liz

    yeeeeeah he can never redeem himself. such a shmuck

  7. sapa

    freakin’ awesome! the bailout did worse damage.

  8. stickler for details

    Dear Mr. Cameron,

    There’s technically no steps leading up the Chinese theater…



  9. hey oh

    So is the writer the Asian dude who owns the site? That would explain his constant writing about his giant dick/scrotum. You know, to overcompensate for the pinky finger he actually has.

  10. Mama Pinkus

    ugly man

  11. Jeremy

    What a dick, he broke Wil Wheaton’s universal law…

  12. havoc

    Mea Culpa is the new Opus Dei.

    Look it up.


  13. Fribble

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  14. Bob

    I saw the video and the reporter asked a legitimate question. Mel is a dickhead with impulse control problems. When I watch the trailer for “edge of Darkness” I only see what an asshole he is.

    Can’t watch Clooney or Affleck. Now Gibson

  15. rien

    aggh! mel gibson is dating Octomom!!

  16. Alex


    Gibson went to that interview to talk about his new movie. His people made agreements with the people that produce the show to do an interview with Gibson about said movie. There was a 90% chance they agreed to not bust Gibson’s balls about things that transpired years ago, when he was drunk and acting like an idiot.

    Was Gibson a racist asshole when he was drunk years ago? Yes, however in this case he’s right, the person doing the interview is a complete asshole.

  17. Jethro

    What I see is some no-name reporter trying to cash in on someone else’s mistakes from the PAST. Mel’s response was unprofessional, but I don’t blame for calling him out.

  18. It's Me Fuckers

    I have to say I am on team Mel. I thought the interviewer was being a complete cunt. Yes, Mel made a drunken mistake years ago. But honestly, who hasn’t? I know I have made drunken mistakes. They weren’t racist mistakes but illegal and immoral? Yes. People just hang on to things way too fuckin long. Christ, if you look at the comments on CNN alone, you see disgusting acts of racism everyday. The advantage the posters have on the internet is the fact that they can remain faceless and anonymous.

  19. sunshine

    Mel said something dumb and apologized several years ago. Everybody on planet Earth has done the same at one point or another, especially when not sober. It’s just that we don’t have a camera shoved in our faces to record it because we aren’t famous and nobody much cares. That said, #1 Laurens, Chris Brown beat the crap out of a defenseless woman. They are not in the same category.

  20. Newdawn

    everyone says dumb racist shit, so he don’t like jews who gives a fuck!! is his personal choice. he apologized, even though we all know he still don’t like jews. I don’t like like faggots thats my personal choice! so what i’m saying is shut the fuck up and worry about your own personal shit not about others.

  21. lol Mel is still awesome!

  22. youre all dumb

    racist? jewish isn’t a race you bunch of stupids, its a religion

  23. medi0169

    Hey fuck all you Mel Gibson haters!

    Exactly it was 4 years ago…move forward already. Michael Richards drops N-Bombs like its a shock and awe campaign and he’s forgiven and given a spot on Larry David, plus its joked about it. Let the guy have a drink and go on with making nutty movies. Shit Im gonna go out and buy the road warrior movies and The man without a face!

  24. Daddy-O

    I still dig Mel. Glad to see he is back.

  25. who dat

    Mel is DONE. The public has caught onto his act. His new movie has tanked. He no longer commands the respect in interviews as he has in the past. Plus he looks like shit from all the years of hard drinking. So long mel.

  26. Octopussy

    EW! SHE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE OCTOMOM!!! Keith, you need help.

  27. will

    Does she have 3 lips?

  28. something

    @25- So his latest movie tanked. Compared to all his accomplishments in the past, I don’t Mel would mind if he puts out a couple bad products. But I guess you have never done anything wrong have you douche-bag? You are a fucking moron, what the fuck have you done that made a lot of money? fucking jackass.

  29. ok sure

    Mel is awewome. He said the jews cause all the wars. He runs the economies of the world. How’s that working out?
    Who hasn’t made a racist statement a thousand times in their lives? He was drunk. Maybe he hates jews that’s his business. They don’t need him or depend on him. Ashkenazi jews kill palestinians so they are far far from innocent. Didn’t the Hebrew jews turn the son of God over to be nailed on the cross?
    We seem to have forgiven them for that monstrous transgression.
    Get a life douche.

  30. L

    This is quite a conundrum, I think the man is a very good director and good actor.. but is he a nice man? Definitively not. Now …to watch or not to watch? Should he be judged on his talent alone or the fact that he is clearly an asshole? And yes that woman does not possess a very attractive face at all. You would think that with so much money he would at least pay a stylist to dress her….sad.

  31. Crusty

    used to be that supposed “journalists” had the obligation to ask relevant questions regarding whatever topic happened to be at hand. with the loss of that level of integrity, we’re left with douche-bag hacks tossing our garbage questions not so any new information can come to light but rather so the “journalist” can make himself the news.

    Good job, Dean Richard. You represent all that’s wrong with today’s press.

    And Mel, sack that “Lethal Weapon” cash away…

  32. Alex

    I dont think there’s anything to forgive. He’s a fucking Jew hater. Ok. We get it.

    How can you apologize for something you believe? You just have to deal with the consequences…as he continues to do. Just like in this interview. Don’t like it Mel? Get the fuck out of the public eye…like Michael Richards. 23 mentioned him above as an example of someone that has come through his racist public rant…guess what? He didn’t. His career is over. Finished. Number 23, a tiny appearance on his friend’s show is not a comeback. His career is 100% over. And here we have Mel upset about being asked a question? He’s lucky he can still make movies…even if he’s got to foot the bill himself.

    Mel’s a fucktard and I can’t wait for him to go away.

  33. juiceinla

    Damn Super! aka Gustav giantnuts. You crack me up…this was brilliant (for a gossip columist) on like, Six hundred and Sixty Six levels…seriously.

    It too bad I have no interest in viewing celebutard after celebutard parade around in bikinis or I would be addicted to your blog.


    last thought- what kind of Fokked up world will still pay money to see an anti-semetic, boob bashing deucebag’s movies, but shun our most scientological-rific closeted gay?

    Hear me now and believe me later, I am begging South Park to have a Cruise-Gibson thrown down…

  34. Scabie babie

    You can forgive all except a devout Christian, that’s the deal here…. Clinton-given a pass, Edwards- given a pass, Chris Brown- given a pass, Tiger- given a pass, Kobe- given a pass, Sheen- given a pass, Rev Wright – given a pass.

  35. Alex



    Great job mother fucker. Blame the victim. Hopefully you’re not a parent. We need less of your ilk out there roaming the streets.

  36. justifiable

    #34 You mean a “devout Christian” who, while married, with six children, knocked up his girlfriend because in his church contraception is a sin – but at the same time he was obeying God’s ‘commandment’ on that he somehow drew a big fat blank on committing adultery?

    Yeah, it’s really disgusting how devout Christians like that are unfairly targeted and martyred just for their faith. Tsk.

  37. havoc

    The Jews sank the Titanic…..

    Look it up.


  38. Jade

    I am going to have to agree with Mel on this one.

    I am betting that he was asked to do an interview to promote his movie, and wasn’t asked to do an interview about his scandalous past.

    I’m not trying to defend Mel Gibson’s actions. But I think his demeanor and answers for the interview were completely appropriate, and I don’t feel the interviewer was in any way treated wrongly.

  39. I thought he went away for good …

  40. just noone

    Dude why don’t you go walk the streets of Jordan whicha big nose you ugly piece of vampire refuse. You can suck my white dick . It aint cut up by the way.

    “Great job mother fucker. Blame the victim. Hopefully you’re not a parent. We need less of your ilk out there roaming the streets.”

    Who is the victim, idiot? I don’t follow your foreign lack of logic. You should move elsewhere with your own folk.

    Mel is awesome!

  41. I’ve met people who own shopping carts who are saner than Mel. It’s a shame. He does have some talent but he’s seeming more and more like a straight up asshole.

  42. Pal

    It may have been 4 years, but he showed his true self the moment he thought the cameras were off.

    If there’s a lesson to be learned here is that everything a celebrity says should be taken with a heavy dose of skepticism. They know all too well to put on their best face when the cameras are on, especially when they have a project to plug.

  43. Johnny Cage

    So make all the anti-asian, anti-christian, anti-arab, anti-hispanic, and anti-white speech you want, but the minute you say something against the Jews…you’re ass is grass.

    Don’t you just love Hollywood?

    oh snapz, I’ve just been branded an Anti-Semite.

  44. Jonathan

    #43, you forgot include the anti-black speech with the anti-Jew speech. Seriously, the double standards in this country are fucking ridiculous. Either condemn all anti-race/ethnicity speech, or allow it all.

  45. AshkeNAZI Watch

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    This is further proof of an AshkeNAZI mafia! The Jewsteins, Jewbergs, & Jewmans are simply doing what the bulk of Europeans Jews do. No surprise here. This particular ethnic group has got it in for Judaism ever since they’ve adopted the religion. Make no mistake folks, They ARE a race of their own – they have their own genetic diseases ie (Tay-Sachs). Non-AshkeNAZI jews are humiliated each time one of these mouthy bastards air their thoughts about Judaism through the airwaves. It’s as if they think they own it and it revolves around them. They are in an existential crisis because no one wants them and are looking for acceptance. THEY coined the term “Anti-semitism”. THEY made Judiasm into a race when in fact it’s a nation and converts are most certainly welcomed by God, even more so according to the Torah. The Ashkenazim have corrolated Judaism with money! THEY are the ones who put a DNA on the religion. Look at the way the treat Arab Jews and other fellow Jews of color. These prostitutes of Judaism also suffer from holocaust syndrome. Just look at the way they shamelessly exploit it. Ethnic AshkeNAZI Israel is incapable of making peace with the Arabs due to their racist views. More proof of why Judaism has been hijacked by Ashkenazi supremacy. Fortunately, the world is waking up to them, hehehe.


    AshkeNAZI Watch

  46. What Mel said and did was wrong period. His outburst was fueled by his wild demon intoxication. But, blackball him. Is this the McCarthy area. Come on people he who is without sin let him cast the first stone. Mel is talent filmmaker and a human being. To forgive is righteous.

  47. idontgetit

    Why is this old hag still around?

  48. dancy

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  49. It has been four years, so to help Mel Gibson out, I e-mailed my Gay Jewish Overlords who control the media to see if he has, in fact, done the necessary “mea culpas.”

  50. It has been four years, so to help Mel Gibson out, I e-mailed my Gay Jewish Overlords who control the media to see if he has, in fact, done the necessary “mea culpas.”

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