Mel Gibson will sh-t down your throat

While promoting his new film Edge of Darkness, Mel Gibson got pissed with WGN-TV reporter Dean Richards who asked if the public will perceive the actor differently after his famous, anti-Semitic DUI arrest where he called an officer “Sugar-tits.” Via PopEater:

“That’s almost four years ago, dude … I’ve done all the necessary mea culpas. Let’s move on.” Of course, the interview quickly wraps up — but not before Gibson mutters, “bye bye, asshole” under his breath.

It has been four years, so to help Mel Gibson out, I e-mailed my Gay Jewish Overlords who control the media to see if he has, in fact, done the necessary “mea culpas.” This is their response re-posted in its entirety:

Dear Gustav Giantnuts,

For the last time, I am not the “Super Flaming Rabbi King of Hollywood” who hates Mel Gibson for making a “crazy-ass movie about Jesus that might as well have been called ‘Hey, Hitler, had the right idea.'” Although, I share your confusion on why Mel Gibson thinks Satan’s into androgyny. Maybe he hates David Bowie. I dunno.

Anyway, pat yourself on the back for watching my movies,

James Cameron

P.S. Did you know I can kill a man on the steps of the Chinese Theater and the cops can’t touch me? I love telling people that :D

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