Mel Gibson to Leno: ‘Call me Octo-Mel.’

May 26th, 2009 // 27 Comments

Mel Gibson stopped by The Tonight Show last night and confirmed his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is pregnant with his eighth child. He also took full responsibility for the failure of his marriage to wife Robyn, but set the record straight that they’ve been separated for years. Which is exactly what I’d say, too, if my mistress ended up pregnant on the heels of divorce papers being filed.

Ha, just kidding. I’d say Chris Brown did it then fly off with a jetpack. Ladies?


  1. Romania


  2. Dan

    C’mon Mel! you are getting older!!!

  3. WTF

    So who raises the children in Mel Gibson’s world of music and movies? I bet Kate Gosselin is looking for a job.

  4. Alli Watermelon

    He’s a sexy man. Too bad his morals aren’t up there with his appearance. NEXT.

  5. Aunt Jemima

    GOOD! He’s a rich and powerful man. He should have multiple wives and many children.

  6. havoc

    Nuttier than a shithouse rat….


  7. He’s a muppett. Rich. But a muppett.

  8. Jesse

    Meh. If the —- can have their tax-supported litters, Mel can have as many kids as he wants – supporting them with MONEY HE EARNED. (the —- are saying “what’s that???”)

  9. clareargent

    superfish, how come so many of your posts end with “Ladies?”?

  10. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    Lay off Mel folks, he’s mild by any standard and hardly one to pick on. Come on get real people, he’s rich, successful, and takes care of his kids. I don’t recall seeing any articles about his kids having problem, and at least all of them are by the same women, except for the one he’s having with his mistress. Heck Robin is getting 500 million, what’s she got to complain about.
    He’s in a better state then those football players with multiple kids by different women and can’t afford take care of any of them. 9 kids by nine different women and only making the minimum salary in the NFL.

  11. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere



    Calvin Murphy – 14 illegitimate kids by 9 women. You sir are our current champion.
    NEW MEMBER Travis Henry – 9 kids by 9 women. All of this by 28. Impressive. He is on pace to catch Calvin. The fact that he’s broke from paying child support may slow him down though.
    Ex-San Antonio Spur Willie Anderson – 9 illegitimate kids. If only his field goal percentage had been as high as his impregnation rate.
    Evander Holyfield – 9 illegitimate kids. Has more kids than brain cells left.
    Shawn Kemp – 7 illegitimate kids by 6 women. Gives his nickname of the Reign Man new meaning.
    Derrick Thomas – 7 illegitimate kids by 5 women. He died at 33. Let’s just leave it at that.

    Larry Johnson (basketball) – 5 kids by 4 women. 3 are illegitimate.
    Charles Rogers – Uber-NFL Draft bust reportedly has 5 illegitimate kids…and no paycheck. Definitely the makings of a solid family.
    Santonio Holmes – 3 illegitimate kids by two women, before leaving college.
    Former Celtic Greg Minor – 3 illegitimate kids.
    Ricky Williams – 3 illegitimate kids. Maybe that’s why he smokes so much weed.
    Priest Holmes – 3 illegitimate kids. You best keep running Priest.

    Willis McGahee – 3 illegitimate kids in 2 years in Buffalo. Not a lot to do in Buffalo, except make babies. Lots and lots of babies.

    see. for the full story

  12. ooga

    I think he is a good guy…

  13. WOW what kind of drugs are you people on anyway?
    I am soooo done with Mel Gibson. The whole show was staged with “easy” and pre-set questions asked by Jay so Mel could explain himself to look humble and apologetic. Nice acting job Mel you fooled all these people before me here but me, I’ll spend my movie dollars on actors who aren’t hypocrites. Mel Gibson is “supposedly a DEVOUT catholic” I guess just when it is convenient for him, eh? Sickening. Plus these old men who have babies with babies to prove they can still get it up is pathetic. And lastly, is anyone out there naive enough to believe that beautiful young women would be all over these old, flabby assed men if they weren’t rich and famous and just a ditch digger for example?

  14. Haha….thats actually pretty funny and I cant stand Mel Gibson.

  15. Kimberly

    Dude I went to this show! I sat right behind him!

  16. jennifer hammond

    I think Okskanka whatever her name is got pregnant on purpose to secure some funds from Mel. Gold digging hoochie. As for Mel, its gross to think of his old balls sweating all over you. eeewww. He is not hot.

  17. Mel, Mel, Mel, its like holding up a bank and getting caught, right after serving 25 years….

  18. Mister Bored

    He’s like the rest of this site… hates Jews.

    And making a child with a chick that already has a child with somebody else famous… she’s a gold-digging whore. Oh well. Guess when you’re stupid, guess you just have to screw your way to a comfortable living.

  19. whatever

    I don’t think I could hate Mel Gibson…there’s something likeable regardless of the shit he does

  20. bete noir


    Oh Elle, be still my heart. That’s telling these macho fools who actually think a young woman would even give them the time a day much less a baby if they weren’t rich and/or famous.

    The thing that bothers me is that Mel is a hypocrite. He’s not just Roman Catholic, he believes in the original archaic Catholism. What about divorce Mel? Pre-marital sex! Liar/hypocrite. But he’ll get his just desserts. This bitch looks like a wacko/nutjob. And she’s Russian. She’ll probably get the Russian mob to take a hit on him after he changes his will.

    Get a pre-nupt or anything in writing Mel in case bodily harm comes to you.

    The real tragedy: poor baby.

  21. Just hire a dutch psychiatrist.

  22. justifiable

    #11 “Takes care of his kids”? Yeah, he’s a real prince. I bet his ten year old son is really thrilled with this situation.

    “You see, son, mom and I raised you strictly Catholic the way Grandpa and I practice it, that’s why I build that special compound, so we can worship the strict way we’re supposed to, not like the Jews or those slackers in Rome. And yes, the Church says contraception is a sin, which is why my mistress is pregnant. And yes, mommy isn’t a believer, so she won’t go to Heaven when she dies, but you and your ol’ adulterous dad will. I know it’s confusing, son, but you’ll understand it some day when you’re over 50 and as fucked up and devout as I am.”

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  24. Galtacticus

    I don’t know how his divorce is going to turn out but he can easily financially take care of all these kids.Aside of that,this kid is not going to grow up in a ‘classroom’.Most of his kids are grown ups.

  25. Maria

    Mel!! youre an ass!!!! if youre gonna be a terrible husband and father at least get a woman of your own age!!

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