Mel Gibson tells people to fuck off

March 23rd, 2007 // 226 Comments

Mel Gibson apparently went crazy again last night at Cal State Northridge when a Mayan culture expert accused him of racially stereotyping the Mayans in his movie Apocalypto. He was giving a presentation and afterwards the crowd was allowed to ask questions. An Assistant Professor of Central American Studies asked if Mel had read about Mayan culture before shooting the film and Gibson said he had. Then she pushed even further, saying his representations of Mayan sacrificial ceremonies and bloodlst were racist. Mel responded, “Lady, Fuck off.” Then members of the Mayan community protested on how they were portrayed in the film and as they escorted from the room by event organizers Mel screamed at them “Make your own movie!”

It’s nice to see his anger management classes have paid off. I just hope he never stops being crazy so that in thirty years I can read about an 80-year-old Mel Gibson breaking his arm after trying to punch out a woman for, well, being a woman.

EDIT: Had to take down the photos but you can check them out here.



  1. Two-hundred first!!!

  2. Guano

    What can one expect, being called a racist for doing a hollywood movie is a bit sensitive for Mel. At least he didn’t blame the Myans for all the wars of the world.

  3. Team OJ

    My ancestors were blood drinking ,human sacrificing ,raping and pillaging sickos. I have no problems with that. But it looks like in South America everyone was a fucking angel right until white man came along. Who is the giant hypocrat here?

  4. sarah

    Are u f****** serious!?!?!?….I’m sorry but did Mel ever say his movie was a documentary??? Anyone? Anyone? It really pisses me off when people are so damn anal! Get a life! First its the damn Jews complaining because they killed Jesus, now the Mayians are complaing because they brutally murdered young virgians so their “gods” would show mercy on their retarded souls??? OMG This is a freakin’ movie…..MOVIE….not a documentary…seriously get a life, so to Africa and help save these starving children whos parents are suffering with aids, or help find the homeless jobs, or adopt an orphan, put ur energy into something useful ans stop comlianing it only makes me think that you seriously need a life or maybe just need to get laid!!

  5. Bessymouse

    Well people do have a right to get shitty if someone is representing a race totally wrong and in a negative light. Although who the hell would anyone know for sure? This is an ANCIENT civilization.
    And he is also right for saying “It’s just a movie.”
    He should have made some good points like everyone has done here, then he really would have shut the woman up about it. But just telling someone to “fuck off”? That just makes him look like an idiot.
    If he was really as great as he thinks he is he’d have thought of something smart to say, rather than just comming across as an arrogant asshole who doesn’t give a shit about anybody.
    … oh wait.

  6. Lowlands

    I think Mel Gibson is right and those Mayas are really retarded people.Who’s gonna take young virgins to sacrifice them?Every high developed culture knows it’s better to take old and useless househags for that.

  7. Wolfy23

    You know what? I’m gonna just say it: I think…I think Mel Gibson might be the next Chuck Norris –I’m just throwin’ it out there.

  8. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    #207, you mean that Mel Gibson “doesn’t really sleep, he waits?”

  9. Lowlands

    I think i just hit a parkingpole.I first heard some noise at the backside of my car.After when i came home i saw some kind of securitycamera wrapped around my exhaust-pipe and red paint on the trunk.I blame the Mayas for this!

  10. StoneRose

    um sarah,

    I don’t recall St. Paul, Luke, or John ever saying in their liner notes that the Bible was a non-documentary piece of work, and yet entire cultures have been formed around these ‘stories’ or rather biased, multi-version, personal accounts, wars fought and won, laws established, maps re-drawn…

    never underestimate the power of a simple ‘story’.

  11. Where's Waldo?

    the mayans didn’t invent the number zero, they discovered it. just like they discovered you, the wannabe.

  12. moondoggy

    Heres a link to a livescience article about Mayan sacrifices (no virgins described in the article, sorry to disappoint, unless you count six year old boys).

    I think the lady is entirely on the ball. Now she should go off and attack the makers of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Or maybe the makers of ‘Flubber’.

  13. MissDior17

    YES Lady, fuck off! Mel is right.

  14. RBusford

    Someone who was in the class weighs in. She paints a very different picture than the press who want to potray Mel as crazy to make this a juicy story. Read:

  15. Rooster420

    Mel Gibson is proof that religions, such as Abrahamic monotheist christians, jews and muslims, make people stupid. Unless they’re stupid already, in which case they merely welcome them to the flock.

    They refer to myths and campfire bullshit stories passed from ancient goatherders as “truth”.

    Stupid Asses

  16. philthepile

    Theres nothing wrong with telling annoying people to fuck off. When hypersensitve, whiney, ugley (look at the pic of her!) people critisize you at every step for getting insignificant details wrong its understandable that you get a little angry once in a while.
    Also, notice how its always the people from crummy cultures (trying to be as politically incorrect as possible here) that get excited about crap like this. You didnt here english people making a scene after braveheart. Or germans complaining after every single ww2 movie. Or japanese people for being portrayed as camera trigger happy. Its always mayans or eskimos (the day i call them inuit is the day the arctic melts) or some other primitve culture.

  17. Mr.Eps

    Im not supporting Mel Gibson but i can understand his reaction; he probably gets accused of racism in every interview he has since what he said about jews which wasnt nice
    But i say so fucken what

    Im jewish and i really could care less what Gibson or any other hollywood fart thinks about jews, at the end of the day they cant do anything but talk

    SO just leave it alone

    IN FACT i think his reaction was even mild for the continious accusations

  18. Lowlands

    Do we hear the Mexican complaining after they’re being portrayed in a movie wearing a sombrero and poncho while sitting reversed on a donkey?Those Mayas really need to fuck off.When you know it better,finance and make your own movie!But when they empty their pockets you’ll probably find only some blousebuttons,a paperclip,some beads and a piece of a mirror…Great start to finance your own movie!

  19. nurseshelly

    I agree with comment #6. It is not his job to know everything, it’s a fking movie! And people are always portrayed wrong culturally. I am not even gonna get deep in to it, but think of how many movies make a certain culture out to be a certain way. Fuck that lady, she got what she deserved.

  20. Niecy

    When I make a movie about how Mel Gibson eats Jews, if anyone complains about its accuracy, I will tell them to fuck off because its just a movie.

  21. jrzmommy

    I saw the movie and it was ok. The only objectionable parts involved a peripheral character, Maya Bhutrhekes.

  22. PrettyBaby

    Wow, lot’s of hero-worship here for Mel Gibson. I thought this was a celeb bashing site. I guess it’s true, all the hate is disguised love. Maybe you should all book flights to Mel’s home so you can kiss his ass in person? Pucker up, losers.

  23. jmw

    Oh, I’m so embarrassed for the posters of these comments. I love your site, you’re hilarious; but so many of your readers must have sh*t for brains.

  24. HoraceMcTittiesworth

    What the fuck? There’s a Mayan rights group now? People will find any reason to bitch nowadays. More power to Mel!!

  25. cm

    Where are the Mayans? They live all over the place in the Yucatan. I lived in Playa del Carmen (a little south of Cancun) and there are many of them there. I wonder what they think of the movie. Take a chartered tour of the ruins at Chichen Itza, or other Mayan/Toltec/Olmec ancient cities, and they will tell you there was LOTS of human sacrifice. I’m not defending Mel, though, I think he’s a tool.

  26. I like…so beautiful and sexy,good!

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