Mel Gibson tells people to fuck off

March 23rd, 2007 // 226 Comments

Mel Gibson apparently went crazy again last night at Cal State Northridge when a Mayan culture expert accused him of racially stereotyping the Mayans in his movie Apocalypto. He was giving a presentation and afterwards the crowd was allowed to ask questions. An Assistant Professor of Central American Studies asked if Mel had read about Mayan culture before shooting the film and Gibson said he had. Then she pushed even further, saying his representations of Mayan sacrificial ceremonies and bloodlst were racist. Mel responded, “Lady, Fuck off.” Then members of the Mayan community protested on how they were portrayed in the film and as they escorted from the room by event organizers Mel screamed at them “Make your own movie!”

It’s nice to see his anger management classes have paid off. I just hope he never stops being crazy so that in thirty years I can read about an 80-year-old Mel Gibson breaking his arm after trying to punch out a woman for, well, being a woman.

EDIT: Had to take down the photos but you can check them out here.



  1. DrPhowstus

    @100 — We just did. There’s no issue. Besides, if everyone agreed with me all the time, I’d change my name to George W Bush.

  2. StoneRose

    Guess I should count my blessings, schack.

    That ain’t a pretty picture. If I were a hick I’d be more of the Daisy Duke kinda gal, ‘cept I’d kick a little more ass and wear chic-er clothes, and I’d ride I black stallion, and carry a short whip…but I digress.

  3. KimberWolf

    I hate that every movie now has to be a documentary.

    So what do “they” accompish? Every movie has to pass through some sort of Big Brother, fact-checking committee of humorless censors? What a fun world that would be.

  4. Lowlands

    I almost forgot Mel Gibson is an Australian.A continent discovered for the first time by the Dutch and the 2nd time by the British…Just a little history for you folks.

  5. StoneRose

    …what, the Dutch didn’t tell the British? What a let-down that must’ve been.

  6. First off, the Mayans were bloodthirsty fucks. Revisionists, to quote Mel, “fuck off”. Why is it no one bitches when Nazis are shown to be the psychotic cunts they were? But someone shows a dark side to any minority group and they suck the devil’s cock? Here’s a quick, condensed history flash for those out there that are benefitting from today’s revisionism courtesy the History Channel and socialists in the classroom. The Mayans, Aztecs and Olmecs all practiced human sacrifice and even ritual cannibalism. They thought so little of human life that athletes lost theirs whenever they lost a game (so much for Mayan dynasties). The Conquistadores were violent but civilized men who were appalled at the culture they encountered. While we can agree that their tactics were often blunt and savage, can we not also agree that the notion of the Mayan and Aztecs as humble, gentle people is stretching things a bit? Lastly, the article fails to depict the so-called Mayan instigators as they more than likely were. Gibson is shown as flying off the handle and being insensitive and irrational, but you know that “Mayan” bitch was haranguing him, catcalling and accusing him in a public forum of being racist. One more thing, if this bitch is a legitimate Mayan – not just some Mexican with an inflated sense of self worth – can she please let us know where they went? One of history’s great mysteries is what happened to the Maya… maybe this delusional latina shared a fattie with one Friday night.

  7. schack

    we have the highest infant mortality rate of any first world country, and the fattest people. sell ‘em gilded dreams, give ‘em all of the ostensible needs for living well (food, shelter), but then retarded education and privatized everything. no outlet, whatsoever, so people eat and eat and eat.

  8. stoplookingatme

    #40 – Wait, I’m confused… I thought they invented mustmayostardayonnaise??

  9. V

    He could have been more tactful, but he was right. They should make their own movie.

    8. Posted by Fifth Stooge on March 23, 2007 11:31 AM

    I am just overcome with emotion.

    Haha, love it!

  10. StoneRose

    on that note…

    News today stated that Italy has the lowest Body Mass Index average whereas North Americans average about much higher – but that’s only Females. Strangely enough, Greece, a neighbour to Italy, is the highest in BMI…too much grease in Greece I guess, har har.

  11. schack

    we have a whole class of people that wouldn’t even DREAM of going to public school, boarding school is just socially compulsory, even though public schools are funded according to income tax zones.

  12. schack

    i’m sorry- property tax zones

  13. Dan

    I realize how stupid it is to have this kind of discussion on this kind of site, but Mayan peoples still exist even if Mayan civilization doesn’t. It’s just like Americans would still exist if all sorts of aliens in flying saucers and shit came down and knocked over all our buildings. (Didn’t you guys ever see Battlefield Earth?)

  14. schack

    BMI isn’t fat, i’m pretty sure

  15. Lowlands

    #105)Around that time the dutch- and british empire were tough concurrents and rivals to eachother.I’ve to mention in a modest way the Dutch were ruling with iron fist in those days.Just a little european history upgrade for you folks.

  16. woodhorse

    I never thought I’d take Mel’s side but today I did. Intellectual assholes playing one-up-manship without the graciousness to do so in a letter but doing it in an audience so they can get their jollies off by being a legend in their own mind with their friends at the pub later on. Hecklers with tenure are still hecklers.

    That being said, if they got a “Fuck you” out of Mel, I wonder what a bunch of Artie Bohunks like us to get Mel to scream??

  17. StoneRose

    lemme guess lowlands, you’re a history major?

  18. StoneRose

    #116 – I believe ‘shits and giggles’ would the be exact exclamation.

  19. schack

    assistant professors don’t have tenure, douchebag

  20. Dan

    106: They went to the fields and stuff right next to the cities they used to live in. They didn’t evaporate because their civilization collapsed. The mystery is *why*, not *what*.

  21. woodhorse

    #113: English still exist and Nordic people still exist but they don’t come down and rape and pilage the British like they used to and for some “expert” to stand up and say how it was REALLY done is assinine. Especially saying it to a movie maker. He’s a movie maker for Fuck’s sake. The only true authority I would accept on any ancient civilization would be Monty Python, and they are retired.

  22. Lowlands

    #117)I think you need a staight A?Let’s talk about this after the lessons.

  23. Dan

    121: I wasn’t making any point beyond the statement of fact.

  24. woodhorse

    118: good guess. Eat Me! might be another.

  25. schack

    #117) lowland’s english not so good.

  26. woodhorse

    #32: stroke of genius! not only was it one of my favorite movies but everyone took it in the spirit it was intended – to just have fun and be more accepting of one another. That’s why it’s on the list (with A Fish Called Wanda) of the 20th century’s funniest movies.

  27. hmoses

    I love how every time Mel Gibson is challenged the slightest bit, he flies off the fucking handle. I’m more amused by celebrities showing their true colors (chummy family man really a narcissistic bigot), than celebrities showing their bits…probably because the flashing has gotten old. And gives me nightmares.

    Mel deserves what he got. He was asked if he educated himself about Mayans–he said yes, and was shown up on it. Simple as that. So then “fuck off!” become his way to engage in a discussion. Nice guy. Smart, too.

    If it was just creative license at work, he should have made a movie in which Catholics do similar shit. God knows their history is bloody enough.

  28. Dan

    Plus if it was just creative license, he could’ve just said that.

  29. woodhorse

    114: BMI is Body Mass Index. The fatter you are, the higher it is. You figure it by multiplying 703 times your weight and then dividing it by your heightxheight (like 65″x65″). Normal is 25 to 18 with 18 being more ideal for longevity.

  30. kamihi

    Damn it, hes right on this one for Christssakes, sheesh when other cultures are portrayed as bloodthirsty, cruel, violent Whatevs they don’t start beefing. So Mels right (for once) “Lady, Fuck off.”

  31. woodhorse

    91 & 92, we have lots of them in Texas. I might be one, depending on my mood.

  32. snot_rocket

    To be honest:
    thats fuckin awesome. I would’ve done the same thing. Then I would’ve yelled “Freedom”, beheaded her w/ an axe and run far far away to a jewless land

  33. Notorious

    Mel’s a badass either way you cut it. You don’t fuck with Mad Max…you just don’t

  34. StoneRose

    Dude, I graduated with A+s!

  35. woodhorse

    #123 I might have to get drunk to understand what you just said….

  36. schack

    129# my point was that having a high BMI may or may not mean that you are fat. some people, like mischa barton or paris have a really low BMI, but they have no muscle tone whatsoever, so they are really fatter than someone like jessica biel. more of their body mass is pure fat…

  37. Dan

    135: Or, y’know

  38. schack

    #134- that’s cause you went to a public school with peons who set the bar nice and low ;)

  39. StoneRose

    naw, university. mediocrity of the masses is a bitch.

  40. schack

    do you like the Stone Roses?

  41. jpjrocks

    He’s a cool dude, he bare-backs like a pro

  42. woodhorse

    #136 you are right. into excercise? healthy eating? (Sugar is Satan!) the more I do, the more I want to do, wish everybody liked it.

  43. veggi

    Yay 90 Biatcho! I love anchorman! I’m chasing down leads and practicing my non-regional diction!!

  44. zapatos_verdes

    i think he is pretty wacko, in general. this took place at a university, there were professors. who knows if the lady professor is any good, but shit, this is kinda what they do with their lives, sit and debate, analyze, critically dissect a subject. if the woman spent her career looking at mayan history, and talk took place at a university, of course she is gonna wanna hear and get into the discussion. professors do that. it doesn’t sound like she asked any wrong questions, but mel did have a choice about how to respond. i mean who can be emotionally healty when you are flipping out so easily? this crazy fuck is like always on the verge of a meltdown. he could have easily responded to discuss his process of researching. of course the movie is not meant to replace a history book, but when i see a movie like this, it would be nice to learn something also. some of us enjoy learning history. it’s not all about just being entertained all your life.

  45. fame is funny

    please tell me there is video of this…

  46. Truthseeker013

    Ahhhh, Mel…I don’t know what to say. Really. Except f*ck off *yourself*, that is.

  47. TrimSpaBaby

    #84 Good Dr. Phowstus – That’s dangerous country – ‘cuz what’s not Mayan, is urine.

    #144 The thing is, this is an idiot charge. And academics can piddle around idiotically more than a Star Trek nerd debating who held the tricorder in episode #68 (“Slothian Mating Time”). And one of the steps to tenure is getting published – so guess who’s probably scribbling away in her little office right now on an article for “Mayan Drawn and Quarterly”??

    To say that his depictions are “racist”, might have been valid if he’d had the Mayans played by white guys with fright wigs and eastern european accents, but he didn’t. The Mayans sacrified themselves and other tribes – if you have a problem, take it up with the Mayans, not Mel.

  48. iamsosmrt

    This man is a piece of shit. Luckily for me I’ve known that since way back in the cowards “braveheart” days when most people were worshiping his crazy ass. See if you make and/or produce or constantly star in movies where you are the star who just happens to be a brave hero, instead of maybe doing something actually brave and heroic with your life it means you are a giant egomaniac loser. Examples: Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Russel Crowe, and Kevin Costner.

  49. TrimSpaBaby

    #147 Oh, and I meant “you” meaning the professor, not “you” personally, zapatos.

  50. tweetyeyes

    And rightfully so! You go Mel!

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