Mel Gibson tells people to fuck off

March 23rd, 2007 // 226 Comments

Mel Gibson apparently went crazy again last night at Cal State Northridge when a Mayan culture expert accused him of racially stereotyping the Mayans in his movie Apocalypto. He was giving a presentation and afterwards the crowd was allowed to ask questions. An Assistant Professor of Central American Studies asked if Mel had read about Mayan culture before shooting the film and Gibson said he had. Then she pushed even further, saying his representations of Mayan sacrificial ceremonies and bloodlst were racist. Mel responded, “Lady, Fuck off.” Then members of the Mayan community protested on how they were portrayed in the film and as they escorted from the room by event organizers Mel screamed at them “Make your own movie!”

It’s nice to see his anger management classes have paid off. I just hope he never stops being crazy so that in thirty years I can read about an 80-year-old Mel Gibson breaking his arm after trying to punch out a woman for, well, being a woman.

EDIT: Had to take down the photos but you can check them out here.



  1. biatcho

    #47 thanks for clarifying what you meant to say in post #45. I totally didn’t realize that was what you meant.

  2. elf

    he’s creating stuff for others to respond to. he’s got to deal with criticism…

  3. schack

    A, si ela soubesse, que quando ela passa, o mundo sorrindo se enche de gra

  4. elf

    biatcho u bet cho

  5. biatcho

    paul metzler you betzler!

  6. veggi

    Vous aimez vraiment cette fille. fait pourquoi ne vous permettez pas

  7. ktboo

    I think a lot of people’s comments just proved why Mel Gibson’s potrayal of Mayan’s is stereotypical. Mayans are still alive. There are thousands of their descendents still alive today who have kept the culture and traditions from being lost (the human sacrificing maybe not so much). To assume that all the Native people of Central America have died off is pretty ignorent. I think the Native community deserves to be pissed…everybody either romanticizes them or depicts them as “savages”. And nobody ever makes a film about the genocide committed against the Natives by the Spanish and English colonizers. When people like Mel Gibson make movies like apocalypto, it adds to the ignorent stereotyping of Native peoples.

  8. MrSemprini

    Colloquially expressed, but, essentially correct.

  9. babyforrest

    I know that Maya people are still alive, but the movie was set with Ancient Mayans. That is the point. You can’t upset me by saying that 1500 years ago my ancestors were violent and had human sacrifices. Some think the Mayans were violent and had human sacrifices, and some argue they did not. Nobody really knows, and it’s a movie.

  10. schack

    je n’ai pas compris… “fait pourquoi ne vous permettez pas

  11. Lobo

    Mayan-nazi Bitch. Next she’ll demand that May be declared Mayan history month.

  12. Lowlands

    Ofcourse he’s telling the people to fuck off because it’s a movie for entertainment.It’s not a politically documentairy or something.So overrated barbarian shitty Mayas,fuck off!

  13. schack

    mai, ouis. je l’aime…

  14. schack


  15. babyforrest

    Je ne parlez pas en francais.

  16. DrPhowstus

    @33 — Whoa!!! Go easy on Pelted. Pelted had an excellent point in thelast sentence of post #29.

  17. schack


  18. greeneyed_girl

    Please, please quit with the French. Your not cool.

    I am glad Mel did this. I am sick of politically correctness. Good for him.

  19. babyforrest

    My French said ‘I do not speak french.’ I’m sooo cool.

  20. schack

    that you rule? fine. agreed. but otherwise his post demonstrated the kind of idiocy that this film was in danger of promoting.

  21. schack

    actually it said “I don’t [thou] speaketh not in french”

  22. .
    To those who are saying that Mel is so un-PC he says whats on his mind. No, he’s only done that twice, once when he was drunk, and the second time when somebody dared question him. He is exactly like every other Egomaniacle Hollywood celeb or director. They will be PC until PC contradicts their massive sense of entitlement or ego.

    Mel is ordinary to the 10th power in Hollywood. That being said, he DOES give one hell of a Blow-Job

  23. “Fuck off sugartits”

  24. DrPhowstus

    @72 — You’re a funny fucking fuck you fucker. That was great.

  25. babyforrest

    tomato tom-ah-to

  26. schack

    soooo, Spindoc, you think he’s a loose cannon and not a shrewd interlocutor?

  27. YouRang

    Somebody should make a freak out Mel action figure. It could drink scotch, and then you pull a string and it would say things like “Hey suger tits” and “Lady, fuck off” and “Hitler was the best thing that ever happened to the Jews”

  28. Lowlands

    The next time Mel gibson should throw tomatos and rotten eggs to this kind of people.

  29. StoneRose

    What a fucking mysoginistic, chauvanistic asshole. “Mel, fuck off”.

  30. StoneRose

    Did I forget prejeudiced and racist? Yeah, I did.

  31. StoneRose

    That’s why you’re single, Mel, ya shitfaced Aussie.

  32. dirt chicken

    Fucking Mayans always complaining about SOMETHING. They should go back to Maya or whereverthefuck they’re from.

  33. Lowlands

    #62)As you can see,this is the result of being westerneuropean.It’s ‘documentary’.

  34. DrPhowstus

    When I lived in Pennsylvannia, the rednecks would pronounce the word “mine” like “Mayan” as in:

    “Which ruff is yers”

    “That ruff over there on the house next ta tha crik is mayan”

    I left that town running.

  35. dirt chicken

    @57 Lighten the fuck up. As a matter of fact … ALL you PC fools stfu. Like Mel said … make your own damn movie. I’m off to watch Mad Max & Lethal Weapon, biatches.

  36. dirt chicken

    One last thing … WTF is with pic #1 ? He looks like that cowboy from the “You don’t always die from tobacco” commercials. Is Mel using a voice box now ?

  37. StoneRose

    Ew, Pennsylvannia has hicks? Its not even Southern…suh-thern.

  38. nyanchan

    AWESOMENESS!!! so cool on so many levels. Cortez met the Aztecs first anyways, not the Mayans. Not blood thirsty? Who are they kidding? It’s painted all over the walls in the pyramids! I wonder where they got that clown of “Assistant professor” must be assistant to a professor of math or something, sure as hell not Mayan (or any Central American) history.

    and KTBOO, did you even WATCH the movie?? He may have portrayed the ‘Mayans’ as savage (and they did get pretty frantic when everything went to pot for them) but Jaguar Paw’s tribe was portrayed in a very human and sympathetic way. Not barbaric at all, simply as a community. I was really impressed by that because its the FIRST time anyone has bothered making a big movie about ancient Latin America from the ‘Indians’ side of it.

  39. schack

    every state has hicks, stone rose, and if you don’t know that, you’re prolly one of’em

  40. biatcho

    In the 2nd Picture he looks like Ferrell from that scene in Anchorman when Applegate’s character tells him he has bad hair.

  41. DrPhowstus

    @87 — There seems to be a belt of hicks around the Appalacians. aybe calling them rednecks is a bit of a misnomer, but they are certainly hicks. Pick up drivin’, derr huntin’, CAT hat wearin’, missing tooth hicks.

  42. schack

    whatEVER, Phowstus, if that is your real name. there are hicks 20 minutes west of the philly city line.

  43. buttpirate

    First Geico pisses off the Cavemen and now Mel pisses off the Mayans. They’ll probably cut his heart out in his sleep. I’d be sleeping with one eye opened if I was him.

    He’s not crazy, he’s just one of a handful of celebrities that are willing to speak what they’re thinking. Just like Rosie, oh wait, I hate that bitch.


  44. StoneRose

    Dude, I live in Toronto – no hicks, just lots of us first or second-generation metro-sexual immigrants, ya know?

    But being a hick sounds like fun. Riding bareback, shooting random shit, tying shit up, fucking the nextdoor farmer’s son ;P

  45. Shanipie

    Well I agree that it is really annoying when people over analyse movies…but he is a racist scumbag, there is no doubt about that.

    Also I’m pretty sure Jesus doesn’t like when you let people to fuck off.

    Mel U so Craaazy

  46. I really don’t know what offends those scholars. I’ve actually talked to history professors that have studied the Mayan culture for a very long time. He said that nothing was false in that film, it was exactly like how it was back then. The scholars that are denying it and saying it’s racism are just upset because the view the Mayan culture as a pieceful tribe. But there were constant attacks back then.

    So yeah, “Fuck OFF, LADY!”

  47. DrPhowstus

    @92 — Yea, I’m sure your SS card says schack s. schack under the signature.

    Schacky McSchackofferson. Or some shit like that.

  48. schack

    um, it’s more like having arteries clogged with transfat, chronic fatigue and yeast infections, little chance of moving up in life and no health care, canuck. get with the program. why do you think ANS was so crazy?

  49. Mugato

    God bless him. The true Christian God, of course. None of that Jewy God.

    Seriously, good for him. It’s called creative license. I don’t care if they really lined people up and ripped their hearts out and threw them down the side of the pyramid. It looked cool. And whether they held that specific ritual, you can’t argue that they weren’t bloodthirsty. Everyone was then.

  50. schack

    phowstus, i like you and all. can’t we disagree now and then? geeeeeeeez

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