Mel Gibson tells people to fuck off

March 23rd, 2007 // 226 Comments

Mel Gibson apparently went crazy again last night at Cal State Northridge when a Mayan culture expert accused him of racially stereotyping the Mayans in his movie Apocalypto. He was giving a presentation and afterwards the crowd was allowed to ask questions. An Assistant Professor of Central American Studies asked if Mel had read about Mayan culture before shooting the film and Gibson said he had. Then she pushed even further, saying his representations of Mayan sacrificial ceremonies and bloodlst were racist. Mel responded, “Lady, Fuck off.” Then members of the Mayan community protested on how they were portrayed in the film and as they escorted from the room by event organizers Mel screamed at them “Make your own movie!”

It’s nice to see his anger management classes have paid off. I just hope he never stops being crazy so that in thirty years I can read about an 80-year-old Mel Gibson breaking his arm after trying to punch out a woman for, well, being a woman.

EDIT: Had to take down the photos but you can check them out here.



  1. Courtney

    Oooh oooh! I hope Jesus comes back next to tell Mel what’s what.

  2. can't help myself

    His candor is refreshing

  3. theyareidiots

    Did he actually take an “anger managment” class or did he just watch the movie? Cuz if it was the latter, I can understand the Adam Sandler impression he’s doing in those pictures.

  4. Oh Mel, it must suck having fallen so far…

  5. mel gibson = trainwreck

  6. no1justminda

    It is SO annoying when people over analyze movies and take anything in them personally. They are movies. They are entertainment. There have been hundreds of movies where groups of people are misrepresented, but no one cares! So yeah lady, fuck off!

  7. Sweet….but WTF is a bloodlst?!?!?

  8. I am just overcome with emotion.

  9. babyforrest

    You’d think he’d be used to being called a bigot by now.

  10. imran karim

    he’s so politically correct

  11. Snarkington

    “MEL GIBSON SMAAAAAASH! aaaughhhghgugh!!!”

  12. DrPhowstus

    Where did they find 400 year old Mayans? Must be in the water down there.

    In other news: Actual African slaves were seen protesting outside of the home of the late Alex Haley, citing the inherent racism and lack of historical proof backing up Haley’s supposed television masterpiece. Then they began whistling, picked up their bales of cotton, and went back to the fields muttering about how if Kunte Kinte was faster, none of this would have ever happened.

  13. Rock Lobster

    Mel Gibson’s angry lunatic rants might never get old. And by “might” I mean they won’t, ever.

  14. p911gt10c

    i bet he thinks it was the Jews that put the Mayan expert up to that.

  15. Caoimhe

    Wow, Mel just keeps getting classier and classier. It’s nice to see someone who can take some criticism.

  16. danielle

    I’d love to wrap my snatch around his cock and ride the spunk out of his sac.

  17. veggi

    Lady, F*ck Off, and go make me a pork sammich.

  18. ja5on

    Geez I wonder if anything in the movie 300 was exaggerated as well? Cause I don’t wanna live in a world where 12 foot tall tentacle-armed executioners never existed.

  19. magickal

    God, I *heart* Mel. Everybody else in Hollywood is so fucking politically correct and fake, his honest approach to his hecklers (those fucks came there specifically to harass him!) is wonderful! Now if he goes into rehab or comes out with an apology, I will throw up. But, for the moment, I’m enjoying it!

  20. Chamois

    Oh, Mel. I love you.

  21. anothershityear

    i echo a previous observation

    “members of the Mayan community”

    did we master that whole time-machine thingee while i was blinking????

    where the FUCK are mayans these days?

    next why not interview some Roman Centaurians what they thought of “Gladiator”..

  22. schack

    i don’t know how much i love him, but i love living in a culture where “fuck off” is an appropriate response to hermeneutical objections.

    come on, lady, we know you’re not tenured, but you make smart people look bad if you fail to get that it’s a fucking MOVIE. what next? you gonna write to hugh hefner for not portraying life at the mansion properly? geeeeeeeeeeeezus

  23. jrzmommy♠

    I really think the Mayans should hire an image consultant/pr ace. How very Hollywood.

  24. Bugman4045

    @ 4 and 5, Fallen so far? Trainwreck? Check the ticket grosses for his movies at
    He could purchase the 2 of you as sacrifices for his next epic blodfest.
    He might be a little crazy, but I love the fact that he is willing to tell some professor to fuck off.
    So STFU Sweet tits!!

  25. Shovelhead

    Fucking right Magickal. Mel I am with you. These fucking whining, dumb fucks always show up to impress people with their ’cause’ and to show people how ‘smart’ they are. Ha ha the dumb cunt in the audience got told off. Good for her. Go clean your kitchen or get a real fucking job. They guy made a movie people ! Its a fucking movie. He made it like he wanted…

  26. TurdFerguson

    I love it when people tell the truth. I’m with Mel. Who cares about the Mayans?

  27. schack

    this has nothing to do with the mayans. i care about the mayans as much as anybody, even your turd ass. it was never supposed to be a documentary, so it’s not about the mayans. it’s fucking historical fiction.

  28. clarkehead

    Mel made another movie? I hadn’t noticed.

  29. Pelted

    Magickal is awsome. Mel may be an jew-hating moron, but the Mayans unequivocally did sacrifice people. Apparently, there is some way to portray a culture’s human sacrifices with less blood so as not to make it so offensive.

    And Phowstus rocks.

  30. jrzmommy♠

    I don’t believe in Mayans!!!

  31. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    They should have gave everyone nerf foam bats so that they could just go at it and vent their anger. I bet the mayan expert was just angry, because he’s worked so hard and was made fun of all his life for being a mayan info nerd. He’s always believed that the nerds make the money and get the chicks after highschool, until he realized that he was a professor at Calstate Northridge.

  32. veggi

    nobody got mad at Steve Martin in The Jerk for showing what it was like growing up a poor black child. But he was quite accurate.

  33. schack

    you’re an idiot, Pelted.

  34. biatcho


  35. Newlab

    Mel fukin rocks! He says whats on his mind and doesn’t put up with shit from yuppy hollywood dicks. Ok maybe he gets a little too drunk and may make a few racist remarks ..but hey who doesn’t lol lol

  36. wtfpwned

    Yay Mel! Publicly telling some whiny old bitch to fuck off just makes you that much cooler.

  37. schack

    biatcho, light of my life, fire of my loins, where have you been all this time?!

  38. The Mayans. Did they invent mayonnaise?

  39. biatcho

    I am not a huge Mel fan but I agree, yelling “Lady, Fuck Off” to some PC mofo is pretty right on. Or off, whichever phrase you crazy kids are saying these days.

  40. biatcho

    #38 no, they invented mayomustardayonnaise.
    I can see how the two can be confused though.

  41. schack

    my very life looks over the precipice, biatcho. your love would be the only salvation. sure, you’ll say, i would go on living. but there are two deaths; the real one, and the one people know about… i’m on the brink. come away with me!? what do you think?

  42. veggi

    I love that stuff. It’s kosher.

  43. GooniesNeverSayDie

    I think this is the same woman who got mad at Spielberg for sterotyping Germans in “Schindler’s List.”

    Or was it for making out during Schindler’s List?

    I can never remember……

  44. biatcho

    I thnk she also yelled at Chuck D for the song “I Don’t Wanna Be Called Yo Nigga.”

  45. elf

    his next movie should be about a celebrity that is a devout cathoholic will millions of dollars, owning a island and lots of kids and the “turmoil” that this character must go through by offending others in order to prove his self worth. what do u guys think?ha

  46. TruthB.Told

    Right on Mel. Fuck off everybody.

  47. elf

    mel should do a movie about mel.

  48. Blog Lurker Guy Man Dude

    Unless, Mel Gibson decides to start teaching, all the PC people should just shut the hell up. Its just a movie. Why aren’t the PC people ragging on the producers of Storm Troopers? I mean, what the hell? Bugs are nice creatures. I’ve never seen earth worms suck out people’s brains! That movie is not true to real bugs around the world! Damn Racist Hollywood! Bugs are people too! Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

  49. combustion8

    kudos mel, kudos.

  50. babyforrest

    I don’t wanna say it, I really don’t. I hate it. But here it comes… I agree with Mel Gibson! Don’t over analyze movies, especially historical movies about people who lived so freaking long ago it doesn’t matter anymore. You’re so smart, studying about an ancient culture that you have to run down and argue with a movie maker about a topic that some researchers say is true and others argue that it is false. Some say that they were a violent group with human sacrifices, and others disagree. But the bottom line? Movies with inaccurate facts have been around FOREVER. There are very few movies that are 100% accurate. It’s ok to discuss it and debate with people who want to debate with you, but why run down and find the maker of the movie and bitch at him? Just shut up and watch the movie.

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