Mel Gibson might have banged this

May 10th, 2010 // 55 Comments

Here’s 26-year-old porn star Violet Kowal who may or may not have had sex with Mel Gibson sometime around the time his prior mistress Oksana Grigorieva gave birth. Oksana has since left Mel and, really, how did she expect that relationship to end? Finding him nailed to a cross and masturbating? — Don’t answer that.


  1. Polk

    She’s worthy of a good bang.

    Looks stupid, and a diem a dozen blond, but bang worthy nevertheless.

  2. Me

    I know a girl named Meg Gibson.

  3. yo

    2nd 1st of the day

  4. Nick

    I knows me some porn stars, but who is this? Google’s no help.

  5. Ego

    I’d hit it

  6. chupacabra

    this ain’t no porn star I know of…

  7. IKE

    GO MEL!!!!! Lethal Weapon came out in ’87. Had she come out (of the womb) by then, too??? :)

  8. IKE

    Duh… Just saw her age. Ok. L.W. got out before she did.

  9. Gweb

    Fap fap fap fap fap!

  10. EB

    Sugar Tits

  11. Drundel

    Nice legs, but lets see the rest of her.

  12. The Clap

    Nice one Mel, niceeeee. She’s cute. Nice legs.

  13. Guy Rossi

    If he banged her, I’m gonna guess shes not Jewish

  14. chelsea

    i’m not religious, but i find it pretty sad she’s a pornstar and wears a cross… clearly she sides with “bootyism”

  15. Parker

    No ass pics? You know how I like feces flaps.

  16. Ryan

    Linkage anyone?

  17. havoc

    Great legs……


  18. Merlin

    National Enquirer article says she’s a porn film producer

  19. chopper

    yeah,, she looks like a moron of the 1st order..but i’d do things to her that you wouldn’t do to a farm animal.

  20. Mel Gibson

    She’s definitely not a Jew. Mel Gibson hates Jews.

  21. Eirin

    WOW, she had amazing legs!

  22. Deacon Jones

    Ahhh, another self-righteous religious kook doing the total opposite of what they preach…

  23. Nameless

    Damn, somebody bring back pre-”IgotmegarichbecauseofChrist” Mel because this current sucks ass.

    Dating pornstars? Damn, everyone steps into dogsh*t once in a while; you don’t keep it, take it home and track it around your house.

  24. slein

    It seems women love middle aged white supremacist.

  25. Mr. Nice Guy

    Good for Mel! Can I have a turn?

  26. nrrvus

    She has a face that looks like a can of crushed assholes.

  27. Knarp

    That’s not Violet from FTV, can’t you tell from the pictures? They look nothing alike. Besides she had a kid (even did some clips while pregnant) and got sort of fat so now she looks even less like that.

  28. @28 – thanks for making me spit out a mouthful of Coke from laughing so hard! Damn you, I want a new keyboard.

  29. Jack Mehoff

    This is one hot piece of ass. I would clean her big brown star with my tongue.

  30. Freddo

    Butterface butterface…

  31. Tek

    Sugar Tits may have found a winner with this one… even though her face is meh.

  32. bar room hero

    I would BANG this.

    She looks about my size (petite.)

  33. They look nothing alike. Furthermore, it was ?id. should clean his big brown star of my tongue.

  34. This is ridiculous new . Its sucks man .

  35. hoppkings

    This is ridiculous new . Its sucks man . she looking vulgar .

  36. Andrew

    For those of you looking for pictures she’s a Polish porn PRODUCER, not a porn star. Not the most reputable job, but not quite as disgraceful as the ladies in front of the camera.

  37. katie

    mel gibson is such trash.

  38. Burt

    I like brunettes, so I think Oksana Grigorieva is way hotter than this one.

  39. thank you your share.

  40. Fuckston

    Looks like any other hooker eager to chug some celebrity dong for a few minutes of spotlight.

  41. Spungehead

    Hmm…….looks kinda like Sarah Chalke which, by the way, was the only redeeming quality of the Roseanne show…………………………………………..

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  43. captain america


  44. biff jerkins

    fugly, but great body. As Howard Stern said about Juliette Lewis, chop off her head and make do with the rest. (That seems a bit extreme — I think a bag would do.)

  45. Rabbit

    Where’s more pics or better yet, vids of this little hottie?!

  46. This looks like half a step up for Mel.

    I guess he tossed that party-pooping Jew (Jesus) in the toilet a long time ago. Mel’s all about the alcohol and skanks now.

  47. Doc Schweinstrudel

    HA HA HA, Ukranian skank who stole someone else’s husband had same thing happening to her. Take notes, ladies…
    And by the way. Ukranian and Russian are not the same things. Polish and Russian aren’t same things either. Choose original Russian blend. Don’t go for cheap replicas!

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