Mel Gibson gets some help

August 1st, 2006 // 199 Comments

mel-gibson-rehab.jpgMel Gibson’s publicist has confirmed that he’s checked himself into rehab, although the details of when and where are still unknown. Right now Mel is free on $5,000 bail and has a scheduled court date on September 28, and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is deciding this week whether or not they’re going to file charges against him. Additionally, celebrity agent Ari Emanuel is urging other celebrities to boycott working with Mel Gibson in an effort to show Hollywood won’t tolerate his racism and anti-Semitism. And with all the bad press surrounding this incident I guess it’s safe to say there won’t ever be a sequel to Braveheart. Which is too bad, because I was really looking forward to Braveheart 2: Electric Boogaloo.


  1. clarknova

    #44 I so agree, critizising Israel is taboo in the US, not that I’m justifying Gibson’s stupid attitude, but you get the ‘anti-semite’ look every time you slip even the slightest criticism to Israel here.

  2. xavierh

    #38, I hope we’ll see some of your best bat mitzvah photos here:

  3. The Juice

    hey..Woody Allen slept with his daughter, bought his way out a jail and HollyWood forgot all about that!

  4. CoJo, bitches. listen and learn.

  5. spatz

    haha woody allen. disgusting. i forgot about that. hollywood chooses who and what it will forgive. mel gibson is public enemy #1, and completely useless to hollywood. i think that this little incident which has been blown way out of proportion will be the final end to his career.

  6. BarbadoSlim

    I’m a fan of Gibson’s work (‘cept for his religious propaganda bullshit), but this guy obviously has a problem with jews. The thing is, why is he such a fucking pooosey about it? He went out of his way to deny it when he clearly is a nazi sympathizer. The critics were right and his Passion movie was a clear attempt at jew-baiting. I personally have no opinion on how jews go about their business in fact I don’t give a fuck, but I DO know that people in my family fought a war against the type of bullshit this asshole is trying to pull, so fuck HIM, AND THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.

  7. xavierh

    #54, UN Rezzie 1559. Look it up.

  8. Jules

    First, I agree with #22 that any form of racism/biggotry/prejudice/whatever should not be allowed in a society that ‘PRIDES’ itself on being open minded. (my personal opinion: he was way out of line. period.)

    but aside from that…I’ve seen a lot of people saying that the ‘jews’ are so outraged by this but they bomb the crap out of the Lebonese (sp, sorry) and so it shouldn’t matter… that is not necessarily true!

    Not ALL Jews/Israelis are insane megolomaniacs that want to kill for retribution. That’s like saying ALL Americans are jerks because we are under the same government, and that MUST mean we believe everything we’re told by Bush.

    We know better than that, guys.

  9. nico

    #52, holy crap, that’s amazing. unfortunately I have too many famous hollywood jews and famous hollywood non-jews in the video doing the funky chicken dance.

    that’s right. my family owns hollywood. actually, we own mel gibson. shhhhhhhhhh.

  10. Nimuë LaMer

    Mel’s crazy, Hollywood’s crazy, living in the desert makes you crazy. Doesn’t matter what desert… Southern California, Australia, Middle East, Africa – NUTSO!

    What I want to know – as a heathen from an obscure, tiny Pacific isalnd who now lives in NYC – what’s the deal with Jewish people? Why do they get so defensive??? I mean, I hate everybody equally, but damn! Look at someone crosseyed and suddenly you’re an ‘anti-Semite’! I don’t even know what the fuck that means!!! Lighten the fuck up!

  11. Nimuë LaMer

    Oh, and #25, I’ll join in a boycott of Paris Hilton!

  12. justme

    Jews are all for free speech unless they disagree with it..

  13. spatz

    ok 57 i didnt want to get involved in this war conversation. but are you seriously comparing something that happened in 1559 to whats happening NOW? i guess youre one of those who still harbours hate for those egyptian pharoes for enslaving your people a billion fucking years ago.

  14. adogcalledbleep

    wasn’t his kinky s&m movie about the baby Jebus bank-rolled by right wing Christian fellows anyway????

  15. xavierh

    #62, Bubbele, _everyone’s_ for free speech unless they disagree with it!

  16. Jules

    #65 (xavierh), so true.

  17. Lajay

    i think the point i was trying to make is NOT that we should point the big finger at ALL JEWS, because obviously that isn’t the case and that would make me quite the hypocrite, but rather that we should call a spade a spade, and not turn a blind eye (out of ignorance or fear) to israel’s actions. i am not willing to keep my mouth shut about israel just because i’m scared that i’ll be (wrongfully) called an anti-semite for speaking my mind…. i think that those american jews who have not given this a lot of thought would do well to consider whether israel is doing THEM a disservice by hiding behind the “jew” label. if you want to see some impressive examples of racism and nationalism, look to israel.

  18. nico

    dude. #60. wtf. I seem to be the only jew posting here. not only am I not calling anyone an anti-semite, I’ve revealed important details about our worldwide jew conspiracy. I am not defensive. oh, and I’ve been funnier than anyone else. because jews are a comedic people.

    the only people getting uber-crazy here are you goys….

    I’m gonna go start another war before lunch. sugartits out.

  19. xavierh

    #63, No, I was referring to UN Resolution 1559 (from 2004). Mostly the part about Lebanon’s responsibility to disarm non-governmental “militias”. A quick overview is here:

    Perhaps if Hezbollah didn’t shoot rockets from cities and suburbs shit like this wouldn’t happen and Mel would’ve kept himself clean and sober. Yes, I said it. Mel’s falling off the wagon IS HEZBOLLAH’S FAULT!

    And I have nothing against Egypt. I love Passover! (I think we won that one, btw.)

  20. jrzmommy

    Sooooo…….I guess a Steven Spielberg/Mel Gibson collaboration won’t be happening any time soon?

  21. Lajay

    i would like to see steven spielberg and mel gibson duel a la deathmatch.

  22. xavierh

    #70, I think Steve is still freaked about the Tom Cruise crotch hug he got recently.

  23. #4 and #6, you seem to have missed the part where he insulted the woman cop and told the other cop that he would spend all of his money to fuck him. Funny how you guys are just focusing on the Jew aspect.

    Spatz, let me know when it was ever ok to bash other nationalities and races in hollywood. I’m sure Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have probably said something about that if it happened. AS for Gibson, rehab? He wasn’t that far over the legal limit, it’s not as if he was hanging out with Lindsay Lohan, I guess he can try to pretend he was drunker than he was.

  24. CoJo

    Isn’t there also a UN Resolution that protects innocent civilians from guided missle attacks? The terms were to release the Lebanese prisoners and disclose the locations of the Israeli-planted land mines in Southern Lebanon, and they get their Israeli soldier back. Considering the civilian death tolls, you can’t seriously think that Israel has reacted rationally. This type of negotiation has worked time and time again throughout history. You don’t see Tony Blair bombing the shit out of Ireland for IRA attacks, do you…aren’t they a militia too?

  25. CoJo

    Fuck it, this is the Superficial. What color is Hohan’s bikini today?

  26. jrzmommy

    As a woman, I’m not pissed off nor offended that he called a chick cop Sugar Tits. The guy is obviously a fucking nut–people shouldn’t validate the rants of a whack-job by getting so fired up about them. Jews shouldn’t let his kinda-drunk spew get them fired up. Fuck it. What’s the point?

  27. RichPort

    Some of you people are a bunch of regular sociopolitical experts aren’t you? Herein lies the issue: saying you dislike Israel or its policies by no means equates to you hating Jews. Different things all together. You can argue for as long as that conflict continues, which appears to be indefinitely, have no answers and change no opinions. Gibson probably hates Jews as much as I hate fanatical Christian assholes like him. Big fat hairy fucking deal. In fact, I hate anyone who has a superiority complex. Thanks for sucking all the funny out of this thread. I hope Paris sucks off a horse or Jessica sucks off her Dad again. This is getting a bit… ***YAAWWWWN***

  28. Nimuë LaMer

    Cojo, Hohan bikini is Pus Green today.

    Didn’t start out that way, though.


  29. CoJo

    I thought all tits tasted like sugar, don’t they?

  30. nc72

    Hopefully this will put a stop to his holier-than-cow attitude that he’s had the past few years…

  31. peopleRweird

    Who the hell is Ari Emanuel ?

  32. Wasn’t he fighting South African Nazi’s in Lethal Weapon 2?

    Anybody remember Patsy Kensit from that movie? She was hot til they killed her. I’m sure that even dead she smells better than Ho-han’s bikini.

  33. xavierh

    75, 77, fuck it indeed. I hate any form of extremism. Where’s Rodney King when we need him???

    And I suspect Jamie Lynn’s cold sore is where Jessica Simpson’s dad clocked her for not looking ‘marketable’ enough.

  34. jFp

    It seems some of you believe all jews are responsible for the policies of Israel. Not all Israeli’s are jewish. Some are xtians and some are muslim as well. There are muslims in the Israeli government and in the IDF. Being jewish is one thing, being Israeli is another. Understand?

    Israel has been under attack constantly from Hezbollah in Lebanon and also from the Palestinians from within the Gaza.
    Let me explain this in case you are often guilty of being obtuse. THEY ATTACK ISRAEL FIRST!!!! And they have been doing it long before Israel struck back 20 days ago. Israeli men, women, and children have died in these attacks FIRST!!! The Saudi’s and the Jordanians, and the Egyptians have ALL been in support of Israel defending itself this time. So who are you to complain? Most of you have no idea about what is going on in the world. If it doesn’t smoke or drink or wear a bikini you nutbags are lost.

    So STFU.

  35. PapaHotNuts

    Q: You know how to get a Jew out of Mel Gibson’s oak tree?

    A: Just cut the rope.

  36. Lajay

    84… israel OCCUPIED palestine “FIRST!!!”. the occupation has been in direct and ONGOING violation of international law. should the palestinians just shut up and roll over and take it up the ass? israel has stolen land, sniped children, murdered demonstrators, bulldozed homes, and tortured detainees. are you defending that kind of behavior? the palestinians are making desperate attempts to stand up to israel’s 40 year occupation/killing spree. tell me, what do YOU think palestine should do?

  37. Wow, alcohol brings out your true inibitions and it looks like poor Mel seriously messed up. His movie made 600 million dollars and this retard can’t hire a driver?

  38. jFp

    you are a terrorist supporter

    or a terrorist.

  39. alaskanchicsickle

    My husband is a carpenter and he works for a Jew, see its a little twist.

  40. CruisingForCock

    @86 You say rolling over and taking it up the ass like it is a bad thing. I do it all the time. It’s a positive not a negative.

  41. spatz

    again spindoc, i am not saying that what he did was right or condoning his actions. i’m just saying hollywood is hippocritical. i hate to beat a dead horse, but can you please tell me what major hollywood figures went up in arms about what paris hilton said? did anybody urge a paris hilton boycott? no quite the opposite, somehow she managed to score a record deal and she is all over the place.

    and people dont become racist over night anyway, i’m sure his beliefes were well known in hollywood all along, but he was making SO MUCH money for the studios, they could care less if he was a biggot. he’s not bankable anymore so off with his head.

  42. sugartits

    It would be so embarrassing if all the things I said whilst drunk were held up for criticism.

  43. Morwilwarin

    Wait, isn’t Mel all into Jesus and stuff and religions. Wasn’t Jesus a Jew? So how can he hate Jews, then he would hate Jesus?

  44. #86, there wasn’t a country to occupy. That area was controlled by the ottoman Turks, then by the British, there was never a country of Palestine, in fact, with Isreal permitting the creation of a Palestinian state, that will be the first time Palestinians have EVER had their own govt. Funny huh? Turks, Egyptians and Jordanians used to controll that area at Various times and NONE of them ever allowed Palestinians their own govt… yet Isreal is going to. Also interesting that Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria Etc.. will not allow Palestinians shelter in their country, Jordon is the only Middle Eastern Nation that will….oh wait, except for Isreal where Palestinians can also become citizens. Funny, you don’t seem to mention that. One last funny thing, I notice that nobody ever refers to Chinese Occupied Tibet. Perhaps you only hate nations that don’t totally wipe out the those territories instead of letting them set up their own govts. Go back to your Freshman Sociology lecture, read some poetry and smoke some more clove cigarettes, this is the superficial douchebag, we want to hear about Jessica Simpsons pervy dad and Lindsay Lohans latest Urinary Tract infection.

  45. @80 Thanks nc72! I now know what I’m going to call my next band, “holier-than-cow”

  46. @80 Thanks nc72! I now know what I’m going to call my next band, “holier-than-cow”

  47. PapaHotNuts

    Once I thought I was Jewish for about three weeks. Turned out I just had mono.

  48. jrzmommy

    Can we get back to discussing how fucking crazed old Mel looks in his mugshot? Can we stop with all this fighting? Guess what guys–the Israel/Arab shit has been going on since the beginning of time and guess what else–it’s gonna go on until the end of fucking time. It’s called beating a dead horse. Now stop trying to save the universe here on the and start talking about that funny piece of hair hanging down on Reverend Gibsons’s forehead.

  49. It’s not like his career will suffer. Being certifiably nuts has never been an impediment to being a star. Just ask Angelina Jolie.

  50. CruisingForCock

    Dear ImSuicidal,

    I just clicked on your link thinking I would see a myspace page with dark poetry. Instead, I see two cocks in one mouth.

    Off to re-create the photo now – I’ve got the camera, who has the cocks?

    Thanks for the free porn.


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