Mel Gibson gets some help

August 1st, 2006 // 199 Comments

mel-gibson-rehab.jpgMel Gibson’s publicist has confirmed that he’s checked himself into rehab, although the details of when and where are still unknown. Right now Mel is free on $5,000 bail and has a scheduled court date on September 28, and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is deciding this week whether or not they’re going to file charges against him. Additionally, celebrity agent Ari Emanuel is urging other celebrities to boycott working with Mel Gibson in an effort to show Hollywood won’t tolerate his racism and anti-Semitism. And with all the bad press surrounding this incident I guess it’s safe to say there won’t ever be a sequel to Braveheart. Which is too bad, because I was really looking forward to Braveheart 2: Electric Boogaloo.


  1. No sequel to Braveheart!?!?! Bah…my dreams are shattered…

  2. CMonster0125

    Boycott Gibson? Who else will Hollywood get to play the hero of various nations (The Patriot, Braveheart, etc.)?

    I hope the Gibson’s judge is female, so Mel can say something like “Thanks, your Honor Sugartits, for letting me go!” or similar.

  3. Jedi Kevin

    Maybe Gibson can remake South Park’s “Passion of the Jew” into a live-action movie.

  4. spatz

    i’m so over this. if i had a fucking nickle for everytime i heard some jewish person openly talk about dirty arabs and fuck the arabs and they should all be blown away etc etc, i’d be a fucking millionaire. why doesnt everybody call for a boycott of paris hilton for calling people niggers on camera? i guess niggers dont count as much as jews in hollywood.

  5. miss uh huh her

    I have a feeling this is all one moronic publicity stunt to prove that even though Gibson got a DUI and made fun of Jews, people will still wait in a line to see a movie in a language that doesn’t exist. Doesn’t his new move in a dead language come out soon?

  6. CoJo

    I wonder if he would of gotten all of this flack if he would of said “Fucking Palastinians” “Fuck you Lebanese mother-fuckers!”. Would he have been considered racist then??? Food for thought, people….food for thought.

  7. CMonster0125

    #4-Who do you think owns Hollywood? Most of the production companies and investors in Hollywood are Jewish. So when you have that sort of powerbase and don’t like something, the rest of the world gets to hear about it.

  8. Italian Stallion

    “I’m Mel Gibson and I drive drunk,
    But I got pulled over by that Jew nose punk,
    And it’s true,
    Thats why I hate fucking Jews”
    “Anti-semite in the U.S.A”
    “Anti-semite in the U.S.A”

    Sing along to “That’s what I like about you”

    Heard on Stern this morning, shit was hilarious…………….

  9. spatz

    cojo, my sentiments exactly. (#4) cause its ok to bash other nationalities in hollywood. ridiculous.

  10. Yes isn’t it strange how such a wealthy man with a known alcohol problem on the cusp of a big release and suddenly “accidentally” pops up on camera jew-baiting in a manner sure to get national if not global attention.

    Cheaper than dating Lindsay Lohan.

    Gibson could afford to put an entire Diaspora through college. I’d say he’s one photo-op donation at the Museum of Tolerance away from oscar season.

  11. pagebetty

    ———– Good for him! You go Mel! Also he has apologized! I will not ban his movies, that’s for sure! He’s only human! Hollywood is ready to crucify him! Relax already!

  12. RichPort

    I wonder if he sits at home hating the pre-crucifixion Jesus?

  13. tyke101

    that would be the sweetest birthday gift… mel gibson smackdown on september 28.

  14. Justin Igger

    the jews are pushing the earth closer to the sun and are responsible for the heat wave for real though

  15. blueballs

    Ari Emanuel is a cock sucking hypocrite. He must personally not like Mel because Ari, who reps Michael Moore, doesnt’ seem to have a problem with Michael Moore’s history of being anti israel. Besides, why was Ari so quick to jump on Mel?

  16. flamarkel

    As Archie Bunker once said, “Jesus hisself was a Jew until his father sat him down and said there will be no more of that.”

  17. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    With half of Hollywood under Jewish control I think its safe to say ol’ Mel will be going independent. Which is fine by me. Hollywood can’t seem to get over those goddamn formulaic plots and scripts of what they think our Christofacist society will deem “acceptable”. Plus now they are stuck on remaking every fuckin’ movie made before 1985. Get your own shit for fuck’s sake! Half of those movies were fine the first time! Long live Indie films! Down with boring ass, unoriginal, no balls, Hollywood!

  18. spatz

    ok 15 its getting old. god youre a fucking stupid ass white boy.

  19. CoJo

    #16 – …Hollywood and celebrities just jump on the huge obvious bandwagons. It’s okay to hate the Bush administration who supports Israel (rightfully so), but it’s not okay to hate Jewish people or Israel. They don’t make any sense.

  20. Justin Igger

    @19 your moms pussy is getting old to dats why i had to spatz on it to get it wet for real though

  21. Fine1

    Making racist comments about any group of people is not ok. Period. It has nothing to do with the number of Jewish people involved in Hollywood filmmaking. As an African American woman, it’s no different than making disparaging comments about my race. It’s just as unacceptable. What’s almost worse than his comments are the comments I’ve read from people who have such a callous, uncaring attitude about it. Mel- definitely nuts. More like him willing to stand up and basically CONDONE it?? SCARY. We have to take a strong stand when someone spews hatred and biggotry. Personally, I’m done with his movies.

  22. sugar tits = best breakfast cereal ever!

  23. jFp

    the picture above is his mug shot.

    how many police mug shots are at an angle like this, person sitting looking up?????

    I think mel owns the malibu police force.

    p.s. He is well known for stirring up controversy a few months before a film is released. The last time he did this it netted him 1/2 a billion dollars. On other web sites christians are rallying around him again as they did before. chumps….

  24. spatz

    just to clarify things, i am not condoning racism or racist words in anyway, or mel gibsons crazy ass antics. i’m calling hollywood and everybody else out on their hippocracy. like i said, its socially acceptable for paris hilton and her greasy boyfriend to say the word “nigger”
    i dont hear anybody screaming for a paris hilton boycott.

  25. spatz

    OUCH! you stole that shit straight from big jim and or italian stallion. real creative. you should be dragged out into the streets and fucking shot in the head you fucking k-fed white boy wannabe dick.

  26. CoJo

    Spatz, AMEN! Enough said!

  27. Fine1

    It’s in no way acceptable for Paris to use that word. You wont see me watching her porn any time soon. You’re right- boycott all the racist, ignorant idiots.

    Saw this on Perez, brilliant:

    SUICIDAL? (We wish!)


    Fuck-to-the-You Mel Gibson!

    Shave your head and tat your arm with a swaztika. Be the proud bigot you are instead of hiding behind the skirts of your publicist, you little biatch.

  28. pinky_nip

    Q: Did you hear about the new brand of tires – Firestein?

    A: They not only stop on a dime, they pick it up

  29. Kendo_Bunny

    20- Oh, you can say anything you want about Israel. We have movies glorifying people who killed Jewish athletes, but because the athletes were from Israel, it was okay.

    Mel Gibson has been very much on the outs with Hollywood for years- so why is it coming as a surprise that Hollywood hates him?

  30. Lajay

    #4 and #6, i agree totally.. i have heard so many jewish people foaming at the mouth about how the arabs should all die, but for some reason that doesn’t seem to count as racism. like the historic persecution of jewish people makes it okay for israel today to hate and kill and maim and oppress whomever they please. it’s really amazing how blind people are to this hypocrisy… but like you said spatz, i guess niggers and arabs don’t count as much as jews.

  31. Italian Stallion

    @26 Pretty weak motherfucker (not u it), don’t even respond to it, thats obviously what it wants………………….

  32. Proteon

    He’s an actor. His thoughts on any particular subject should all be buffered by this little fact. Also considering that all you fuckers do is spew hate all day long your righteous indignation over this is laughable at best.

  33. CoJo

    I’m still not sure that “Fucking Jews” really classifies him as a bigot or a racist considering that the “Fucking Jews” are currently bombing the living shit out of the “Fucking Lebanese”…the whole world, including the “Fucking Jews” and the “Fucking Christians” should be pissed, don’t you think? Maybe this is why he went out and got all fucked up in the first place…he’s upset about the 52 children that were murdered two days ago in Lebanon by fucking Israel.

  34. omni72

    i agree that the hollywood hypocrisy is almost laughable. this levin guy is too funny.

    Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Carlos Mencia, and others make their living insulting and stereotyping everyone. i guess it’s okay cuz they are comedians. they couldn’t possibly actually believe any of the racist things they say about everyone. besides, i suppose it is okay to fight racism with racism. good plan.

  35. CoJo

    …or maybe he was just mad that the cop looked jewish. Sorry for the previous rant.

  36. So, Mel Gibson is crazy. Who’da guessed? Just because he used his own hand to crucify Christ, who would have ever thought that he might have some unresolved issues?

    I’m surprised Mel didn’t say he was only drinking water, and some Jew must have turned the water into wine in his stomach to make him drunk.

    Gibson’s publicist says, “He is in a program of recovery at this time.”

    Well, that sounds good, until you consider that Mel considers Hitler’s “Final Solution” a program of recovery, too.

  37. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    Since Hollywood is run by the “Fucking Jews,” I pretty much expected a boycott of some sort. None of this is news. Reporting on the many different bikini’s of a certain talentless bag of douche…now THAT’S news!

  38. nico

    okay, the reason it’s bad to make fun of jews: we were persecuted by everyone, everywhere for a very long time. look what they did to our boy Jesus! I mean, seriously… we all know we should not make fun of anyone. except for midgets, as they deserve it.

    #31, I never remember saying anything about how arabs should die. do we jews actually foam at the mouth? whoa, weird. I never noticed. for you or anyone to say “all jews this” or “all jews that” is the problem. this jew sits quietly in her los angeles home, reading celebrity gossip just like the rest of you. the difference between me and you? I had a bat mitzvah at age 13 and it was awesome.

    so anyway, Mel can check in to rehab, my jew friends and I are already planning on how to sabotage his stay with tempting bottles of manischewitz wine. and then we’ll key his car. HAHAHAHA! the conspiracy can’t be stopped!

  39. Getitstraight

    #24 – For the hundredth time, Mel Gibson OWNS Malibu, he is a “friend of the force” for his insipid Chachi commercial. Therefore HE got to PICK his favorite mug shot from a photo array. He ain’t havin any of that Nick Nolte mugshot shit.

  40. flamarkel

    Today, he offered a public apology to the Jewish community:

  41. spatz

    well the last thing on this topic i have to say is that i will not be boycotting any of his movies because of this. im sure the big studios loved mel gibson all these years when he was raking in billions of dollars for them with the movies he starred in.
    hollywood has beeen looking for an excuse to hate him ever since he had the nerve to fund his own movie and on top of that make millions of dollars off of it. now that he isnt really bankable (old and nutty) hollywood is doing its best to tear him down. if this happened in his oscar winning hayday trust me it would be swept under the carpet by hollywood. money speaks louder than anything else.

  42. Lajay

    36 your rant was right on. as if the ongoing palestinian genocide weren’t enough, now we get to add lebanon to the mix. i think mel’s mistake was in ranting and raving about “the jews” where he should really be going off about israel… because i know there are plenty of jews who are against these occupations… though of course you can’t openly criticize israel without people assuming that you are an “anti-semite”, no matter how far from the truth that is.

  43. Lajay

    38, i DID NOT say ALL jews, i said plenty. i have indeed witnessed plenty of jews openly expressing hatred toward arabs. my point is that just because jews have been persecuted (as have many other groups of people throughout history.. the armenians for example, which no one seems to care about) that should not shield israel from criticism when israel is committing atrocities and indeed persecuting and oppressing other populations.

  44. clarknova

    Mel Gibson is my hero of the week.

  45. all very thought provoking responses.

    i was going to say something but my thoughts are so provoked.

  46. Binky

    Well- I guess he was really feeling ‘bombed’.

  47. Binky

    provoke that

  48. Have another drink Mel! :-)

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