Mel Gibson gets charged

August 3rd, 2006 // 149 Comments

mel-gibson-rehab.jpgThe Disctrict Attorney’s office announced yesterday that Mel Gibson has been charged with a misdemeanor DUI.

Gibson, 50, (dob 1-3-56), was charged with one misdemeanor count each of driving under the influence and driving while having a .08 percent or higher blood alcohol content, said Deputy District Attorney Ralph Shapiro, the deputy in charge of the Malibu office. In addition, Gibson was charged with driving with an open container, an infraction of the vehicle code. Gibson was stopped about 2:09 a.m. Friday on Pacific Coast Highway after a Los Angeles County Sheriff


  1. Italian Stallion

    @49 Nice, and my bad……….

  2. TOPAZ21

    Hold on, is his DA a jew? ha ha ha

  3. DancingQueen

    @47 – Maybe he was dreaming he was on the autobahn in the motherland?

  4. RichPort


    Hilarious. I think that’s still illegal in Texas, unless of course you’re Laura ‘DimeBag’ Bush.

  5. penguinwaddle

    @ 47 the autobahn is in GERMANY

    Mel is from AUSTRALIA.


  6. captainwalker

    Mel Gibson is the shit. He makes other celebrities look like you squirmy little cowards. Enjoy this because once he retreats back to his millions all you overnight-jews will have to go back to writing your thesis on lindsay lohans new bikini.

  7. jrzmommy

    55- I think it was Nazi reference. You know…Jews/Jew Hatin’Mel Nazi’s hate Jews/Germany… any of this making sense? Besides, he was born in NY and raised in the US before he went to Australia.

  8. @ 50 — are you trying to tell me nuprin is a racial slur?????

  9. plymouthrock

    @34, I am so buying that shirt! Thank you for the post.

  10. DancingQueen

    @ 55, BITE ME!!!

    I was referring to the Nazi-like antics of Mel you dumbass.

    Also, check your facts anus breath, Mel was BORN and LIVED in AMERICA for like 11 years BEFORE he moved to AUSTRALIA you piece of shit.

    By the way, who the fuck are YOU anyway?

    I’m sure you do waddle like a penguin because you’re most likely a fat-ass mouthbreather.

    Thank you.

  11. DancingQueen

    Thanks for clarifying to the retarded ones among us jrzmommy!

  12. penguinwaddle

    @ 60….What’s your point?

  13. DancingQueen

    @62 – lamebananas is that you?


  14. ImSuicidal

    @53 – Maybe pinky_nip (#49) was dreaming SHE WAS autobahn in the motherland?

  15. ImSuicidal

    re#64 Supposed to be a “the” between (WAS and autoban) That’s what I get for using the copy and paste method from 53′s comment.

  16. Wait a second….he was doing over 85 mph on the Pacific Coast Highway?!?! That is one narrow windy road. Shit, I’m surprised he isn’t dead.

    But not as surprised as I am that nobody has yet noticed that Katie Holmes has a penis…and that Tom Loves it.

  17. Italian Stallion

    @58 No, I’m trying to tell you that your mother dresses you funny………….

  18. strong

    @17 . . . yes thank god for sugary titties
    what will become of ?

  19. Calling a woman sugar tits is a great pick up line. We just love when men condescend to us.

    I will have to remember mentioning that on our site for pick up lines that really work.

    Love the knife glued to his hand comment… very funny!

  20. jrzmommy

    69–Don’t say WE–you don’t speak for all women, sugar tits.


    Only comment I have is I hear he was born and raised in New York. What happened to the accent.

    No problem with his drinking, he lives on the other coast. :)


    #69 you should be so lucky to be called “Sugar Tits”. That is GREAT! when a man notices the sugar on your tits!

  23. sid

    Hmmm…I guess the story ain’t dead yet…

    What about all the Jews and Jew-owned media that’s been slagging Arabs for DECADES? We have been conditioned to believe, through ceaseless media propaganda, that a “terrorist” is an Arab guy with a bomb. A Jew in a helicopter is also a terrorist.

    Arabs run around as suicide bombers because they don’t have the luxury and convenience of a helicopter gunship, paid for by our goddamn tax dollars. I guess if you call yourself “the Israeli army,” and mow people down, including with bulldozers
    (note to mods: nothing for sale here)

    it’s okay. But after you’ve watched your loved ones killed, and you have nothing left, yeah, I guess you would wanna strap a bomb on and go for it. Then there’s the Jew-promoted “comedy” of the Paradise with virgins for Arabs. Is it any different from the American Paradise which could also be made fun of?

    Saying that Arabs fuck camels is a “comedy” staple here. Arabs are depicted as the ONLY terrorists in the world, deserving of death, ridiculed in video games and all other media

  24. AmberDextrose

    Jenna Jameson has Aspartame tits


    #73 Get a life! Either shut up or go fight for the side you “Feel” for.

    Sitting behind your keyboard typing crap that has been typed way before you were a twinkle in your daddy’s eye is kind of …BORING! Go fight! Do your Duty!

  26. chelleann66

    And you, Mr. District Attorney, I’d like to point something out to you in the penal code: Section C, Paragraph 22: “Celebrities are above the law.” This case is dismissed.

  27. sid

    Yeah, I misspelled “Gibson” on the last line. Whatever.

    The Indians and the Blacks suffered more than the Jews. If the Jews get a homeland and nukes, let the blacks and Indians have them, too.

    If not, fuck the Jews, because it’s not fair.


    #77 Go live where you think you could be happy. You might like to try Canada. They don’t fight back.

  29. sid

    75: Wow. “Get a life.” You’re so original I nearly got out of bed.

    No, I’m not going to fight for any “side,” because you can’t win when one side is armed to the teeth and the other side is building grenades in a cave.

    I did what I could, which was to offer a few comments here…if I don’t get banned, that is.


    All you can say is you spelled a name wrong? You typed a whole paragraph wrong!

    I served in the military and I think everyday about leaving my son to do it again because I am still under the age limit. I figure I have a right to speak about this, so do you? Do you even vote? have you ever served your country in some capacity? Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, a tax paying citizen, or even worse, a soldier?

    Don’t type a thing til you can say honestly (without lying to make your point) that you did serve your neighbor.

  31. sid

    78: Per capita, Canada provided more soldiers to fight Hitler than we did. They also entered WWII before we did.

    Anybody else want their ass handed to them?

    Anybody else want to tell me why there’s no nukes and a homeland state for the Blacks and the Native Americans?

    Take your best shot, sugar tits.

  32. jrzmommy

    WAIT! Is someone trying to make a global impact statement here on the Superficial again? STOP IT! CEASE AND DESIST! BASTA! Mel Gibson is not meant to be thought provoking — except when he was younger in “The Bounty” and he was hot and he provoked thoughts of me and him doing the hippity dippity on that boat!


    I comprehend Jrzmommy, but I do think his stats are incorrect but I will cease.

    So how many would want Mel speaking Australian between the legs..hmmmmmmmmmm



  35. jrzmommy

    81–Anybody else want to tell me why there’s no nukes and a homeland state for the Blacks and the Native Americans?

    The former slaves have Liberia and they’ve done a fuck of a job there. The Native Americans are happy with their casinos and bingo parlors. And don’t be so stupid about the nuke thing.

  36. jrzmommy

    …And by a “fuck of a job” I mean Liberia is a war-torn decimated nation run by corrupt dictators, as is most of the nations of Africa after the end of colonization. The continent of AFrica is the homeland and it’s been destroyed.


    EXACTLY! JRZMOMMY! The land was taken away from the white settler’s of South Africa and given to the black people. Have they not experienced a food shortage because they do not know who to cultivate a crop? Their own officials decide if they eat or die. That is horrible!


    But concerning the black slaves or the native American’s. You can’t give self-respect to a person, they have to see it within.

  39. #73, sid

    first of all stop trying to pretend that you have any iron in that fire, you aren’t tied to anybody in the mid-east, you are most likely a bored dissafected college kid upset because your dad won’t pay your memebership dues in E.L.F. As for Jews being responsible for all the wars in the world, I’ll be sure and tell that to the battling sides between Rawanda and Congo, oh and India And Pakistan, or both sides in the civil war in the Sudan, or the war between rebels and the govt. in Ivory Coast, or of course the insurgency in Columbia, or of course the boarder/refuge issues between Nepal and Bhutan.

    Heres an idea, if you don’t know everything, it’s probably a good idea to shut up and leave the talking to people who do Sugar Titts.

    Now, back to your regular station where we have this footage of Lindsay Lohan choking because while snorting coke off Tara Reids Titts she acidentally snarfed up a Budweiser Cap.

  40. jrzmommy

    PS–Sid, #81–would you like your ass back now?

  41. sid

    80: I “serve” my country with my labour and my taxes, and if I don’t pay, the State comes to take my house. If I refuse to pay my taxes to support that unnatural, abominable shithole called Israel, the State will take my house. If I refuse, the State will come to take me. If I refuse, the State will create a standoff, and kill me.

    Many years ago I got over being intimidated by guys who say “I served in the military.”

    Good for you, then, you uneducated stooge

  42. Paige

    Martin Riggs is back.


    “Many years ago I got over being intimidated by guys who say “I served in the military.”

    Yet you have never volunteered. You are a piece of shit that sucks off of the American Dream. You never sacrificed your life, nor even scratched your ass without asking your momma.

    Go back to your room and let your momma give you a blowjob. Come back out when you at least get a semi.

  44. TOPAZ21

    go sid!!!


    “80: I “serve” my country with my labour and my taxes”

    So does every other blowhole. I do also, so since I served I guess that makes me one notch above you, you sub-human.

    Take your college spewing liberal shit back to your classroom.


    and btw..I just got through voting for my counties primary elections. It was a long ballot! But I did it. Was it too much for you to stand in line to take your right?


    So anyway, I am new to this site. I want some pics!

  48. biatcho

    alright, alright. nobody’s blowing anything out of anyone’s asses.

    quick, which movie is that from??

  49. sid

    “go sid!!!”

    Thanks. I’ll be back in about five hours, if I’m not banned.

    LEMONSQZ , I know you wanna beat me up, but you can’t, so all I ask is that you not take it out on some poor guy who accidentally steals your parking space this weekend at NASCAR.

    Damn, I’m good.


    Sid, I love ya. Why worry if your are banned? It means you got your thought out. We aren’t living in Syria or any cuntry like that, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

    But I could still kick your 16 yr old ass just with my vaginal wall muscles. OOH RAH!

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