Mel Gibson defends Tiger Woods. Oh, good.

January 11th, 2010 // 43 Comments

I guarantee there are exactly two things Tiger Woods’ people have been working 24/7 to prevent: Someone finding his underground bunker of love children, and the endorsement of Mel Gibson. Good luck on that first one. E! News reports:

“I feel sorry for Tiger Woods,” he tells Britain’s Daily Mail. “Why are we talking about this when we’re sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan? You’ve got this history-changing event going on and we’re talking about Tiger’s private life and golf injuries. He’s being used as a diversion and it just drives me crazy.”

OBAMA: So basically you admit to having sex with a whole bunch of white women and that’ll help me nail this Afghanistan thing down.
TIGER: Shh shh shh shh, here comes Mel.
MEL: Hey, guys. Did you see a naked Jew with a spear run by here?
OBAMA: Nope.
MEL: Damn. — Whatcha talking about?

Photos: Splash News

  1. Kitty Furry



  3. Danny Glover

    3 Things about Mel Gibson
    1-He hates jews
    2-He is bat shit crazy (like he sits next to Tom Cruise at the monthly meetings bat shit crazy.
    3-He likes to be fisted

  4. Rough: please pardon my negro dialect

    Whats up with him and Denzel being bad asses on screen in their 60ish lately..

  5. blohard

    Bat shit crazy or not… he’s right you fucktards… Have a nice day! :)

  6. God he looks terrible!

  7. jose

    Fn Celebrities man. They live in a fn dreamworld and they think they have the right to sound off on foreign policy and peace when they dont know shit.

    We send more troops to Afghanistan to finish the job we started so that those who did lose their lives havnt died for nothing. Do you remember Vietnam? More to the point do you remember 9-11 Mel?? over 1,000 innocent Americans were pulverized and incinerated as they sip their morning coffee. Lets see you shoot your mouth off when one of your loved ones get blown up over some ass-backward extremist beliefs. This enemy will brainwash poor peasant kids to do exactly that. They worship death, we worship life. that being said pick a side, enjoy your fantasy land and STFU about world affairs.

  8. dude

    is it just me or does he look more insane now than on south park..

  9. dude

    Danny@3, lmfao on the third fact :)))))))

  10. Really?

    We are in Afghanistan to build a pipeline morons. And yes, distractions are wonderful ways to keep the mindlessly quarelling masses of ignorant debtor slaves ill-informed. Too late now anyway, our nation has what value?
    Answer: Trillions and trillions of D E B T and we will only be able to pay on the interest. To whom I might ask? Who is profitting from our debt?

  11. kikit

    Don’t get too far ahead on foreign policy there bud… we started our “war on terror” in Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, not one thing. Afghanistan will be a failure because our presence there has radicalized the people to rise up against us. We can’t “kill ‘em all”… We’re just trying to find a way to save face now.. because we failed..

  12. Javan

    Regardless of Mel’s recent mishaps over the years, his point is right on! We currently put waaay too much emphasis on the private lives of those in the entertainment industry. I would rather see more time and money spent in news sector covering the sad state of world affairs than see who else Tiger has screwed. Honestly, it does not matter at all. Let’s face it, all entertainment is, is a diversion to reality anyway. Who cares if he slept with 8 women other than his wife, or maybe 15. You think he is the 1st? Good grief, he is nothing compared to others.

  13. Pipeline

    Hydrocarbons is why we are in Afghanistan. Period.

  14. Taz

    Tiger Woods is a DIRT BAG for cheating on his wife!

  15. Mel is right.

    He’s not defending Tiger, but merely stating that the Tiger incident is/was being used to keep public focus off of important matters.

  16. derek

    while I definitely agree Tiger’s problems receive way, way, way too much coverage… it’s not being “used as a diversion”. I guess that’s another Gibson conspiracy theory, huh

    Secretly the Obama administration is fueling America’s gluttony for celebrity gossip to divert attention away from Afghanistan.

    As if America’s gluttony for celebrity gossip is a new phenomenon.

  17. Rant

    No beaver jokes yet!

  18. “Why are we talking about me talking about my feeling sorry for Tiger Woods,” he tells Britain’s Daily Mail “when we’re sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan? You’ve got this history-changing event going on and we’re talking about me talking about Tiger’s private life and golf injuries. “

  19. I call 'em as I see 'em

    I agree with #2 I am SO GLAD these pictures have resurfaced.


  20. I call 'em as I see 'em

    And @ #3- his beaver likes to be fisted too, evidently…

  21. S-pop

    umm HES RIGHT……

  22. Hecubus

    I agree Mel, it’s almost as if all media were being controlled by one group of people, like, one tight knit community of people controlling all media for the sake of their own secret agenda… but who on Earth could do such a thing?? Any ideas Mel???

    Note – I’m just ripping on Mel Gibson. I don’t believe the implications of my comment.

  23. livingjetlag

    @23 – Don’t be afraid to say it, Hecubus. Jews are overrepresented in Hollywood’s inner circles. But that’s just the beginning. Do you know who has a strangle-hold on control of the world’s synagogues? JEWS! And do you know who has a complete monopoly on the kosher-certification racket? Jews! And do you know who makes all those little round funny hats that people walk around wearing on Saturday mornings? Well, Chinese people, but still…

  24. ello


  25. Stephanie

    @7″Lets see you shoot your mouth off when one of your loved ones get blown up over some ass-backward extremist beliefs.”"They worship death, we worship life.” If you worship life, why are you for your fellow countrymen being killed while trying to kill more people who killed other people? Ever hear of the Crusades or the Spanish Inquisition where thousands of people were killed for not believing in (surprise)christianity? Is that ass backward enough for you? Wars make money. The US only goes where it has interests. Did it ever go to Armenia when the Turks were committing genocide against them? Where are the US soldiers helping the people in Darfur? Where were our armies when the Chinese are taking over Tibet and killing innocent monks while kidnapping children? The only people I see taking away our freedoms are the good ol’ USA.

  26. lovely uncle,lol

  27. Yeah...right

    Mel Gibon speaks truth among so many lies and diversions. Americans are fighting a war against invisible terrorists while they steal the resources of Afghanistan. People are senselessly dying as the New World Order continues its domination of the world.

  28. Yeah...right

    Mel Gibson speaks truth among so many lies and diversions. Americans are fighting a war against invisible terrorists while they steal the resources of Afghanistan. People are senselessly dying as the New World Order continues its domination of the world.

  29. dontneedone

    @Really?- china, duh…..

  30. dontneedone

    @Hecubus- got the joke and it was hilarious.

  31. JustJess

    #15, #22, #25…

    Right on.

    It’s always those that seem the battiest of the bunch that have the most lucid comments…

  32. Yeah

    @26, I don’t completely disagree with you; but I’ll tell ya this- even before Obama was elected, this war had us in the hole by TRILLIONS of dollars- so “war makes money” = not so much this time. For the US, that is. Now if you want to talk about making money for CORPORATIONS (who may or may not be paying US taxes, as not all of them are registered here in the states), there’s: Halliburton, Blackwater USA, Blackwater Worldwide, Falcon Group, Greystone Ltd., XE, et al… who all seem to be feeling no discernible pain, ironically…

  33. okay

    meh, dude’s got a point

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  35. Doc Schweinstrudel


    I am sorry that you are going through the bad phase, it’s true for so many. It is just a phase and it will pass.
    You should have paid more attention to the spiritual development over everything else. As it was you who are so stuck up on appereance and superficial things that you elected the president based on his looks alone. And now I hope you at least enjoy playing dollhouse. Wake up, looks are not important! Do not misread him for his speech last december was not about Afghanistan. It was about practically opening another front, deploying great number of troops to Pakistan, the country with 173 mln ppl and nuclear weapons!
    We are on the edge of WW3, please be prepared. Prepare your families to shelters, food and anti-chemical weapons protection. It is only now that the military operations to you are just far away news headlines. Afghanistan has NO OIL, it is just a territory that would be used as transit for GAS piplines to Europe. Be prepared and protect your children.
    (WW3 referring to prophecies of Vangelia, Bulgarian clearvoyant that was visited by Hitler, Stalin and very well known in Eastern Europe).

  36. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Hey superficial, spare the Jew sympathy jokes. Btw MEL is right hes got balls. One of the few in that shit town that does.

  37. Large4US

    The author (media) certainly has gotten your attention. And, judging from many responces, here, most of you are falling into the pit that the authors wants you to.

    For the record;
    1. George Bush, Jr. is directly responsible to the “Terrible Position” he’s put America into. He is responsible for taking us from a country with 1 Trillion dollars in the bank, to one that is over 12 Trillion dollars in debt when he left office.

    2. As a Republican, I for one am appalled at the lack of responsibility this party now feels for the American people.

    3. The present administration is trying to do everything it can to move us out of the valley that exists, and we, the party, is too stupid to support that movement. We are bent on blaming someone else for the problems. We seem to be “hell-bent” on creating a RACE WAR which I am opposed to.

    4. Any of you, fellow Repubs, should be holding our officials accountable and asking them to put forward solutions instead of trying to keep us focused on hating the black man. I am American and I am white and I am calling the rest of you White-Americans that we need to be including other Americans as well into a party which seems to have step up the filth that we are currently spewing. It time that we change and get with the program of doing the right things for our humanity instead of the hated path we are creating.

    Frankly, the PRESIDENT is not democrat or republican. He is the PRESIDENT. Our foreign neighbors see ONLY THAT!!! Its time we see it too.

    I dont have to like someone like Mel Gibson to understand the significance of his message to us. He’s right. Listen and maybe you’ll hear the message.

  38. A. Realist

    #38- really for the record:
    1. The “everything is Bush’s fault” was getting old last year. We’re well over 12 trillion and STILL climbing. The Obama budget jacked spending through the roof, and now this healthcare boondoggle is guaranteed to put the final nail in the US economic coffin. So much for fiscal responsibility and “change”?

    2. Republican, Democrat, no difference. They are just one side of the same crooked coin. They have zero responsibility or accountability to “we the people” and you’re a fool if you think otherwise. They’ll say anything to the rubes to get elected, but then……

    3. That brings us to moving us out of the valley. Our new president has done a super job of continuing the exact same policies as the last one, except with an added dose of cronyism, chicago-style corruption, presidential secrecy that would give Dick Cheney a boner, and some communist czars thrown in for good measure. Add a complicit and fawning media, and our future doesn’t look so rosy.

    4. Hating the black man? Is that the best you people can do? Last time I checked our president was half white, raised by white people, and went to upper class white schools. He’s so white he probably loves white mayo on his wonderbread sandwiches. So save the racial nonsense for someone else.

    5. Mel Gibson is batshit crazy and has a jew complex, but he’s right about the news. Everything in the media today is geared toward keeping us fat dumb and happy so we don’t wise up and all head out to Wall-street or DC with torches and pitchforks. But don’t you worry, powers-that-be, as long as I have titties on the internet, you can keep raping my future and turning our country into a polite version of Zimbabwe. Thank God for Katy Perry! (mmmmm Katy)

  39. Jade

    You can say about Mel what you want, but he’s right about this one. We’re awfully concerned about one insignificant guy’s private life while on the other side of the world our soldiers are getting holes punched into them by bullets.

    People who say the “everything is Bush’s fault” argument is getting old may be right, but how about giving Mel a break? This stuff about the Jews has been a while ago and you people simply won’t let it go. Hypocrites.

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