Mel Gibson’s Rants Triggered by a Placenta. Why Not?

July 27th, 2010 // 18 Comments
Mel Gibson

The now-infamous February 18th phone call that’s made Mel Gibson a martyr amongst people who think Passion of the Christ is a true story and blowjobs enthusiasts everywhere was apparently triggered by an innocent event involving planting a tree in honor of his new daughter Lucia. And, okay, maybe a placenta or two. You honestly can’t expect him to keep track of these things. He’s a very busy man with a lot of fellatio not on his plate. TMZ reports:

But that’s not all that went in the ground that day — sources close to Oksana tell us the couple also buried the placenta from the birth of their then 3-month-old daughter Lucia … a tradition in some parts of Australia … where Mel grew up.
We’re told Mel did this placenta ceremony for all of his children.
The source also says during the ceremony the gardener made an innocent comment and Oksana smiled at him. We’re told that’s what set Mel off.

Two things:

1. Why do rich, married guys always hire handsome gardeners? If I was an insecure dude like Mel Gibson, my entire landscaping team would look like George Lopez shoved fertility drugs into Snooki until she birthed him a litter.
2. I’m going to assume the source is from Oksana’s camp, so this “innocent comment” might not have been so innocent after all. I’m thinking something along the lines of, “He buries placentas like a Jew. Thanks for all the head last night.”

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  1. Innocent comment by gardener: “Hey Oksana, will you blow me?”

  2. stinky mcpoop

    She was supposed to plant the placenta, not smile at gardeners. I’m surprised he didn’t hit her with the shovel.

  3. Ivy

    Well nothing’s more provocative than placenta planting

  4. Karen

    “He’s a very busy man with a lot of fellatio not on his plate.”

    sounds like one of the male commenters finally got a job

  5. Cock Dr

    Time for the days Mad Mel posting.
    *deep breath*
    Since I’m not at home yet I can’t pour a drink. Too bad as this helps stomach some of the comments.
    Here we go……

  6. Francis Bacon

    he probly said “i want to plant something in your garden too”

  7. hateyoufornoreason

    “Hey baby, next year it’ll be MY baby’s placenta we’re planting.”

  8. Lobster

    I live in Australia and have never heard of this placenta thing ever.

  9. grug

    Cos’ ugly or Prince Pitt, makes no difference to someone with extreme jealousy issues. Even her brother would make him jealous…

    trust me i know

  10. Aussie Mama

    It’s not an Australian tradition, it’s more a hippy thing. People put the placenta in the ground, then plant a tree over the top. It is supposed to help grow a magnificent tree. A continuation of life, something that gave life blah, blah, blah. Some people eat the placenta, but never known anyone to do any of the above. I’d have trouble asking for the big liver like growth. Imagine asking, can I please take that home, while hubbies standing there with an eski?
    according to oksana the man yells 24/7?
    why the hell wasn’t he like that before her?

  11. captain america


  12. frankrizzo

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – “He buries placentas like a Jew. Thanks for all the head last night.” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Funniest thing I’ve read on here in a long time.

  13. Doc Schweinstrudel


  14. Jenine Diemert


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