Mel Gibson’s Having a Great Day (For Real This Time)

July 28th, 2010 // 42 Comments
Mel Gibson

After visiting with the beeje-deprived actor last week, child services is backing Mel Gibson as a “great father” and will not restrict access to his daughter Lucia despite reports – and audio tapes – suggesting he accidentally punched her in the mouth while aiming for Oksana Grigorieva. RadarOnline reports:

“The Department of Children and Family Services believes Mel has a wonderful relationship with his infant daughter Lucia,” a source close to the actor told DCFS visited Gibson at his home last week, as was first to report.
“They have a very healthy father-daughter relationship,” the source said. “He is very involved with her. Mel is a great father to her and this is why there have been no changes as far as his visits with her are concerned.”

Even more good news, Oksana’s publicist just bailed out, according to TMZ:

We’re told there was definitely a money issue — as in Oksana doesn’t have any to pay for Jaffe’s services.
Sources close to Oksana say she was not happy with the job Jaffe was doing. We’re told Oksana was especially disappointed with how Jaffe handled the extortion allegations Gibson has made against her.

Without a publicist constantly assaulting his image, this could be just the opportunity Mel Gibson needs to turn his image around. Or light Oksana’s house on fire and insult her fakers without someone documenting it in a press release. Could go either way on this one.

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  1. Simon Ward

    All that follow are c*ck lovers – Dont Drop Da Soap B!tches!!!!

  2. Cock Dr

    Keep the two parents apart & all may be well.

  3. Danny Glover

    Now i’ll go on the record and say “Mel is swell”

  4. Walker

    This wouldnt be allowed if there was any validity in the context of the tapes

  5. H8erade

    HAH! In your face COCKsana!

  6. I knew all of this was a conspiracy against Mel. He is a wonderful guy and does not deserve to be drug through the mud like this….

  7. Sheena

    I would like to know how child services can determine that anyone has a “healthy” relationship with an infant. As long as you feed ‘em, change their diapers, and don’t punch them in the head, that’s about the extent of any “relationship” you can have with a baby anyway! Way to go, state of California.

    • consider: this is the state that lets you keep kidnapped children in your back yard compound and have sex/families with them

    • Wiley

      Sheena, do us all a favor and don’t have kids because you don’t have a clue about babies and yours will all become idiots for lack of stimulation. I know it’s hard to accept the fact that fathers are finally being recognized as parents and you will have to actually be a good mother to get custody of your kids. Fact is, kids raised by fathers are much more successful.

  8. Viv

    So you mean the accusations were false? she was only anfter the money? what a shock. That also means all those horrible statements Mel did about mexicans and jews are false too! Shame on you Fish for soiling Mel’s reputation.

    This is the perfect time to release Lethal Weapon 5, summer’s not over yet.

  9. Belisario

    Right on ! If you love your children, you beat them.

  10. havoc

    Its probably a bit of both. He’s a racist, alcoholic, Opus Dei fucktard and she’s a golddigging, baby making extortionist.


  11. Romeo Rodreguz

    I know the public is outraged and pissed at Mel, but I have listened to the tapes and I don’t feel maligned toward him.

    He was obviously set up. There is no ramp up to his anger on the recordings, safe to assume Oksana fired him up and pushed his buttons and then hung up on him, and then started the recorder and answered all calm and angelic. We all say regretful and terrible things at some time or another when we are angry and ranting. Mel obviously needs to be on some medication to help his anger management issues, Lithium, Prozac, Wellbutrin, whatever.

    But what bothers me most is *why* — for what reason would Oksana make the tapes? if it were of pure intentions to gain sole custody of her child, there is no reason to publicly release the tapes and harm the image of your baby’s daddy. in fact, it would be counter productive to do so if child support is based on his earnings, since the earning potential of Mel drops dramatically with their release. It seems most plausible that the (furious woman scorned) tapes were very likely made to blackmail/extort Mel for financial gain, with the threat that if you don’t pay up, then I get the satisfaction of tarnishing your image by releasing them to the public. Which is what seems to have happened.

    • That’s just the thing, even if he WAS set up that doesn’t excuse ANYTHING he said. Just because someone made you really mad doesn’t mean it’s OK to be a racist, sexist, bigoted fuckwit. Was he baited? Probably. Does that make anything he said fine? Not a chance.

      • Mica Weston

        It does in America. Its called freedom of speech…and anyone can be racist, sexist, bigoted, misogynistic, threatening, degrading etc etc etc.

        Want another example? Listen to just about ANY rap song.

        Oh wait…but thats ok though, right? Because the are descendants of slaves and need a hand up in white society, right?

        Maybe Mel listens to rap music 24/7 and has since it started and thats just how he talks.

        BTW…If a white South African becomes a citizen of the United States, does that make him African American and entitled to all the benefits/handouts currently available to other african americans?

    • “We all say regretful and terrible things at some time or another when we are angry and ranting.”
      No we don’t. Not like THAT. Speak for yourself & your own screwed up family & friends.
      And why does a woman make tapes of their babydaddy & former lover sounding absolutely batshit insane? Mad Mel practically told her to….”No one will believe you”. Hell hath no fury……..

      • Anon

        Hell hath no fury for mel scorned apparently.
        She’s going to pay big time for this.

        Shows up the joke saying you seem to love so much.

  12. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    Of course he is. We have been in extensive pherapy for the last month. And by that I mean he won’t be burning down my house.

  13. captain america


  14. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Child Services visited Mel and after having a productive conver$ation decided that Mel wa$ great father for hi$ daughter Lucia!

  15. Susana hoff

    ok, so know they are reporting that those taped messages were all within a 10 hour period. Kinda changes things a little bit I think. Prior to that news, everyone was making sound like it was months and months of taping.

    • Aussie Mama

      it’s all been cut, doctored, volumes adjusted, switched around, photoshopped pix, unsubstansiated reports, daily leaks, maximum damage the goal.
      i bet my bits, oksana gets zilch, he gets his child and life goes on. she will be forgotten immediately and you will see her mud flaps in playboy or something, he will continue to do what he does best, make films and be a great father to his 7 children and grandchildren. i just hope he gets a vasectomy. with the sorta $$$ he has, he is a huge target.
      it’s been lies from day 1.
      watch the outcome of court and see that he is not the villain portrayed here at all.
      like mickey rourke had the balls to say straight away. mel is a grat guy, do not believe what you read… and on oksana….screw the bitch.
      hmmmm maybe, people should have listened.

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