Mel Gibson’s Having a Great Day (For Real This Time)

After visiting with the beeje-deprived actor last week, child services is backing Mel Gibson as a “great father” and will not restrict access to his daughter Lucia despite reports – and audio tapes – suggesting he accidentally punched her in the mouth while aiming for Oksana Grigorieva. RadarOnline reports:

“The Department of Children and Family Services believes Mel has a wonderful relationship with his infant daughter Lucia,” a source close to the actor told DCFS visited Gibson at his home last week, as was first to report.
“They have a very healthy father-daughter relationship,” the source said. “He is very involved with her. Mel is a great father to her and this is why there have been no changes as far as his visits with her are concerned.”

Even more good news, Oksana’s publicist just bailed out, according to TMZ:

We’re told there was definitely a money issue — as in Oksana doesn’t have any to pay for Jaffe’s services.
Sources close to Oksana say she was not happy with the job Jaffe was doing. We’re told Oksana was especially disappointed with how Jaffe handled the extortion allegations Gibson has made against her.

Without a publicist constantly assaulting his image, this could be just the opportunity Mel Gibson needs to turn his image around. Or light Oksana’s house on fire and insult her fakers without someone documenting it in a press release. Could go either way on this one.

Photo: Splash News