Mel Gibson’s Ex Has Photos. Oh, Good.

As if Mel Gibson’s summer hasn’t been awesome enough – Arsony beejes, classic. – RadarOnline reports his ex Oksana Grigorieva has photos that allegedly prove he knocked her teeth out during an argument:

“You can see Oksana’s two main front teeth were broken and there are bruises all over her face,” said the pal, who has seen the photos.
“They will come out eventually and she is prepared to use them in their court case.”
The Russian musician filed a restraining order against her ex-lover first, prohibiting him from coming within 100 yards of her.
“Oksana was scared to death to go to the cops,” said our source.
“Any battered woman is… most women never speak out and suffer years.”

Now a lot of people are trying to say Oksana knew what she was getting into with Mel and recorded all this shit to get full custody and an assload of child support. She, however, claims she kept records to protect herself because the man’s obviously a ticking time bomb. I honestly don’t know which is the case, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought Mel would be just your normal, short-tempered asshole as opposed to a full-blown nutjob who’d punt a baby off a cliff if he thought it was wearing a yarmulke. Or was just covered in too much shade. “Quick. Before it starts traveling in packs!” *punt*

Photos: WENN