Mel Gibson’s Ex Has Dental Records

June 28th, 2010 // 51 Comments

When it was reported over the weekend that Mel Gibson allegedly punched Oksana Grigorieva’s teeth out, pretty much everyone’s response was, “If he did, there’d be dental records.” Of course most of those people went on to say, “Oh, wait, it’s Mel Gibson,” but that’s neither here nor there. TMZ reports:

Now we’ve learned there are photos of the damage to Oksana’s teeth and, we’re told, medical records showing she went to a dentist the following day.
Sources connected with Oksana tell TMZ one tooth was completely knocked out and another was chipped.
Sources connected with Mel, however, tell TMZ Oksana’s teeth were not damaged … just the veneers, and the source says Mel didn’t cause the damage. The source adds, “Mel has no idea what she did after he left the house.”

How good is Mel Gibson at moonwalking? Just curious.

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  1. ToeJam

    They both suck. She’s a gold-digging, Soviet slag and he’s a hairy, disgusting jew-hating drunk. I feel sorry for their offspring.

  2. bob

    Nice!! First bitches. I would’ve knocked her teeth out trying to take my money. Gold digging bitch

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Where did you get that from that she was digging gold? As far as I know she didn’t ask alimony from her first actor husband, nor from Mel !!!

  3. It’s getting to be you can’t knock the teeth out of the russian hooker you married without every Jew trying to sue you for it.

  4. Cock Dr

    Bring him to me. I’ll send him home with an icepack in his lap feeling like Godzilla had squeezed his sack.
    After all the fair & impartial legal shit is over with of course!
    Who knows? Maybe she is a fiend….a rare type of fiend who knocked her own teeth out. Women are STRONG when sufficiently motivated. Maybe he completely cut her off, and the scheming hobag downed a 5th of vodka and took a hammer to her fancy caps.
    This could really drag out. I’ll get a comfy chair.

  5. Crabby Old Guy

    Cool. I have some Beatles records. Think she’ll come over Friday night so we can spin some discs, order a pizza and play hot oil Twister?

  6. If I ever get in a brawl I hope Mel has my back, I mean, 5’2″, 100lb girls can be a bitch to deal with.

  7. eatme
    Commented on this photo:

    Oksana Grigorieva is really Oksana Chernuha. She changed her name ’cause she thought the new name was sexier. She was married to Timothy Dalton not long ago. She sure doesn’t look like a gold-digging nobody (with silicone injected lips).

  8. Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Should I make this photo into my next screensaver?
    It’s fun to make the darling network support nerds crack up when they service my workstation. But they are so young….they might not even know who this fugly old fart was.

  9. JR

    Hey, now, this isn’t one ounce racially charged. Allow me to fix that.

    SF writer, you’re just criticizing Mel Gibson because he’s white (and not because he’s crazy, alcoholic and abusive towards women). Why, oh, why can’t we just forgive this guy? He said he was sorry. That totally makes it okay.

    • Salad Face

      Don’t forget, Mel is starring in a Jodie Foster directed pic about a beaver! That ought to wrap things up nicely for our’s/God’s favorite Catholic! And just in time for the red carpet… awwwww!!!!

  10. Deacon Jones

    [holding his wife's wedding photograph, crying, after deciding not to kill himself] “See you later, babe.”

    (actual line, verbatim, from Lethal Weapon I screenplay)

  11. Bosco
    Commented on this photo:

    This is difficult to believe. How many Russian women have more than one or two teeth to begin with?

  12. Bosco
    Commented on this photo:

    This is difficult to believe since most Russian women don’t have more than one tooth…………..

  13. Freedom!!!!!!!


  14. stinky mcpoop

    I have dental records that confirm that Mel Gibson gave me tooth decay. I shall be compensated for this.

  15. the only opinion that matters

    I am a little tired of people saying these women deserve what the get because they are gold diggers. These stupid men go after these women because the are young (er) and know what they are getting into. They are rich, powerful men. If they knock someone up and have to pay for it forever, tough, unless they had a condom on and made sure she was on birth control, they deserve exactly what they get. Let’s put the blame where it belongs, on the dumb ass who should have stayed with his first wife, stopped drinking and treated her like the lady she appears to be. I think it serves his right the drunken bigot.

    • Bernie Goldstein, Silverberg, Rubenman, Cashman, and Greenberg

      Whole heartedly agree Ms. Only!

      That’s why we at Another Bunch of Jew Lawyers, Inc. will MAKE SURE she gets the millions and millions of dollars she rightfully deserves for getting knocked up. Oh, and the 35% cut we get as well.

    • Alisha

      Totally agree!

      • Alisha

        Oh God! I do not agree with the disgusting, anti-semitic, stupid joke directly above me. That asshole can just go to hell with that shit. I was agreeing with the non-racist comment above that.

      • Elliot Steinbergman

        yeah right

  16. “…with my PENIS!” is the proper response Mel, “…with my PENIS”.

  17. Lisa

    The only reason he’s fighting for 50% custody is to reduce his child support payments, which I asssume will be huge.

  18. captain america

    this is the signal he is pretty frustrated & this is his way now to get back in the limelights!!
    …………………………………………….PRETTY SICK THOUGH.

  19. GG1000

    So with that last comment, is he trying to imply that she knocked her own teeth out after he left? Sheesh, what a d!ck.

  20. Randal

    the gloriously beautiful sensitive russian beauty & world star has gone through enough in her life .
    after all she could have any man in the entire world .
    why would such a wonderful woman lie about anything ?
    like a spring day she is .

  21. Sizzle

    Can we all just agree on one thing: Mel Gibson is an asshole.

  22. PJ

    It couldn’t happen to a better person. Mel is like the portrait of Dorian Gray. He gets uglier each year as he becomes meaner. And he claims to be a good catholic boy. He just likes to drink, beat women and hates jews and gays. He should come out of the closet and relax a little.

  23. Nat Turner

    Amazing, 19 yr old Chris Brown punches Ri Ri and American poop in their pants. Grown as hell Charlie Sheen holds a knife to his wife’s neck and continues to make 2 mill per episode and old as hell Mel Gibson knocks his baby mama’s teeth out and she gets called a gold digger? Am I missing something or are you folks pro hypocrites?

  24. Jackie
    Commented on this photo:

    Apparently he is about to demonstrate just how he knocked out the bitches teeth using this look alike beaver.

  25. Stray Bullet

    Uh, that would be PROfessional hypocrites. Don’t you know by now that’s the new american way? Tea partiers get all up in everybody’s face (with no plan I might add) and bitch until suddenly what they’re bitchin’ is actually themselves. Conservatives sit on their hands and do nothing, allowing their party to be hijacked by a minority of crazies. Liberals can’t seem to hold Obama’s feet to the fire on his campaign promises(admittedly, the republicans have done all they could to stop him, but the weasel democrats in congress are to afraid to give up their meal ticket to follow through on anything) and libertarians seem to think roads, bridges and a safe environment just “happens”. Idiots one and all.
    And you’re surprised by the hypocritical comments here??? A[[arently you haven’t been paying attention.

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