Mel Gibson’s Dad: ‘The Pope’s a Queer’

August 10th, 2010 // 83 Comments
Mel Gibson

I’m going to assume Oksana Grigorieva found the secret underground bunker where Mel Gibson‘s publicist hides the actor’s father Hutton Gibson because somehow the old man recently called into The Political Cesspool radio show where he proceeded to accuse Pope Benedict of being a “queer” working in cahoots with the Masons. Even more shocking? Not a single anti-semitic remark. Get me a voice analysis! This can’t be right. RadarOnline reports:

He claimed that Pope Benedict was both “a homosexual” and “a slippery character” while also being involved in a Masonic conspiracy that was aiming to destroy the Catholic Church from within.
Hutton claimed that the Catholic Church isn’t fighting the repeal of Proposition 8 “because half of the people there in the Vatican are queer. They have not handled the horrible situation in the church. In fact they have fostered it because as I say they are trying to destroy the church.”
When asked by hosts of The Political Cesspool if he thought Pope Benedict was a homosexual Hutton replied, “I certainly do.
“Why else would he put up with this? He was in charge of stamping it out. And he did nothing… He’s a slippery character.”

Jesus. There’s no way you can’t tell me Oksana didn’t orchestrate this. Just by being with Mel for a few months, she had to know Hutton’s response to any question will always be “The Pope’s a faggot.”

MEL: Dad, what do you want on your sandwich?
HUTTON: Pope’s a faggot.

MEL: Hey, pop, wanna watch the game?
HUTTON: Maybe after the pope’s done being a faggot.

MEL: Dad, can you tell the kids a story?
HUTTON: I’ve got just the one! “Pope Faggot: The Mason.” It all started in 1927 when I found a Jew chewing on me penny jar…


  1. havoc

    The Pope’s not…..but his boyfriend is.


  2. apple dont fall far from the tree

  3. dumbass

    maybe the pope is a faggot.
    not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  4. Cock Dr

    The men in the Gibson family seems comfortable on the extreme fringe of reality.
    Is the old man mental for oral sex too or is he past the fevers of fellatio withdrawal?

  5. Viv

    ooooh, so that’s why Mel is so Fd-up? I knew it all the time, Mel has nothing to be blamed for, his father is!!!!

    “La ropa sucia se lava en casa” — Do your lawndry at home

  6. havoc

    Next they’ll be saying the Pope was in the Hitler Youth…..oh wait.


  7. Rich

    Yeah, we Masons, who, let’s face it, haven’t been members of more than an alternately celebrated and maligned social club that hasn’t had any power for decades anywhere in the world, are conspiring with the Pope to take down the pedophile-ing Church. Makes sense and is entirely plausible.

    • Cock Dr

      Do you Masons need any help with that?

    • Drew

      Even in the world of anonymity, Masons would never admit they’re associated with said society.

      Nice try though, big guy.

      • David

        What the hell are you talking about. Masons have little badges on the back of their cars and some have special license plates:

        Now, maybe these aren’t the Righteous Order of Conspiracy Masons, or something, but anonymous it ain’t.

      • Sobrietyisacrutch

        Not to speak for Drew, but Masons are considered a secret society. My FIL is a member. He goes to meetings, has stickers, pen sets, ring, etc with the masonic symbol on it so THAT’S no secret. What goes on in the meetinsg IS. He’s not allowed to talk about the language, handshake, rituals, et al that go on at their meetings. However, there are many dinners, get-togethers, picnics, etc that we as the family are invited to. (My niece is a “Job’s Daughter, a sub-group for the teenage girls.) Nothing creepy or icky as far as I can tell but boring as hell! You’re not allowed to talk about business, (no networking), drinking isn’t allowed at the functions, (WTF!!), and the average age of the members is about 90.
        Oh, and humor is a no-no.I asked if towel-snapping was encouraged in the locker rooms and was met with shocked gasps by all. Haven’t been back since.

      • Rich

        “Even in the world of anonymity, Masons would never admit they’re associated with said society.

        Nice try though, big guy.”

        You are one hundred percent wrong. We’re not a cult and are very open about our identities as Masons. We host blood drives, raffles, children’s events and more … and we don’t do it wearing masks. We’re not the Klan.

        Big guy.

    • Ari

      There is so much proof of this it’s overwhelming. But American society is so dumbed down, they know nothing of it. Freemasonry’s ultimate goal is to destroy religion and have only one world religion as per the new age movement started by Madame H.P. Blavatsky. Watch the documentary on YouTube called “Aquarius: The Age of Evil” by Keith Thompson who also goes by Keith Truth. That will give you the history of freemasonry and the Catholic church. The Rothschild family took control of the Vatican Bank over a century ago.

      • Rich

        Ari, I suggest you infiltrate a lodge (request an application, take the rites if you’re accepted; r simply read a copy of Duncan’s Ritual and lie yourself in — don’t worry, you’ll fool us, I promise) so you can learn just how wrong you are. Blavatsky’s book is pure bunk, and the idea that Masons have much power in today’s world is, too. In the past? Yep. We unified Italy, majorly participated in the French Revolution, American Revolution, etc., and, to our shame, we conspired to protect a murderer Mason in the Morgan Affair. We did all that and more, truly acting like a conspiracy organization.

        But that was then, this is now, and, like the Catholic Church (which no longer has a military or goes on Crusades), we’re not much like we used to be. We accept blacks into our ranks, don’t overthrow world powers, rarely help one another out, focusing our “power” on charitable initiatives instead, and are in drastic need of new members. All across the world, membership is dwindling — old members are dying; new members, raised on ridiculous fiction like The Da Vinci Code tend to flee en masse when they see just how un-conspiratorial we are. We have a hard time deciding on bowling or baseball — we’re not taking over anything, trust me.

        Are there Mason nutters? People who abuse power in the name of or via the “power” of Masonry (that the group at large knows nothing about)? I suppose so, just as there are in any group. There have been in the past, after all, and there are always bad apples, but you’re chances of finding them are weaker than growing a watermelon in Easter hay, and that’s not because they’re so well hidden, but because there aren’t many of them.

        I’ve been a Mason for fourteen years. I am close friends with brothers who are up and down the leadership ranks of the Blue Lodge as well as the appendant bodies, and believe me, none of them are up to no good, and the majority of them practices religious faith: Masonry is a mostly Christian organization, of course, but that includes Protestants, Orthodox, Catholic, etc., groups, but it is in no way closed off to people of other faiths. The past masters of my lodge (Potomac No. 5 in DC; we’re the guys who own George Washington’s Masonic gavel) have included Jews, Muslims, and non-denominational deists. (And I’m an atheist — a fact I hid during initiation because of the ineligibility of those who do not believe, but doubt anyone would care about now, perhaps never would have.) The only people we exclude are women — and that’s because we’re a fraternity.

        Regarding the Catholic Church: Membership in Freemasonry is punishable by excommunication in the Catholic Church (I know because I grew up Catholic). Whether that’s commonly or ever enforced upon Catholics who are known Masons, I have no idea, but historically, the Church has been against us. In the late 19th century, in fact, it published the papal tract, Humanum Genus, which split the world into two groups: the people of God, i.e., members of the Church; and the followers of the devil. According to the tract, the Masons are the leaders of the devil population as we, even back then, preached absolute separation of Church and state.

        Has the Church ever conspired with the Masons? No. Have members of the Church (high and low) ever conspired with members of the Masons (high and low)? You bet, but their nefarious works together do not typify the historical relationship between the Church and us. No way, no how.

        So getting back to what I said up top: Grab yourself a membership, learn all that you can from the inside, and see just how wrong you are. We’re not world conquerors, we’re a laid back, aging group of good intentioned guys who are pretty darn corny, to be honest. All our secret rituals and handshakes, they demonstrate fidelity to the group, which is great, an hearken to our past, which, depending on what portion of the past that is, is either good or bad, but, to our shame or amusement or both, they are pretty funny, and at the end of the day, we really don’t know exactly what they mean. We used to be pretty secretive about that stuff, after all.

        Be well.


      • Aussie Mama

        Ari, Masons are at the helm of every religion, bank, corporate power, council, everything and anything that matters…..
        rich, you are right your not a klan, but you make sure you give jobs to your brothers, as you all have the same common goal.

    • The Masons are not a secret society, they are a society with secrets, a suttle but massive difference.

      • Rich

        Well put, L G-D. That’s exactly what we are.

      • Cock Dr

        Bowling & blood drives?
        It was more fun to think about smoke filled halls with secret rituals & plans to bring down an evil empire.
        Couldn’t you just pretend? You might get more members!
        You get to wear funny hats at least….right? Don’t ruin all my illusions.

      • Rich

        “Bowling & blood drives?”

        Yep. I was surprised, too.

        “It was more fun to think about smoke filled halls with secret rituals & plans to bring down an evil empire.”

        Yep. I was gravely disappointed when I found out it was not. Got over it, though, obviously.

        “Couldn’t you just pretend? You might get more members!”

        Unless we then performed brain salad surgery on them, it wouldn’t matter — they’d still run for the hills the moment they saw how conspiratorially unimpressive we are.

        “You get to wear funny hats at least….right? Don’t ruin all my illusions.”

        The Shriners do, as do a couple other appendants, but Blue Lodge-ers and other related group members don’t. Sorry. If it helps, we wear silly little aprons during lodge meetings, aprons that the Mormons ripped off from us. Dum, dum, dum, dum, dum.


      • Cock Dr

        Laughing really hard right now….thanks Rich!

      • trillian

        For a real secret society you have to join the Stone Cutters. I hear they rig every Oscar night and keep the aliens under wraps.

      • Sobrietyisacrutch

        @Rich: So I was right – it IS boring ;)

      • Rich

        “@Rich: So I was right – it IS boring ;)”

        Honestly, it is. It’s a great organization with a rich, bizarre past that does some amazing, excellent things, but it is a snooze fest, usually. The “work” portion of the meetings usually are, at least. Kicking back with the guys during the dinner that precedes, interrupts, and follows it usually is not.

      • Rich

        “rich, you are right your not a klan, but you make sure you give jobs to your brothers, as you all have the same common goal.”

        Masonic nepotism is actually very rare these days. The pendulum has swung far and fast away from that since the Morgan conspiracy — it’s as if we’re embarrassed to ask and offer to help one another out. It’s weird.

        Case in point: Twelve years ago, I interviewed for a job with a multinational operating out of Madrid. I was young and stupid. The company was clearly a criminal group, which both my father’s contact in the FBI and the former CIA Deputy Director of Operations could not LEGALLY confirm it was (just suggest that I stay the hell away from it).

        But like I fool, I paid them no mind and flew out to Madrid a few days after they both poopoo’d the idea. Long story short: The company was a criminal venture, and as soon as I found that out, I got the hell out of there, ran to the American embassy (I;m American) and asked for assistance getting home. I flashed the Masonic signs and gestures and it got me nowhere. All I got was a list of hostels to stay in until my family could wire the money to get me home. Maybe the man I spoke to was not a Mason (inconceivable — don’t we run EVERYTHING?), maybe he was but didn’t care. Either way, the situation sucked, obviously.

        I didn’t want to go to my family and beg for cash, because we hated each other. So I looked up the nearest Masonic lodge, went there and sought help. I gave all the signs and gestures and wouldn’t even be let in — despite the fact that several of its members had visited my lodge in DC and could rattle off the names of its officers. I asked if I could stay the night in one of their houses, no dice. So much for Mason to Mason charity.

        My parents wound up flying me home.

        Later that year, I went up to the enormous Masonic compound in New York City. It’s a beautiful building and I very much looked forward to attending a meeting there that night. Again, I gave the signs, etc., and was denied entrance, having been told that the convening lodge was “a money lodge,” and they didn’t want me there because I obviously was not a money man and they didn’t want me begging for any favors. Again, so much for Mason to Mason charity — that lodge had it, but only for themselves, which isn’t very charitable.

        And so on and so on.

        So where’s the organization wide nepotism? Where’s the favoritism and mutual interest in all our affairs?

        I’ll tell you where: In the heads of people who know nothing about Freemasonry, or who know a just the the most wee bit and hyperbolically over-extrapolate from that. Or people who just want to sell books or movie tickets of what have you.

        Masonry simply is not what you think it is. I suggest to you as I did to Ari: Find that out for yourself. Warning, though: You may feel incredibly foolish when you do.


    • realist

      Apparantly you must not be very high in the ranks. Not everyone is privy to…

  8. Deacon Jones

    Is anyone seriously refuting half the people there AREN’T gay.

    Think of the thousands of cases in the US and abroad that are coming to light over the past couple years. Ireland alone was over a 2,000 different cases.

  9. Jim Jones

    Hmm. I’ll agree that the pope is a “slippery character,” but the rest sounds like the ravings of a Mel.

    @Deacon Jones:
    There’s a difference between homosexuality and pedophilia. Gay people aren’t into kids, only sickos.

    • Deacon Jones

      I agree. However, and this is a different subject, I think celibacy is a major contributer to warping these priests’ minds. Look at what prisoners turn to when denied ‘tang for a couple years… imagine taking a lifetime chastity pledge and being around defenseless boys all day long, recipe for disaster.

      • David

        I dunno. I’ve had a few bad patches of no ass and I never thought “oooh! Young schlong. That’ll do!” I just jerked off a lot . . .

    • Aussie Mama

      agree. to all the do gooders out there against the death penalty….please never defend a pedophile. they are the most vile, sick piece of shit known to man kind. unfortunately sexual imprinting is very powerful. that’s why a lot of the molested, molest etc.
      keep your children away from sex for as long as possible, for this reason alone. boys that have sex at a young age, 12,13,14, with a girl of the same age will be turned on for life by a girl of this age. it’s the imprinting part of their first experience. that’s what the girls age was, that first time, it’s remembered as wonderful, awesome, no matter how fumbly it was.
      the evil pricks at the top, media etc know this, that’s why they oversexualise the kiddies today. look at the hooker bratz dolls, clothing, padded bras in target made for 8 year old girls onwards. it’s very, very deliberate. keep the kids, kids, for as long as possible. society would be a better place, for this alone.

  10. Rob Frost

    My sentiments exactly. A vast pedophilic conspiracy in the Catholic church has been covered up for decades and has only recently been admitted. And from what I’ve looked into, there seem to be numerous connections between the Freemasons, Illuminati and Catholic church.

    Research Jordan Maxwell, David Icke and the New World Order.

    • not to make light of what’s gone on in the catholic church but statistics prove priests are no more likely to molest a child than baptist ministors, rabbis, or say a school teachers. members of the family are the most common perp. it’s just that it makes a more intriguing news story when it’s a priest as many catholics for some reason think they’re like holier than like us normal people.

    • one clinical study after another

      • trillian

        true, but what those statistics fail to point out is that if a teacher, coach or scout leader molests a kid and someone comes forward, they have to face the law. What happened throughout the Catholic church was that if someone came forward to say a priest had molested a kid, well lets just pack him up and move him on down the road so no one says anything bad about us. So what if we’re endangering innocent children, power is the only thing that matters to any religion and the Catholic Church has had tasted power for far too many centuries to let it go now.

    • Anonymous

      David Icke? The guy who claims the world is an artificial construct ruled by lizards? The guy who says you have to take hallucinogenic drugs to see some of those lizards?

      • Aussie Mama

        please look at the photo’s of the royals and most politicians…..then tell me they aren’t related to lizards!
        or do looks like that really come from imbreeding alone?

      • Rich

        “please look at the photo’s of the royals and most politicians…..then tell me they aren’t related to lizards!
        or do looks like that really come from imbreeding alone?:


        Are you pulling our legs here? Do you really believe that stuff?

      • Aussie Mama

        No man, i am kidding, totally.
        but they are ugly fuckers, and they are their own breed of reptile 4 sure!!!

    • Aussie Mama

      rob; read svaili, fritz springmeier etc. google, all free, all there for you to read. these are real people, with scary, sad truths. we can’t stop them, but we can be educate on the matter. it’d be a different thing if 6 billion of us could band together, that’d be a great day. 500,000,000 of these fuckers, shouldn’t be allowed to be a problem.

  11. Ari

    I’ve heard about 4 or 5 radio interviews with Hutton Gibson and he is no slouch. He’s very well educated and a religious man. In fact, he’s Catholic. But in the 60′s, something called “Vatican 2″ began and the church was infiltrated. Ever since, there has been a deliberate attempt to destroy the church. You hear about gay Catholic pedophile priests, but why do we never hear of all the gay pedophile rabbis? (Go to the site Failed Messiah on Typepad to see just how bad it is) This is just 1 example. I’m sure I’ll be called anti semitic for just pointing this out, thats how bad its gotten.

    Hutton Gibson is a very educated man and the fact is, you cannot talk about jews and put them in a bad light without being labeled an anti-semite. You can call the Pope gay, you can bash Jesus which Israeli TV does regularly, you can say or do anything except talk about Israel or jewish history that reflects on them badly. But speak about anything that makes Israel or jews look bad because of what might have happened in Russia 80 years ago and you are automatically an “anti-semite”. That word is phony because Arabs are true semites. Ashkenazi European jews are not semetic. Sephardic jews are, but they make up only 5% of Israeli population.

    I suggest you try to find interviews with Hutton Gibson and listen for yourselves. You will learn a lot from this gentle old man.

    • vatican ii was to get mass and prayer in other languages besides latin, and to allow women and children to sit with the men instead of hidden behind rood screens. hardly radical. and child molestation didn’t start in the 60s.

      do agree that you can’t criticize israeli foreign policy without being branded anti-semite. look at how the media cover what israel is up to in lebannon again last week. oh that’s right, you cant. hint: manifest destiny..

      • Rich

        Cover up Israel’s nastiness/downplay it in the media? Oh, yeah, just like we do Turkey’s, Indonesia’s, and every other flunky nation we have out there. We used to do it with Hussein, Trujillo, Napoleon Duarte, Daubisson, Noriega (the man got federal commendations for his role in the war on drugs, for Christ’s sake), etc., etc., etc. If we like you, we protect your public image. Piss us off badly enough, though, and you are screwed.

        Has nothing to do with ZOG, guys, if that’s the implication. It has to do with Israel being one of our numerous Middle East hitmen.


      • Rich

        Oh, and in case anyone’s interested: Not only am I a Mason, but I used to work at the Council on Foreign Relations, the Carnegie Endowment, and the CSIS … also had contacts at Triliateral, and I graduated with a 3.6 from Georgetown’s National Security program. Ooooohhhh … spooky, spooky me! I’m practically Gaius Baltar.

        Watch out, I’m bringing my lizard people-Jewish-Catholic-9/11 truther-birthers to a town near you!

        Shahem foresh!


      • Aussie Mama

        your only spooky once, you break through that 33rd degree and admit that your god, is the god they all believe in…..that being satan, lucifer, that’s the real god of freemasonry. the plebs below, have no idea.
        buggery is not frowned uopn either….get out while you still can dude….

    • Aussie Mama

      he speaks the truth as it is, therefore is attacked. he’s no moron, but morons attack him as they are uneducated and learn their FACTS from the media alone.

      • Rich

        I like to think that I’m not a moron; I hope others don’t, either, but que sera, I suppose.


      • Aussie Mama

        rich, you are not a moron. good to hear your opinion.
        Let’s face it… Most of the ‘news’ that comes out of
        the mass media has been digested through so many assholes that it has
        been stripped of all of its original flavour.
        That’s why it’s always better to do your own research and find the real truth.

      • Rich

        Thanks. Same to you.

    • Aussie Mama

      Ari… on!
      Everything you say is true and covered up, stopped with that one phrase, anti-semite. Who says we can’t discuss this or that, on the basis of a stupid phrase, concocted to shut people up, scare them with jail etc.
      Why can’t we look into things, what is there to hide?
      Plenty, tonnes actually.
      My cousin works in a very trendy, well known store in Melbourne, Australia. One morning whilst she was opening the store up, getting racks onto the side walk etc, a well known business owner and jew, (Hasidic Jew), with those long curls, on the side of the head, black hat, suit etc, aprox 40-50 years old, comes in, in a huge hurry, needing a belt urgently for his pants. My cousin is a very, very attractive gal to say the least, she’d pass as Jennifer Hawkins’s doppelganger (without Jens surgery) not a problem.
      She drops what she’s doing and quickly sets about finding a belt for the man. Tells him the price, he puts it on, walks over to her, in an empty shop mind you….asks, does the belt look ok?
      She reckons, she looks over and his repulsive, hairy balls n cock are completely out of his pants, on display.
      She freaked, told him to get out, started yeling, to never come back etc.
      Supposedly religious hey, spends all day, banging his head, praying at the wall. These people own Melbourne, the stores etc, ruthless parking inspectors some how manage to avoid their cars altogether, amazing.
      Lots of repulsive people hide behind religion, when Mel said religion is behind every war he was right. When he mentioned the jews as the financiers behind the wars….he was right again. The proof /info. is all there people, but some prefer to repeat the lies that they have been brought up hearing. Read, see for yourself, you’ll be disgusted, you’ll feel ripped off at all the lies.
      If a lie is repeated often enough, future generations don’t even bother researching….why, when it’s always been known as the truth?
      With all the info available to us now, we should be the smarter generation, that makes that change and makes a difference.

  12. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Mel’s dad is a senior asshole.

  13. Sarakiel

    I never understood the sensitivity with isreal. They don’t have much right to exist. The state of Palistine was “partitioned” by the United Nations. I think the arabs have a right to be upset about that. That’s the equivalent of me coming into your farm and saying, “Hey you know what, before you bought this land, this old family used to live here. Because i’m stronger than you, I’m going to GIVE them half YOUR land…lol”

    Gotta love history :)

    As for the Conspiracy theory of Mr. Gibson. Who knows, could be right. But they can destroy a church, but not a religion. Even if you lose faith in the humans (pope, priests), that has nothing to do with faith in God. People are flawed.

    Right or not, I’ve always like people who say what they think without Political Correctness burdening them…:D…

    • Rich

      “Right or not, I’ve always like people who say what they think without Political Correctness burdening them…:D…”

      My mother’s a whore.


  14. mefu

    Wow, i just wannna say that i love all comments here. You guys rock :)

  15. hateyoufornoreason

    Mental illness obviously runs in the family.

  16. I´m taking a shine to the Gibson family.

  17. Aussie Mama

    well, i’m afraid he’s said nothing wrong there at all.
    they poison their own, screw kids, do black illuminati masses, initiations in the tunnels, under the vatican…and people are surprised they all fornicate with one another too, duh!
    google pope sitting under crooked cross, what the hell does that pic say?
    google pope sitting under inverted cross, waht the hell does that mean?
    read svali…….

    • Rich

      “google pope sitting under inverted cross, waht the hell does that mean?”

      That he’s followed the line of succession from St. Peter, the alleged founder of the Church who was crucified upside down. It’s not uncommon to see Popes wear or been seen around the Petrine Cross.


    • Rich

      As for the “crooked cross,” that’s the shepherd’s staff or crozier, which affirms that “the Lord is my shepherd,” a very common saying and belief in Christianity.


    • Aussie Mama

      traditionally in catholisism, this is a huge no, no. any catholic will confirm this and have the look of horror on their face, when they see a pic such as this.
      better suited to movies like the excorcist. which you do see this is.
      we know they’re all evil, so it doesn’t matter.
      good people don’t get promoted, only the corruptable evil ones do.
      no surprises there at all.
      anyone that can fuck a child is not human and needs to be put down.

      • Rich

        “any catholic will confirm this and have the look of horror on their face, when they see a pic such as this.”

        And most Catholics think that the Immaculate Conception is about Jesus, when it’s not. Per Church doctrine, it’s about God clearing Mary of Original Sin during her conception so she could be an untainted womb for Jesus.

        There’s no accounting for just how stupid Catholics (or any religious types) can be when it comes to the finer details of their religion. Christ, from my experience, most Christians don’t even know that Jesus required his followers to hate their families and themselves:

        “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn “‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law–a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’ Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”_Matthew 10:34-37

        ” If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters–yes, even his own life–he cannot be my disciple.”_Luke 14:26

        * * * * *

        Back to you:
        “good people don’t get promoted, only the corruptable evil ones do.
        no surprises there at all.”

        I know plenty of good people in high places.

        “anyone that can fuck a child is not human and needs to be put down.”



      • Aussie Mama

        keep in mind, mel, hutton do not agree to what you have written….the rewritten, lied about, false, vatican catholisism. they believe in the old, original version, untampered with version. they swear, drink, fuck, have opinions, but do no harm, thats how it should be. they despise pedos, murderers, evil bastards full stop, they speak from the heart, the truth, they refuse to be politically correct, amen!
        rather people like that surrounding me, than fake backstabbers any day.
        it’s the quiet ones you gotta watch out for.

  18. RasputinsLiver


    This would seem a no-brainer. I mean, who DOESN’T think the Poop is a root smoochin’, jerkin’-under-his-cassock, up-the-altar-boys’-stink-chute, chickenhawk?

    Ya know, c’mon, folks! We’re talkin’ about NAMBLA Central here, the fucking Catholic Church, the organization that pretty much invented organized child diddling.


  19. RasputinsLiver


    Well, this seems a genuine in-the-face no-brainer!

    I mean, who DOESN’T think the Poop’s an ol’ root smoochin’, poop chute drillin’, altar boy diddler?

    Think about it, folks. We’re talking about the original NAMBLA Central here, the Catholic Church. The organization that put the organ into organized pedophilia first. Then took it worldwide.

    The Poop a “queer”? Does a bear shit in the woods?


  20. captain america

    even americans think this is quite normal……………….

  21. hank

    I have been a Mason for 21 years, and have recently gone back to practicing Catholicism, from which I was mostly estranged for the last 35 years. When I decided to take the degrees, I asked my priest if I was violating any rules of the Church, and all he said was “why not join the Knights of Columbus?”

    If you Google “Catholic Church Policy regarding Freemasonry” you will find a treatise written by Holland Masonic Research Lodge #1 in Houston, TX and a chronological history of the Church’s treatment of and thinking about Freemasonry since the 1700′s.

    The 2nd Vatican Council (1962-1965) considered Masonry an acceptable sphere for fraternal intercourse for Catholics. Pope John Paul II did not share that view, and had a treatise written by (then) Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger stating the following

    “Members of the faithful enrolled in Masonic Organizations are in a state of grave sin, and cannot receive Holy Communion” Cardinal Ratzinger is now Pope Benedict, and has enlarged that treatise to the excommunication of all Catholics who have sat in the 3 main officer chairs of any lodge (Jr and Sr Wardens and Master of the Lodge), as well as any Grand Lodge officers. For these men, there is no recourse. They are no longer Catholics. As for myself, I submitted a request for Demit to my lodge, which will be approved as I am leaving the Fraternity to continue to grow in my faith.

    A few of the commentors on this thread either have one lonely brain cell, or suffer from acute rectal/crainial inversion syndrome.

    The Masonic Fraternity in the United States is nothing more than a private men’s social club, who use the Holy Bible as well as the tools of the operative stone mason as guides to Character building.

    The view from the Vatican, and most of Europe’s Bishops and Cardinals is that Freemasonry is attempting to organize and promote a secular religion. Not to take over any Church or destroy any faith. Its BS of course, but minds at the Vatican are hard to change. Masonry in the US is somewhat differently practiced in other countries.

    Sometimes, when you have no clue as to what you are opining on, it’s best to say nothing.

    • Rich

      Amen. What was your lodge and when were you raised?

      • Rich

        “so… you agree or disagree with Hutton Gibson?”

        I have no problem thinking the Pope or anyone in the Church is gay, and I think, given its handling of the pedophilia crisis, that the Catholic leadership is pure evil. I do not believe that the Pope is working with the Masons to rip down the Church, or with anyone to do that. As far as I can tell, he’s trying to save it from due justice. I also don’t agree with Hutton Gibson’s theories on the Jews, the Holocaust, or anything else I’ve heard from or about him.

        “you mention the holy bible in the lodge. the koran sits there too, along with the old testament, Vedas, Laws of Confucious etc.”

        I’ve only ever seen the Bible and the Koran, but any holy book can be used, theoretically.

        “BUT you will never see anyone, studying these books, worshipping, let alone talking their religion, or about their supposed christian, or islamic faith whilst in the lodge.”

        I’ve talked religion and faith with friends at meetings. Not during the “work” portion of the meetings — that’s when we do work. I can’t speak for all other lodges, though, as I haven’t been to all of them, obviously.

        “No one who is anyone, gets anywhwere without the push, backing of this brotherhood.”

        Practically every successful person I know, including US attorneys, judges, FBI, and CIA aren’t Masons, so I have to disagree with you there.

        “The Masonic Lodge claims six million members worldwide.”

        It’s very, very small, yes — nothing like the Catholic Church. Our numbers are paltry. Laughable, really. But we do good things, so we make up for that, I say.

        “In its ranks you will find some of the greatest men in American history, Australia is no different, Italy, Greece, Royalty, the highest CEO’s, bankers, etc.”

        Bankers? No. I was the director of research of the Consumer Bankers Association for four years — I drank, partied, broke bread, researched and brokered more information about, for, and with the top dogs in US banking than one can likely imagine. I knew their wives, their girlfriends, children, favorite movies and sex positions (of a number, at least) — practically everything one could know about them. Only a handful of them were Masons, trust me.

        Like I said before, I’ve also worked at the Council on Foreign Affairs (in DC when Paula Dobriansky was DC pres.), as well as the Carnegie Endowment, and CSIS. So, too, did I have contacts at the Trilateral Commission. And guess what? Very few Masons in any of the organizations; none at the top at the time.

        “Men like Henry Ford, General Douglas MacArthur, George Washington and 12 other U.S. presidents. ”


        “The Masonic temple is the temple of Baal,”

        It’s nothing of the sort. It’s a philanthropic/social club for men of all races and religions.

        “and at its altar unsuspecting men solemnly vow their lives to a pagan god.”

        No, we don’t. We affirm that we believe in a higher power (I lied; I’m an atheist, for shame for shame), but that’s it.

        “Lets not go into the barbaric oaths…they alone would keep us going….”

        No doubt, they are gruesome. Luckily, they’re just symbolic.

        “The problem is that the Lodge lies to candidates before their initiation.”

        It didn’t to me or anyone I’ve known or heard of.

        “My husband, like his uncles and grandfather, was asked to join. I was asked to join, my children were wanted as rainbow children. Like I have said many a time, I do my own research and after a hell of a lot of it, the answer was a definite NO!”

        Do it from the inside, I say. Sign up, cross your fingers as you take our oaths; or pick up a copy of Duncan’s Ritual, memorize our handful of silly gestures and lie your way in. You’ll see for yourself just how wrong you are about this stuff, AM. It’s nothing like what you think it is.

        Be well and good luck with your research, however you go about it.

  22. Aussie Mama

    so… you agree or disagree with Hutton Gibson?
    you mention the holy bible in the lodge. the koran sits there too, along with the old testament, Vedas, Laws of Confucious etc.
    BUT you will never see anyone, studying these books, worshipping, let alone talking their religion, or about their supposed christian, or islamic faith whilst in the lodge. the books, are simply there. No one who is anyone, gets anywhwere without the push, backing of this brotherhood.
    The Masonic Lodge claims six million members worldwide. In its ranks you will find some of the greatest men in American history, Australia is no different, Italy, Greece, Royalty, the highest CEO’s, bankers, etc. Men like Henry Ford, General Douglas MacArthur, George Washington and 12 other U.S. presidents. No counrty is exempt, but we will use the US in this instance as a mere example. You will find doctors, lawyers, judges and, unfortunately, many Christians. I call these Christians by day, because they most certainly do not practise christianity when not in the public eye. Masonry will steal the heart of a Christian. The Masonic temple is the temple of Baal, and at its altar unsuspecting men solemnly vow their lives to a pagan god. Lets not go into the barbaric oaths…they alone would keep us going….but I see why you have gone back to your original faith. The problem is that the Lodge lies to candidates before their initiation. “Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hereticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it … So Masonry jealously conceals its secrets, and intentionally leads conceited interpreters away”. Can you imagine a sane man joining any organization if he knew they were going to “intentionally” mislead him?
    My husband, like his uncles and grandfather, was asked to join. I was asked to join, my children were wanted as rainbow children. Like I have said many a time, I do my own research and after a hell of a lot of it, the answer was a definite NO!
    Freemasonry is scary stuff and intertwined at the top, with every religion in the world today.

    • Rich

      See reply above. I posted it in the wrong area. Sorry about that.

      • Aussie Mama

        Rich, Thank you for your reply, I was really interested to hear from you. I respect everything you have to say, as it is your experience. I do believe that under that 33rd degree its a different ballgame all together. A hobby of mine is what we are speaking of right now, as well as the Knights Of Malta, Trillateral Commission, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Opus Dei, The Typhonian Order, Freemasonry, Satanism, Kaballa, Scientology.
        Stories from defectors from the highest rank of freemasonry, 33rd degree initiations, in the company of elites eg; the king of greece, well known politicians present, drinking wine as a part of the initiation, from a real human skull, lead me to believe that at the highest echeleons, we are talking pure satanism. The top of all religions are intertwined and work towards the same goals. As Catholisism was taken over in the late 50′s, so were all the others too. They say when Tom Cruise found out the top of Scientology was satanic based, he lost the plot, went nuts, freaked, had to be reprogrammed so to speak, to come to terms with his knowledge. Scientology kills, talks about Hubbards murdered son. So much to read, so little spare time!!!
        But I’d rather read, than be programmed by bullshit TV anyday.
        I am glad to know you are good at heart. I hope you never get too far into it, I hope you stay true to yourself.
        Great chat. Thank you again.

  23. Grace

    vatican is a place full of statues & paintings of pagan gods, symbols & demons, catholic is a pagan religion & have one common goal like the illuminati, satanists,islam, new age & eastern religions, and that is to discredit Christ and serve and worship the devil instead.

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