Mel Gibson Will Save Charlie Sheen

March 2nd, 2011 // 45 Comments

Presumably to protect the dues for their local Jew-Hating chapter, Mel Gibson has launched a crusade to save Charlie Sheen‘s life which could also be a ploy to find himself knee-deep in blowjobs so he doesn’t kill again. Let’s assume all that stuff. E! News reports:

Gibson has been reaching out to the Two and a Half Men actor “for some time now,” a source says. “Mel’s trying to save this guy’s life.”
Sheen told CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight last night that the Oscar winner called him to offer support.
“He’s a stone cold dude,” Sheen said of Gibson.
Sheen also told Howard Stern about Gibson when he called into his radio show this morning. “Of course he did,” Sheen said when the shock jock asked if Gibson had called. “Mel’s a rock star. I love him…I’m a huge fan and I think he’s a beautiful man.”

Charlie also revealed that Sean Penn stopped by the house to offer his support, so I’m starting to think this is becoming less about checking up on him and more about him filling a boxing ring with porn stars so these dudes can get their penchant for women-punching on. “Alright, fellas, listen up. These are ladies we’re dealing with, so Uncle Charlie wants you to go easy on ‘em. — HA! I’m kidding, I’m kidding. But for real though, you’ll find a gun taped to each of your gloves…”

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  1. Bieber Fever

    How is this helping?

  2. Deacon Jones

    Holy shit would I love to be a fly on the wall when these two are in the same room boozing.

  3. Matcher


  4. Mel Gibson (thinking) “this guy is a basket case”

    Charlie Sheen (thinking) “this guy is a basket case”

    Media (thinking) “cha-ching!!!”

  5. Godfathers

    Charlie is living every single man’s dream…..who wouldnt want to be banging everything in sight….hes hooking up 10s left and right…all about endurance baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I thought that too until I saw the interview last night. One of those live-in chicks has really bad skin and is fugly to boot. She must do some amazing anal tricks or something.

  6. “filling a boxing ring with strippers so these dudes can get their penchant for women-punching on”

    and that, fish, is why i come here–ended my work day on a smile :D

  7. queenspeech

    Hitler and Hess, together again!

    • Aussie Mama

      yeehaa, well said and ‘oh so true’.

    • Aussie Mama

      ignore the comment under, it was put in the wrong spot;
      what i wanted to say was;
      hiltler was a jew of the rothchild bloodline.

      • Seriously, just go quietly and commit yourself now. Between Sheen being paid off with a TV series to keep him quite over his secret knowledge about 9/11, the moonwalk being filmed in a back lot and now this, you’re just too fucked-up to be posting here. And FYI, this site emits Illuminati mind-control rays because it’s controlled by a secret Jewish Masonic cabal. If you keep posting here, you’ll be a Zionist apron-wearing Trilateral worshipping slave by the end of the month.

      • Aussie Mama

        more misinformation, you too are entertaining!
        and while your at it, assange really must have raped those women hahahahahha. freedomof speech dear entitles me to have my opinion, just as you have yours.

  8. Cock Dr

    I love it. I hope these 2 keep in constant contact. Eventually one or the other lunatic will get royally pissed at something said & maybe start swinging fire fists or spilling tiger blood. We can only hope that there’s a camera nearby when it all goes down.

  9. Aussie Mama

    The media will never portray a person how they really are. I’ve never heard of anyone bag Mel, people that have worked with him, werew given their first break by him, friends, aquaintances of his. Fact is, he’s a great Dad, who still has a very solid relationship with ex-wife Robin. His kids aren’t the typical hollywood offspring fuck ups, they are level headed citizens. Anyone he’s ever crossed paths with, he’s helped and supported in some way or other. Crazy people don’t bring up normal families. His family haven’t been to therapy for anything man. Believeing the media, is like believeing man went to the moon. All bullshit. It’s not called the entertainment industry for nothing. It’s so full of shit, it’s funny, thus entertaining.

    • so the moon walk was shot in hollywood? you completely lost what credibility you might have had with an otherwise reasonable angle

      • Aussie Mama

        stanley kubrick shot it, part on set, part in the nevada desert. gave away too much illuminati info. and sybolism in eyes wide shut, so they killed him too.

    • No doubt… great post right up until the tin foil hat came out…

    • So I guess my contractor friend who still hasn’t been paid for the work he’s done on Mel’s church compound is one of those who Mel “helped”, huh? You know nothing of the kind about Mel’s family, his personal relationships, whether or not any of his kids have ever been in therapy, how “normal” they are, or how he treats everyone he meets. This is just more fantasy hero-worship on your part, and since it’s obvious you aren’t too tightly wrapped in a great many other areas, you aren’t doing him any favors by gushing all over him here.

      And for chrissakes, it’s spelled “believing”. The second “e” is dropped when you add a gerund. Your claim that you work in a library is about as believable as the rest of your ravings.

      • Aussie Mama

        aha whatever you like lovey. been here years n loving it. it’s actually rates time at the moment, so i’m taking them too, as our council offers that service in the library i work in too. and mel’s ma has been a patron here forever. mels ma lives in adelaide. n lets just say, you know shit!

      • Aussie Mama

        1; if his kids were in therapy. the press would be all over it like a rash, as he would be to blame.
        2; believing? what the? i just checked it on spell check and it’s right, according to the english language. so what the hell are you on about nit picker?
        3; as soon as all the mel shit came out. there were polish whores and contractors. all very credible people.

      • I love it when you try logic with the crazy posters.
        Don’t ever stop (even if it is a completely hopeless endeavor).

      • Aussie Mama

        All you 4 the same person?
        That’s entertainment!

      • rican

        Aussie Mama, and you also know the moon is a big piece of cheese, right? Your intellect level makes you a moron.

      • nonminti

        first things first I’ll eat your brains..I am so sick of ‘Illiuminati rules the planet and your brains too’,put the Bible down,throw your comic books,stop reading about conspiracies and get treatment.

  10. Richard McBeef

    How was sugartits helped or supported in some way?

    • Aussie Mama

      yanks would have to be the only people in the entire world left that actually believe that moon shit. even reference books, such as britanica have started dropping the moon landing crap, because they know people know better these days. you most certainly have your own iron curtain when it comes to the truth and real news and history. eg; former nasa astronaut, physicist n scientist Dr.Brian O’Leary has gone on the record and said, it was a great big fat lie and never frickin’ happened. he is just one of many that haven’t yet been knocked off (whoops sorry, died in a car accident, had a heart attack, or commited suicide, all with the help of the cia of course). no surprise when there are still people in the u.s that believe muslims are responsible for 9/11 and all that fucking metal melted from a plane crash. and no, kennedy wasn’t shot by his own cia driver. and no one is trying to control libyas oil. and 1.5 million iraqui women and children that have been slaughtered to date, really are free and so much better off without sadams regime, it’s just a coincidence that afganistans heroin makes it’s way to your military bases, on military planes and is distributed world wide via the cia.
      fuck, i could go on forever. but this isn’t the place for a logical and factual discussion. it’s a place for shits n giggles. so i’ll leave it at at that.

  11. black

    Say what you want, there are no two people in Hollywood that I’d rather party with.

    • Aussie Mama

      it’s be a bloody great party. add downey jnr to that and a twist of jack nicholson and heaven would appear!

      • Johnny Cage

        I’m kind of a happy drunk. So personally I’d throw in the youngest Baldwin brother, Gary Busy, some drunken midwesterners, a few English soccer fans, and we will have the roof blown off that mother. My party would be brutal as hell. A Swat team would be needed for us.

  12. “Now for my next trick, I’m going to make this statue disappear”

  13. Johnny Cage

    Charlie Sheen = Got messed up because he did drugs, partied with too many prostitutes, and women of questionable backgrounds.

    Mel Gibson = Got messed up simply because he did a movie about Jesus Christ that many rich Jewish groups didn’t like. Then married a filthy Russian cunt who fucked him over through Sunday waitin’ for him on Monday.

    In the end it’s like comparing Bill Clinton to Abe Lincoln.

    They still rock as actors.

    • Aussie Mama

      Well said Cage, as usual.
      On another note Brooke Mueller is Jewish, which makes Sheen’s sons Jewish. So I doubt very fuckin’ much he’s been on any Jewish rant.
      Whole lotta crapola!
      Gibsons probably giving him a heads up and time line on what will be said next;
      Character Assasination.
      1; Your crazy and insane.
      2; Your anti-semetic.
      3; Your physically abusive.
      4; Some crazy hookers are going to claim you paid them for sex.
      Have a drink and snort boys and laugh it up!
      In Bora Bora surrounded by godesses and abundance of every kind. The haters can kiss your anuses and suffer in their jocks, as they will never know the pleasure you live!

  14. Snooki Lover

    And, one suspects, John Galliano will eventually save them both.

  15. the captain

    we can’t wait………….

  16. Kuli

    This is going to be fun

  17. Charlie Sheen Mel Gibson
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    “Bro, you wanna beat up bitches or rip on the Jews?”
    “Win-win, dude!”

  18. Charlie Sheen Mel Gibson
    Double D
    Commented on this photo:

    Future cellmates in room 002 of the 7th level of hell. In room 001? Their parents, for not being more open minded about abortion.

  19. After much consideration, I have decided the most offensive part of this whole Sheen affair is his pricing model. WTF, Chuck? Twenty, Thirty, Fifty GRAND a pop for these chicks? I mean come on…. Most of them would have screwed Carlito for $5000 and a few snorts of his dandruff (it’s 90% “blow” BTW). Hell, even Mel figured out the economics of “blow me or I burn the house down”. Get the fuck with it Sheen!!!

  20. Aussie Mama

    he’s a very generous man and obviously not a user. he shares his wealth and his riches. karma. what a good man!
    Donald Trump recently sung Charlie’s praises. He called him a “winner” and said “I think they are going to end up signing him for a lot more money then he was getting paid in the first place. It’s all about ratings in this crazy business and if you have ratings you can be the worst person in the world but they will sign you.”
    A new article in US Weekly claims the twins are in “a really bad situation” and that “Brooke is just as bad as Charlie.” She’s obviously an addict too.
    No shit sherlock!

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