Mel Gibson Wept

November 11th, 2010 // 43 Comments
Mel Gibson

What? This is how he cries.

Mel GIbson reportedly choked up during a custody hearing yesterday while talking about his daughter Lucia despite the fact the kid’s essentially a weapon in the hands of Oksana Grigorieva now. TMZ reports:

Mel’s voice cracked as he talked about his 1-year-old during his testimony.
Oksana Grigorieva — who wants Judge Scott Gordon to strip Mel of overnight visits with Lucia — testified that whenever the baby spent the night at Mel’s, she came back “acting funny.” We’re told Oksana did not get specific as to what “funny” meant.
On cross examination Mel’s lawyers did a show-and-tell, playing video of Oksana talking to PEOPLE magazine and other media outlets, asking, “Do you think by talking to the media you are looking out for the best interests of Lucia?” Oksana was also grilled about allegedly talking to TMZ.

While I’m not about to discount the fact that Mel Gibson is, oh I dunno, an actor trained to weep on cue, this custody battle really isn’t doing Oksana any favors. Christ, she’s losing to a crazed psychopath who demands oral sex lest he make the fire go boom. Also, he openly believes black people travel in “packs” when everyone knows the proper vernacular is “herd.” (Racist.) Regardless, despite all the alleged gun-pulling, baby-punching and domestic abuse, a judge is still willing to let him see his daughter on account of gold-digging so deep, Oksana’s practically in China yanking on Mel’s wallet. She probably showed up in court with a pick axe and gold dust on her shoulders. “Vhat? Dis? I vas, how you say, gardening.”


  1. gogo


  2. Dr Beardo

    I’d still watch his movies….even with the beatings and crazed ass rants…it’s RIGGS for shit sake

  3. reprieve

    Women are such bitches.

    • horn dog

      Hellz yeah…that whore should be sterilized so she can’t pull this shit again.
      And, even more proof you can’t trust the russians!

    • Aussie Mama

      yes independant, not needing a man, strong, girl power, but quite happy to take, the cash on a regular basis. womens lib? my ass. a woman that is about that and not keeping the family together, is just another new age, brain washed victim of society.
      love how she uses his nanny against him. she fucking has one too!
      if you are paid to look after your child mother, then look after your child and be a fucking mother lubra lips.. who looks like octo mums sista and of course, just as classy.

    • Aussie Mama

      on a totally unrelated note(apart from russian reference;) just read this about lady ga-ga;

      I just got chills. This story is so terrifying. How powerless Lady Gaga must feel when the best she can do to protect herself is to get a restraining order. A restraining order is NOTHING to a crazy person. Especially a crazy person with a gun.

      The ‘Alejandro’ singer took action against Russian Anastasia Obukhova, 26, who had threatened to shoot her in the head.

      In a letter obtained by the star’s management, the New York-based student wrote: “You come to my dreams. I want to die and I want to die together with you.”

      Read more about his threats to the singer and his John Lennon reference.

      He added,

      “I am not Mark Chapman. It is not only you who will die. I will shoot a bullet through my head too.”

      Of course Lady Gaga has stepped up her security and the restraining order now means he must stay 500 meters away from her at all times, but is that really enough?

      “Security is always tight around her but even more so now she’s on tour. Her team won’t take any chances.”

      So scary.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel


      • Johnny Cage

        Doc Schweinstrudel, I bet you are a trans-gendered man.

      • Aussie Mama

        Doc always there with your intelligent analagies. That we can count on.
        ave a good look in the mirror doll, headbutt the mirror, pop that puss filled head zit on your scrawny pimpely backed shoulders into submission, then have a lie down, you should feel a hell of a lot better, getting rid of all that venom from your vodka bloated body. If your in the mood after that, start taking care of yourself and shave your legs, including the gigantic bunions, cos I bet their as hairy as hell, hey!

        Johnny…….Cage…….licks for you baby xxx num num num

  4. Fourth Bitches!!! hahahahaha

  5. As crazy and insane as Mel is, she’s a freaking parasite. I don’t blame him for losing his mind with her. The anti semetic stuff and the racist rants? Not so smart, but him being genuinely ticked off at her manipulations and money grubbing ways would send me over the edge too. She doesn’t give a FUCK about her daughter. She wants custody so she can squeeze even more money out of Mel.

    If she doesn’t gain custody, then she should go fuck herself and Mel shouldn’t pay her a plug nickle in alimony.

    • They’re both fucked as human beings, but stating she doesn’t give a fuck about her kid is no more valid than saying Mel doesn’t give a fuck about her, either. I think the problem is that they both hate each other more than they love their kid – so unless they can let go of that and try to be decent parents, that little girl is going to have a shitty life. Mel wants control over Oksana even though they’re not together, Oksana wants money and independence from Mel.

      Since they weren’t married, Oksana wouldn’t get alimony – only child support. Mel was still married when he started living with her and started another family, so quite frankly, no sympathy for him in the money and support department. He went off and did what he wanted to at the time and didn’t seem to care a great deal about how much his new family hurt his wife and kids. So now when it comes time to pay for it all, tough shit if – since it’s all gone south – the price now seems to be too high.

      • Doc Schweintrudel

        thanks, Justifiable. Fish, it was such a funny interpretation! My goodness, that and KeiШa were like the heighest points of my day – I laughed so hard, I HAVE TO THANK ALL PEOPLE WHO CONTRIBTED COMMENTS TO KEI$A’S PICS (my colleagues suspect my jolly mood be my smoking weed).
        Now about that sociapath Mel Gib$on: I have a theory. In spite of you all be going on and on about money his general claim against Oksana was that she didn’t put out for him. Since the daughter was born he sort of started new life and quit smoking -drinking etc. Now human organism can be very greatful to such endeavors…I believe that since he quit drinking and smoking it somehow affected their sexual life. He of course says it’s her “disfunctional vagina” and that “he needs a woman and not a little girl” but man I bet his dick became harder than regular half mellow cocks of drunks and smokers or other junkies and all and it just started to hurt her at some point, when alcoholics quit drinking such things do actually happen, and men just can’t change their style of fucking because…I guess it’s something beyond their control. So maybe try more gentle, crazy guy.

      • Doc, you had it and sorta lost it – it’s all about control. You aren’t factoring in the divorce that was taking place during that time he supposedly started disavowing booze and ciggies. He was in the process of losing a huge chunk of his net worth to his wife – and having to keep paying out without retaining control over the person receivig the bucks is a nightmare for a control freak. So he probably doubled up on Oksana in that department – hell, he’s still trying to tell her how to dress or what size boobs to wear out in public.

        In addition, he’s getting old, which is bad news if you’re either a leading actor or a narcissist or both. He’s not getting prime roles any more – “Edge of Darkness” did only meh at the box office (not really for his performance, more for script, but he couldn’t save it). That “sugar tits” thing and the divorce hurt his image as a devout religious and family oriented man. He had to sell off a lot of art and the Lakers box to retain liquidity during that time. A friend of mine is Mel’s contractor for that religious church compound in Malibu – construction has been halted and he hasn’t been paid for the work he’s done so far . If you think with all that happening Mel’s putting out an A-list performance between the sheets, you have more faith than I do. I think he’s probably not doing well in that area either, and without the booze and the nicotine to either take the edge off or take the blame, that means it’s HER fault. How dare she fall asleep on him so that the Viagra went to waste! Why, it…it…makes you WANT TO SMOKE!

      • Doc Schweintrudel

        She has been with him for years. And his financial problems I am sure didn’t even start with divorce. Neither was a problem for any of them as they stayed together for years. I am sure he hasn’t been any different with his ex wife or their kids so maybe she (Oksana) loved being controlled! The only thing that changed was that he quit drinking, smoking hell knows what else. ALL the tapes are his offence to her that she isn’t giving it to him. It’s not about money, it’s not about his ex wife, it’s not about child, ALL THE TAPES ARE ABOUT SEX

      • Doc Schweintrudel

        Mr Gib$on is clearly a temperamental man, I bet he fucks really hard and I bet when he fucked her drunk his dick was half soft and when he fucked her when healthy it really hurt. One can’t stay when sex turns into a pain ordeal.

      • Okay, first off, who hired the ex felon as her bodyguard? Oh, that’s right, Oksana did! and it had to take Mel Gibson to get a restraining order against the bodyguard to make Oksana get rid of him! Also, mothers who love their kids and are concerned about their welfare would not even want to subject them to all this publicity. Oksana also has a teenage son who is probably getting affected by this media circus surrounding the case. But ironically, it was Mel’s side who wanted all these issues they had to be kept in the court room. but Oksana didn’t want to since her team fought off the gag order that prevented them from discussing the case in public. And Mel has already raised seven kids with his ex wife without any problems, they’re living normal lives and aren’t acting like the typical celebrity kids ala michael douglas’ son. The tapes were awful to hear, but based on their actions so far, Mel is the one acting responsibly here. And I don’t get how he’s trying to control Oksana when all he seems to be asking for is to get joint custody of his daughter, and to clarify from the judge whether he can deduct 6k from the 20k child support he was ordered to pay. It’s not unreasonable to do so, since apparently, Oksana, their daughter, Tim Dalton’s son, as well as Oksana’s parents, are living rent free in his house. And not only that, he’s also provided Oksana a nanny which he pays for, provided her with a car, and pays for his daughter’s medical insurance. If Oksana had wanted independence from Mel, she wouldn’t choose to live at his house, nor would she want to use the car he gave her, or even the nanny. Mel has also already tried to settle with her for 15 million dollars, which she accepted but later changed her mind on. It’s being reported that the reason was coz another lawyer had convinced her that she could get more money for her daughter if she was included in the Trust fund Icon which was set up for Mel and Robyn’s children. If Oksanawas really telling the truth about Mel being a danger to their child, why did she sign the joint custody form as well? How does that make her a good mother? She even emailed Mel that he was a good father to Lucia and that she still loved him even though he didn’t love her anymore, and mentioned that he betrayed their family coz he chose to listen to his ex wife and his daughter over her. Based on everything she’s done, her leaked emails to him, she seems to be the one who wants to be in control of him rather than the other way around.

    • Mike Walker

      Doc, you can’t compare your asshole to a woman’s vagina. Vaginas are built to be prodded with a hard wang dang doodle!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Mike, you cannot compare me to your mother. Just so you know. I’m sorry you are offended by the comment that aloholic’s and smoker’s dicks are semi-mellow. It’s something many women know

  6. Sid

    Maybe the judge showed him a picture of Lazarus’ tomb.

  7. A “herd” of n-words, really? Thought it was barrel.

  8. Ksurfiws

    Say what you want, “I hope you get raped by a “Herd” of Niggers!” Just does not sound right.

  9. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    If you were trying to make fun of Russian accent, you have failed. You know nothing about it. What you tried to replicate sounds more German. Russian would go something like this – Wat? Zis? I was, how you sey, gardening.

  10. Aussie Mama

    Funny how anyone extorted for money becomes crazy all of a sudden in the tabloids….to cover for the eventual plan of taking their money and knocking them off….wacko jacko (michael only became a pedo and wacko when he parted with satan motola and sony
    (standard oil new york/rockerfellers), crackie courtney, bonkers brittney(obviously just wants to retire and be a mother, but is FORCED to perform, medicated, virtual prisoner, heart hasn’t been in in for years, but the threat of taking her boys away from her, keeps her at it), lilo, mad mel, randy quaid, druggie heath ledger, the crazy olsens, caradine, hutchence…while money is syphoned off shore, by the very close knit bankers, accountants, agents, hollywood moguls…..see a pattern here. why is demi lovato cutting herself? abuse hmmmm….per head ratio, hollywood and evil disney really seem to be doing something wrong!
    Aside from that “Fathers Have Rights”. I don’t believe there is anything mad about Mel and he most certainly doesn’t have to be in front of the camers to make cash. he’s made more $$$ behind the cameras with icon, than he ever did in front. eg; Precious, Passion Of The Christ etc….
    60k is jackshit for her upkeep, 6k a month in just rent, then ass to that the botox, collagen and regular surgery…..pitance. which she has earned and deserves. mel should come back to australia, and never pay a cent again and at his age, i’m sure that’ll happen in time anyway.

    • I had no idea Evi Quaid read the site.

    • WTF Report

      You idiot, they’re calling him crazy because of the phone rants not “because he’s being extorted for money”. No one make him threaten to kill her, burn down the house and forcibly suck him off before he did either one but batshit Mel himself. For christsake, when does some sort of accountability for your actions start anyway? “She made him do it” is a suck-ass excuse and if you try to blame anything you did or said on the fact that someone “made you crazy” in court the judge won’t give a crap. You are certifiably loonytoons!!

  11. Aussie Mama

    yes better believe it, crazy all of a sudden, while coincidentally being robbed at the same time, just like all the others. nothing weird going on on hollyweird at all, all above board.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      You have some sort of fixation on this case, obsessed with Mel Gibson.
      Give it up, he prefers SLIM and RUSSIAN and yeah with THOSE LIPS

      • Johnny Cage

        Doc, you have a fixation with defending whorish mail order brides from Russia. And anyone who relatively opposes your view you simply resort to tacky “your mother” jokes or calling them limp dicked.

        You have realize, that although the Fish is somewhat queer, it’s still primarily an American site. So when you discuss your view, try not to sound off like an 11 year old all the time. I realize that from where your from the prime occupation of women is to be a mail order bride for a horny rich Alaskan man. However this is not the fault of others here. It certainly isn’t the fault of Mel (well maybe it is) that the woman whom he ordered in the Bride-to-you catalog only shelled out a 2 year shelf life.

        In your future responses to people try to refrain from your standard “your mother is a whore” and “you probably have a small dick”. The women who resort to this kind of tactic are already well spoken for…in t he field of prostitution.

      • Aussie Mama

        yeah baby!
        and he is being extorted, many of them are, but they HAVE to keep quiet, it’s all a part of the fame game. do some sleuthing yourself, all the info is there, no you won’t read it in the tabloids, it won’t be served on a tray for you!
        age old game, been around forvere, the hollywood mafiosos are real.

      • Aussie Mama

        love the cage

      • Aussie Mama

        peter, or poyda like we call you in the land of Aus, you are right. nice to see another intelligent sould on this site. i do read this site for the laughs, some of the comments, are so frickin’ funny, just about pee laughing the whole time. love the humor, the comments, the site. huge fan of mr johnny cage, poyda/peter, even doc, cos she’s such a mentally retarded bitch, justfiables cool, even if we may differ in opinion, but at least in a respectful manner, so that’s all okee dokee with me, hallee is cool bananas, hats off to you kiddo,
        WTF, they ahd an arguement over child access, hugely emotional, doctored too, but who tapes shit like thsi? and why? for extortion, for money. don’t tell me it’s about licia or her safety. this bitch hangs with the russian mafia, mel is a pussycat, compared to the boys she hangs, n screws around with.

    • Aussie Mama

      somehow i doubt he would ever even touch a russian with someone else’s dick. let alone his own. many men will take note of this and will do the same.
      she is a pisce of shit!

  12. Mad Mel will wind up paying the woman & paying the lawyers.
    I think it might be in the best interest of the child to minimize daddy’s interactions with the mother. It’s been amply established that they don’t get along so good.
    Release a flood of Passion of Christ cash upon the California economy!

    • Funny how Oksana went to Mel’s deposition even though he didn’t go to her’s. Didn’t she apply for an RO against him coz she was scared for her life? Except she’s still living at his house, and seems to have no problem going to his deposition just to provoke him. Yup, she sure is suffering from battered wife’s syndrome like she claims.

  13. Peter

    Hey WTF report
    Educate yourself before spewing BS
    The tapes have been altered. Yeah, thats right, altered. Do you get it?
    She is a gold digger who set him up and now wants him to pay.

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