Mel Gibson Wants Timothy Dalton to Blow Him Now. Or Something.

July 26th, 2010 // 110 Comments

With the Mel Gibson recordings starting to get long in the tooth, producers wisely decided it was a time to bring in a guest star: Enter two-time 007 Timothy Dalton, father of Oksana Grigorieva‘s 12-year-old son, and the subject of Mel’s latest rant which, like always, goes out on a classy ending that will touch your heart. RadarOnline reports:

In the new tape, furious Mel says: “Did you get my last message about me being a bad father, and Tim being a great dad now?”
Oksana, who does not fight back on the new tape, utters a barely audible “no,” as Gibson continues to rant, hurling some of the most hateful language yet captured on audio.
“You didn’t hear that one?” Mel continues. “Well, you should go and f*ck him (Dalton), you know, you fickle c*nt because I don’t care.”
“The game’s over,” Mel yells. “Okay. The game’s over. Let the new games begin so you can get it on with anybody else and your son can watch it. What is it? Number 45 he’s going to have to look at? F*cking good.
“I despise you,” he says with fury in his voice. “I don’t want you back. You have proven yourself to me. You’re not the f*cking woman I want. You’re a f*cking fake. You’re a f*cking sham. You don’t know what the f*ck it means to make a man happy. You didn’t make me f*cking happy. I couldn’t make you happy with the BEST I DID FOR ANYBODY, EVER! EVER,” he yells. “You f*cking glum c*nt!”

“Glum cunt.” *jots that down* So let me make sure I understand the general thesis here: Mel Gibson is falling apart – probably because this is at least the seventh phone call he’s made threatening arson with a side of racial sauce – and realizes he probably sent Oksana straight back into the arms of 007. So to patch things over he suggests she fucks Timothy Dalton directly in front of their 12-year-old son. Wow! I’m honestly impressed at the suggestion of family togetherness. Maybe this Mel Gibson isn’t so bad after all once you get past all the bigotry, domestic violence, blowjob bloodlust, verbal abuse, anti-Semitism, firearms, anger issues, murderous obsession with fakers….

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  1. You know…I think I’ve been desensitized to Mel Gibson. I don’t think there is anything he can say that would actually shock me anymore.

    • mupp

      Yep, the crazy bus has pulled out of Mel central station 4 or 5 times too many…..He’s a muppet.

    • missywissy

      Why does he put so much energy into her if he HATES her that much? When you really hate somebody one tends not to give ANYTHING, yet he calls and calls and rants and rants. I mean really, if she was so awful, why does he take the time to even tell her how he feels?? I think he should figure out where the hate is stemming from. Oksana is just an outlet.

    • This is obviously all prelude to the upcoming James bond-Martin Riggs franchise- The Living Daylights of a Lethal Weapon. Oksana will play Barbara Bach’s role of the Russian spy.

    • @Doc Schweinstrudel >

      Um, no…at least I wasn’t. I’ve never blamed Oksana…I’ve acknowledged that she’s not the hero of the story, but nothing Oksana may or may not have done excuses any of what Gibson has been spewing.

    • Chimaera

      I agree with you. am I a bad person for laughing whenever I hear him ragiing?

  2. Ben Dover

    Mel , this guy is my hero !

  3. Miked

    I’ll say it again, it’s not him its her. Really I mean and believe that. He might be crazy but she is a major succubus…

    • Rebecca

      Oh yeah, Miked, she deserved it all right… is that what you tell your wife before you abuse the crap out of her, “look what you made me do!” Whatever Oksana is or has done, she never asked or deserved to be abused. Mel Gibson is a big bag ‘o nuts and a very dangerous man to women.

      • Ego

        how do you know that for sure? for all we know she could have asked for it and deserved it. Some women do deserve it. Take Snooki for example…

      • RJP

        Yeah, but, seriously, if he really hates her that much, why keep calling her about it? Especially since it all ends up getting taped? He’s a douche for sure, but I get the feeling she’s pushing his buttons before the tape starts so she gets something juicy on him.

    • belle

      Ah you reply directly like this. I never post on this site but jesus, you are a grade a asshole. Still as i assume you have a glove puppet for a girlfriend, I will leave this one

    • chill

      No one deserves to be spoken to in that matter no matter how angry they get you. Thats the whole point. This is the mother of his child and he can’t control himself. That is part of what makes it abuse no matter who is pushing what button.

    • Rock Hard

      I think you’re right, she didn’t seem exactly terrified of him whilst she was on the phone. I think she knows that when he’s unbalanced he says way crazy stuff. I think the recordings were more for his money than for her safety.

    • Miked


    • Succubus?!! I’ve not heard that since the days of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Surely some one can apply “doppelgänger” or The Beholder to this epic story. My guess is Mel Gibson’s alignment is neutral-evil.

  4. Cock Dr

    Who knew nicotine & fellatio withdrawal combined could create such a combustible condition?
    Don’t let him near the child. He’s a monster.

  5. debra


    you are crazy! he has shown his true colors way before he ever met this woman. he knew when he met her she had fake boobs and now he puts her down for having them. he has been saying racial slurs way before this event ever happened. mike, you are like Helen Keller trying to hit the bullseye. WAY OFF. he’s a drunk, who may not be drinking now but has not addressed the root of why he was a drunk to being with.

  6. belle

    Niked you are an asshole. It is her? Is that what you tell your tiny penis when it fails to erect?

  7. Lori

    It’s funny. I too wrote down Glum Cunt. It’s my phrase du jour.

  8. Zo

    BTW, I don’t like that new banner picture, i think the one before was better (mysterious) ;

    • chill

      Whatever just another random white girl with pointy features.

      • Mel Gibson's Shrink

        I suppose it should have been a black girl with gorilla-like features. Or a jew Schnauz! Oops.. Mel, get your crazy paws off my laptop!

    • RaraAvis

      The contest for new banner chick clearly stated that fish was looking for the over-the-shoulder lip shot. The vast majority of the submitters were so busy shooting their tits that they didn’t catch that part. This picture was the clear winner because she was one of the few who actually read the requirements and submitted the proper pose.

  9. Captain_Insano

    Its obvious Mel has problems, but Oksana is obviously also a lying gold digger.

  10. sean

    Mel Gibson is being demonized by alcohol and by this floozie, gold-digging temptress sent by Satan. All of us have our breaking points, and the devil has succeeded in pushing Mel past his. As I’ve said before, this is spiritual warfare being waged in front of our eyes because the devil hates Mel for his successful “Passion” movie. Before you condemn Mel, consider how well you would be able to withstand Satan’s assaults on you? The devil knows your weaknesses better than you do, and he can devise a temptation to ruin you, which is what he did for Mel by sending Oksana into his life. Miked is on target with his suggestion that Oksana is a succubus. Pray for Mel and pray that you are not led into an encounter with demonic forces like Mel has been. The devil hates intensely people who spread the message of Christ.

    • Cock Dr


    • Rebecca

      Nope, nope- this has nothing to do with the devil or god or succubi. This is a mentally ill, abusive man who has been allowed for way too long to dominate others and get his way. Now he is like a small spoiled child who’s toy has been taken away. Stop blaming the victim and put the blame squarely where it belongs, on the abuser. He is responsible for his own actions.

      • sean

        Rebecca, you sound like a feminazi. The woman is always right, right?

      • Samantha Bushlicker

        shut up you stupid bitch. you guys/gals all live in a god damn fantasy land if you think no one argues, no one calls names, no one has issues and this is completely uncommon. I will say, to the extent he goes is uncommon, but name calling etc (especially if youre being extorted) happens, as does yelling and emotional outbursts.

        Its life in the real world and those of you that never experienced any of it are passionless, boring, non-sexual slugs with stinky pussies and dicks…which explains the lack of passionate fires in your lives and your reliance on celebrity gossip sites for the drama. You live vicariously through those you wish you could be…fucking glum cunt losers.

    • its me fuckers

      holy fuck… are you for real? I will condemn Mel Gibson for his rants. I also firmly believe Oksana baited him every step of the way. That does NOT make anything he said to her right. Abuse is abuse. He has so much venom in him it is disgusting. I think this shows who he is on the inside. And it is a nasty, abusive person.

    • Angelina

      But doesn’t the devil love sexist, racist douche-bags of crazy? Also, I don’t think “Give me a fucking blowjob, cunt” was one of christ’s messages.

    • Claire


      I normally don’t reply on this site, but I feel compelled to reply to your comment. Mel was not “targeted” by Satan because of his Christianity, and Oksana is not a succubus; Oksana taped Mel’s phone calls because NO ONE would have believed a man so well respected across the world could be such a hypocrite.

      He may have been a Christian at one time in his life, and he may have made a movie about the Passion of Christ, but this man has proven that Christ is no longer at the center of his life. Christ taught love, forgiveness and gentleness. In Ephesians, Paul writes that husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. Mel’s actions are not at all in line with Christ’s message.

      Rebecca is not a “feminazi,” nor is she claiming that “the woman is always right”. Rather, sean, it is you who is blinded by ideology. You are giving Mel a pass to act in a truly heinous way because of his so-called “Christianity.” I am not trying to demean Christianity at all… I am questioning your claim that we can consider Mel a Christian. Oksana may have baited him, but it doesn’t matter. Mel is at fault here. The blame SHOULD be on the abuser and not on the victim. Please don’t use religion to uphold misogyny!

      And Samantha – this type of fighting does not lead to passion… it leads to violence. Those are two totally different ways to argue with your spouse.

      • I will cling to Claire as a beacon of common sense & decency in this cesspool of Mad Mel comments.

      • Angelina

        Thank you, Claire – very well said.

      • Heather

        Claire- agreed. Thank you

        @ Samantha. Lol, who would come to these sites and want to have these people’s lives? Sounds like you’re projecting. I come here because Specer Pratt’s, the Lohan’s, and now “what wouldn’t Jesus do” Gibson’s ridiculouness is beyond belief, I’m amused and horrified- it’s not because I lack the passion of their dysfunction personalities and lives. Lol, wow.

        Oh, and also because no-one can honestly deny the gloriousness that is Kim Kardasian’s ass. Even straight women. Now there’s proof of god- not THIS poor sick asshole.

    • RaraAvis

      Dude, this is not the fairy tale site. Go pray somewhere else.

      • Mel Gibson's Shrink

        @ Heather
        Are you fucked in the head? Kim Kardashian’s ass is one of the scarriest things I have ever seen. Halloween scary…

  11. Anon

    Damn…how many freakin’ tapes are there? Mel must have schedule “verbally abuse baby mamma” on his to do list each day.

    She’s a gold digging whore, no doubt. But I can see why she recorded all this stuff.

    • just a male cow

      Slimeball, why not call Jesus by his real name. I know the ugly don’t like that one because it reminds them of their eternal guilt.
      Why not leave Mel the fuck alone. I know plenty of decent people that, in the PRIVACY of their own homes, rant and rave like this.
      I do not condone anything he says mind you, but the guy has been set up. That’s why the cunt is recording him. She is trying to get more of his money.
      Call me up when I am drunk. I am worse when angered.


    The best part about this public breakdown of a clearly insane individual are all the religious idiots coming out of the woodwork claiming that Good Christian Mel is being “targeted” because he made a Jebus snuff film they all hold dear to their cold little hearts.

    Right, and screaming “cunt” repeatedly and threatening death are such GOOD CHRISTIAN VALUES. But we’re supposed to ignore the antisocial insanity of a very hateful man because “Look! Over there! JEEEBUS!” Xtians have such an intense persecution complex they’d jump behind Hitler himself if he had made a Jebus snuff flick.

    • sean

      Why “Jebus” instead of the real name Jesus? It’s because you’re an agent of Satan too. Satan can’t stand the name of Jesus, and he won’t use it. You see, when you understand the spiritual realm, you can decode everything pretty easily. Stop spreading your lies, demon! In the name of Jesus, yes Jesus. JESUS!

      • chupacabra

        You retard, Jesus’ name wasn’t even technically “Jesus” back when he was cruisin’ around Jerusalem in his sandals. Get a grip, freak.

      • Sean, if you think Mel Gibson’s hate-filled rants are representative of “the spiritual realm” then your super secret decoding powers are most decidedly fucked. Nice to you don’t have any trouble with babbling the name of “Jesus” but He hasn’t exactly done a bang-up job healing your power of perception in return, now has he?

      • The name ´Jesus´ is a Greek alteration of Yeshua, so you´re right on, chupacabra, you dirty little beast, you.

        “Not all succubi were malevolent. According to Walter Mapes in De Nugis Curialium (Trifles of Courtiers), Pope Sylvester II (999–1003) was involved with a succubus named Meridiana, who helped him achieve his high rank in the Catholic Church. Before his death, he confessed of his sins and died repentant.”

        Oh yeah, the Catholic Church is sooooo not malevolent. Je$u$ Chri$t…

      • Maria

        Holy f*%k!!!

  13. vhw

    mel really knows what women want!: to blow him after being verbally abused

  14. yolla

    wow, this man has completely completely lost it. he needs help…but is it too late?
    i do believe she wasn’t perfect in this situation, but after the millionth tape with him yelling like this–you start to wonder what the hell is wrong with him… he must’ve lost something big in order to be breaking apart so horribly…

  15. yolla

    ugh this is disgusting. i wish she didn’t release these. she’s crazy.

  16. havoc

    Mel got punked by a professional golddigger. And now there’s a kid, she’ll be sucking money out of him forever.



  17. Timothy Dalton
    Commented on this photo:

    shes a whore

  18. Rebecca

    You Jesus-suckers are a sick and twisted group. I’m glad that I am not one of you, and Jesus himself wouldn’t have you either.

    • sean

      How do you know what Jesus would or wouldn’t have? You admit you’re not a disciple of Jesus, so how could you know what he thinks or wants? You don’t know. You’re just blabbing your mouth off. Typical secular moron drone who hides behind pretend knowledge to justify herself. When you take a good, clear look at yourself and realize your sinfulness and guilt, and when you accept that Jesus died for your sins and your salvation, then you will come around to the truth. I pray you find the light.

      • Pat C

        So if I became a Christian I would start acting and talking the way Mel does now? I think I’ll pass on that.

      • Heather

        When Jesus was angry that the fig tree had not fruit I think the disciples heard him say “I deserve a fucking blow job”

      • You pray she finds the “light” that’ll illuminate how someone so hate-filled is a Christian bulwark against Satan? Hey, I pray you find a brain cell. Doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen either.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Sean – you are so ugly inside and disgusting, reading you repulses me more than Mel. And you sound even more insane – I didn’t know such thing was possible!

      • Richard Dawkins

        You tell em Doc, how dare someone mention the name of Jesus Christ or say Christian faith in your presence. Those Christians always are a violent bunch. Just take a look at how those Amish people keep such large stacks of hay near their barns. You know they’ve got a weapons cashes of 50 Caliber Machine guns hidden somewhere in those piles.

        Plus Christians have killed 12 zillion people because of their violet dogma. ZOMG I’m so counter culture and rebellious. You must all want to suck my cock right now at how I spread hidden cold truth like this. I’ve just farted in my hand and smelled it.

        Remember kids, if you believe in Jesus, you drive with Hitler.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Richard I figured you are drunk or something?
        I AM a Christian. But people like “sean” make my skin crawl. It’s like that episode in Family Guy where George W Bush was saying he acted on behalf of Jesus and then Jesus (who wrorked selling venyl records) took the stage and said “You know nothing of my work. Honestly I don’t know how you become president of anything”.
        Wouldn’t it be good if life was like that?

      • Richard Dawkins

        “I AM a Christian.”

        At first I was like -_-

        But then I lol’d :D

      • WTF report

        Richard D, other than Rebecca no one’s bashing Christianity here – just the opposite. Maybe you should read a little closer or else figure out just what that it’s really SUPPOSED to mean before you take off on people who are are calling bullshit on the ones who constantly hide behind it as an excuse for every shitty, abusive or hateful thing they do and say.

      • Richard Dawkins

        So true WTFReport, those damn Jesus-Suckers can be so abusive. I especially hate it when people like Sean call me a Secularist sinner when all I want to do is hate anything concerning Jesus. I mean I’m not bothering idiots like Sean right? So what’s their problem? Now if you excuse me I’m about to give a lecture on how the world should wage war on the dogmas of Christianity and Christians.

        Allah U Akbar!

  19. Sunidaze

    I think they are both nuts.

    I’m not excusing him but I think she lied on one of the tapes. I could tell by his reaction when she said she never asked him for money.

  20. these recordings get harder and harder to stomach. having been married 14 years to a bipolar i can tell you that no matter what you do or not do to make them happy, it’s never going to be enough. mental illness can devour all reason from a person’s thinking. her dilemma is, you don’t want to punish someone for being sick. especially the parent of your child. but he does need an evaluation and probably some serious medication, before this goes from pathetic to tragedy. hope she wins a 5150 when this investigation’s complete.

    and idgaf if she’s a gold digger. he should have seen that from a mile out. he’s damn lucky she’s not lorena bobbitt. or some conseal-carry southerner.

    • rÜger

      That would be “conceal”, and youre damn right.

      She ought to be thankful of the same…because then we’d be reading about her missing (which would work for me).

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      I’ll pray for you. You’ll get out of this.

    • FYI

      @dudeatdudedotdude I have Bipolar Disorder, and while it has definitely made me say some things I’ve regretted, I’ve never once gone on a racist, bigoted rant as a result. I suggest you get your spouse in to see a psychiatrist ASAP, especially if there are children in the picture. I wish you all the best, and I 2nd that 5150 for Mel.

      • @FYI: excellent point–and thankfully she isnt violent either, but extremely hurtful. she also struggles with hypomania, and that turns any tangent into an obsession. ya she’s in treatment now. wasnt enuf to save the marriage but enuf to salvage a rel with the girls.
        best of luck to you as well–and your family. and well to gibson, lohan..

      • homosapiens

        I wish you the best too

    • homosapiens

      he’s a narcissist and I don’t think there’s any medication for that

  21. Johnny Cage

    And all this because this guy made a Jesus movie the Kabbalists of Hollywood didn’t like.

    Rich Jews write the checks in Hollywood. Piss them off and they’ll make your career a tough slog.

    • yep. the mossad put a gun to his head and made him say these things. maybe he was reading a script that some diabolically clever jew director gave him.

      • chupacabra

        HAHAHAH! The conspiracy theorists are coming out of the woodwork like bedbugs.

      • Johnny Cage

        Yeah I know, there’s no such thing as “Jews owning Hollywood”. That Marlon Brando is really full of it. Mel Gibson just happens to like having tape recorders nearby to pic up everything he says. You know, for just in case he says a racist rant. But then again, it might only be those damn Russians again. F**k Ivan and his old tricks.

        “HAHAHAH! The conspiracy theorists are coming out of the woodwork like bedbugs.”

        no, just….no.

    • Aussie Mama

      Today they are reporting in Australia, that Oksana is trying to release her 2nd music CD, but Mel will not sign off on it and allow the release, as he financed, paid, produced it all and owns it.
      Apparently, ” she’s not a hepi!”.
      The last one sold four copies, I shouldn’t think there’s too much to be upset about really.

  22. KT

    Wow, Mel Gibson’s a pretty convincing psycho bitch from hell.

  23. JungleRed

    Mel Gibson made Timothy Dalton relevant again. Maybe he IS Jesus.

  24. i didnt know she had a 12yo kid with 007…

  25. Timothy Dalton
    Doc Schweinstrudel
    Commented on this photo:

    Derzhis Oksana! Mi s toboy!!!

  26. kpatra

    wow there are actually some good comments on here from intelligent people today. predictably, there are others who rant as horribly as mel against oksana and nameless, faceless commenters on the site. the world is a crazy place. the comments on this site regarding mel/oksana are fodder for someone’s thesis.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Yeah. That’s exactly the point. Apart from some witty jokes I come here mostly to explore the darkness of human nature.
      Anyways I wanted to point out that Timothy Dalton looks quiet decent here. He aged gracefully. Unlike Mel. So appealing…

  27. Funny how he keeps saying “I don’t want you back! I don’t want you!”

    Methinks he doth protest too much.

    • Cock Dr

      Yeah…..calling & calling & calling to call her a cunt (sometimes glum, sometimes fickle, all the time fucking) & to say that her hates her.
      Love is strange.

  28. Timothy Dalton
    rob frost
    Commented on this photo:

    He could play Steve Jobs!

  29. jeffg

    Sounds like he fell for a gold digging slut and now hes hurt that she was a gold digging slut. Been there.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Or maybe you just have a small member.

      • rÜger

        Ahh, the russian downs syndrome K9 slut speaks again. Bravo for being consistent with the 3rd grade small penis jokes. Consistency is key ★comrade★.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Still it doesn’t excuse him or you from having a small member.
        Again I repeat dumbass. I have nothing to do with your bankrupt country and I never want to marry an American man.

      • jeffg

        We have enough alien women running around our country with baseless thoughts. Stay where you are. No one gives a shit what you think.

  30. RasputinsLiver


    Ah…tsk tsk….

    The poor shlub just had an off day, man. She didn’t blow ‘im and we guys all know that’ll ruin the day right there.

    I mean, if your bitch refuses to suckle back your goo then you know for sure it’s gonna be a shitty day.


  31. Aussie Mama

    Finally a report that’s not all poor Oksana;

    Gibson spent July 17 and 18 with Lucia in which Malibu home. “They had a great weekend,” says someone close to him. “Mel is doing pretty well, considering. He feels the judicial system will do him right.”

    Yet it’s clear something has gone very wrong in the life of Mel Gibson, a star who managed to stay on top for decades while struggling with issues including alcoholism and near-suicidal depression. At first the very traits that have now boiled over into rage – intensity, edginess, a blunt macho charm – were what made him a superstar. Gibson broke out as a violent loner in 1979s Mad Max and shot onto the A-list as a crazed cop in the Lethal Weapon movies. His image would remain roughly the same for the next two decades: a guy’s guy who was devoted to his wife, Robyn, and their seven children and loved by crew and castmates but who got a little while away from work. “Certainly he liked to drink,” says his friend and producer Thom Mount, who worked with Gibson on 1988’s Tequila Sunrise. “Drinking was part of his ethods, but it never impacted the picture negatively. He drank socially with the crew, and he was extremely generous and popular with them…

    “Mel became a superstar so quickly that whatever his issues were – religious, feminist – he never got to work them out,” says Mount. “Mel has a good heart. But he is frustrated by a lot of things right now.”

    While few in Hollywood have publicly rallied to Gibson’s side, many are reluctant to condemn him. Several colleagues cite Gibson’s own loyalties to struggling stars. In 2003, he personally paid for the insurance bond that allowed Robert Downey Jr. to work on a movie and revive a career all but destroyed by his drug use. At a Hollywood party around that time, “Mel was there being very protective of Robert and making sure he wasn’t drinking,” says a longtime Gibson friend, acting coach Ivana Chubbuck. “Mel believed in him, when everybody else had left his side…”

    Even so, many colleagues are shocked by the vitriol heard in Gibson’s conversations with Girgorieva. Says a female collaborator: “This is not the Mel I know. He could get angry. He could be mad. But screaming mad like on these tapes? Never.” Darlene Love, a costar in four Lethal Weapon movies who is African-American, says Gibson “has been a brother and friend to me. I love and support him 100 percent.”

    Whatever caused Gibson’s controlled intensity to erupt into outright fury, he must now deal with the consequences and try and put his shattered life back together. “People can slam Mel all they want, and the guy has made some truly dreadful mistakes, but don’t count him out,” says Mount. “The talent that he has cannot be lost. His personal life is something he needs to get under control. And if he does that, then gradually he will come back from this.

    • WTF report

      If Thom Mount is still trying to get people to believe Mel is just a fun loving social drinker who’s just “frustrated” now then he’s full of shit, and so is the rest of this post. If you’re going to cut and paste from everywhere instead of just linking it get your own damn site. “Social drinkers” don’t go apeshit like he did whenhe got busted and they don’t usually get DUIs either because they don’t get so shitfaced they think they can still drive. Even Gibson admitted his drinking was way out of control but that’s not the point. He doesn’t sound drunk on these tapes and no one except this douchebag is trying to give him that excuse. He sounds fucking out of control insane because a woman that he swears he doesn’t want dared to have fake tits and wear clothing he doesn’t approve of. And while all his buddies and costars love him, none of them was ever in a relationship with him where they fell asleep without blowing him.

      • RasputinsLiver


        Thanks for the WTF report, Oksana. Now calm down and make that “I’m Goin’ To Disneyland!” list up for all the millions you’re going to extort…er…I mean….take from Mel.


      • Aussie Mama

        Look what you say, fair enough. Keeping a totally open mind.
        Let’s see what comes out in court. I am certain that it will be interesting.

  32. Fati87

    He has officially lost it.

  33. captain america

    there is steam coming out of his ears?

  34. Nerd

    What’s really hysterical is all these comments. Religion, Feminism, Chauvinism, Sexism…Mel really brings out the best in people.

    The more pressing question, is would the Critters beat the Gremlins. Personally, I think the Gremlins would kick ass, but they have to turn from Mogwai to Gremlins first. The Critters already arrive as Critters, plus they turn into a huge bad ass ball. But the Gremlins are more dexterous, so I think that would play to their advantage.

    I think Gremlins would win, and to celebrate, they would CRUSH the Ghoulies.


  35. zoey

    hell hath no fury like mel scorned. obv he still wants her

  36. Mel Gibson's Shrink

    This is lies!! My patient would never suggest Oksana have sex with her ex while her son watches! Anyone knows that watching one’s parents have sex could scar a kid for life. Mel said “RANDOM DUDE”, I repeat – RANDOM!

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