Mel Gibson Wants Full Custody Now

“Lucia? Baby, it’s Papa. I’m comin’ for ya. Now, put your mother on the line, I have some things she needs to hear. *flicks open lighter* Grown up things…”

In a bold move for a custody battle containing admissions of assault, Mel Gibson is now fighting for full custody of his daughter Lucia and using Oksana Grigorieva’s appearance on Larry King Live as his argument, according to TMZ:

According to the documents, in addition to attempting to take custody away from Oksana Grigorieva, Mel’s lawyers will ask Judge Scott Gordon to award her visitation, but only with a monitor. And Mel’s lawyers want the judge to deny Oksana any overnight visits with the baby.
Mel’s lawyers argue in the documents that Oksana’s false and derogatory statements to the media about Mel and the attempt to sully his character show she is not acting in the best interests of Lucia. Oksana trashed Mel last night on “Larry King Live.”
As TMZ first reported, Judge Gordon has warned Oksana she could lose custody if she talked to the media.

As I’ve said before, I still can’t believe how badly Oksana has screwed the pooch on this one. She has sworn declarations admitting guilt, audio recordings and Mel Gibson’s demeanor in general going for her, yet she still dropped the ball because her Russian heart beats only to the sound of dollar signs. I mean, Christ, she could have had $15 million right off the bat for just walking away, but instead she got greedy. While I still maintain Mel Gibson is a racist, abusive asshole, there’s absolutely no way in hell I’ll believe Oksana did anything in the interest of stopping him or shining a light on domestic violence. The sound of his fists were nothing more than the cha-ching of cash registers to her. Again, I’m not condoning violence against women, but let’s not kid ourselves. She probably smiled and wondered how much a car made out of diamonds cost.