Mel Gibson Wants Full Custody Now

November 18th, 2010 // 39 Comments
Mel Gibson

“Lucia? Baby, it’s Papa. I’m comin’ for ya. Now, put your mother on the line, I have some things she needs to hear. *flicks open lighter* Grown up things…”

In a bold move for a custody battle containing admissions of assault, Mel Gibson is now fighting for full custody of his daughter Lucia and using Oksana Grigorieva‘s appearance on Larry King Live as his argument, according to TMZ:

According to the documents, in addition to attempting to take custody away from Oksana Grigorieva, Mel’s lawyers will ask Judge Scott Gordon to award her visitation, but only with a monitor. And Mel’s lawyers want the judge to deny Oksana any overnight visits with the baby.
Mel’s lawyers argue in the documents that Oksana’s false and derogatory statements to the media about Mel and the attempt to sully his character show she is not acting in the best interests of Lucia. Oksana trashed Mel last night on “Larry King Live.”
As TMZ first reported, Judge Gordon has warned Oksana she could lose custody if she talked to the media.

As I’ve said before, I still can’t believe how badly Oksana has screwed the pooch on this one. She has sworn declarations admitting guilt, audio recordings and Mel Gibson’s demeanor in general going for her, yet she still dropped the ball because her Russian heart beats only to the sound of dollar signs. I mean, Christ, she could have had $15 million right off the bat for just walking away, but instead she got greedy. While I still maintain Mel Gibson is a racist, abusive asshole, there’s absolutely no way in hell I’ll believe Oksana did anything in the interest of stopping him or shining a light on domestic violence. The sound of his fists were nothing more than the cha-ching of cash registers to her. Again, I’m not condoning violence against women, but let’s not kid ourselves. She probably smiled and wondered how much a car made out of diamonds cost.


  1. McFeely Smackup


    • Abraxus

      God, I feel so sorry for that child – Mel seems to have completely lost touch with reality, Oksana cares only about money – does anyone really care about the kid? This is one of those cases where you wonder what the losing party is going to do, because I don’t think either of them is stable and do we really need another OJ type trial?There’s no good end to this either way!

  2. Sen


  3. the thing is

    Well that last paragraph is the best piece of written opinon about the Gibson/Oksana war anyone on the internet. I guess I’ll start waving my Fish flag again.

  4. JD

    I don’t condone violence against women… generally. However, I think I could make a conspicuous exception for this twat. In context, Mel’s rants make perfect sense, I’d just like to know how he controlled himself as well as he did.

    • Perez Hilton Is An Ass


    • Aussie Mama

      Too true mate, there’s a lot to be said about provocation, when it comes to matters of the heart. Nothing would be harder to endure than being denied access to a child you love. Call him whatever you want, but Mel has always been a great Dad! And will continue being so.

    • Yeah Oksana is a ugly gold-digging skank and I’m sure she deserved whatever happened to her. As un-PC as that may sound. Mel Gibson deserves better than her. I mean, he kinda sucks, but she sucks SO MUCH MORE… I hope he at least realises that a lot of people are on his side and not hers

  5. Cock Dr

    Oh no! Don’t give the child to that mentally ill asshole!
    Unsure about the mother’s fitness too, but Mad Mel is fucking crazy.

  6. Ksurfiws

    I can’t get past the picture? Why????

  7. Ray Sist

    “While I still maintain Mel Gibson is a racist, abusive asshole”…

    Any man who hasn’t smacked a woman that deserves smacking is stronger than most men. As far as Mel being racist? Most blacks are racist but it comes out in their actions, not their words. Wait until they’re the majority (they’re working on it) and we’ll just see how tolerant they are as the dominant race.

  8. I feel sorry for the kid. you got both parents who are crazy fucked up assholes. one is racist piece of shit and the other is a fucking gold digging whore.

    “As I’ve said before, I still can’t believe how badly Oksana has screwed the pooch on this one”
    easy she saw WALL STREET too many times and kept hearing Michael Douglas’ famous line that greed is good a one too many times.

  9. The one tape where he was gasping for air he was so mad–used to think that was so awful. A little marcia clark style overkill later and now i laugh like he’s the old man in a twisted sister video. I hate her so much right now id free oj

  10. Doc Schweintrudel

    Typical American bastard talking. Fuck you, asshole

    • Johnny Cage

      Then get the hell out and go back to Russia. We’ll put you on a boat along side that thieving bitch Oksana so you both can head back to Siberia where you belong.

      • Doc Schweintrudel

        Well. I AM in Russia. And don’t want to go to the US. No thanks. Bet you never travelled outside your trailer park – cause you have no money. Now joke’s on you!

      • Johnny Cage

        Why would need to travel outside my trailer park? You Russian bitches are already eager to come to a dump like this once we order you from the ads in Rent-a-bride magazine. Hell, even Trailer Trash get at least 5.50 an hour. You on the other hand can enjoy your frozen Siberian fishing village.

        Hey baby, its either you give face to us Yankees for cash, or you could just continue giving rimjobs to Turks for free.

  11. caligrrl

    Agreed Fish! Well said. This woman is a cunting whore. I think the picture of her SMILING like a fucking wackjob with her chipped teeth speaks volumes.

    • Doc Schweintrudel

      you are such a nice girl! All for the sisterhood right, all for women’s solidarity.
      I hope you get what you are competing for, attention of a sociapath like Mel.
      When last attractive woman is beaten, it’s those uglies like yourself, inside and outside – would bed the GREAT MAN DAD FANTASTIC ACTOR CHRISTIAN MEL!

      • Johnny Cage

        So people who hate extortionists are ugly?

        *Screams up to the Hill Valley Clock Tower*

        Doc!! I have to tell you about the future!!
        I have to tell you about the FUTURE!!!

        On the night I got back…you get older…you end up using up the trust fund you leached from that Alaskan Playboy you extorted! Then you turn 50, and you end up looking like a cross between Helen Thomas and Andrea Dworkin!!

    • Aussie Mama

      And she’s not allowed out anyway. They can’t even go out after dark from the curfews man!
      The one’s that do go out of that grey, miserable place, reek havoc, sleeping with anyone, for lifestyle, which includes food, shopping, rent , anything. Their husbands are ok with it too, they are ruining marriages in countries, where divorce used to be unheard of until these skanks infiltrated.
      Doc I wouldn’t be bragging about anything where you are, seriously, we all know and understand why you are so sad and angry at the world, but it’s not our fault.
      And if you were such a patriot, you would stay off these sites. Your probably some degenerate no where near Russia, but lives for argueing as it’s the only excitement you get and are so used to it, it gets your nip’s hard.
      The Mel thing, his 7 other kids turned out just fine. You won’t and haven’t heard or seen any of his offspring in the media, flashing fannies, doped to the eyeballs, lugging fist sized amounts of coke through airports, like the darling apris etc, they all have good jobs, families and are good citizens. I’m sure with his $$$ he could do it an 8th time no problems at all, afford the best of care and everything.
      Her, she’ll be flashing her thrashed gash in Playboy in no time. Hardly mother material. Really, considering Timothy Dalton rears her 1st son, and has 90% guardianship, Mel just might surprise all, and WIN where it matters AGAIN!

  12. Christ

    I feel for the kid. Mad Mel is a racist, homophobic psychotic nutcase with anger management problems, and Oksana is a gold digging money grubbing attention whore with an IQ of 30; she’s talked her way right out of $15 million. The best outcome would be for the child to go into foster care; at least she wouldn’t be used as a football between these 2 waring assholes…

    • Doc Schweintrudel

      See I don’t get this flawed logic: she is smart and calculating she brought him into this and she is gold digger yet the gold digger refused $15000000 – she is stupid not to have taken it. Are those like mutually exclusive notions.
      I mean what is it with YOUR iqs?

      • Doc Schweintrudel

        Well, I know. YOU would have taken the money. Pride and dignity have no place in your pathetic lives.

  13. He;s an idiot. She’s a bigger idiot. Nuff said.

  14. Doc Schweintrudel

    On a side note…your “star” “hero”, Mel Gibson seems kinda ugly to me: he has bigger nose I ever seen or any jew and more hair than any n*gger or we*back he so despises.

    • Look i aint much liked anything he did since the first 2 mad max movies. But.. he was mad max. Thats two get outa jail cards right there.. And ultimately its what most guysll still care about given time

    • Aussie Mama

      UGLY? He’s in his 50′s, has 8 kids, he is a grandfather.
      How does your Father look babe?
      Clean up the shit on your own doorstep, before you go treading through others.
      Your just another typical, materialistic, vain Russian Babushka Pig. Bet you still wear Abba eyeshadow, right up to your eyebrows, with fire engine red lippy love. Arghhh!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        Yep and I fuck your Aussie boyfriend. You know the one who duped you with the kid. i live for this!

      • Johnny Cage

        Oh yeah you’re just full of class. Oksana has a great advocate of the righteousness of her cause with you.

  15. wim

    I’ll tell you what to do.

  16. Hey now, let’s not diss all Russian women. I’m planning on ordering one for myself for my birthday next year!!!

  17. Mama Pinkus

    he’s looking a little gay in that pic – not that there is anything wrong with that

  18. Captain Slappy

    He was showing his tender side in this photo BEFORE he kicked your ass (next photo). Bad-asses trick you up like that.

    He will eventually rule the world…and I (personally) will be ok with that.
    I will then get a job working for the “Mel Gibson Abduction Agency” (MGAA!) where I get paid to bring him people to beat on. Which would be awesome.
    I would actually return part of my paycheck each week….probably.

  19. Lara

    This is such a train wreck. I hope Oksana wins

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