Mel Gibson to Oksana: ‘You’re Going to Get Raped By a Pack of N-Words’

July 1st, 2010 // 83 Comments

Realizing it’s time to build on his groundbreaking, anti-Semitic “Sugar Tits” rant, Mel Gibson reportedly went on a racial tirade while arguing with his ex Oksana Grigorieva about her appearance. As threatened last week, she happened to be taping the entire thing and just now released/sold the recordings to RadarOnline. Apparently Mel has heard the tapes and now his attorney will only answer questions through a publicist:

“You’re an embarrassment to me,” Mel tells her at one point.
“You look like a f***ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault.”
Mel’s attorney told that he is no longer commenting on the case and said Mel’s publicist is the only Mel official who will speak for him.
Mel’s profane outbursts are littered with references to Oksana being a “whore” and “c**t”.
In another tirade, Mel tells Oksana: “How dare you act like such a bitch when I have been so f**king nice.”
He warns, “I am going to come and burn the f**king house down… but you will blow me first.”

Anyone wonder if he actually got the beeje? I mean, playing the arson card? That’s practically genius. I’m writing that one down.

Oh, right, the racial stuff. Watch out, Mel Gibson’s a bigot, everybody! Alert the White House and Parliament and so on and so forth. (Anyone have a pen?)

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  1. waka

    Eh. Still a good actor, even if he is as crazy as my mom… and my dad…. and my brother… and my sister…. .likely me one day as well…

    • madmaxnggrgangbang

      haha nice! i can just imagine him yelling at the phone all pissed off with that beaver on his hand! just think if he and sam l jackson were roommates and/or neighbors? awesome…

    • meli

      Thank you for saying that. This is waaaay out there!

  2. uglyrussianskank

    he’s a real pisser ….ahaha

  3. waka

    I think people are more interested when it is him than, lets say Charlie Sheen, because people want to like the guy. He makes it hard sometimes though.

    I still want to see him make good films but still. It would be nice to see an article maybe about him saving a baby from a burning building rather than throwing a woman into one.

  4. Georgeo

    Oh come on. Who hasn’t said things like this?

  5. the EPA

    “Get raped by a pack of niggers” Classic Road Warrior.

  6. Awesome. Thank you, Mel. Thank you very much.


    If this is true, it may be the last stop for Mel Gibson. He has a few issues.

  8. Ho.Lee.Shit

    He should probably start some type of club…one where people wear special robes and hats to show that they’re down for the cause.

  9. Deacon Jones

    ..holy SHIT.

    If you thought the fallout over the jews start wars thing was bad….wait until this hits…

    “A pack” hahaha, that’s great. His career is over after this one.

    • Sugar

      I wholeheartedly agree. I actually am surprised at his viciousness. And why and how was she “taping” their fights? Was this whole “relationship” a set-up or something? It’s happened before to others. I would like to hear what she said to those comments or before because there are two sides to every story. And I’m pretty sure that baby is fucked.

    • Deacon Jones

      Fuck quoting Braveheart, I’m going to quote this tape this weekend at my barbecue!

      • Randal(l)

        They may take our lives, but they can never take our pack of raping N-WORDS!!!!

        you were both right


  10. Anna

    HAHAHAHA, blow me before I burn the house down…. That’s great! Silly lovebirds.

  11. DannyGloverAsSergeantRogerMurtaugh

    I’m getting to old for this shit!

  12. The Nail
    Commented on this photo:

    He’s not even worthy of crucifixion.

  13. Mel now we all have to hate you, thanks buddy.

    • snarkyscreenname

      I think you are a fake Randal

    • bob

      you hate him if you want!! but he’s is one of the best actors. if you had a gold digging bitch treating you like shit i’m sure you would say shit like that!!

      • justifiable

        The fuck I would.

        You mean a gold digging bitch that he left his wife of how many years for (the same wife that he’s known for fucking around on because he’s such a good and righteous Catholic), a bitch that he had a baby with because contraception is a sin, but adultery isn’t because…uh…well, skip that one, and now she has the GALL not to be getting along with him, superduperniceMel, Mel who was so fucking nice to have chosen her in the first place and left his wife for her etc etc. – and HE is the one who’s getting “treated like shit”? Fucking way overdue if you ask me. What you’re objecting to here is clearly interest on all that karmic payback. Tough. Shit. He doesn’t even have the defense of being drunk for this one.

        What astounds me is that he still thinks he’s going to heaven and his wife won’t, because she’s not a strict Catholic like he is.

    • Ted from LA

      warning *** fake Randal alert ****

  14. testingmebitches

    Seriously this guys is fucking nuts.

    How fucked in the head do you have to be to believe Jesus doesn’t want you to use birth control so your wife has to pump out 8 kids…but it is totally cool to have an affair, get your mistress pregnant and make racist threats.

  15. McFeely Smackup

    I gotta remember that one. “I’m going to do [insert horrible crime here] to you…but you’re going to blow me first!”

    Say what you will about him, but dammit that man knows good story structure!

  16. Vito

    Mel…dude…you have officially jumped the shark. Trying to keep in mind all of your previous good work in the film industry, a few bombs notwithstanding, it’s about time for you to call it a night. Here are the steps you can take as a program of recovery: 9mm…right temple…say your 3 Our Fathers and 3 Hail Marys (as if Someoone would be listening to you after all your bullshit)…getting the drift? What the fuck, it’s not like you’re good looking anymore.

  17. ghost

    Wow. He’s totally bat shit crazy. Do you supposed there are other women lined up and waiting to be abused by him?

  18. Vito

    Mel…Dude…you’ve officially jumped the shark. Trying to keep in mind all your previous good work in the film industry, a few bombs notwithstanding, here are the steps you can take as a program of recovery: 9mm (or a .38)…right temple…say 3 Our Fathers and 3 Hail Marys (as if Someone would listen to you after all your bullshit…Are you getting the drift here? What the fuck, it’s not like you’re good looking anymore. BTW, a bottle of bourbon is optional.

  19. Vito

    No, I didn’t stutter!

  20. Jen

    thats some funny shit. how could she hate him after saying something so funny?!?

  21. Crat

    It’s fortunate that I’m not famous. My more lengthy tirades even touch on the Pygmies of Cameroon. I’d no doubt be hauled to the Hague for thought-crimes against humanity.

  22. alex

    The best part is that the woman he chose to spend the rest of his life with was walking around recording shit to use against him later. Classic.

    Mel is all done. Good.

  23. Racer X


  24. misterfister

    I said the same thing to my wife today. I’ll bet she never burns the bacon again.

  25. She may look like a f*cking pig in heat (huh?), but at least she’s a crafty pig.

  26. I would demand a bj before i burnt my house down too!

  27. Bunny

    This is fucking hilarious! If I were this Oksana whore I would have just shrugged and said “Meh. Don’t threaten me with a good time buddy.”

  28. tuesday

    LOL to all of it. literally. who knew retorts to bigotry would brighten my day?

    thanks guys!

  29. immune

    kardashian will be dating mel any minute now. think about it….. she likes the way he talks!

  30. Georgeo

    “ if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault.”


  31. Miles Long

    Poor Mel, crazy as a loon and rich as Midas….hey, wait a minute!

  32. I think that’s just standard arson procedure. Gasoline, matches, blowjob. Give the fire chief a facial and light that motherfucker……


    • Randal(l)

      The BJ was his way of giving her a chance to stop the fire. he has a match burning inches away and if she doesn’t want the house to burn she has to blow him and shoot out the candle.


  33. Just


  34. butterboo

    Haha this is epic.

    Spewing milk through my nostrils as we speak.

    If someone tried to write a horror novel with a character using those quotes it would be dismissed as unbelievable and over the top.

    Good going Mel!

    Keep up the laughs!

    P.S. Oksana you may wish to stay away from him, in case he actually wants to burn your house down …. or (shiver) wants head.

  35. Sweet

    He stole my lines!

  36. Somewhere right now Sgt. Murtaugh is sadly shaking his head in disbelief, while David Byrne releases a statement on how it wasn’t his idea, goddamnit, he just wrote the fucking song, okay?

  37. barroom hero

    Get outta here ya twat!

  38. Danny

    i like me some nitter dick

  39. Dread not

    That shit was in Jurassic Park. N***ers hunt in packs. Those are some kind of dinosaurs, right? Oh, wait, that was Central Park. My bad.

  40. Randal

    I hope I can get at least a handjob from Mel before he gets whacked by the Russian mafia for his comments to a fellow komrade.

  41. captain america

    …………………..he will be raped.

  42. Fati87

    His racism doesn’t bother me much probably cause I’m white and don’t like to be on that high horse unlike all of you whiners, but I think this guy is an old creep.

  43. justifiable

    So, wait – is “Despicable Me” a new Mel Gibson film?

  44. Oksana being a “whore” and “c**t”. That can’t be “chit”. Maybe despite Braveheart, it’s “Celt”? So he doesn’t like Jews, nutters, and Celts. Big deal.

  45. SO RIGHT

    I only like the real Randal. Stop with the fakes :(

  46. Jon

    AFAIK it’s not arson if you own the home and don’t claim insurance.

  47. Tom Cruise

    Go get raped by a pack of Psychiatrists!

  48. Kaz

    Hahaha really like crazy sould go hospital crazy

  49. Slig

    what happin He like . . .

  50. Dan

    I love this guy, always will.

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