Mel Gibson Text: ‘I’m Drowning in Pure Rage’

August 2nd, 2010 // 59 Comments
Mel Gibson

In case we needed more evidence that Mel Gibson should never be allowed near any communication device whatsoever, RadarOnline has released text messages that he allegedly sent Oksana Grigorieva after their infamous Feb. 18 phone call where he suggested she’d be raped by a pack of n-ggers, but first a little sucky-sucky to keep the arson away:

“Your goddamn mailbox is full! Hear you are at Sherman Oaks.
“Safe is best!
“I’m drowning in self doubt and depression. And pure rage.
“I’m just not digging it. Every minute like an agonized eternity. F*ck.”

I honestly don’t know what we’re supposed to glean from these without, conveniently, seeing the other side of the conversation, but Oksana’s people are attempting to tout “Safe is best!” as some form of threat. Really? “Safe is best” is considered a threat from the man who vocally expressed a desire to bury her in the goddamn rose garden because she got in a jacuzzi without administering CPR to his penis first. Yeah, that’s not a credibility shredding stretch at all. Sounds entirely believable. *starts writing Mel Gibson an apology* “So, who’s up for some Jew punching…”

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  1. Taz

    This guy is a freaking nut case

    • missywiss

      I can’t believe all the people rooting for him. Are peoplet that heartless?

      • Brooke

        It’s just hard to “choose sides” when, as Fish pointed out, they aren’t showing the other side of the conversation. When she sets up a recorder on the phone, we don’t know if she said anything to provoke his outbursts in the beginning, but we do know she seems to provoke him intentionally during the conversation. Not saying he isn’t a crazy ball of rage, but I am saying there may be a source for it.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        God dammit Brook, we get it, your bf never pays for you when you two go out to dinner. And three years on – he never proposed.
        NOW that’s the reason to trust Mel, isn’t it. And call abused woman “golddigger”.
        I feel sorry for you and all the time that your bf has been stringing you along.

      • your mother

        doc you are an idiot

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        your mother is ugly

      • Johnny Cage

        Doc must be 6 or something.

  2. straight man


  3. russ

    This guy friggin rocks!. Cannot wait till his next epic movie.

    • patricia

      Your comment is unbelievable. Even if the threats were not true, his epic movies have sucked lately. I am not a fan of either one, but to automatically judge the woman as a gold-digger isn’t right. And even if she is a gold-digger, that does not entitle Mel Gibson to be a f**king maniac and be that abusive (if it is true).

      • bob

        a woman that was married to this guy for 20+ years said “he was a great husband and father” this russian gold digging bitch knew what buttons to push and slammed them!! everyONE has a breaking point if you know what to push even you Patricia!!

      • Aussie Mama

        well said bob.
        no hint of anything in 20 years, no whispers from movie sets ever (and christian bale behaviour always finds a way to get into gossip sites, from movie sets), no nothing.
        this woman comes along and all hell breaks loose.
        i think hollywood is so hell bent on getting mel at all costs, truth doesn’t even matter.
        the woman has got a dodgey past at best, a reputation for profiteering in relationships, her own country is not behind her at all.
        let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and hear what he says in court, hey?
        don’t be so fuckin’ quick to string up your own and believe the eastern block immigrant, just because she has a designer vagina.
        many U.S citizens have received the electric chair,etc due to being convicted of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, then DNA comes along and shows, many of those men, were not even at the scene of the crime, let alone guilty…..

    • justifiable

      Russ, you mean the one about Vikings that Leonardo DeCaprio just bailed on? That one? Or “The Beaver” – that all of a sudden doesn’t have a release date and is now being described by Summit as a “marketing nightmare”? That one? Yeah, me too – can’t wait.

      • russ

        Oh, if that viking movie gets made It will so effing rule. So should I start listing crappy movies every other actor has made or just the ones during PR nightmares. Tell me you have not seen 4 or 5 of his movies and then justify your comment.

  4. Sonicare cover

    He is an entertainer. I am entertained! LOL!!!!

  5. Truth

    Mel Gibson is a hero. He’s like The Superficial writer only not afraid to do and say the things in real life not just on a blog. And brave enough to call out the juden and still make kickass films.

  6. fail

    what a drama queen you are Mel

  7. joho777

    All this was 7 months ago. Doesn’t Oksana have anything more recent?

    I get it, Sshe taunted Mel into a full rage then recorded him.

    But what else?? Was this a one-time occasion? It seems like that’ws all it was.

    I still only see extortion. Is there more to this?

    • Aussie Mama

      no joho777, it was all over a 10 hour period.
      she’s just milking it for what it’s worth. slowly, slowly.
      i am sure she is a proffessional at sucking someones blood through a straw and making them suffer slowly.
      if he was scared he would have paid her off period.
      he’s allowed this out, because he knows there is no case and no chance of $$$ for her.
      i say he is the victim, he is the abused and when he proves her and all the MF’s out there wrong, for trying to string him up at all costs…he will be a fucking hero for all men that have copped this treatment and an example to women like this, to watch the fuck out!
      cos in the U.S, you have civil liberties and fair courts. bribery and extortion is not a way of life, like it is in russia!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        You are either insane who thinks abuse is normal or PR paid by Mel or his mom.
        Either way you are ugly inside to me, it is disgusting to read what you write, zero sympathy for the woman who did nothing bad to you pesonally.
        I am sure you touch yourself thinking about ugly old Mel punching you and you are jealous of even a blackeye he gave her – sure you would wear it proudly as the evidence of his love and wet your pants if he scremed at you for 15 straight minutes. Jealous nasty whore.

      • Aussie Mama

        His Mum, is a frail old lady in her 80′s, living quietly in a posh suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, so maybe not.
        Doc, with respect, to date, there has been no evidence, everything is only alleged.
        So black eyes, broken teeth, which seem to have no soft tissue damage around them, which would be conclusive to a punch in the gob, from a man, tapes, which have been tampered with in a very sophisticated manner, will all have their day, being analysed in court, by experts in these fields.
        We are not experts, so are only here stating the opinion, we are all entitled to.
        You maybe right…we will see, that is a given.
        But keep an open mind, because I maybe right too.
        Will you be as gratious if you are proven wrong, as I know i would be?
        You are also right, that this woman hasn’t done anything to me, but he hasn’t done anything to you either, so why are you anymore entitled to have your say, than what I am?
        Again…I am anything but jealous, jealousy is the ugliest disease in people which I would never partake in, I am most certainly not nasty in any way what so ever and I have had a total of two men in my entire life, which is anything but whorish.
        Oksnana, to me personally is not attractive.
        Sofie Vergara, now we are talking! Stunning, gorgeous, perfect skin, funny, the whole package.
        Oksana, was beutiful, before she started to change her appearance and go under the scalpel. The pale, really skinny, big pammy boobed, collagen lipped, look is anything but real, nor appealing to me.
        But hey, that’s me and my opinion.
        Can we talk, but not be abusive?
        Much more constructive. It takes a hell of a lot of effort and enegry to portary your anger. I don’t get it.

  8. stinky mcpoop

    This story would go better if explained by hand puppets. Perhaps one of them could be a beaver.

  9. Cock Dr

    Hey Mel! How does it feel to be alive again after so many years stagnating in “till death do you part” marriage? I see you found a nice younger Russian pianist who gave you her heart, kidneys, liver & a new cute little daughter….you must be really happy now….right?

  10. and we’re drowning in overkill on a marcia clark/cnn scale. oksana had an alley-oop for the easiest facial in divorce history. instead she farkles in civil court overplaying a fuckin library of congress worth of tapes. now she’s stuck pulling a fuck-you-charlie in the court of public opinion. i mean just collecting this much evidence looks vindictive. and while the pic is amusing, it shouldn’t be displacing nip slips. onward and upward!

  11. Only Hetero Male in this Joint

    Right now I would love some hot Russian lovin’ followed by a process server. Herein are MY last several text messages.

    Damn your inbox! Hear your at Home Depot.
    Snausage is best!
    I’m drowning in self loathing and low testosterone. And pure rage.
    I’m just not digging this season’s Big Brother. Every minute like an agonized eternity.
    of reading TMZ. F*ck.”

  12. Only Hetero Male in this Joint

    My penis would stand up and salute this Russian pianist.

  13. RasputinsLiver


    “I’m Drowning in Pure Rage”

    Great line. Good editing of the words, Fisharoo. I gotta remember this one.

    Hey, I’d be drowning in rage as well if some bitch was extorting me. Especially if she didn’t throw in daily blowjobs. I can’t blame Mel, man. Bitch wants money, access to the big deals in Hollywhacked, to live in luxury? All Mel was askin’ for was you that the cunt didn’t slut around and that she suck his cock.

    Where’s the fuckin’ problem, bitch?!?

    I mean, look at those Botox lips all pffy and soft looking! Just cries out for wrappin’ around a wang or two, goddamit! She wants millions of bucks and connections (for what will undoutedly be another “reality” show part / shitty throw-out album or two Z-List “fame), then goddamit, bitch better fuckin’ suck some cock before Mel opens up the Swiss account, grabs a few bars of the shiney solids and ponies up The Big Bucks, man!

    “Drowning in rage”? Of course he is! He’s pissed big time like any other guy would if they were being extorted for their hard earned, especially in using a fella’s lovely child and worked-hard-for reputation!

    Tell me you wouldn’t be pissed off an’ doin’ some fuckin’ yelling over the goddamn phone!!

    Mel! Gotchyer back, buddy!


    • Aussie Mama

      you’ll have to stand behind me pal, as i had his back day 1!!!

      • RasputinsLiver

        Works for me, AM.

        Keep at it, we’ve only heard her cheap, tawdry, delusional PR about this situation.

        And, there’s more reasons than just her babbling publicly for why her PR people quit so quickly on her. I suspect they don’t want to be accessories to her crimes and the slander of a decent, if hot tempered fella.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Rasputin Liver: You are the scum of the earth, let me guess – you talking big money and shit – own only debt???
      Of course no rich man would ever speak like you do, broke ass bastard.
      Rich men are purposefully sponsor women make them sit at home, leave job and live at their expense – in order to control the woman.
      Obviously you and that other fat ugly chick Aussie Mama have never known a millionair and never will.
      Keep visiting supermarket with your foodstamps, homo.

      • RasputinsLiver


        …you want attention.

      • Aussie Mama

        This is what happens when people judge a book by it’s cover, eg; Aussie Mama, meaning what? big mama, big mamas house, your mamas so big jokes?
        Anything but big, very tidy actually, no fatties in our families at all, thanks to our motto of eating how our grandparents did, not like the processed world today.
        I for one, like being the woman of the house and am more than stoked to have the female role, but I also love my man to be the man and not confused like some poor guys are. there’s no confusion in our home. It’d be hard to be a bloke, you gotta be emtional, hard working, in touch with your feminine side, do half the housework….do women even know what they want today?
        You seem to know a lot about broke ass, food stamps, ahteful language. I’d say the reason you are ALWAYS SO FUCKING PREDICTABLY ANGRY GIRL, is because life isn’t what you thought it would be and you are in fact a very sad and disillusioned human being.
        i feel sorry for you.

  14. Sobrietyisacrutch

    They’re almost like haikus.
    Mel is so romantic in a Boston-Strangler-Sybil- sort of way.
    I wonder if he speaks French….

  15. captain america

    yep, HE HAS SOME GREY HAIRS………………….

  16. Johnny Cage

    Same shit everyday now.

    *This just in: Mel Gibson has again got pissed off at some gold-digging Russian whore. But this being the media, we’ll just make more press by saying Mel Gibson has gone psychotic*

    *regular poster # 1: Mel Gibson is crazy, I hate his guts for getting angry.*
    *regular poster # 2: Mel Gibson is a Racist! Just look how he hates Jews!*
    *regular poster # 3: That poor Russian bitch. What kind of man would hit his woman (even though she’s an opportunist whore)*
    *regular poster # 4: Hey I’m bored you guise. Let’s make show the world how whitty we are by making fun of sean and his religious banter.*
    *Angsty follow up poster: Sure dude, I’ll go first. Hey look I’m raport Jebus. Lol, I said “Jebus” instead of Jesus. Damn I’m so funny and clever!*

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Why do you call this woman whore and golddigger?
      You know she will never look your way, loser.
      “Whore” is what you repeat many times, I guess if someone were to psychoanalise you it would be your keyword. Heard about that and projection term too? SO if you only are used to deal with professional hookers and such is your mother maybe – don’t think that all women do that as well.
      Her case is about child custody and she refused the prior multimillion custody agreement.

      • Johnny Cage

        Actually Doc, I have to admit the only whoring my mother has ever done was the night she anally penetrated your mom from behind with a strap-on.

        Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Doc Sphincterstrudel other wise known as “Regular Poster # 3″. It’s only appropriate that someone say if the shoe fits wear it, but our friend Doc on the other hand brought the whole store like Paris Hilton’s last shopping spree.

        I don’t know which shoe fit you better, the one where felt labeled as the naive poster who blindly defended gold digging whores, or did feel that you were once in the same place as Oksana herself? Anyway Abba has just commissioned a re-release of one of their classics in your honor…..

        You can squeal,
        You can Cry-hiiii,
        having the rant of your life
        booo hooo hooo,
        See that Doc,
        Watch him bitch,
        He is the Drama Queen,

      • Aussie Mama

        omg, your a fuckin’ funny man!

        reminds me of that joke;
        how can you tell if your mrs is on steroids?
        she bends you over and fucks you up the ass with her clit!

        keep em comin, the humor, love it!

  17. Dr. Freud

    Mel said in an old interview that he was diagnosed as bipolar back in 2000.

    So the guy is manic depressive. The mania episodes are like a normal person on cocaine. The depressive side feels.. bad.

    Many actors/actresses have been manic depressive. The confidence of being high on ‘internal cocaine’ shines through in their acting and people like confidence. They have troubled relationships and make ‘coke headed’ decisions.

  18. Serf

    Why not leave him alone? In truth, we all know why this guy is in the headlines. He drunkenly ran off his mouth one night…

  19. HLM

    Doc Schweinstrudel sure seems to stick up for the mail order bride an awful lot, and doesn’t have a good grasp on proper grammar. Tell the truth…You are really Oksana.

    IF Mel did hit this chick, then yes, he should be prosecuted for domestic violence. However she had no qualms about not reporting him when it happened and instead chose to start recording her conversations with him. She sounds far too calm and scripted in the excerpts. I’m not saying Mel didn’t go postal on her…that is his voice on those recordings and he is in a rage. But I don’t believe what we hear her say is actually what happened in those conversations. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Are you jealous if I am Oksana? You fat ugly bitch. Does it make you feel better if I say I am?
      Let me sum up what you have against her:
      -your love for Mel the handsomest man on earth (HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA), your hero who wouldn’t give you a glance if you passed by. Are you like Aussie mama, living in the neighbourhood stalking poor old ass Mel who never gives you any time of the day no matter how often you “accidently” pass him by?
      - she is too calm on the tape. If she wasn’t calm and called the old ugly asshole what he is old ugly vile asshole -she would be dead by now! When will you get it, moron?
      -she did have “qualms” as she immideately contacted her friends and lawyer.
      The lawyer advised her to tape him. Otherwise who would believe her?
      No evidence is enough for you delusional idiot- broken tooth, black eye pics that you so wanted to see. God you are so dumb!
      I wish you all fucking poor jealous bitches quit spreading defamatory about the woman who made her living by being pianist and who did NOTHING bad to you whatsoever to you except living your dream about being attractive and pursued by rich men – QUIT typing here and go to do fucking porn on or other sites like that – since obviously what he does is something normal to you and you go off from this and do things like him too – oh let me guess – you are too ugly and not accepted at those “kink” , “smack my bitch up” sites since your claims that you also spew shit like that when drunk towards your partners, I guess alcohol that you consume doesn’t help looking good, does it?

      • Aussie Mama

        ummmm, who said mel was handsome?
        let alone the handsomest (no such word by the way) an on earth?
        not me!
        he was cute in his time, but today he’s just an older guy, nothing flash at all.
        but natural, as far as the ageing process goes, not like oksana, who has tweaked everything she possibly can, much to her disadvantage, as she was a natural beauty before she started with all that shit.
        ow, she’s a clone of any plastic surgeon out there, common as cat shit. pity!
        i don’t live for men to look at me, it is enuf for me, to be looked at and eaten up by my man, who the hell needs anyone else?
        why do you calkl everyone fat and ugly luv?
        if we were judged on pix alone, i’d win, trust me babe, by miles!
        get it right. she didn’t see lawyers, initially, nor cops.
        she has let a well known character assassin represent her.
        this is her biggest mistake, this is what makes everything for her fall into a great big hole. you know the same size hole as her thrashed, will fuck for cash cunt.
        stop defending the whore.
        stop calling everyone names, you psycho russian, slut!
        wash that mouth out with soap, and lather that stinky pee smelling, vag. your gross no doubt there, inside and out.
        tko te jebe kurvo gadna!

    • RasputinsLiver

      Well, ion Doc’s defense his lobotomy didn’t take so he has to go back in and have some more carved out.

  20. Doc Schweinstrudel

    what do you care about my period, vag and anus, Johnny? Get YOUR OWN life, dipshit

    • Johnny Cage

      LOL Damn, Doc even admitted to having all of the above, including the nightmarish PMS. I actually have pity for Schwienie now. I don’t even know if I want to hike on him anymore, because now that’ll be like punching a paraplegic canadian girl with glasses.

  21. Sobrietyisacrutch

    Seems like Mel isn’t the only one around here drowning in pure rage. Might I suggest taking a break and reading the comics for a while? “Pearls Before Swine” was pretty damn funny today.
    Oh. And Mel is a dick.

  22. Mel is a freak but it isn’t about him only. People can be wrong but they still deserve justice. This whole sh.i had started when she requested to list their daughter in the family trust which he had no intention to do since Robin was not happy. They had a big fight about the money when she was rolling on the ground with the baby in her hands. She then left and recorded him ever after while she kept seeing him and sleep with him and travel with him. . She secured recording as a leverage to blackmail him if he denied her a “fair share.” They got an agreement but he broke it because according to the recording he had no f.. money. They did made a deal later but she backed off cuz her layers said she could get more. The subject of the trust came up again. It’s all about money. In her earlier interviews she claimed Mel was a perfect father. She went to Russia with the recordings and from there she had a plan. I don’t trust her. Not because of Mel – he acted like a jerk but for the sake of justice. The rose garden is either a mental facility or a nursing home in CA. It’s no physical threat. He is a jerk or at least this is how he looks but she is a fake.He better give her what the law says and maybe sometime in the future they will figure how they can communicate.

  23. bulldog

    WOW!! Now I know why they say nobody should get involved in a domestic! Only their lawyers are allowed to sling mud………and get paid for it!

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