Mel Gibson Text: ‘I’m Drowning in Pure Rage’

In case we needed more evidence that Mel Gibson should never be allowed near any communication device whatsoever, RadarOnline has released text messages that he allegedly sent Oksana Grigorieva after their infamous Feb. 18 phone call where he suggested she’d be raped by a pack of n-ggers, but first a little sucky-sucky to keep the arson away:

“Your goddamn mailbox is full! Hear you are at Sherman Oaks.
“Safe is best!
“I’m drowning in self doubt and depression. And pure rage.
“I’m just not digging it. Every minute like an agonized eternity. F*ck.”

I honestly don’t know what we’re supposed to glean from these without, conveniently, seeing the other side of the conversation, but Oksana’s people are attempting to tout “Safe is best!” as some form of threat. Really? “Safe is best” is considered a threat from the man who vocally expressed a desire to bury her in the goddamn rose garden because she got in a jacuzzi without administering CPR to his penis first. Yeah, that’s not a credibility shredding stretch at all. Sounds entirely believable. *starts writing Mel Gibson an apology* “So, who’s up for some Jew punching…”

Photo: Getty