Mel Gibson’s Threatening This With Arson

June 23rd, 2011 // 25 Comments

In the clusterfuck that’s been Ryan Dunn‘s Darwin Award-winning death, I kept forgetting to post about Mel Gibson finding a new love in 25-year-old Greek fetish model Stella Mouzi (above). And by love I mean whatever it’s called when a woman’s already pregnant and pistol-whipped for not denying the Holocaust mid-coitus. “Smitten,” that’s it.

Photo: Splash News


  1. Cock Dr

    Seems like a prime candidate for intensive Gibson-style religious rehabilitation.
    And fellatio. Lots of it.

  2. Ah “fetish models”…those precocious young ladies who want to piss daddy off, but still don’t want to take their clothes off. Could we ever get along without you? Yes…yes we could.

  3. cc

    The last pic, the girl on the far right. I think she goes by the name ‘Pria Pism’. For real.

  4. Venom

    This is going to end worse than the last one.
    He is an idiot that can’t pick a woman to save his life other than his wife.
    He left a good woman for a bunch of crazy bitches.

  5. Dan

    ehhh… good on ya Mel Gibson. Though I am not sure how you get any women to go with you after you called the last one a whore and threatened to burn her house down if she didn’t blow you, hopefully 25 year olds will date me when I am your age too.

  6. Many people say she looks like that bitch Oksana but I dont think so. Lets wish him happiness, I really want that he found his real love and no betrayal. Anyway he will not be bored :)

  7. AleisterCrowley

    Just another foreign chick that’ll be pregnant soon if not already. Followed by a violent racist filled tirade. He could save alot of time and grief if he’d just cut out the middle man and turn himself in to the sheriff’s department now.

  8. Brooke

    A 25-year-old Greek fetish model? Goddamn, Mel, your star has fallen so low it’s scraping the upper mantle.

  9. Greek girl

    I don’t know where you get youn information from, but this isn’t fetish modelling. That’s how dancers in the clubs of Athens are always (un)dressed. This girl is also an artist who just got her degree in Photography and Audiovisual Arts- her taste in men sucks though

    • pornstar

      Greek Girl,

      I happen to vacation in Athens, every chance I get, and I disagree, MOST women in ATHENS night clubs don’t look like second rate strippers strung out on coke mixed with draino. What’s more, I recognize the other fetishist she is with, and they are seveerly fucked up, in ways only a gang bang with your father who is also you uncle could explain.

      AUDIO VISUAL ARTS-ela mana mou… The girl holds the video camera when she plays with her self.visual arts.

      Greece is a wanna be country, with wanna be women. 10 women in Greece, are absolutely stunning, and they are ALL ON TV.

      The rest look like my uncle Niko.

      Now go back to Symtagma, and throw your yiaourtia.ade ksou!

      • v

        Sure let’s result to stereotypes just because of your incompetence to get a Greek woman-scratch that-a woman to suck your balls.A)Yes dancers dress like that in clubs and B)many women are stunning and they’re NOT on tv.And btw you vacation(!!) in a country you dislike so much with women who remind you of your uncle??Hmmm…you should look into that.Vlaka.

      • greek

        you happen to vacation in athens? well you must know everything about greece then genius. how about those of us who have lived here for 20 years? shes a dancer at a club and obviously you have no friends or connections in greece to get into any popular club to know this.

  10. Beetlejuice

    Greek Woman = Hairy Butthole

  11. the captain

    ……..HIS FUNERAL IS CLOSING IN, folks!!

  12. greek

    shes not a freaking fetish model shes just some dancer at a club… is the website where they post up pictures they take in clubs and if anyone actually lived in greece they would know that she is obviously a dancer who dances on random small stages in the middle and sides of the clubs which fit thousands of people like in ibiza..the shit they wear ranges from bikinis to weird shit like that…and greek women are incredibly beautiful and they are not only on fking tv…obviously someone has only been downtown athens where all the hippies and protestors are and never visited an island or a suburb.

  13. greek

    also nobody knows who this girl is in greece, she is not famous whatsoever since she is just a random dancer who there are a kajillion of in hundreds of clubs in athens. who gives a shit who mel gibson sleeps with. those women usually get payed to sleep with men so i doubt he is dating her seriously. if hes not dating her seriously its not news.

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