There’s The Wife-Beater

May 18th, 2011 // 15 Comments

“Whadda ya mean this hotel is flame retardant?”

After a shirtless Mel Gibson appeared outside his hotel at Cannes yesterday, almost the entire Internet reacted with, “What? No wife-beater?”

I think he heard you.

Photo: Flynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Honest Abe

    Still love his movies….

  2. Bucky Barnes

    Mel: (screaming into phone) “What do you mean there aren’t any rooms that don’t face synagogues? How is that even possible?”

    • Blumpkin

      C’mon…can you at least show pictures of the stupid bitches that these guys beat up in their black eyed glory? If you and the women that got “assaulted” are gonna milk the situation day in and day out, at least show these stupid cunts bruised up faces and egos so I can get a laugh out of it.

      Yes, a laugh I said. This shit didnt happen out of nowhere, these bitches knew it was coming and instigated it. No biggie, the millionaires paid the price to be able to punch a stupid cunt in the face, which Id gladly do as well, ESPECIALLY that talentless, assfaced baboon Rhino (who is just a hair uglier and further down the evolutionary scale than Mel Gibsons commie skank.)

      • mensa

        I guarantee that the last time Blumpkin got laid w/opinions like those, it was by his mother.

      • Blumpkin

        @ menstrual

        Ahhh the proverbial “last time you got laid” comments from the peanut gallery, exercising their rights to be jealous for lacking balls. You go girl! You vent that jealousy!

        Getting laid is easy, especially in America where self esteem is so low and women are easily manipulated into thinking they are worth more than a hot poke in the puss…amateur. Get over it, some of us are just better than you.

  3. cc

    Mel, I have my offdays, but this is too easy. I don’t mind having to put a little bit of work into making a joke.

  4. cc

    That guy is taking a picture of the line up of people waiting to see ‘The Beaver’. I could be wrong.

  5. Pippy Longcockings

    Fucking piece of shit!

  6. The Critical Crassness

    Fish, your ratio of douche posts to those of beautiful women is becoming a little out of balance towards douche posts. Please recheck your data and take corrective action as soon as you possibly can. BTW: The existence of Mel Gibson is proof that there is no God….please, let Kirk Cameron know!

  7. Maybe he and Arnold can make a movie together, “Misogynist Max meet the Nannyater.”

  8. Muaaaahaha, funny.

  9. Actually, in France they call that shirt a Douche Royale with Cheese.

  10. JN

    Still got a hard-on for Mel Gibson, I see.

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