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April 19th, 2012 // 88 Comments
Mel Gibson
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A lot of people didn’t believe Joe Eszterhas‘ letter to Mel Gibson that conveniently found its way online, so naturally there was a recording to back it up because if there’s one thing Mel Gibson is amazing at, it’s really hating Jews, women, packs of niggers, wetbacks, Russian women, homosexuals, not getting blown before Jacuzzi, other minorities that escape me at the moment being recorded while going goddamn ballistic. Above is a new audio clip secretly recorded by Ezterhas’ son right after Mel Gibson lost his shit because he’s apparently the witch from Snow White now. Via The Wrap:

“You were staring at the photograph of you and Luci, your beautiful little girl … and you suddenly exploded. You hurled your cellphone into a wall and started to scream, ‘I look so fucking old! I look horrible! That fucking whore is destroying me! She’s taking my looks! I hate her! She’s destroying my life!’
“You jumped up, screaming full-throated: ‘Look at me!! Fucking look at me! Look how terrible I look! Answer me, God! Why did you turn your back on me!? Fuck you! Fuck you!’ You stepped a few feet away and screamed into the sky, ‘I’m not gonna take it up the ass anymore and say, ‘Thank you, your honor!’”

In case you’re stuck at work and can’t listen to what basically sounds like a frothing mad crazy person trapped in a bear cave because his ex-girlfriend’s a whore, here’s just a small excerpt of the transcript that I feel captures Mel’s main thesis:

Fuckin’ hate!
Fucking cunt cocksucker whore!
(Very hoarse)
(Screaming as he runs toward the driveway, gets into his car and drives away)

Probably what I love most about this recording, and Mel Gibson in general now, is how fucking deranged and full of murder he looks (and clearly is), only to get into a tiny, little smart car and politely go about his business. He practically comes storming out of wherever he is going, “Goddamn Jews… blacks… Oksana” only to get behind the wheel and go, “Ooh, look at that fuel economy!” before conscientiously backing out of his space, nodding his head to a woman pushing her baby in a stroller and whistling the whole way home. He’s like Ward Cleaver if Ward Cleaver stabbed women to death mid-butt sex. And who’s to say he didn’t? The 50s were a white man’s paradise until that goddamn darkie moved into the White House and messed everything up. (That’s in The Bible.)

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  1. dooood

    if they had just kept making lethal weapon movies he would have an outlet to channel his crazy

    • America

      So basically you read that he beat the shit out of his girl friend while she held his baby screaming that she was a ni**er cock sucking whore so you decided to bring your kid over to his house and take his money.

      Joe Ezterhas Hollywood film writer of the past 35 years you knew what you were getting yourself into. You brought your kid to a homocidal manics house, why should we trust your opinions?

  2. Bonky

    His new movie is going straight to TV. FUCKING TV !

    Mel, you did this to yourself. Sure you are great actor, but you are also a mean, hate filled douchebag and so you’re screwing yourself every time you open your mouth.

  3. tits mcgee

    Imagine sitting there as he’s screaming “Fuh! cking! Eat! WHO WANTS TO FUCKING EAT?” and not bursting out laughing. Impossible.

    • alex

      I dont know brother, that guy is out of his mind and if hes screaming in your face it could be pretty scary…especially considering hes got guns stashed all over his house (according to the initial letter). Its not a stretch to think this guy could lose his shit even more and start busting caps all over the place, decorating his walls with his dinner guests insides. This guy is going to kill himself or someone else pretty soon.

      • dooood

        i just thought of an awesome idea for an episode of punked:

        people wearing heavy bullet proof ‘juggernaut’ suits start emerging from different corners of mel gibson’s house. wearing tallits and yamakas and sporting long pe’ots (jew curls).
        talkin bout
        ‘uy, this michugina shmuck from the movie w the shvartza? deadly weapons or somethin?
        you shouldn’t know from those people!’

      • Joaquin ingles

        I accidentally disliked this. I think this is a great idea!

      • Brooke

        Alex, you are absolutely right. I think he’s going to kill himself…

    • “But we can do the Road Warrior…no, we go in, we eat, we pretend to be friends. No more talk we eat. Soon my son, but we have to do it my way… you just, you just wait! “

  4. EricLr

    Mel was a batshit-crazy drunk long before he became a movie star (his dad was even worse). Everyone just looked the other way for decades because he was rich, famous, and handsome. But as the box office revenues fell, Hollywood began to tolerate his shit less and less.

    Not that it exactly helped his career that he was screaming anti-semitic rants in a town where almost every producer and studio exec is jewish.

  5. So is he still haunted by the Night Rider?

  6. Inmate 12236969

    I’m sick and tired of Blacks, Jews, and Russian whores hating Mel Gibson.

  7. No joke: Mel Gibson sounds mentally ill. He needs psychiatric help. No jokes, please. It’s very serious.

  8. Jen

    That seriously chilled me to the bone. He needs to switch to horror movies.

  9. Cock Dr

    Have personal internet use policy that prohibits me from listening to the deranged hate filled rantings of washed up movie stars….so thanks for that transcript. I think I’ve got the gist of what he’s saying.
    Whatever meds he’s on, they ain’t working. Try cannabis, or a huge bottle of Nyquil.

  10. rockthrowinghipster

    He’s Bi-Polar. When they get manic without medication, it is un-fucking-believable. And I’m sure when he starts coming down to normalcy, the eye of the storm, he will be helping old black and jewish ladies across the street. My father is bi-polar, the shit that comes out of his mouth when he’s manic is exactly like this.

    • alex

      Personally, I dont agree and I think slapping a label on it is just being an apologist. How do you know he’s not like this all the time?

      When the letter came out a few weeks ago, there were a couple people in here defending him, and basically apologizing (making excuses) for his behavior while others simply said it couldn’t be a real letter–in fact, people attacked Joe Eszterhas saying he was a drunk and just upset that his script was rejected.

      Mel is a straight shooting piece of shit. The only positive thing I can think of is the fact that he doesn’t hide his sick, twisted beliefs behind a fake smiling face. He embraces his inner nazi.

      • Ageed, bipolarity doesn’t make you a bigot, a Holocaust denier or a hate-filled sedevacantist. Yeah, alcohol and the condition sure don’t mix, but he’s expressed all of those sentiments before, in addition to directing an extremely fucked-up film, without being overtly manic or drunk.

      • If you’re referring to “The Passion of The Christ,” I totally agree with you. That movie sucked. It was like watching a snuff film. I’m not into that.

        Serious guilt trip movie. Won’t work on me, religion is still bullshit. No movie can change that.

  11. cc

    He has a bright future as a server.

    Hands customers menu ‘Who the FUCK wants to eat?’. I can see it now.

  12. caley

    My favourite part is the “Huuuuuuuuraaaaaaaayyyyy!”

  13. Inmate 12236969

    I can just see it: “Riggs and the Black Jewish Russian Whore”—A MEL GIBSON PRODUCTION

  14. MarkM

    I think everyone is just misreading him because of his voice inflections…He’s actually nicely asking everyone if they’d like to go out and eat with him, but because of his odd voice inflection people mistakenly think that he’s angry. That, and the 4,000 “fucks.”

  15. I’m getting too old for this shit.

  16. Inmate 12236969

    We need people like Mel because it makes people like us that post on this site seem normal.

  17. Lee Grossman

    We get it, Jews hate Mel Gibson. Don’t need to be reminded of it every 14 months.

  18. Fivel

    Joe Eszterhas author of Showgirls, father was a Nazi who happened to personally kill thousands of jews. Was Joe Eszterhas desperate to clear his fathers name? Yes he stated many times he wanted to write this movie for Warner Brothers because of his fathers Nazi war crimes.
    Joe Eszterhas was paid for an entire year to write a script and did not produce one page. Joe Eszterhas worked closely with Mel Gibson and Warner Brothers for two years without producing anything.

    • Bonky

      Mel worked on this movie for TEN YEARS and hasnt produced anything either. Why do you think Joe was brought in ?

    • LJ

      Eszterhas’ father did not “kill Jews”, but rather wrote a good deal of pro Nazi propaganda. This script was written not trying to “clear his father’s name”, but rather to provide a sort of apology for the vile writing his father had done by immortalizing a great Jewish hero.

      Eszterhas submitted the script 13 days beyond the date it was due.

  19. Yoyoma

    Crap. If I were sitting in that room I’d be fuckin petrified. He should go see a licensed professional or something to work on finding other outlets for his anger. Maybe take up Pilates or something. Sheesh.

  20. Inmate 12236969

    By Hollywood standards he really fucked up with this hate speech.

    So for damage control he needs to dope up a teenage girl and rape her then fuck his girlfriend’s stepdaughter then he’ll get an award for making good movies.

  21. Lisa

    Your father was a Nazi war criminal and you’re working on a movie with Mel Gibson about jews. He screamed at you because you hadn’t written anything in the year he payed you to write a script.

    You ate his food, you drank his wine and you slept in his house all this while you were scared for the safety of your wife in child. For two years. You sound like a fucking douche bag.

  22. He’s been this way ever since he escaped Thunderdome.

  23. vandinz

    I don’t get it? He’s lost his rag because some cunt didn’t do the work he asked and paid him to do? What’s wrong with that? Yes, he’s mental but it seems justified here.

    • Just_As_it_IS

      Jusified my ass, nothing can justify anyone losing his shit like this. You wouldn’t allow this type of behavior in a small child. This is nothing more than the result of always being a rich spoiled brat now turned into some old whiney bitch who gets everything he wants orelse he’ll throw a tantrum.
      Fuck him, what he needs is some old school lovin’… I would personally like to beat the shit out of him everytime he did that. Now we’d be looking at someone behanving more civilized.

  24. vekfan

    Why are we so quick to judge him? We’ve all got a little Mel Gibson in us. The difference is you don’t have fuckers stalking you 24/7 recording it all.

    Plus this entire thing sounds like a stitch-up, recording or not, the write was paid to do a job and didn’t do it. He pushed Mels buttons to get out of it.

  25. El Jefe

    Mel Gibson is batshit crazy..shocking.
    Anyone who chooses to do business with him or date him after the initial incidents came out deserves what they get in my opinion.

  26. Deacon Jones

    Maybe Mel’s just pissed off at how the whole Trayvon Martin case was handled?

  27. Archie Leach

    Mel sounds like he’s doing well these days.

  28. GeM

    Congrats on further proving that Mel Gibson is just as batshit crazy as everyone has always believed, Ezterhas. It’s awesome that you fully understood that, and were exposed to his racism and antisemitism for an entire year, and continued to bring your wife and child around him. You exposed them to not only the stuff heard on this tape, but potential violence as well just so you could sell a script. Your father and husband of the year trophies are on the way!

  29. Oogidyboogidy

    Look…Mel may be as looney as a fruitcake, but it has to be said: Ocksana is a fucking gold digger that totally and I mean TOTALLY played his insane mega-catholic ass. Exhibit A: she tried her same bullshit scam on the biggest gentleman in movies, Timothy Dalton. And it didn’t work because everyone knows Dalton is a nice guy.

    • Yeah, it’s TOTALLY her fault because Mel is a naive young man from the back blocks of Australia who has never travelled anywhere or met anyone other than his immediate family and friends. He certainly can’t be trusted to make important decisions – why, he’s never even produced or directed a film, let alone been trusted to handle large sums of money, so his inexperience with the world at large, and a lack of ability to cope with its more grasping elements, is totes understandable.

      FYI, Mel is not a “mega-Catholic” since he refuses to recognize Papal authority, and has denied its infallibility since 1962.

      And unless you can claim to speak from personal experience, you have no idea what Dalton is like to be in a relationship with. This may come as a big fucking shock to you, but what you see in the movies is not real. And how people (especially celebrities) behave in public, and how they behave in private, are often two very different things.

  30. It makes you wonder what went on when Britney stayed over at his place, how could he have helped her out of a melt down?

  31. cagster

    I wondered why neither his ex-wife nor of his gazillion kids have ever spoken out about their dad except to support him….then I remembered the several hundred million dollars.

  32. pazuzu

    dear mel, hire yourself an exorcist.

  33. Aussie Mama

    there is no such thing as bi polar. there is no such thing as chemical imbalance. there is no such test that can diagnose you as suffering either. who fkn cares what he says on his own private time. none of anyone’s business.

  34. Brooke

    I keep seeing comments like “he’s always been this way”, but based on what evidence? He’s never worried about being PC and he’s pushed boundaries on his movies. He’s been quoted as saying some questionable things, but I’ve been interviewed for magazines before and they absolutely misquote you, or take things out of context. I never understood the problem people had with The Passion… I didn’t think it was anti-Semitic because, well, it’s historically fairly accurate. There are good Jewish people in the movie. There are bad Romans. It’s just about the people of the time dealing with Jesus’s crucifixion. But I always thought people giving him flack about it was what made him use racial slurs (that and vodka), which is still unacceptable but I’d be pretty pissed if my personal masterpiece was trashed before people even saw it.

    Then he had his affair with Oksana that ended a long marriage and cost him $400,000,000 and she ended up being a gold digger. They split, and he’s left with a bad reputation, the looks of a tired man pushing sixty, no family,and not much he can do to turn it around. I totally understand why this guy is going insane. He used to be everyone’s favorite actor, very likeable, and I won’t lie, he was sexy in the eighties. If Mad Max walked into my apartment, I’d have him take a bath and then it would be on. Obviously I woudn’t touch the man now…

    I am really interested in this whole affair. Not many A-list actors risked their careers to tell edgy, controversial stories (more than once, in fact) and then have it all go to crap in roughly the same five year period. How many people would bow out and how many would lose their shit?

    It’s not like I root for the guy, though. None of his actions in the past few years are acceptable ways of dealing with his frustration. If the letter the screenwriter wrote was entirely true, then holy hell. I think more than anything he needs to get out of Hollywood, retire, try to save his relationship with his family, seek mental help… He is going to hurt someone if he can’t take himself out of Hollywood. I have dealt with rage in the past and it is pretty scary. You would think you would never do or say one thing and you do it. It physically hurts to bottle up your anger. You start to hurt yourself because you are mad but don’t know what else to do about it to relieve the stress…

    I’m saying this is beyond just a funny celebrity story and is really concerning. I’m not going to see his new movies anymore, even though I think he’s incredibly talented. He needs to back away, take a deep breath, and stay out of the spotlight. It’s time to retire, time to find a new hobby, time to stop acting like a fucking maniac in front of children, or anyone for that matter. You had a good run, it’s time to hang up your hat.

    Oh god, I wrote a lot. Fuck me, I need to get a life, too.

    • “I didn’t think it was anti-Semitic because, well, it’s historically fairly accurate.”

      And you know this…how, again? Oh, yes, Mel told you so, so of course it must be true. I don’t suppose you realize that the Synoptic Gospels, (which, FYI, have a lot of discrepancies between them) were written over 40 years after the event? Hey, never mind that Greek, not Latin, was the language that any Roman official would use to communicate with a Judean officlal, since very few people in Judea spoke Latin. And since Christ wasn’t a Roman citizen and never had a Latin tutor, it’s really sorta doubtful he’d be verbally sparring with Pilate in Latinae. Never mind that he would have been crucified naked because no one wore any fucking underwear back then. Never mind that Historical Mel has Jewish armored guards running around as a brute squad, roughing up fellow Jews for the high priests, because to think that the Roman army, in such a volatile time and place, would allow an armed native force to exist is beyond ludicrous. Unlike all other subjects under Roman rule, Jews didn’t serve in the Roman army, either.

      Forget all those fantasies, because they’re small potatoes when you look at the fact that the key source for the film is the visionary ramblings of an 19th century Augustinian nun. And one who apparently could really channel torture porn like no one’s business. Mel claims it’s “historical” because it’s an “accepted vision” – and because if he can make it seem like a gee-whiz Tru Language documentary and not a snuff film that indicts the Romans and deliberately targets and demonizes the Jews for the Death Of Our Lord, Jesus will overlook the screwing around and whatever the fuck else Mel’s racking up these days in the way of sins.

      So hardly “historical” – unless that was a typo and you meant to write “hysterical”.

  35. Dramatic Puddle

    I would have a beer with Mel. Why? Because I’m not black, I’m not a jew, and I’m not Oksana the whore. Maybe we could cook some steaks on the grill and he could just relax in my white-bread life.

  36. Just_As_it_IS

    If I had been in that room and he starts losing his shit like that, I would have beaten the shit out of him. As I was at it, I would have kept saying to him “get a grip man”, “breath deeply” and shit like that until he did in fact get a grip. Or until he was knocked unconscious.
    Trying this therapy in a constant manner would make him think twice before throwing tantrums like a 6 year old.

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