Mel Gibson Recording #3: Surprise, He’s the Jealous, Controlling Type

July 13th, 2010 // 56 Comments

At this point I’m willing to bet there’s audio of Mel Gibson simply making a sandwich – but still asking for the Jew mustard – because another recording of him arguing with Oksana Grigorieva has just been released by RadarOnline:

“You made me moneyless.” Oksana tells Mel. “I used to have hundred thousand dollars a year when you met me. You took me, you possessed me. Everything I am you own me with my liver and my kidneys and my thoughts and my soul. Everything! My career, whatever it is. Pathetic career. Whatever it is, it’s yours. You control me like marionette. I don’t belong to myself, only to you. I can’t do anything and I walk on eggshells always with you!
Mel, whose profane outbursts have shocked America, answers her: “That’s because you’re a f *cking using whore! Now, I own you.”
As they continue to argue, Mel loses control, screaming “f*ck you. You’re a f*cking whore.”
He also accuses her of cheating. When Oksana tells Mel, “I’ve given you everything. I’ve been your woman. I’ve given you a child,” he simply explodes.
“You would have done it for any f*cking (person),” Mel screams. “You probably f*cked (name omitted). I know you did.”

Of course, at this point I should disclose I am being paid by the “Hollywood elite” to aid the character assassination of Mel Gibson because “he knows too much.” And it’s true he does. If his knowledge on the deliciousness of scotch or the pack habits of African-Americans ever got into the wrong hands, my God, none of us are safe. Especially if the Russians make their own Jesus movie: You Don’t Passion the Christ, The Christ Passions You.


  1. shmoo

    oh mel, you little scamp.

  2. How much are used Russian kidneys worth on the open market these days?
    I’m not listening to this. Gives ya nightmares.
    We’ll never know what *really* happened….only that it was bad, bad, bad.
    Mel is crazy. Women of the world, you been given notice.

  3. Captain_Insano

    It’s all just role play. Prelude to hate sex.

  4. Deacon Jones

    So when’s Sean Hannity going to have him on to “clear up comments made out of context”?

  5. (Name Omitted)

    Yeah, I totally did fuck her. Shit was rad.

  6. These are the greatest of times, it will not get better.



  8. Black Panther

    Hey Mel, I’ma KILL yo CRACKAH BABY!!!

  9. Great White Pygmy

    I don’t know where this photo is from but I think its Mel’s submission for “Banner Girl”! Because you’re ugly!

  10. Georgeo

    Mel Gibson is NO DIFFERENT than your average human male.

    He just got caught.

  11. Where is Rachel? I wonder if she would fuck Mel Gibson?

  12. Some Black Guy

    Sure, I fucked Oksana. Who hasn’t?

    Doesn’t make her a whore… just a woman who loves sex and has it with every breathing creature with a penis?

    Mel should have known better…

  13. JDF

    tree hundred dollars a year for leaving the kitchen? damm.

  14. Get Out

    This place has gone to hell, no one really cares about Mel and his russian whore. We want boobs just boobs lots and lots of boobs.

  15. I HATE sparkling wiggles too!!


    aside from assaulting the downs syndrome version of angelina jolie, hes right on the money.

    and if this bothers most of you fucking douche bags so much, go back to your black panther parties.

  16. Hutton Gibson

    Dear Son,

    I am not disappoint.

    Your Dad

  17. Morenike

    The pics on these Mel Gibson posts are hilarious… I wonder if that’s his actual “O” face??

  18. dude

    @I also HATE sparkling wiggles ~ i want to laugh but wonder if thats how those prussian blue twins got screwed up by their mom

  19. Doc Schweinstrudel

    He is disgusting repulsive eeeew!!!

  20. joanie

    we all handle stresses differntly. some of us make bad judiments. We all at one time or another go alittle insane. hopely he will see that what makes the differents from an animal and man. Think, use your brain and give a sh** of how you think of your self. If what is written if right. You are so wrong. and i hope u know this

  21. jim x

    She’s claiming a hundred thousand a year before she met him?

    Now it’s sounding like she’s just making stuff up, because she knows whatever he says he will be violent, crazy and racist, because he’s a crazy old violent racist who is crazy violent with the racist crazy.

  22. Karen

    If I had 9 children, I would go batshit too.

  23. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Ok I listened to all tapes in that perez hilton site. He sounds so scarry. People who call her gold digger? Like get over yourselves!Being materialistic (like me for example) requires love of comfort. What kind of exquisite comfort can you talk about when a man is screaming and spitting at your face insults? Like how many decibels it is when he yells??? I bet he can make window glass broken and vases just blow up he is so damn loud and scarry!
    Can’t believe the derogatory shit he makes her go through. (All because in his mind he is jealous), he reproaches her for all the things he gave her.
    Who needs gifts and even invitation to dinner when some asshole will reproach you afterwards? If I were at her place I would probably shut my eyes and stop my ears automatically – that scarry it is for me how he screams. And after that I would write him an email as derogatory as he made her, like that he is OLD UGLY WRINKLED MAN WITH THINNING HAIR COWARD ALCOHOLIC HYPOCRITE WITH MEGALOMANIA AND BIG GUT SENSE OF INVINCIBILITY. I’d also mention some defect in penis or his sexual performance – every man has some flaw there.
    She is clearly being too kind on him, just denying him calling her names.
    As Jane Austen said “we are all fools in love”. Pity you Oksana for falling in love with such piece of shit of a man.

    • Realist

      You have got to be the most irritating poster on this site. Please shut the hell up. Ugh. Like Oksana isn’t some kind of grovelling celebrity whore. I feel like going all Mel on you right now. Get real. Fuck, thank God there are some real dudes on this site and even some of the women. The rest of you live in some kind of fucked up dream world.

  24. Doc Schweinstrudel

    You know what? I support your opinion of irritation, however no I’m not going to shut up. Who made you the boss of the site, bitch?

  25. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Maybe it’s my purpose in life, to irritate you. Love ya too XOXOXX

  26. bribios

    God I love that womans voice.

  27. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I found her music video that Mel obviously produced. Well I don’t like it but it sounds funny now in that context…

  28. Do_Freebird

    Bravo Mel ! You’ve managed to outdo even youself this time. I can actually hear your spittle as it hits the phone. You are one wild and crazy guy.

    • Do_Freebird

      BTW, I just watched the video. First of all, it’s very bad. Second of all, Mell comes out looking like a Bible Thumping, controling, Mad Man.

  29. Boodiba

    I wonder how long he’s been this nuts & when we are gonna hear from the x wife….

  30. justifiable

    Fish, I knew you were part of the conspiracy against God’s Little Soldier! Best post so far in this mess – fucking hysterical. As for the pix – every one’s a gem.

  31. Aussie Mama

    most men of that generation are like that. he’s in his mid 50′s, not 20, different times, different men.
    they are no different to and man or woman going through custodial issues over children, it gets ugly, that’s the real world. we don’t have so many men suiciding because it’s easy. imagine seeing your kids every morning, night all their lives, then going to an agreement where you see them once a fortnight. i cannot imagine anything worse.
    he’s way to intelligent to be nuts, the media will portray him as they want, because he has offended the heirarchy.
    he must have something sensational on her, to have not paid her off and to let this go through the court system, knowing it would be in the media.
    his fans will have the last laugh!

    • nz girl

      Uh no, my dad’s not like that. Neither are many other men i know of that age. Stop pretending that his behavious is normal. it’s not. He’s disgusting and frightening.

      Honestly, woman – get out of your tiny social circle. You’re clearly in a really worrying situation where you think all men are bigoted sexists. It’s not true at all. I am worried about how messed up the men in your life are.

      The media aren’t portraying him as anything – he said that horrible stuff all on his own.

      Get some help, girl. Seriously. You’re borderline psychotic. He doesn’t seem too interested in seeing his kids from his last marriage, why would he care about his one with Oksana? He’s a tool.

      • Aussie Mama

        he spends every sunday with the whole family including robin, they all holiday together too, grankids, kids and ex wife. they are very close indeed.
        like i said meny men of that age are like that, i did not say all. what i said was it’s not unusual, but people generally don’t go around taping friends, groups n or one on one conversations. not surprised she did it, it’s a very commie thing to do. dob in, that’s part of their frickin’ culture.
        social circle, is huuuuge and been around since school, too, lots of new friends, but tonnes of mates that have been around forever too. all backgrounds, races, nationalities, job descriptions. one thing we do, do a lot of is talk, about everything, real deep shit, that i feel would be way over your head. your good at getting angry, and you blast mel for the same thing, funny that, hypocritical even.
        i if bigotted sexists are real men, well then i’m cool with that. i think men should be men and women should be women. i look after my man and he me, it works for us, we aren’t confused at all. i’m not someone that gets home and expects my man to make dinner and do all of my chores, i am more than happy and capable of doing them. i have never mowed the lawn either. my folks are like that, my grandparents and my great grandparents, all still together too, so regardless of what you say, we are doing someting right. womens lib has ruined many things, my opinion, which i am entitled to. you may be the gal that guys love to fuck, but i am the one, that they marry and stay with. goodluck to you. i am surein time you will see your way does not make for a happy life at all.

      • nz girl

        What on earth makes you think I fuck around? I don’t tolerate abuse of any kind and that somehow makes me a whore? Nice try, but I’m engaged and I’ve never been the slutty type. But feel free to come to random conclusions, it seems to be a talent of yours on this topic.

        I repeat – get some help. I’m so glad you have a “huuuuuge social circle”, but all that shows is that you know a lot of douchey guys and not enough classy ones. I’m glad you and your wide circle of friends talk about “deep shit”, but you come across as so viciously against the idea of a woman exposing her abusive partner, that I doubt a wide variety of races and nationalities would tolerate you. You really do seem obsessively crazy. That’s why I hope you get help.

        Also, Russians aren’t communists. Do you still live in the 50s? That would make sense. It would explain why you tolerate sexism and bigotry.

        I’ve never mowed the lawn either – I do the laundry and my fiance does the mowing. We both like to cook, so we both do. You can keep traditional roles without tolerating bigoted abuse. Do you seriously not realise that? How old are you? How warped is your perception of normal?

        If bigoted sexists are “real men”, then unlike you, I won’t tolerate that. I’ve got this thing called respect for myself. I hope you find some soon.

  32. Fati87

    I didn’t get the Russian reference. Explain.

  33. Where are they getting all these evil face pics of Mel Gibson?

  34. Aussie Mama

    to all the ones harping on about the alleged abuse and her fearing for her life and having no where to go!
    answer me this, if this were fact, why stay in HIS home when you have your OWN home?
    David Foster songwriter/producer(another guy used for her career) the guy oksana was banging before mel, bought her a house in 2008. She was living in this home, up until moving into Mel’s home. So you see she has somewhere to go. this is what is not making sense to me. Anyone who was genuinely scared would get the hell out, especially if they were scared for their child too!
    But, his home is far more valauble….if she stays, she just might get it right. you can hear mel clear as a bell saying to her; i am not giving you the house, you can stay in the house, but i will not give it to you!
    Listen to her words, in her interview;“Beautiful Heartache”, due for release on November 2. Mel is attributed as helping with the lyrics to some tracks, co-producing the CD and shooting the promo videos.
    Generous huh!
    Gushing in an interview, Oksana said: “I think it is incredible that he helped me so much,
    “He is very prominent in my career – he has believed in me. Mel has been very supportive and he’s an amazing man.”
    “I will be playing a concert in a few days then I will have to slow down,” says the Ukrainian-born brunette.
    “This is my last burst of work before we get ready for the birth. I consider it a gift, so I am really blessed. I have got the album as well, so it is wonderful.
    “It’s been an extraordinary year. I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant. Mel is really happy about the baby. He is fantastic with children, he understands parenthood and you couldn’t get a better father.”
    Oksana and Mel Gibson first met when he heard her perform music in concert. He was so overwhelmed that he offered her a record deal through his firm, Icon Distribution to help her produce her first solo album.
    “Things are very good,” say’s Oksana.
    She also has a 12-year-old son Alexander by Timothy Dalton, the James Bond star, who lives with his father.
    This gal has used men like stepping stones in her career, social status and money.
    Someone was bound to get angry one day. If she were in Russia nad did this to a Russian man, she would be dead, without a doubt

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Listen Bitch,

      Whatever crap the situation you are in – I don’t want to go into this. I am a Russian woman and I am telling you that a RUSSIAN MAN would NEVER do such a thing. You think it’s normal – well go seek help because someone’s been trying to convince you that it is normal when clearly it’s outrageous and out of proportion and no woman should tolerate this.
      I think Mel should never show his ass up in Russia because some Russian men would rip him apart.
      You are so damn twisted in your head you hear the fucking record of crazy man’s horrible insane vile yell and you STILL find excuse for his behavior.
      Clearly it has NOTHING to do with a child. It has something to do to what he referred to as “dysfunctional vagina” which I guess means that she after giving birth needs to heal and he can’t stick his old nasty penis in her – that’s why he is angry -and baby is direct cause of ripping vagina so you know.

      You said in your yesterday’s post that “Australia adopted him”. You know Australia could never adopt him because he never applied for Australian citizenship – I guess not to pay taxes to your dear land. And the sole purpose he was moved there is not to serve in the army – not because he was so fond of Australia -clearly! So your point with patriotism is fucked!

      Why don’t you just admit that the chick is living your dream. No matter what she is going through – you enjoy being treated like shit because that’s the only thing you are used to, maybe your father treated your mom this way.

      Well, I tell you this. It’s none of her fault that you live your life every day betraying yourself. If deep inside you always wanted to meet a millionare man who would take care of you – you should have followed your dreams, instead of feeling miserable now and hating on the woman who did nothing to you personally whatsoever. If such yell for you is what turns you on – go for it too. Hate doesn’t come just like that you know, we don’t like in other people as what we see in them the very flaws we won’t admit about ourselves. So you accusing some strange person you never met – says more about you.

      • Aussie Mama

        that vodka has really seeped into your brain luv.
        i kew were russian, i had you sus’ed in our very first exchange. your anger gave you away straight away. you were transperant with it.
        i am living my own dream, what i have i have worked for in unison with my husband and my children are in the family unit, with their own father, not changing daddies on a regular basis and most certainly not a statistic. what we have no one has given to us, nor have we taken it either, it’s so much sweeter like that. if living a dream is using men and spreading your flaps, for money like a common as cat shit whore, be my guest. it’s not mine, it belongs to the russian chic’s they’re well known for it and do it like pro’s. arios amigo, this site is waaaay to angry and nuts for me!

      • marcy

        YOu’re crazy, Aussie Mama. How can you listen to that crazy Mel on the tape and blame the woman? Sure, she probably wants to get as much $$ out of it as she can. Who can blame her? Maby you would rather that she just walked away from everything she and her child deserves because she’s afraid? Is that what you consider to be proper behavior in a woman, cowering and renunciation?

  35. Marko

    Oh Superficial and all those who commented, you have made my day. Thank you Mel Gibson. I was wondering what freakshow celebrity would entertain me after the death of MJ. You Sir are that celebrity. I look forward to more insanity and racist rants in the near future.

  36. zz

    Aussie Mama is full of shit. Coincidentally, she appears to the descendants of racist convicts as well. So, all, please do not blame her for her blatant ignorance and her ill-informed stereotypes like how Russian people are all “transparently angry” and how people from New Zealand are all sluts. She can’t help it. She has convict genes which makes her narrow-minded and retarded.

  37. ifxtheny

    YES. THIS is the humor that originally drew me to this site: “You Don’t Passion the Christ, the Christ Passions You.” I know you must have new contributors, but it is these type of references that make your site unique and appealing to the intelligent pop-culture savvy cynics. Keep it up. I have faith in your ability to make smart people laugh aloud. Or LOL, if you prefer.

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