Mel Gibson Punched His Baby

July 15th, 2010 // 170 Comments

At this point, I think most of us assumed there’s no way this Mel Gibson thing could get any worse. Even with new recordings coming out every day (after the jump), they mostly just provided audio to things we already read before. Well, surprise! Mel Gibson probably punched his baby. Though in his defense, he was trying to punch Oksana who was holding the kid, so let’s cut the man who brought us The Passion of Beating the Fuck Out of Christ a break. RadarOnline reports:

The images, which show baby Lucia with a bruise on her chin, are part of Oksana’s sealed declaration to the court, a source with knowledge of the situation told exclusively. And those photos will be a vital piece of evidence Oksana will use in court in Los Angeles Thursday when she goes before a judge in her custody battle with Mel.
It’s a bombshell development in the war between the former lovers. Their daughter was only two months old at the time of the alleged incident and the source, who has direct knowledge of the photos, says it is unmistakable that the infant is bruised.
This evidence — together with the secretly-recorded tapes published exclusively by — are crucial to Oksana’s argument that Lucia should not have any contact with her father.

On top of that, Oksana’s lawyers are going to court this morning to prove Mel Gibson is still making threatening phone calls to her, according to TMZ:

As one source put it, “Mel is one of the few people who know the phone number. It’s not him who’s making the calls, but we have reason to think he’s behind them.”
We’re told the calls were made directly to Oksana on her home line — they were not voice messages. Oksana took the calls and claims the caller was “threatening and scary.”

So far the only thing Mel Gibson’s lawyers have had to say for their client is that they believe the tapes are edited, so I can’t wait to hear this excuse in a court of law. “Your honor, my client maintains he said Ms. Grigorieva would be raped by a ‘pack of niggers’ before threatening to burn the house down if oral sex wasn’t provided, not after. So clearly, there’s been editing here, and Mel Gibson is a national treasure that can’t be held responsible for the sonic boom of his punch that apparently bruises nearby babies.”


  1. Mel Gibson's Temper

    You make me want to SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Notard


    Turn off your computer, unplug it, and throw it away. Destroy any obejct you have that is capable of connecting to the internet. You are too stupid to inflict your opinions on the internet.

    1 down, hundreds of millions more to go.

    • #


      Take out a butt plug, ram it up your ass, then sit down on cactus. Continue toewander aimlessly/uselessly for the remainder of your worthless existence. You are too ignorant to defecate your thoughts anywhere.

      1 down,…

      Mel is being set up for revenge. Not that he isn’t an asshole mind you.

      • you

        Welcome, paid Mel Gibson PR flack. Good to have you here.

      • Curious, you’re the dense one. She’s “to” calm “in an argument” because she knows she’s recording the conversation and it’s in her best interest to sound sane, reasonable and rational, and not talk over his rant so he can’t be heard. These are not the tapes from a hidden mike that neither one knew was there – duh. This does not mean his reponse isn’t “real.” Her voice is clearer because she’s in the same room as the recorder. He’s on the phone which is why his voice level and clarity will not approximate hers. Now take Notard’s advice and turn off and unplug your computer before you really hurt yourself.

      • Aussie Mama

        she’s calm because she is a psychopath.

  3. Catholic Priest

    I need to perform an exorcism on Mel Gibson. He’s beyond anger management classes.

    • dude

      actually the catholic church does still consider those! lmao just picturing mel roaring like a tiger, ghasping for air, his head spinning all the way round, while he’s stabbing himself in the crotch with crucifix, screaming blow me, fucking blow me….

  4. PunkA

    Have you guys even heard those recordings? Sounds like Mel is on a bad phone connection and Oksana is clear as can be. What is up with that? seriously, sounds like something is totally up with her. I think she is a gold digger for sure. But having said that, sorry Mel, you knocked her up, you take care of hte child financially. It is yourse. Be a man about it and see that the child is cared for. I don; care if you set up a trust fund to kid out a monthly amount for Oksana to use rather than giving her a ton of cash, just own it and be a man about it. You already look pathetic, but not caring for your own flesh and bllod with just make it worse.

    • Knack of Piggers

      Of course she sounds clear, retard. She’s the one making the recording! The mic is right there by her friggin mouth. Take 5 seconds out of your busy day of mouth breathing and learn how telephone recording works. You think it should sound like a 3rd party wiretap or something?

  5. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Damn it I can’t believe all the ammount of ugly jealous women -enablers and alcoholic abusers who post on this site.
    Please, give me a break. No Russian woman would even look in your direction – as for men. And as for women – jealous cunts.

    • kill the commies

      Doc, isn’t it time for you to be returning to your little trailer in Siberia?

    • Aussie Mama

      Doc; god your a cretin of a woman. can you actually hold a conversation without calling anyone fat, ugly, bald, single?
      it’s bad enough that you are russian. when the truth comes out, you people will be the butt of all jokes as it is.
      if this is what women from there are like, no wonder men lose their temper and want to belt the shit out of you.
      make some sense and be constructive in some way. stupid girl.
      i can just picture you, black pube like wirey hair, with an overgrown hairy mole somewhere near your enormous nose, bloodied zits, from constant nervous picking, yellow crooked teeth, vomit like armpit pong, banana tits and purple labia lips that hang like mud flaps on a truck, that no one can bring themselves to go down on, no matter how much alcohol they consume, cos seriously a decent loooking person, who is happy with themselves, is not so dismal and abusive for no reason. i reckon you’ve never had an orgasm, so by now you’d be wild with frustration, mounting anything from a broom handle to a hairspray can.
      mels abusive cause a slut will not allow him to see his child, what’s your excuse?

  6. Leannekera

    These pictures keep getting better and better LOL

  7. Sascha Krakov

    God this woman is ugly. Her eyes are 16 feet apart. No wonder Mel hit her.

    The sweet little baby could have gotten bruises 100 different ways. For all we know, she banged poor Lucia’s head on the kitchen counter like it was a jar she was trying to open.

    The calls were definitely Mel. He’s got rage issues, he’s a threat, yes that’s true. And I do believe he hit her. But it’s far from clear that he hit his little girl (and even if he did – and we can all agree there’d be no excuse – but even if he did, it would obviously be an accident).

    In Soviet Russia, whore screws you. Or something like that.

  8. Danno

    A mouth like that has obviously had years of practice in verbal abuse. Think he has a happy family life? He deserves this. If this is how he reactes to not getting a blowjob, and he admits that on tape,then Oksana didn’t have to bait shit. She should have called the cops for the physical abuse but hey, she’s from Russia. I don’t think their domestic abuse laws are quite the same as ours. From a woman’s point of view those tapes are terrifying but he couldn’t scare her into silence like his sad fucking exwife. I hope he pays dearly. Probably won’t.

    • waka

      Your an ass.

    • LP

      Yeah, the ex is probably just playing nice until she gets her payday. If I know PR people (and I do), she was probably contacted immediately and told to cooperate and make him look good if she still wants a decent settlement.

      • Aussie Mama

        they had a quickie divorce, before oksana gave birth. mel the tight ass only gave robyn 480 million, plus anything else she wanted. he’s so mean!
        he still hangs out with robyn and all the 7 kids and grandkids, every sunday, including holidaying together, all of them, because he must force them to do that right?
        robyn will testify in court and back mel all the way, even though they are divorced, he has paid her out because she’s being pushed into it? right?
        like i said from word go; there will be twists, do not believe what you read.
        these guys may just surprise everyone and get back together. i am sure he realises what he had, was the best!

  9. Curious

    you guys are pretty dense i can tell you with confidence those tapes are a joke

    • No, a joke is someone who doesn’t realize why voice levels in a recorded phone conversation are different, and why one party has a vested interest in remaining calm and collected during an argument.

      How much is Mel paying you to post here? Better get the money up front. Oh yeah, and don’t ever dress provocatively around him.

    • jim x

      Some people can say with confidence the Earth is flat.

      Mel’s lawyers are treating the tape as if it’s real, so if you don’t trust us at least consider them.

    • Aussie Mama

      darling……they are hugely tampered with from many conversations, not just conversations with oksana. put together well, but not well enough.

  10. Lisa

    That gold digging hoe set Mel up real good. Didn’t she accuse Her ex Timothy Dalton of abusing her. This seems to be her game. Why do men keep falling for hoes like this.

    • Aussie Mama

      Timothy Dalton went through hell with her. She said he was abusive and tight with money. always back to the $$$. Timothy brings up their boy and has custody of him, while oksana has visitation. Timothy to this day has nothing to do with her. The last shag before Mel, and after timothy, the music producer was dumped like a hot potatoe, as soon as he purchased a house for her in 2008, which also clearly contradicts the 3 years she says, she has been with Mel?
      How? When, 2 years ago another guy was buying her a house?
      Unless she was two timing them both.
      I think shesaid that to upset Mels ex Robin, because Robin and Mel had split 3 years ago.

  11. What now sparkling wiggle?

    “Audio expert believes the taped phone conversations may have been altered.”

    • jim x

      Oh, they may be edited for the greatest hits of crazy. It’s still a whole lotta crazy.

    • Notice that this “expert “says words have been removed – not that they’ve been added, and no one is disputing it isn’t Mel. This “forensic expert” who’s already claiming that they’ve been altered hasn’t listened to the original – he admits he’s only heard the clips that Radar Online released. I’d love to know what this guy’s standing among his peers is, but making up his mind before he’s even examined the source and broadcasting that preconception speaks to a lack of credibility right off the bat. It makes him look like he’s chumming for attention and a paid witness gig as well.

      • jim x

        Yeah. I’d love to hear what “words removed” give a sane context to “i’ll burn the house down but first you have to blow me”.

      • Aussie Mama

        jim x.
        let me think. i will make sure you will never see your child again.
        i am staying in hour house.
        and you will pay me a hell of a lot more than the pathetic 20,000,000 you offered.
        that’d do it for me!

  12. smile@mycock

    Everyone who thinks mel is the bad guy, your wrong! dead wrong! I grew up with a mother that made a few good men go bad… she was the craziest bitch in the world but in public or in front of the cops she seemed like a sweet inocent lady! she was in the wrong 90% of the times and the guys where always the bad guys!

    • jim x

      I don’t care if she’s Superbitch. A real man masters his temper, and doesn’t freak out like a toddler if he doesn’t get blown in the next 5 seconds.

      • Aussie Mama

        it’s not over a blow job, it’s over oksana not allowing his to see the child for months.

      • jim x

        No, sorry. Unless I missed where he said “I”m going to burn the house down, but first you’ll let me take my child to Disneyland. Then I’ll bury you in the rose garden.”

      • Justsayin

        Aussie Mama, please do tell how come you have so much insight on the whole situation!?

    • Aussie Mama

      smile……women can be master manipulators and really play the poor, innocent, weak old me card, when it suits them. i know of women that are extremely cruel to their ex husbands via their children and they don’t give a damn how it affects the kids either, it’s all about them. there are far too many fathers that suicide with the after effects of not only divorce, but not being able to see their children. a man doesn’t love his kids any less than a woman and should always have access to them. mel has done far too good in his life, for a drunk rant, or a woman who has profited from men in at least the last two reletionships, to make any difference in his reputation.

      • Keep on believing as his image circles the bowl, there’s a nice delusional acolyte.

        There are also plenty of men with histories of controlling and abuse who kill their children to punish their ex-wives for daring to divorce them and break up their family. My, what incredible power you give women! Unhappily for your treasured belief, what women can’t do – no matter how connivng. scheming, manipulative and Russian they are – is implant an emotionally abusive and controlling personality or an unreasonable and racist mindset in a man. No one sounds like this if either of those factors weren’t already there in the first place. The real Mel isn’t pretty, so no wonder you have to demonize her and make everything her fault so you can go on with your comfortable assumptions and keep your Passion of the Christ DVD on the shelf. Plenty of men have been on the receiving end of a gameplaying woman who either “forgets” her ex had visitation that weekend and takes the kids elsewhere, or goes the full alienation of affection route and outright refuses to turn them over. The way to cope with a manipulative bitch like that is an enforced court order, not continually choosing to drive a runaway train to Crazytown. It ain’t the train that’s smokin;. it’s MEL!

      • LP

        I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you’re a man. There are some bad women out there, no one doubts that, but there are a heck of a lot more bad men out there. Nothing excuses this man’s behavior- absolutely nothing. I don’t care if she “screeched” or was annoying or tried to keep him away from a child. He had no right to say any sentence of the hours of ranting that he put out there. If it was really, truly about seeing his daughter, that’s what a lawyer and a court order are for. This was about pure terrorism, hatred and rage. He is a sick, sick man and that’s his own fault.

      • Aussie Mama

        yes you went out on a limb, but no, you are wrong, i am a woman. and some women make me sick.

  13. Jase

    This really doesnt sound like him, is it just me?

  14. ag

    Is this a lesson for all men regarding purchasing crazy russian brides from the interwebs? Not that I’m excusing Mel for leaving his wife for this mail order bride, but really, what the hell did they ever have in common except for sex. Then, when it went bad, it all went bad, very bad, for both of them.

  15. spardacus

    lmfao he is sofa king Nuts

  16. old school

    This is some crazy shit. The Russian whore gold-digger gets pregnant to get money from the has-been movie star. Now recording private conversations, and baiting him into a rage so she can get custody and more money. Now it is big news, so Mel gets more publicity. Everyone is talking about Mel again. In the end, she will get money and Mel is in the news. Go figure. They both seem miserable.

    • Aussie Mama

      old school; true, the only thing you have wrong there is has been. his latest movie; edge of darkness, is the movie of 2009, a master piece. have a look at it, you won’t be sorry.

      • old school got it right – the last time Mel starred in a film was 8 years ago. That’s like 25 movie star years. Edge is a remake of a 25 year old Beeb TV series, which is why it had a severly compressed plot problem and a lot of inaccuracies about thallium poisoning. It’s certainly not “the movie of 2009,” (especially since it was released in 2010 – then again, you never get anything right, do you?). Nor is it a “masterpiece.” The reviews were mixed, it had a downer ending and owed too much to “Taken” – it only did a mediocre performance at the box office and was quickly released to DVD. The Book of Eli surpassed it in returns after just 3 weeks.

      • Aussie Mama

        it was released on dvd 2010, and in cinemas in 2009, that’s what i said and meant.

      • And what you “said and meant” is still wrong. I know you make shit up and then instantly believe it’s gospel, but it’s not. The film debuted worldwide on January 28, 2010. Except in Australia, when it opened on February 4.

        Try cutting back on the drinking when everything starts to blur together like that.

      • Aussie Mama

        \shite years gone quick, fair enuf…..i am wrong.

  17. Aussie Mama

    Latest news is as I always said, Mels ex wife Robin has signed declarations saying that Mel was never abusive etc in 28 years of marriage etc. In Australia, even though Mel is not ours, we all know this. One woman cannot ruin 30 years of a fabulous man, father, husband, son nor talent. Mel is known for his generosity, awesome humor, being a prankster and an over all good man full stop. The jewish rant, plain and simple has had the media after his guts relentlessly. Look at the pictures used by the media of Mel, every one of them is the most unflattering pic they can find.
    This is about child custody denial, I have said that from day 1. Put yourself in any parents shoes, a parent that is denied the right to seeing their child, for months on end, using that child as a pawn, for monetary gain. Anyone would lose it and be nuts with emotion. It happens everyday in custody battles with normal people, but normal people don’t tape each other like some sneaky russian spy!
    I have always said, if this was as clean cut as oksana would like the public to think, mel would have paid to keep it hush, he has the means. he must have a lot on her, to want this to go through court and good on him, becasue it wouldn’t be easy. oksana has profited from her last two partners, but this time i reckon she’ll get whats coming to her. bagging and entrapping a celebrity should not be a lifestyle. it is dispicable. i say ,save the males and stop the man bashing. if tiger woods had bashed ellens teeth out with a golf club, he’d be in jail. ellen was celebrated with this act. yet for the same “alleged act”, which i really doubt is true, the media and public out cry against mel has been nothing short of a hanging. be fair people, let the man have his day in court, the legal way and reserve your judgement until then.

    • KL

      Idiot. Enabler. That’s all there is to say to you.

    • wtf

      You’ve got to be kidding. “Anyone would lose it” — and scream, “If you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault.” Yeah, that could happen to anyone. If your gut response to these tapes is “save the males”, then your brain is wired wrong.

      • Aussie Mama

        if everyone posting here, had an emitional heated arguement taped, i am sure they would be shocked listening back to how they sound and exactly what they said.
        people can be the worst hypocrites.

      • jim x

        I’ve had emotionally heated arguments. Never once have I told someone I’m going to burn the house down if they don’t blow me. Maybe I should more often. Oh, wait, I’m not a billionaire movie star so I’d actually face immediate consequences.

      • wtf, what brain are you referring to? If you took the top of Aussie mama’s head off, all you’d find inside would be 13 DVD copies of “Max Max Beyond Thunderdome” floating in a sea of flat Dr. Tim’s Traditional Ale.

    • Danno

      Normal parents who are denied visitation of their children will take that shit to court. They don’t waste time bitching about a denied blowjob. Der.

      • Aussie Mama

        he is, she already knocked back 20,000,000 dollars and 80 / 20% visitation, her getting the 80%. she wants more $$$ and 100% access.
        no one will give her that!
        men are parents and have the same rights as women.

      • jim x

        They just don’t include physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse, and making terroristic threats.

      • Good one, jim x.

        Aussie mama, I know you’re deranged and all, but for once in you life get your facts straight. She “didn’t already knock back 20,000,000″ – Mel supposedly offered her 20 mill but that price tag came with shared 80/20 custody with room to evolve over time to 50/50. I know for you his sperm would have been payment enough, but since she didn’t take it you can stop frothing at the mouth because you think she’s richer than you and had Mel to boot. It’s a huge amount to gamble on passing up if it’s true, but maybe she figures she get it, and sole custody as well. As for him, he was rich and horny and all this is part of the price you pay for younger pussy – he’s not a naive 18 year old, he’s a 54 year old man who knew what was what.

        And yes, all dads and moms should have access to their kids, but not if they’re abusive in any way, shape or form – no little kid needs that. And the courts look at abuse against a parent today as a promise of abuse against a child tomorrow, not least because abusive people often have no scruples in using their kids to get to and hurt an ex-spouse or partner.

    • Samantha

      I agree! My stepmom is exactly like Oksana. I feel bad for my dad but there’s nothing I can do.

      • Aussie Mama

        when gloria alred one of the biggest show biz lawyers around is representing her, of course she won’t take 20 mill. she has been advised not to, cos gloria knows she can bleed more. why else would gloria be working pro bono for?
        because she knows she’ll gat a massive cut, from ahell of a lot more!
        again you are going on hear say, from 1 party. just wait till he rolls out what he has on her.

    • Justsayin

      if you are a woman, and think like that, I hope if you do have kids that the father takes them awya from you you crazy hoe!!!! Are you being sponsored for all these comments. you are a fucking nut job. I get it, you are a fan. But is indeed you are a woman, you should know that no matter the circumstances there is NO excuse to verbally abuse and hit a woman. I don’t care how manipulative and money hungry is this russian whore. Just ’cause he reacted like this, instead of the smart way (battling out in court keeping his composure), he deserves what’s coming to him.

    • Aussie Mama

      i think a lot of people are eating their words right now!

  18. reptar

    umm this is fake

  19. Speichel

    Hey, he’s catholic so he can do these things. Drunk driving, punching babies, leave him alone, he’s paying the church so of course he is allowed to do these things.

    No serious – Sometime I wish hell would exist just to see him get burned by the people he blames..

  20. Maria

    I don’t think anyone is saying that Mel purposefully hit his daughter. He DID hit his girlfriend while she was holding the baby, and I think they are saying that he accidentally hit the baby.

    I am disgusted by anyone who is defending this man.

    • jim x

      Thank you.

      I mean, wow. I shouldn’t have been surprised after OJ and MJ were defended, and some people even claimed Robert Blake and PHil Spector were innocent. But….some people just can’t stand to hear the truth about their heroes I guess.

      • Aussie Mama

        jim x.
        they all got a trial, mel has not opened his mouth yet, we only know half of what has been recorded. he’ll get his day and you might get a surprise, because all is nt what it seems. we’ll see.
        MJ was aquitted and there was no evidence. while he was making billions for sony, he was pristine, as soon as they parted under really bad terms, the pedo story came out. something like that sticks forever, no matter if guilty or not, because it is the ugliest thing a man can do. it ruined MJ’s life and i think drove him to all the presc.drug abuse, to dull the shame, pain, character rape and humiliation he endured etc. i don’t think anyone could come back from that, let alone someone like Michael.
        the first boy: jordie chandlers father has since commited suicide, his mother always stuck up for MJ, always! incidentally after jordie received the $$$, he never spoke, nor had anything to do with his father again.
        only jordie and MJ really know the truth. thing is when jordie had to describe MJ’s privates etc, he was wrong. he described him as circumcised (probably because jordie being jewish was circumcised and would have thought that all men/boys were too) MJ was not circumcised and he gave specifics about the colour, spotting of his skin in that area, again found to be wrong. this saved MJ, amongst many other things. the father initially wanted a 3 movie deal with MJ, because apart from being a dentist, he thought himself to be a movie producer. if my child had been raped, i’ll tell you now, there is no deal on the face of this earth i would consider, apart from ,making sure the son of a bitch spent his life behind bars. the second family the arvizios, were in it for the $$$. there were so many flaws, character problems with the whole family, it was thrown out. but it stuck and i think it killed MJ. Mj was an unusual person, but i will never believe that he could hurt a child, or be capable of being the monster, he was accused of. there will never be a talent like him again. he did not deserve what was done to him. but get on the wrong side of tommy mottola/sony (standard oil new york) the rockerfellers/jews, you go down, mercilessly.

  21. misogyny_please?

    To all of you wife-beating, domestic violence apologists out there…

    I hope there is a special secluded place in Hell for you, Mel Gibson, and his Jacuzzi.

    • Aussie Mama

      liars, users and those who judge before the person has even had the chance to defend themselves in a court of law can go there first!
      you were not a fly on the wall and know nothing, so wait and see, that’s why we have a judicial system. i for one do not follow the shariah law!

      • Aussie Mama

        A Special Note To Doc; god your a cretin of a woman. can you actually hold a conversation without calling anyone fat, ugly, bald, single?
        it’s bad enough that you are russian. when the truth comes out, you people will be the butt of all jokes as it is.
        if this is what women from there are like, no wonder men lose their temper and want to belt the shit out of you.
        make some sense and be constructive in some way. stupid girl.
        i can just picture you, black pube like wirey hair, with an overgrown hairy mole somewhere near your enormous nose, bloodied zits, from constant nervous picking, yellow crooked teeth, vomit like armpit pong, banana tits and purple labia lips that hang like mud flaps on a truck, that no one can bring themselves to go down on, no matter how much alcohol they consume, cos seriously a decent loooking person, who is happy with themselves, is not so dismal and abusive for no reason. i reckon you’ve never had an orgasm, so by now you’d be wild with frustration, mounting anything from a broom handle to a hairspray can.
        mels abusive cause a slut will not allow him to see his child, what’s your excuse?

      • Justsayin

        you deserve to be treated just like Mel treated the Russian whore you stupi woman! can you be more ignorant. “no wonder men loose their temper” you foking a$$whole, one has the power to keep composure no matter what the other person is doing to one. If he wasn’t an abusive men, he would not have acted like that. Indepently if he in fact hit her or not, the recordings are enough to know that he is abusive.

      • Aussie Mama

        wrong, they are doctored, tampered, cut….

  22. Samantha

    It sounds like she is a gold digger and very manipulative. I would be pissed too. She is showing no emotion in this tape and is clearly making it so she can build a case in court and get his money. I know a gold digger and liar when I see one, my stepmom is exactly the same way.

    • Aussie Mama

      i hate with a passion the woman that brags about herself being a career gal, independant and strong. but can only achieve this, by draining every drop of blood from the man she has planned to screw over and inevitably does.
      oksana is a vampire.

    • Justsayin

      just ’cause she is a godldigger an manipulative doesn’t mean you have to beat the woman! Don’t loose track to things

  23. Sasra

    Con-fucking-gradulations. That douch has given us news for the whole week.
    It sound like hes fucking possesed or something.

    • Sasra

      But then again that goldigger did push him the wrong way. I think they’re both douchbags. He punches a baby and she uses that against him to get the money.

      • Aussie Mama

        i absolutely 100% do not beieve for 1 second that he “punched” his baby girl. this cow is saying the absolute worst she can, to get him in maximum shit.
        if a man his size “punched” a baby….common people work with me here…..the child wouldn’t have a bruise, something would be broken (bone), or burst (like spleen etc).
        again, even if you could somehow tolerate abuse as a mother against yourself and not go to the police, even with 2 black eyes, looking like a panda and 2 broken front teeth, YOU WOULD NOT TOLERATE NOR AVOID GOING TO THE COPS IF YOUR BABY HAD BEEN PUNCHED AND YOU HAD EVIDENCE OF IT. this story is beyond crazy and i believe it to be just a story!
        i have a friend from israel, who has just come back from over there, holidaying. she reckons up until very recently, israel had a very low percentage of people that were divorced, marriage breakups etc. very solid compared to the rest of the world. anyway they have been letting a lot of russin families immigrate. she reckons the russian women are wreaking havoc over there, they are good looking etc, men being men can’t seem to resist them and the divorce, breakup rate is for the 1st time, becoming a real problem. she reckons, a lot of these women are married and their husbands are quite ok with them having sex with the israelis, so long as he supports their family in some way, food, rent , cash retc. it says a hell of a lot about the culture. anything for a buck, strange folk for sure.

    • Aussie Mama

      no it just means she’s leaking everything bit by bit, all from the same 1/2 hour arguement /tape of course, but slowly, drip, drip….funny, the more that comes out, the more i’m on his side.

      • Danno

        I notice you keep saying Mel wasn’t allowed to see his child but that’s illegal. Why didn’t he just request a police escort to Oksana’s home? He would have gotten 50/50 custody if he’d gone through the system but he hung himself instead.

        And why can’t I find public records citing the date his divorce was finalized? Because he never signed the papers.

  24. Sully

    fake and gay

  25. Aussie Mama

    It’s just come to me!
    He’s not beiong abusive at all.
    I reckon they are having sex and he is just talking dirty to her!!!
    Think about it?
    A pain in the ass!
    You are ruining my life!
    You make my life so f—— difficult!
    Well you know what, it’s so –
    Why can’t you be a woman who f—— supports me instead of a woman that sucks off me. And just f—— sucks me dry. And wants, and wants. Go through this relationship if you’re a good woman and you love me. I don’t believe you anymore. I’m sick of your bulls—! Has any relationship ever worked with you? NO!
    MG: Shut the f— up. I know I’m behaving like this because I know absolutely that you do not love me and you treat me with no consideration.
    MG: I love you because I’ve treated you with every kindness, every consideration. You rejected … you will never be happy. F— you! Get the f— away from me! But my daughter is important! All right? Now, you have one more chance. And I mean it. Now f—— go if you want, but I will give you one more chance. (huffing with anger) You make me wanna smoke. You f—– my day up. You care about yourself.
    MG: When I’ve been so f—— good to you. You f—— try to destroy me.
    MG: Shut the f— up! You should just f—— smile and blow me! ‘Cause I deserve it.
    MG: Who the f— cares? We agreed nothing.
    MG; Blow me you f…….bitch.

    Yep, this is a tape of them having a rough sex sesh and Mel loves to talk dirty.
    Probably pulling her hair and choking her too. Nothing to see here folks, move on, it’s just a couple in the throws of passion!

  26. Aussie Mama

    LATEST TWIST: Told ya there’d be twists!
    The Mel Gibson tape saga has taken a new twist with claims that the recordings were fabricated emerging as the actor’s soon-to-be ex-wife of 28 years comes out in support for him.

    Gibson, 54, allegedly spews a torrent of abuse on the tapes at his estranged partner, Oksana Grigorieva.

    But experts have cast doubt on the tapes’ authenticity.

    Creative Forensic Services chief Arlo West, who has worked on a number of high profile crimes in the United States, says the recordings are of “extraordinary” quality and appear to have been made using a professional-standard microphone.

    “In the tapes themselves there are several things that would raise a red flag as an expert,” Mr West told Good Morning America.

    “I found gaps, transients and fades. All three of these things would be considered in authenticating the audio itself.”

    Gibson and Grigorieva are locked in a bitter legal battle over custody of their eight-month-old daughter, Lucia.

    The series of recordings were leaked during the past week to celebrity gossip website

    They allegedly feature the Oscar-winning Braveheart director using racist language to disparage a Hispanic cleaning lady.

    In earlier tapes Gibson referred to black people as “niggers,” called Grigorieva a “whore” and a “bitch in heat”, and apparently acknowledged beating her.

    While they have not been authenticated, Gibson has not issued any denial since they began surfacing on Friday.

    But website TMZ reports that his lawyers are preparing to present evidence that the tapes have been tampered with.

    A second expert, Frank Piazza, who worked on the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case 14 years ago, supported Mr West’s assertion.

    “There are redactions, things were taken out, there were obviously things people didn’t want others to hear,” Mr Piazza told

    Detectives investigating Gibson for the possible domestic violence case say they have received audio recordings from a court deciding the actor-director’s child custody case.

    Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said the CDs were turned over during a closed session in the custody case.

    The speculation comes as Gibson’s soon-to-be ex-wife Robyn reportedly filed a declaration in support of the star.

    Robyn Gibson said in the document her husband of 28 years had never physically abused her or any of their children, reported.

    “Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage,” the one-page declaration states.

    Ad Feedback She adds: “Mel was always a wonderful and loving father.”

    Sheriff’s spokesman Whitmore said detectives were working to authenticate the recordings released by the court.

    He did not say how many recordings were included or how long they were.

    It is unclear whether the recordings include those that have been posted by the celebrity website

    The site has posted more than 20 minutes of recordings of arguments between a man who sounds distinctly like Gibson and a woman identified by the site as Grigorieva.

    Whitmore said detectives still hoped to speak to Gibson, who has not yet been interviewed.

    Detectives are looking into allegations that Gibson harmed Grigorieva during a January confrontation.

    He said he would not speculate on when the case would be turned over to prosecutors, who will decide whether Gibson should face criminal charges.

    “It’s not going to be rushed,” Whitmore said.

    - with agencies.

    • Jeeezus.
      Aussie Mama we have ample proof of how much you love Mel Gibson.
      Could you please take a breather? Get a life?

      • Aussie Mama

        you know what matey, i wasn’t evena real fan until this started. it’s more the fact that you can see,clear as, that he is being rail roaded, it’s scary shit, cos it happens to men all the time, with custody $$$ cases.
        sorry, it’s just i really feel for him.

  27. captain america

    he thought of “Eric The Viking”, folks?

  28. Colin

    Shame on Mel? Shame on Oksana for using her baby as a human shield!
    She picked a fight with Mad Max and then held up the infant girl to intercept the incoming fist?!

    Stupid Siberian Princess Bitch!

    Plus, the woman has clearly had some work done. I know, that makes her sound like a Buick, but the end result hasn’t been pretty. Now she looks like the Octomom’s twin:

  29. Kaz

    Crazy person

  30. Hitler

    Fuck you yews

  31. Jim

    Just because he may be a terrible person, doesn’t mean you have to boycott and hate all his movies. Some were really good. I mean, look at Morgan Freeman. It has been said that he has made some bad decisions, but I still think he’s a great actor, and I still watch his movies.

  32. bloggersnogger

    If you’re going down take me with you. If you need air, take the breath from my lungs. All I ask is that when the day comes your heart will be there when mine falls apart.

    see more there

  33. bobby

    FAKE AND GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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