Mel Gibson Made Another Baby

November 10th, 2011 // 22 Comments

Because vasectomies make the Baby Jesus cry, Mel Gibson has reportedly knocked up another woman despite going through a horrific custody battle with Oksana Grigorieva that exposed him as a violent, baby-punching racist hell-bent on getting his wang mouth-loved or he makes with the arson. RadarOnline reports:

A close insider says that Bellizzi has confided to friends that Mel is the baby daddy, but does not want the news to go public.
“Laura’s being as secretive as she can be about it,” the insider told Star. “But she’s really showing now, and people are beginning to ask the question: ‘Who’s the daddy?’”
The well-placed source says that Laura is more than four months pregnant, and indeed, photographs, exclusively obtained by Star, show the Orange County based mom-to-be with a visible baby bump.
Bellizzi, who appeared on VH1’s Secrets of Aspen in 2010, dated Mel during the summer and the couple were last seen together at the Mondrian hotel’s Skybar in West Hollywood on June 15.

A source close to Mel says it’s “physically impossible” for him to be the father which would be a feasible argument if, again, he didn’t just knock up a Russian gold-digger barely two years ago. Unless, of course, this happened shortly thereafter:

MEL: Dammit, why aren’t you in dames’ mouths?
PENIS: I work for the Jews now, Mel. We’re taking you down.
MEL: Then I’ll see you in hell! *lights crotch on fire*

Okay, so maybe we shouldn’t rule that out. Let’s wait for the DNA test.

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  1. Cock Dr

    If true….OMG what a dumbass!

  2. Man, Bieber and Gibson. Leaving a swath of pregnant honeys all across the country. I smell a franchise!

    • Frank Burns

      I smell a sitcom, a Tyler Perry sitcom since he is now ‘edgy’, with a gay marriage to keep it trendy – “The Gibson-Beiber Bunch”. It will have kids, one cub, and one bear! Really though, Gibson should hire a sound effects guy to follow him around, to play out loud cartoon noises every time he makes a decision about his love life.

  3. The Critical Crassness

    This has been debunked by other sites as being fiction. However following a well reasoned post about Joe Pa and the rapist of Penn State with this is cruel and just plain sick….More Victoria’s Secret model pictures less Mel Gibson…please Fish!

  4. Now, now — this excessive breeding is merely research in his ultimate quest to land the role of Jim-Bob Duggar on the big screen.

    • TomFrank

      I think Mel’s breeding program is something more nefarious: “There are only so many possible permutations of DNA. If I impregnate enough women, eventually I’ll produce another Hitler.”

  5. cc

    This may seem unduly harsh but I have nothing but contempt for any woman who’d fraternize much less sleep with this asshole.

    • Schmidtler

      considering the humongous mountain of cash Mel Gibson is sitting on, how many women do you think are out there that wouldn’t sleep with him? you can’t have contempt for them all. well, you could, but that could be tiring.

  6. So Mel Gibson has Terrell Owens’ Syndrome? Nothing goes better with racism than irony…

  7. mike nike

    He’s a racist fuck knuckle.

  8. Drundel

    He REALLY needs to get himself fixed ASAP. And the chick is kinda ugly.

  9. Mel Gibson
    Richard McBeef
    Commented on this photo:

    How deep does Jesus run up ya, Mel?

  10. Mel Gibson
    Richard McBeef
    Commented on this photo:

    Don’t cover your eyes. Look at that fucking ark with the rest of Nazis, asshole.

  11. Mel Gibson
    Commented on this photo:

    Mel showing his O-face while having sex with his invisible girlfriend.

  12. There goes another chunk of that Lethal Weapon money.

  13. Shouldn’t he have to marry this broad…what with being a fundy catholic and all?

  14. There is no better case study of this man than what South Park has put together.

  15. Marie

    He sure has a lot of sex for an unmarried so-religious-I-built-my-own-church dude.

  16. JN

    Got any hot gossip on Wayne Newton?

  17. Mel Gibson
    Doctor Joystick
    Commented on this photo:

    Holy Fuck, I’m LOL’ing in a Starbucks right now. COMEDY GOLD!

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