Mel Gibson Loves to Fart

I never saw the first Daddy’s Home because it looked like a formulaic rehashing of The Other Guys except Will Farrell and Mark Wahleurg are dads. Now that it’s evident that Daddy’s Home 2 is gearing up to be this year’s mediocre comedy option for people who see movies on Christmas, let’s try and find something sort of positive about their premiere last night…

Exhibit A: Hayley Sparkes wore a red dress and bent over to show off her cleavage.

Exhibit B: Naomi Isted did pretty much the same thing except in black.

That’s about all I got from this photocall and since here at The Superficial where Columbo-level titty detection is kind of our jam, I think these pictures fit pretty well with our M.O.

… Oh, and Mel Gibson definitely loves to fart even though he’s never publicly admitted it.

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