Mel Gibson Loves Punching Kids

July 21st, 2010 // 84 Comments

Completely ignoring RadarOnline’s bullshit punched baby photo – It’s called infant acne, geniuses. – Mel Gibson allegedly also attacked Oksana Grigorieva‘s 12-year-old son at a party in front of eyewitnesses. TMZ reports:

It happened at a party last year in Costa Rica. Sources connected to the case say Oksana’s 12-year-old son, Alexander was playfully jumping up and down, trying to knock a cigarette out of Mel’s mouth. Oksana claims Mel exploded by grabbing the boy and throwing him violently onto a table.
The issue came up during the mediation in May, when Mel and Oksana were trying to work out a custody arrangement and a financial package.
Sources say Oksana’s people informed Mel’s lawyers of the incident. Mel’s lawyers investigated and came right back, claiming there were “numerous adults and children” who saw the incident and saw it very differently.

This must be why Mel referred to Oksana’s son as a “pussy” in their recorded phone calls. Apparently, in his mind, a 12-year-old kid should be able to take an old-fashioned throw into a table without whining. It’s perfectly healthy. Like vitamins.

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  1. Que

    Que not nice!

  2. Randal


    ‘ɥbnoɹɥʇ puɐ ɥbnoɹɥʇ ʇɹnɥ

    ˙sǝssɐןb pǝɹoןoɔ ǝsoɹ ʎɯ ɥbnoɹɥʇ pןɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ǝǝs ı ɥɔıɥʍ uı sʇsod ɹǝɥʇo ןןɐ ɯoɹɟ ʇɹɐdɐ ʇı ʇǝs oʇ uʍop ǝpısdn sıɥʇ ʇsod ı ‘ʎןpɐs ˙ǝsnqɐ uɯǝpuoɔ ʇouuɐɔ ı ʎɐs ʇsnɯ ı ‘ǝɯıʇ ɹno ɟo sǝɔuɐɯɹoɟɹǝd ʇsǝʇɐǝɹb ǝɥʇ ɟo ǝɯos uı pǝʇɐuıɯןnɔ ǝʌɐɥ sʇınsɹnd uɐıdsǝɥʇ ɹnoʎ ɥbnoɥʇ ˙ǝʇɐןnʇıdɐɔ ı ˙ǝbɐɹ ɹǝuuı ɹnoʎ ɥʇıʍ pɹɐoq uo ʇǝb ʇouuɐɔ ı uǝʌǝ


  3. missywissy

    Mel just needs to be put in jail for a while, solitary confinement. That will give him time to detox and get his head straight. Oksana should take her babies back to Russia and get her life back. Nobody deserves to be treated the way she has been. Even if she did use him- all he had to do was leave her and let her go on with her life like she wants. The dude wants to control her and bring her down. He wants to have her so he can take out all his anger on her and bring her down.
    She is surrounded by intellectuals who really care for her, and the people on his side are comediens and entertainers that have the same drug problems he does. I hope brains win over popularity this time.

    • Mean Joe Green

      sorry pacifist missy, if she set this up and used him from day 1, she deserves EVERY SINGLE BIT and more…and if it were me, shed have had a hard time recording conversations floating out in the middle of the ocean with nothing but pockets stuffed with baitfish.

      • missywissy

        Even getting punched in the mouth while holding the child, receiving bruises, getting a broken tooth and swolen mouth. Now she deserves to be mauled by sharks for that? Go Taliban!!! You guys are winning over American men with the same mentality as your own. We can now weed out terrorists simply by the way they look at, talk about, and treat their women.

      • Amy

        Words cannot describe how big of an asshole you are.

        If you don’t like someone, leave them. If they treat you like shit or use you, leave them. Or better yet, don’t leave your wife of 22 years (yes, before you were worth millions), for an unknown girl almost half your age. Don’t make a poor decision and then blame everyone but yourself later.

      • Aussie Mama

        amy, i am sure he has the grass is NOT greener saying going through his head bigtime. but hindsight isn’t something that changes a thing.
        she’s in her 40′s too,she’s no spring chic herself. it’s just she has and keeps having age defying work done.
        today another pic has been released of baby lucia at 2 months with a tiny abrassion on her chin, she says from mel.
        when babes a tiny their nails are so thin and sharp, unless they wear mittens, which my kids did, this is common, their grip is vice like and they control is not there.
        it’s too far fetched. yeah i am sure they’ve had blues, what over we still don’t know, but we will,m when he gets to have his say too.
        the punching baby, scratching baby, throwing her son violently……it is too far fetched now. for me personally it has lost all credibility, i do nort believe her at all now.
        what next child molestation?
        never abused 7 other children, but this one he goes apeshit on. no.

    • InternetToughGuy

      No shit, fuck you Missy. You using ass whores will learn your lesson.

      • missywissy

        I think you abuse women in your dreams. In real life no woman would even let you touch her with a ten foot pole.

    • Tom Tankerman

      to missywissy:

      I guess you only read what you want to be the truth.

      Oksanas dentist said her report of what happened couldnt be further form the truth. She had no swelling in the mouth, the chipped tooth was exactly that, a chipped tooth, from what he described was probably from chewing on ice or hard candy, as she had weakened teeth from her upbringing in russia with poor water and little to no fluoride & calcium in the water supply.

      She has no documentation of bruises and no proof the 1 mm dot on the childs face was from Mel hitting it. You must not have kids and not know, especially newborns, can get all kinds of allergies, rashes etc.

      All she has is audio tape of him pissed and verbally abusing her. People say things they dont mean all the time..and if you add alcohol, it can get even worse.

      Im not saying what he did was ok or right, by any means, but please, dont sit here and pour your heart out in defense of the woman when you dont even know the facts that have been explained so far.

      • sobrietyisacrutch


      • Amy

        While I don’t disagree with your point, you fail to see that most people here are rooting for Mel even though they don’t know all the facts of the story. Kind of hypocritical, no?

      • Vito

        Tom, don’t be a jerk. You know better than that. First of all, how do we know her dentist isn’t a total moron? But OK, let’s suppose he’s correct, and she chipped her tooth in some other way, so we just take that out of the equation. The things I’ve heard Mr. Gibson verbally hurl at her are outrageous, sick, and racist.

        He’s supposed to be the man, but he’s sounding hysterical. Men aren’t supposed to get hysterical. So if he’s NOT hysterical, then he’s nuts and beginning to sound like a fucking pitbull. It’s sounding like he needs to be put down.

      • Tom Tankerman

        yo vito…

        If shes extorting him, NOTHING she says will hold water in court and I wont speak for you, but Id be as livid as he is if the following article is true:

        Secret Mel Gibson text message may prove extortion

        The Hollywood Reporter has learned that after the disturbing Mel Gibson audio tapes became public earlier this month, Oksana Grigorieva wrote Gibson a text explaining why she’d surreptitiously recorded their conversations.

        According to a source familiar with the case, Grigorieva writes in the text that the reason she recorded him was because “you broke your agreement with me.”

        The source says that there are additional emails that will likely be used by Gibson’s attorneys to prove that Grigorieva attempted to use the audio tapes to extort money from Gibson. The source adds that Grigorieva was also upset about the breakup and was looking to reconcile.

        The Los Angeles County sheriff’s department today confirmed they are investigating Grigorieva.

        Based on sealed court documents reviewed by The Hollywood Reporter, it also appears that Grigorieva’s family law attorney, Manley Freid, hasn’t been helping her cause.

        At a June 22 court hearing, the judge sharply criticized Freid’s previous conduct in obtaining a temporary restraining order the day before for his client, specifically noting Grigorieva’s failure to tell the court about a previous $15 million settlement agreement between herself and Gibson.

        “[Her lawyer] did something truly remarkable,” notes a source close to the case. “He did not disclose to the court that there was a settlement agreement between Oksana and Mel.”

        “Manley Freid’s strategy accomplished nothing,” says a source close to the case. “It’s all out there now. They pressed the nuclear button and Gibson is still basically standing. There’s zero upside for Grigorieva in terms of money, custody and visitation.”

        In other words, her whole strategy may have backfired.

      • Aussie Mama

        i am 100% certain he dumped her.
        you can hear him clear as a bell on the 1st tape,
        he sounds helpless and tired in the 1st tape.
        what is he refering to, what has she continually lied about???

      • Vito

        So, Tom, I guess there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye. I hadn’t seen the Hollywood Reporter article. So I guess I could be wrong. What do you expect from a, old fart who gets his news from gossip blogs??? Hahahahahaha…

      • Aussie Mama

        for someone like mel, who makes genius movies like say apocolypto ok, with painstaking, intracit detail, research, patience etc.
        i find it very hard to believe that he would not have his ass covered on all this fiasco.
        as bad as the tapes, her allegations may look, i reckon what he would have, will be the real catalyst in all this saga.
        i don’t think he’s worried, i think he’s laughing because he will prove everything said about to be wrong.
        i could be wrong. but i think this will be the end result.

  4. the only opinion that matters

    God I wish I could meet Randal. He kills me. Figuratively speaking.

  5. stinky mcpoop

    Never get between a man and his cigarette.

  6. lisa

    i imagine randal as an older man, like 50-something, single, living alone in a small house in a small city.

  7. bbmaggee

    Jesus Christ will Mel just fucking put a gun in his mouth already? Next topic, Erin looks really stunning as the new banner girl… I hope you keep her up there a while.

    See what I did there… first I’m sour.. then I’m sweet.

  8. Mike Nike

    Mel Gibson………………….He’s a real asshole.

  9. jonah

    he looks like an old-timey bad guy, like he’s going to tie the girl to the rail road tracks any minute…

  10. Ted

    Mel was just trying to toughen up the kid a bit. He knows the boy’s mom has only one goal in life – attempting to castrate men – and so the kid needs to develop some self-defense skills. Or just sneak into his mom’s room one night while she’s sleeping and put a pillow over the gold digger’s russian-retard head.

  11. koala

    “v” is for “vendetta”

  12. ZigZagZoey

    Old Mel is ANGRY!
    Angry he is getting old.
    Angry he had the anti semite rant and everyone hates him for it.
    Angry that he was supposed to be some great Christian man and we all know he isn’t.
    Angry that he fell for this chick and left his wife and everyone hated him for it.
    Angry that he doesn’t have a career anymore.
    Angry that he can’t control everything in his life like he was used to.
    And OH SO ANGRY she taped all his rants!!!

    Should I go on?

    • Cock Dr

      You left out the most important reason Mel is angry….the one thing that he wants and isn’t getting.
      Call the fire brigade. Get ready for CA to burn.

      • ZigZagZoey

        Angry that he BLEW it?
        Or that she didn’t? :)
        I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll BLOW the house down….

    • Uncle Tom

      Should you go on? yes, please go on about all the other famous people, with WAY MORE POWER AND INFLUENCE than Mel, that do/say what he does (or even worse) yet dont get hounded for it.

      Like…the president, his wife, jesse jackson, al sharpton, louis farrakhan, the n.o.i., the naacp, the black panthers, uncf etc etc etc…hmmm, notice a pattern here?

      But I guess thats not fair because some people they never knew were slaves and sold to europeans by their families. Poor them, we’ll excuse them indefinitely, right? pfftt yea. Dream on.

      • Cock Dr

        This poster has no agenda. No sir, none at all.
        Uncle T, this is a celebrity gossip website. Get your head from up out of your ass.

      • sobrietyisacrutch

        Mel, Danny Glover called. He wants his friendship bracelet back.

    • Chuckb

      I don’t think anyone important hates mel. Wasn’t he great in Sings

  13. jim x

    It takes a real man to push around a 12-year-old kid.

    Way to go. Oh, did I say “man”? I mean “eggshell-ego’d douchebag”.

    • Chakra Chron

      wow, thanks mr. chivalry. did your wife let you take time off from doing dishes & baking a cake to type that?

      Ill bet you have an I ♥ My Wife sticker on your miata dont you?

      You see, thats the problem with most everything these days. Kids ARENT spanked & disciplined enough and think they can act like a damn fool in public. They wee at a party. At parties where adults are gathered, kids sit there and STFU, not interrupt the adults.

      • jim x

        Being thrown into a table counts as discipline? Nice. I’ll remember that when I screw your mother and you come barging in.

        The problem is people confusing “discipline” with “throwing your weight around because your wealth has so surrounded you with sycophants that you’ve degenerated beneath the maturity of a toddler”.

      • Chakra Chron

        @ jim x

        ahhh…”degenerated beneath the maturity of a toddler” huh? like making “screw your mother jokes”? yea, exactly. Thanks for proving what you were trying to say about Mel is true for you, or at least the last 8 words. Maybe one of your 2 dads (dad and his “friend”) should have thrown you across some tables other than when they were molesting you, angry internet tough guy.

      • Cock Dr

        CC – I proclaim you an ass.

      • Chakra Chron

        @ Cock Dr. – Thanks!

  14. Le Rough sportif

    The story is inconclusive. I meant I should be able to tell if the kid’s going to be a first rate stuntman or a thespian…TMZs responsible for this?

  15. If a 12-year old kid doesn’t know the repercussions of trying to knock a cigarette out of a man’s mouth, then he needs to learn. Throwing him through a table sounds like a hard lesson, but it’s a lesson born of love.

    • And if a 54 year old man doesn’t know the repercussions of putting his hands on my 12 year old child, then he also needs to learn. Pulling out my Glock and blowing his kneecap off sounds like a hard lesson, but it’s a lesson born of love.

      • missywissy

        (clapping loudly and excessively) I think some of these posters on here are the same person who is probably lonely and trying to show his “manliness” by making abuse sound glorified. Yes, I agree, some children need punishment, but knocking down a child is never called for. Mel needs a good whipping, and he’ll receive that in jail.

      • aka Monroe

        oooooooo a glock…scary. Another internet gangster…shooting someone for pushing your 12 yr old brat that doesnt have any discipline? Temper Temper…

        So in this scenario, you are saying you would be the one dating Mel? It all makes sense now.

        Angry, pacifist unless someone messes with your boytoy “son”, gay and mad because Mel is straight? Or because you cant let your relatives know you are an active member of NAMBLA?

      • aka Monroe, sarcasm seems to be lost on you and you totally missed the point, but then I bet you hear that a lot . Shooting out someone’s kneecap is just as ridiculously exaggerated a reaction as throwing a kid “through” a table, and anyone who thinks that qualifies as discipline is an ass. If you feel a crying need to have a do-over of your playground days so you’re the one doing the ass-kicking this time around, find a couple of 8 year olds instead – they cry harder so the experience will be just as satisfying as you dreamed it could be. Because anyone who thinks beating up on a kid proves he’s not gay has major issues right there. And anyone who’s as obsessed as you are about Mel’s being “straight” is definitely fighting something. No wonder you sound so pissed off about it.

        12 year olds can be snots, particularly when they think they’re already adults, but if you can’t figure out a better way to get their attention and make them behave when they’re around you than throwing them into, onto, through or whatever the fuck occured with that table, then you really are as much of a moron as I think you are. And for Chist’s sake, try not to knock up whatever unfortunate woman you’re currently forcing yourself to fuck (you know, just to prove) because the last thing this world needs is a fucked up, beat up, junior edition of you.

      • Mr. T.

        hey justifiable…you sit here on every article, battling it out with people verbally like a fucking 12 yr old yourself, reliving the days that you didnt make it on the debate team I guess, so your just as guilty as any other fucking retard here. Only difference is, they dont try to act like someone they arent and waste the time that you do, with all your babbling bullshit. Give it a rest internet scholar. You just make yourself sound as stupid, useless and as much of a couch potato as them.

        Your welcome.

      • Gee, Mr. T, how nice of you to devote such time and attention to how I spend my valuable down time. In real life it’s called stalking, but if that’s how you really want to spend your time, whatevs. If you mean that every “fucking retard” here acts just like what they are, I’m sure they’ll all thank you for your assessment. I’m not “trying” to be anyone, but if I somehow threaten your precious complacency as a “fucking moron” just by posting, that really is your problem. And since you have no idea who I am, your perception of what I’m not is not only irrelevant, it means exactly jack shit to me.

        You’re equally welcome.

    • Chuckb

      I think people don’t beat their kids enough these days.

  16. Ya Mel might be angry, Ya angry that he left his wife of 20+ years for a total money slut!!! What else would you call her? Why is she tape recording all there fights and conversations, if she wasn’t planning on using them against him later? OH YA slapping babies , Some deserve it, that’s all I got to say!!!
    Peace Out :)

    • Chuckb

      Isn’t cool how this site post everything negative with clever (well that’s debatable) headlines, but then almost doesn’t even bother when some of this stuff is revealed to be bull. No retractions, or corrections… What’s cool however, is that most people still like mel even though the editors of this site are clearly trying to slander him.

  17. waka

    The gold digger can choose to stay away from him if she found his nature and personality she couldn’t handle later on. But her choise was to stick around and get a baby. Average joes are too plain for her and this gold digger is not interested in them.

  18. Aussie Mama

    now it’s getting ridiculous!
    this woman is absolutely full of shit.
    what’s she going to say next?
    accuse him of molestation too?
    that’s pretty much, the only thing she hasn’t accused him of.
    funny how she is saying, the worst possible things she could say, that will upset people the most.
    he may have a temper, sure, shitloads of people do, when they are fucked off bigtime with something, but i do not believe he is this monster, she says he is.
    common, get this to court already please, let the man have a say too.

    • Aussie, if it truly happened and she’s just now “bringing it up” in mediation a whole fucking year later and confronting him with it, if I were her kid I’d be pretty fucking pissed off. Thanks a lot, mom – you really got my back. Sorta. After a fashion. A year later. That’s great parenting, staying with a guy who abuses your kid, so it’s a big fail either way you play it.

      I can see the onlookers or whatever claiming something entirely different took place, because if it really went down like that, it means they’re gutless pussies for standing by and doing nothing. But this just sounds exaggerated. Let the kid get his own friggin’ cigarettes.

    • Aussie Mama

      oh dear, reading your post, i was taking a sip of my lemon water from a glass and got so excited, i tipped it back way too fast and far, like the guy in the coca cola commercial, where he’s guzzling coke and it’s pouring all over his face, neck and chest!
      and i thought you were like a horse with blinkers, only for oksana.
      i was wrong.
      if this happened, don’t you think that the kid would have blabbed to his father and james bond would have gone round to mels and gone apeshit on his ass!
      for me personally it’s been too much from day 1, but this now is really obvious.
      if she is making this up, he is dealing with a lunatic. just terrible.
      i really think he dumped her and she is at that anger stage, where she wants to take him down no matter what, venegeful, spiteful, dishonest, anything, just to take him down.
      i have a habit of watching a movie, then watching the behind the scenes stuff, bloopers, making etc.
      over so many movies, i reckon i would have seen a hint of a looney, something. someone that’s worked with mel, cast, crew etc, would have by now said, he’s a control freak, mean, aggressive, nasty aka christian bale style. but never. not even a whisper. entirely opposite in fact, funny, nice, caring, prankster…
      he seems like a really good hearted, kind, loving man, who would be putty in any gals hand, for a bit of oral sex!
      it’s not that hard.
      maybe together they were just toxic. my brother is a nice guy, his ex was a nice gal, on their own. togerther though, they were the most horrid people to be around, abusive, angry, bloody terrible , unfaithful and they used to punch on too.
      get this shit to court already, i have had enough of the speculating.

      • Sorry about your sinuses, *snerk* but I’ve never said Grigorieva was blameless, What I said was that no matter how manipulative she is, that doesn’t make him innocent of misogyny, bigotry, etc etc, you heard it all before. They probably are toxic together, but no one can bring out qualities in anyone else that weren’t already there, and his problem is that he goes from 0 to 120 and then redlines every gear he’s got. Frankly, it sounds like any woman with fake tits who dares to fall asleep on Mr. Blowjob is “toxic” to him.

        I’ve seen the same bits you have – i always liked the Mel I saw there, too. But as much as you’d like to believe you know Gibson from those clips and can tell what he’s “really” like, you don’t. He’s been screwing around on his wife for years – could you tell that from those clips? You also can’t tell what he’s really like from the parts he plays, either. Acting is all about illusion, and what you perceive from that is “your” reality – but it’s not necessarily the real person. Do you seriously think that Gibson, knowing that there are second units constantly filming, wouldn’t know how to behave himself on set? You’re also kind of assuming that everyone around Mel wouldn’t automatically obey him on a set where he’s directing so that he’d have to be violently controlling and ranting, which isn’t the case. What the director says automatically goes, and his productions have been films people want to have to their credit so naturally he’s not going to have anyone arguing with him.

        People often wear one face when they work and show another side when they’re drunk, angry or alone – i.e. whenever their inhibitions drop and their subconscious gets to show itself. I’m sorry, but a “really good hearted, kind, loving man” doesn’t spew the sort of shit he did when he was arrested in ’06 and certainly doesn’t come out with the sort of crap I heard on those tapes. You make him sound like the average guy who gets mildly cranky but is quickly soothed by a timely blowjob rather than someone who swears he’ll get one from you right before he burns your house down and buries you in the back yard. If he’d threatened to rape her instead of threatening to have her blow him first, would you still describe him as a nice guy who’s just a bit overly fond of the old in-and-out? I know you want and probably need to like him, but c’mon. Look at what lengths you’re going to here to make that possible.

        I think his responses are real – whether hers have been tweaked in any way is the question. Him slamming her kid around is pretty germane to her claiming he hit her while she was holding the baby, so if she didn’t mention it on tape to add weight to his being physically violent I’m willling to bet it’s one of those exaggerations that inevitably shows up at the custody hearing when one ex tries to fit the other with a set of horns and a tail. And no, I can’t imagine Dalton letting this pass if it were true – is calling his kid a “pussy” still give ex-007 a license to kill?

        It also may never get to court outside of a judge saying the earlier agreement she signed is valid. The LASO could find there’s no conclusive evidence of domestic battery and he might have no grounds to sue for any type of fraud re the tapes. So we may all die not knowing the “truth.” Good thing Lindsay Lohan’s not done fucking up so we all have something to live for.

      • Aussie Mama

        ok, i like you!
        who’d have thought.
        all valid points, don’t disgree at all.
        i can’t write everything, i’d be here for days. i also meant things like, talk show interviews, i mean from word go, years before you guys knew who he was. always lovely, maybe he has changed?
        in the street when someone stops him, he never fobs anyone off, he’s very gratious and appreciative of the fans, public etc. stops for the picture etc.
        you see a lot of celebs on the same type of stage, interview, talk show, street, etc and some of them are really horrible. some of the supposed nice people are vile to the kids, fans, etc. that’s all i meant. but you are right.
        considering his divorce was all hush and no one really knows anything from there, which personally i’d do too, i’d say we may never know. you seem to be in the loop with a lot, so i’ll take your word.
        i really wouldn’t have a clue, i’m just an ordinary person/mum/wife/librarian, who grows herbs, does bee keeping, meditates under trees, has 5 acres of garden to maintain/enjoy/share, has chooks, a peaceful life, but loves the celeb gossip too. i don’t really watch tv, i watch the odd dvd and lately have gotten into this site, which i enjoy!
        i just want to see fairness and the truth. and quickly!

  19. Jessica

    Ughh!! I am so sick of this womans bullshit!!!!

    ALL OF HER STORIES ARE TURNING OUT TO BE TOTAL LIES OR FABRICATIONS!!!! She was never hit- but seeing as she is crying wolf she should be. Let her spend some time with battered wifes and maybe she will learn to shut her fucking face just to squeeze out more money from her sugar daddy.

    And yeah im SURE Mel hit her 12 year old kid in front of a group of people and NO ONE said anything till now. Anyone who believes this shit should be reading the National Enquirer.

    She should lose full custody of BOTH kids after she is found guilty of extortion. The ONLY mistake Mel has made is being involved with this steaming pile of shit.

    • Aussie Mama

      he won’t be the first or last to fall head over heels with what he see’s. men are visual creatures and are turn ed on first by what they see. she is a goodlooking gal. but it’s never all in the looks.

  20. Colin

    Who doesnt

  21. So the little jerk tried to knock a cig out of Gibon´s mouth? Je$u$ Chri$t, then that kid *TOTALLY* deserved whatever negative reaction Mel gave him. I don´t smoke, but if any of you cocksuckers ever disrespected me in similar fashion, you can be sure I´d beat the fuck out of you and not feel sorry afterward.

    • Bill CLinton


    • Aussie Mama

      remind me to light it for you, hell i’ll even hold it for you while you sit there like king shit puffing away. after that i’d feed you grapes, while fanning you with a big palm leaf too.
      man postmortemg!


    baby puunching is wrong of course no one want’s to see that.If mel did do that he should go to jail for life.But if he did not he should sue the hell out of people who are slaying his name and dirtying his profile.

  23. captain america

    boxing was his way of life?

  24. Fati87

    At this point I don’t believe a word that come out of this whore’s mouth. Apparently, she wasn’t able to take him for as much as she expected, so she is trying to make up for it like this. Jesus, Oksana, you are an embarrassment to Russia.

  25. Heather

    Kid probably fucking deserved it.
    Mel wouldn’t have had to beat her kid if she had raised him properly.

  26. Emily

    Why does it feel like every day this woman is trying to figure out a new story to use against him? Couldn’t all of this have come out on day one instead of her perpetually making up bullshit week-by-week to ensure the magazines will keep a steady source of money coming her way? “Hmm, racist phone call. Whats worse than that? Oh, domestic violence against a woman. Hmm, now what? Lets step it up a notch. How about child abuse? Sounds perfect. Next step- child molestation! Here come the millions!”

  27. lola

    why are you saying her stories are bull when he admitted hitting her on tape! so at least one story holds up because HE ADMITTED IT- the others have yet to be verified but it says there are witnesses to him hitting the 12 year old boy- that boy is not his child so he should not be disciplining him.

    we dont know what happened in his first marriage but his first wife sounds liek a total walkover who would let him do whtever her wants just to avoid confrontation and keep her cushy life- she sounds to me way waaay worse than oksana. what dumb bitch shits out 7 or 8 kids?

  28. your dinner with me

    I’d have done the same, if not worse. Fucking kids.

  29. Mark Schultz

    Consarnit, Mel! I told you not to order the double-shots of mash liquor!

  30. Brooke

    A 12-year-old batting a cigarette from a man’s mouth getting smacked. Hmm… if he was six or something, I’d say Mel over reacted. If the boy is mentally handicapped, he over reacted. If he’s just a brat, he was asking for it. I don’t smoke, but I’d imagine having someone slapping at your mouth to steal your smoke has to be one of the more annoying things a kid can do.

  31. sobrietyisacrutch

    My God! Fight, fight, FIGHT!
    Mel is a dick who has disappointed every single one of his Christian fans who fell in love with him because of “Passion Of The Christ”.
    Mel is still the same dick who made “Lethal Weaon”, et al, and disappointed fans who thought he was an honorary member of the NAACP.
    What? You thought he loved kids because of “Ransom” and he worked with Opie?
    That makes as much sense as saying he believes in aliens because of “Signs”.
    The man is an actor. He’s not what he seems to be in real life.
    I have a personal saying – “ANYONE is capable of doing ANYTHING!”
    And that’s not necessarily in the good way.
    He’s a shit. I’m not surprised.
    His girlfriend is a shit. I’m not surprised.
    Lindsey is a cokehead. O.J. killed his wife. Whoopi Goldberg is a closeted lesbian who hides it by dating white men.
    Nothing surpises me anymore….

  32. Honthep|Funny Kid Quotes- Funny Kid Stories- Funny Kid Pictures

    I’d have done the same………
    Thanks for sharing this post.

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