Mel Gibson Loves Punching Kids

Completely ignoring RadarOnline’s bullshit punched baby photo – It’s called infant acne, geniuses. – Mel Gibson allegedly also attacked Oksana Grigorieva’s 12-year-old son at a party in front of eyewitnesses. TMZ reports:

It happened at a party last year in Costa Rica. Sources connected to the case say Oksana’s 12-year-old son, Alexander was playfully jumping up and down, trying to knock a cigarette out of Mel’s mouth. Oksana claims Mel exploded by grabbing the boy and throwing him violently onto a table.
The issue came up during the mediation in May, when Mel and Oksana were trying to work out a custody arrangement and a financial package.
Sources say Oksana’s people informed Mel’s lawyers of the incident. Mel’s lawyers investigated and came right back, claiming there were “numerous adults and children” who saw the incident and saw it very differently.

This must be why Mel referred to Oksana’s son as a “pussy” in their recorded phone calls. Apparently, in his mind, a 12-year-old kid should be able to take an old-fashioned throw into a table without whining. It’s perfectly healthy. Like vitamins.

Photo: Getty