Mel Gibson Just Had Menopause, Everybody

Mel Gibson apologists have waited patiently for months, knowing there had to be a reasonable, rational explanation for their hero’s racist outbursts and alleged domestic violence. Well, my friends, that day has come, and the answer you’ve all been waiting for is… His uterus stopped working. PHEW. For a minute there, I thought it’d be- wait, what? TMZ reports:

TMZ has obtained a copy of the letter — handwritten by Mel — and in it he says, “I’m so ragged I could drink or commit a crime. The anger seems to be out of my control — I need to do something about it something lasting — not just a band aid…. I don’t know why I’m so whacky and depressed but I need to get well and re-enter life. Please don’t be upset I’ve gone — I’m just not myself and feel bad when I am so f**ked up and sick around you….
Maybe it’s some kind of male menopause.

After doing this job for so long, there are few things that surprise me anymore. Finding out Mel Gibson sobs around like a middle-aged housewife is definitely one of them. Next, you’re going to tell me he tried to build a time machine to stop Hitler, and then I’ll have to start wearing bow-ties just so they can spin around to emphasize my shock. “He almost finished it, but Goldman Sachs wouldn’t give him a loan? Oh, the irony!”

Photo: INFdaily