Mel Gibson is Pissed

October 25th, 2010 // 60 Comments
Mel Gibson

Not entirely sure how this information deviates from the norm, but Page Six reports Mel Gibson is “furious” over the loss of his The Hangover 2 cameo:

A source close to Gibson told us, “He doesn’t understand why Mike Tyson, a drug user who turned his life around, was given a chance while Mel was kicked to the curb. Everybody deserves a second chance.”

Okay, first off, Mel Gibson doesn’t know the name of black people. Not even Danny Glover‘s. (True story.) Second, Mel already had a second chance after the whole Sugartits/”The Jews control everything” DUI arrest only to turn and essentially sleep with Hollywood’s sister with the “pack of niggers” recordings, proving he never changed. But I’m just wasting my, breath aren’t I? Here’s the bottom line: Would I have laughed at a Mel Gibson cameo? Probably. Am I going to sit here and scream bloody murder over it because he directed a fetish film where the Jews kill Jesus for two hours and/or starred in Lethal Weapon? No, because I understand the difference between fictional characters and reality. At the end of the day, the guy fucked up just a few months ago. This is the price, and I guarantee he’s not sitting around stewing over it because a.) even he knows it was too soon and b.) it might not have been that funny to begin with. Don’t get me wrong, he’s stewing, but that’s just Mel’s constitution. The man runs on pure hate.

And fellatio.


  1. gogo

    I ll also be if I m not FIRSTTT

  2. Facebook me

    He needs to go back to his character as a priest in the movie “Signs,” perhaps his only shot a redemption at this point.

  3. Facebook me


    AND THAT GOD you got rid of those NSFW ads that ran across the sides of this site. They were awful.

  4. fester

    I’m worried that Mel might be giving assholes a bad name…

  5. At least we have hollywood on record (again) that rape is ok, but using “the ‘N’ word” is just unacceptable.

    • I don’t think that’s the message…I think the message is “Hollywood will overlook the fact that you are a piece of shit if you’ve managed to keep your nose clean for a period of time.” If Gibson manages to make it a year or two without ranting about jews or demanding oral sex to stop him from committing arson, I’m sure he’ll be able to find work again.

  6. Rico

    Mel Gibson is obviously nuts but I totally agree with him. Just look at Roman Polanski. He drugged and rapped a thirteen year old girl and had to flee the country to avoid jail. Celebrities still want to work with him. It is ridiculous. You can rape a girl but can’t call someone the N word.

  7. The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

    As a JEW, Fish, I can attest to the fact that we do own/run everything. In fact Fish – you probably don’t realize it – but I own you. I have secretly implanted a chip in your brain that makes you post commentary that applauds rapists while bashing a guy who – in incident 1 – got drunk off his ass and spewed some bullshit, and – in incident 2 – ran up against a pretty savvy Russian bitch who knows how to tape PRIVATE phone conversations and just happens to be savvy enough to release them to the press.

    Fish – today at lunch you will have gefilte fish – and you will have it served to you in Mike Tyson’s lap….

    You’re getting sleepy….very sleepy…..

  8. ZigZagZoey

    Dear Mel,
    It’s not that hard to figure out.
    People already thought Mike Tyson was a dangerous psycho.
    People USED to think you were a great guy, AND very religious.
    You turned out to be a psychotic, hypocritical lunatic.
    Go blow yourself.

  9. Slappy Magoo

    My thinking, flawed as it may be, is that Tyson was less of a big deal because he was playing himself. Not only that, but he was playing himself as kind of a loser. It wasn’t meant to be some step in a rehabilitative process. It wasn’t going to lead to more acting work, and it wasn’t to prove he’s the kind of guy you can trust with a multimillion dollar project. If anything, he was goofing on himself, his past and his present. Getting to cameo in a movie where drunk guys wake up and he’s in the room is only a marginally better day for Tyson than actually getting to hang out with guys in Vegas who are so drunk they won’t remember they partied with him the next morning. In the context of a Vegas-set comedy, waking up after partying with a has-been seems comical, but also within the realm of reality. Which (according to my college drama teachers) is what makes comedy really gooder: the potential that, no matter how outlandish, this could happen. And that sort of cameo would’ve only worked with a real has-been. And Tyson was kinda perfect, because he’s a has-been, and he might kill you, so you don’t want to screw with him, making the tension more real

    Whereas Gibson, despite any hype, wasn’t doing this for a larf or as a favor or anything like that. He wanted to prove he could still be trusted to work in a major motion picture. And maybe he could. But you can’t fault anyone for not wanting to be a part of it, no mater who they worked with previously. This is a part that doesn’t have to be Gibson, hell it doesn’t have to be an A-lister. It could be Bronson Pinchot. It could be Ernie Hudson. It could be Screech. Or it could be an unknown. Unless this character was supposed to be “Mel Gibson” who is such a pariah in Hollywood that this is his new job? What difference does it make to the story?

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Wow that is some commentary. Whatever happened to ‘Mel Gibson; go blow yourself’ as so eloquently offered up by Zig Zag?

    • Pass

      Mel was to have a cameo appearance in the new hangover. You really dont seem to understand what a cameo appearance is.

      • Slappy Magoo

        Oh, please explain. I am, as you can see, dumber than a sack of wet hammers. Tyson was in The Hangover for a few minutes. Gibson would have been in Hangover 2 for a few minutes. Unless there’s some unwritten rule that states, if you’re playing yourself (or a variation of yourself) it’s not a cameo, that seems to be a cameo to me.

    • the thing is

      @Slappy- you tried to come off as reasonable and intelligent, but YOU FAILED.

  10. netjunkie

    I’m tired of your religion bashing.

    I’ll be taking my business else where.

    • I’m tired of your business.

      I’ll be keeping my religion bashing right here. If you can’t deal with the fact that religion has consistently been wrong for the last… *counts on his fingers* …forever, then maybe you should re-examine why you believe in it.

      • netjunkie

        Check you out….too funny. You complain that religion is pushed at you daily. Do you think this gossip site is a good forum for a religious discussion? Now, let’s look at facts here. I didn’t come here preaching or bashing atheists did I? This gossip site doesn’t need to bash religion, and YOU don’t need to bash religion when no one needs to bring it up in the first place. Both of you are so blinded and rabid in your beliefs that you don’t see the hypocrisy. So, who’s pushing their belief on whom?

      • Hey! It looks like you didn’t take your business elsewhere. Guess that makes you full of shit, eh?

        I think this place is as good as any for a religious discussion. I’m neither blinded nor rabid; if you can’t accept the fact that every theistic religion on the planet has failed it’s burden of proof then that’s your problem, not mine.

    • netjunkie

      You are blinded by your militant atheist agenda. How can I tell? You keep repeating the same diatribe.

      By the way, I am leaving. I just had to see how a tool like you would respond. You didn’t disappoint.

  11. The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

    The man runs on pure hate.

    And fellatio.

    Make that two of us.

  12. Drew

    People are far too uptight. At least Slappy Magoo isn’t completely retarded like most posters that act so morally superior on the internet. He understands the common sense behind it, rather than trying to be the first to crucify someone (get it?)

    Grow up kids.

    • ZigZagZoey

      Ooh yes, it’s much more honorable and grown up to crucify internet posters!
      People that come to this site don’t want to grow up. Or be told to!

    • Slappy Magoo

      Thanks, Drew. Your subscription to my newsletter is now officially approved, and you’ll be sent an official “get off Slappy’s enemies’ list free” card, to be used whenever you deem it necessary :)

  13. eg0525

    Jews didnt kill Jesus cause he never existed.

    • Eh, that’s a debatable point. There more than likely was a man who the myths we are familiar with centered around. So, in that respect there probably was a “Jesus.” However, you’re correct if you’re referring to the fictional miracle-worker written about in the Bible.

  14. eatme

    Fish, you are kind of a moron.

    Mel Gibson never really said shit except for in “private”, and stuff that many of us would say. I say non-sensical shit like that all the time when i am heated.
    And the bit about Jews and Hollywood is straight up fact.

    “get raped by a pack of niggers”…oh my

    “wetbacks”…golly gee

    All he really did was threaten to kill some bitch who was trying to extort him, and I would do the same.

    • Yes, because it’s totally cool to be a horrible person so long as nobody else knows about it…

      • Johnny Cage

        Our friend Matrim is mplying that looking down your nose at everyone else from a false sense of moral superiority means that he is avenues better than the mortal man.

      • No, I’m just claiming that if someone is an asshole who puts on a public face, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s an asshole.

    • Aussie Mama

      too true mate. like no one here has ever lost it and cracked the shits.
      common, happens all the time.
      get the fuck over it.
      we should have learned something by now from the last crucifixion!

  15. It’s all about the Benyamin’s Bayby …

    Oy Vey, Hollywood toined it’s back on Mel Gibson. Goy Figure!!!

  16. Peter

    You’re an atheist. We get it, move on. The way “bashing of organized religion” is shoehorned into your commentary at every conceivable opportunity is getting really tired.

    If you really believed that organized religion was based on pure fiction, you’d be content to just ignore it. Instead, you seem powerless to not comment negatively at the very hint of association with religion–especially Christianity.

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    • the thing is

      120% AGREE WITH YOU. And has there been a change in writers on this site? THE TONE OF THIS WEBSITE HAS CHANGED FROM COMEDIC TO THE WRITER’S PERSONAL OPINION WITHOUT TRYING TO BE FUNNY. Guess this site is going political in a small way. fuck the whole lot of you liberal fucks. FUCK YOU FISH.

    • Mike Walker

      >The way “bashing of organized religion” is
      >shoehorned into your commentary

      Unless it’s the precious little muslims… they’re off limits.

      • The Muslim faith is a hollow lie built around the previously established hollow lies of Christianity and Judaism. It’s a faith that promotes violence, misogyny, ignorance, and hatred (and, in this day and age, may be even more insidious than Christianity). There, are you happy? And just because Islam is bad doesn’t make Christianity or Judaism or any other religion any better.

      • Richard Dawkin's Vagina


        You’re damn spitting right man! One time I was on a bus and I sneezed then this guy turned to me and said “God Bless you”. Then I screamed at this moron and said “YOU IDIOT HYPOCRITE MURDERER, I DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD!” And then he told me “but I was just saying bless you when you sneezed”. Then I pointed my Glock-17 at his face and said “DON’T TRY TO PUSH YOUR VIOLENT MURDEROUS ROTTEN RELIGION ON ME BUB!”

        Let me tell you we should all line up and execute these Christians and other religions. Or maybe just nuke the world over until only guys like us survive. That way we’d all have only peaceful people left on earth.

        It’s a simple cold hard FACT that people who don’t believe in God have never ever done anything wrong or violent to anyone. Case Closed.

      • @ Vagina>

        Wow, amazing social satire you’ve put together there; it must have taken all of your considerable faculties to assemble.

    • Most atheists would be happy to ignore religion, however religion won’t leave us alone. It’s in our politics, it’s in our daily lives. It is constantly being “shoehorned” into our society where it does not belong. And the reason why most Atheists here (and at many other sites) focus on Christianity is that Christianity is the religion primarily being forced on us in America. If I were living in a location where I was constantly being lambasted by the Hindu faith, I’d be talking about Hinduism. However, Christianity is the drug of choice, it is the one that most affects most of our daily lives, and is thusly the one we discuss the most.

      • netjunkie

        It’s a gossip site. Leave religion out of it. Take your militant atheism to a board that talks about religion.

  17. Johnny Cage

    “Okay, first off, Mel Gibson doesn’t know the name of black people. ”

    But who cares now? I tend to find that whites who snap at other whites for their “racism” sometimes tend to be naive racists themselves. They’re usually the kind of folks who believe that biracial mulattos are black and that every asian-american works at a take out store.

  18. I would love to hear the voice mail messages he leaves about this.

  19. Frank Wunder

    I’d be careful around Mel Gibson as it always seems that he’s just one battle scream away from committing genocide and wiping out a whole nation.

  20. Cock Dr

    Anyone dressing up as Mad Mel for Halloween?
    That’s a scary photo. Very disturbing. He looks ready to decapitate someone.

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