Mel Gibson: ‘I’ll Bury You in the Rose Garden’

And The Mel Gibson WTF Recordings continue. In this edition, Master Mel finds himself once again enraged with Mistress Oksana and informs her of his intentions to submerge her ‘neath yonder soil. RadarOnline doth telleth the tale:

“When things in their relationship started going badly and he made the first threats against her, Oksana decided she needed to protect herself.
“She made the recordings and on one of them, Mel is heard telling Oksana, ‘I will bury you in the rose garden,’ which she believed to be a clear reference to killing her.”
The rose garden threat is on the 30 minutes of tape submitted to a Los Angeles judge in their custody battle, the source said.

Okay, I think it’s time to admit Radar’s really starting to stretch these things a little thin. I mean, c’mon, nobody’s hearing a racial slur while getting punched in the face and there’s talk of roses. It’s practically romantic. I bet he didn’t even have to threaten arson to get blown after this one.

Photos: Pacific Coast News