Mel Gibson Hates ‘Wetbacks’ Now

July 8th, 2010 // 98 Comments

Another tape, another race Mel Gibson denigrates to verbally assault his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. This time around it’s Latinos who Mel lovingly refers to as “wetbacks” because these things are literally a KKK Christmas every single time. RadarOnline reports:

The Oscar-winning director/actor is heard referring to one of his staffers as a “wetback” during a recorded argument with Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his love child. has heard the tape in which Mel tells Oksana: “I will report her to the f**king people that take f**king money from the wetbacks.”
He is referring to turning a worker into immigration authorities, has been told.

In Mel Gibson’s defense, he’s old as shit and racial slurs are the bread and butter of the elderly. Or tapioca pudding because it’s easier on the gums. That being said, I’ve compiled a list of slurs we should probably anticipate seeing caught on tape:

“You call this a f-cking sandwich? You put the mustard on here like a g–k trying to put his tiny penis into math because he’s good at it. Now blow me.”

More Jews!:
“Did you take money out of my pants, you Russian whore? Set the baby on the stove so I can teach you how much Mel hates getting k-ked in the wallet. Also, oral sex.”

“Cook me potatoes the way Conan O’Brien eats them every day with whiskey or so help me, God, there’s going to be fellatio tonight.”

Native Americans:
“Oh, ‘stop fighting with me.’ What? You want ‘em smoke ‘em peace pipe now, b-tchass Pocahantas? I got your peace pipe right here, and just to be clear that’s a reference to my genitalia.”

White People:
“You’re more retarded than f-cking NASCAR! I don’t even know how you’re going to steer my penis into your mouth right after this sentence. I honestly don’t.”

“You send Tom Cruise over here to calm me down and I swear to f-cking Christ I’ll make him blow me while you take notes. And not short-hand like you did the last time. You write like a f-cking Welshman humping a Pacific Islander. C-nt.”

(Sad part, none of these are even going to be close.)

Photo: The Daily Telegraph


  1. edge6241

    Oh no. He made a racial comment. Please.

    This is no worse than Carlos Mencia calling someone a wetback…considering Mencia isn’t even Mexican.

    Freedom of speech my butt.

    • Deacon Jones

      Carlos Mencia? Who’s that?
      Besides a piece of shit hack/rip-off thats awful.

      I’m so glad his show got canceled. So glad.

    • justifiable

      Look, freedom of speech means he can make an ass out of himself without the gub’mint locking him up or censoring him – and that’s ALL it means. It doesn’t mean every pearl that drops from his lips – or yours – is immune from any criticism. You have the freedom to offend anyone you want, but those who are offended won’t be endorsing your opinion, or lining up to buy tickets to any of your movies.

      • edge6241

        True but the majority of us act like we’ve never said stuff about people before. Apparently it goes like this: I can say A, B, and C about people but if you say it, OMG what a freakin bastard.

        I’m not talking about the constitutional freedom of speech. I’m talking about the theoretical freedom of speech that allows us to speak our minds in general. He can be made fun of. No use denying that. But, the idea is that only those who haven’t done A, B or C should be the ones judging and criticizing in the end. I would love to find someone who hasn’t even said or thought anything racist or bigoted before. Then that person can say so and so is a bad person because of it.

    • Vito

      Today the term “wetback” is often used to express animosity towards Central American or Latin American immigrants–legal and illegal–who do not speak English. Meanwhile, in an attempt to reclaim the word, some Mexican-Americans call themselves Los Mojados, meaning “the wet ones.”

      • justifiable

        edge, there’s nothing “theoretical” about freedom of speech. What you seem to want is there to be some sort of immunity from anyone judging you a bigot or a racist when you “speak your mind” and say bigoted and racist things, on the grounds that everyone doing the judging is a hypocrite because they’ve all had the same secret thoughts All I can say is, don’t presume to know everyone by your own standards.

        To turn around and call everyone out because you know they secretly think like you do is has been every bigot’s excuse for his behavior for generations – they’re the “brave” ones, just saying out loud what they know everyone thinks but is just too cowardly to voice. Oddly enough, there are people in this world who see differences in people, but don’t act like a bigot or a racist in response to them. But to someone who’s bigoted, that would just be too unbelievable, right? So no, you don’t get “immunity” from judgment on those shitty grounds. Sorry. And tough shit, too.

    • The Man

      There is nothing wrong with not liking these illegals taking over our country and sucking from the national tit. They are dropping anchor babies like rabbits. Should send them all back! Made me laugh when Mexico asked for money for the oil damage to their shores. Sure, we will pay you when you call all these damn wetbacks home!

    • Bill

      Who the hell cares I hate wetbacks too we all should they’re ruining this goddamned country. Not all mexicans or Latinos but the damned trashy Santa Ana populating, 64 impala driving, property value killing wetbacks that make me want to move far away from this god forsaken state of California.

  2. Cock Dr

    I think Mel may have hooked up with a person who was well armed (fake breasts & a uterus) & determined to take him down.
    That Russian star fucker may have underestimated his crazy level at first but she learned fast.
    Whenever you disagree with Mel have the recording devices ready.
    Lawyer up, let’s ride over to the Gibson ranch!

    • Marian

      Guess what, pretty much ANY woman leaving an abusive male where lawyers will be involved (due to children or marriage) is going to be told by attorneys to record EVERYTHING (in states where such recordings are legal).

      It’s simply not possible to ‘take down’ someone like this. It’s not like any of this shit is out of context. He’s a racist, woman beating, douchebag.

      • Cock Dr

        I predict that she will take down his bank account some, at the very least.
        Would you like a condom now Mel?
        God understands that you’re in some very bad special circumstances, she won’t mind.

  3. discretion is not for the pantless

    Holy shit!! First?!?!? I’ve popped my first cherry!! (sorry)

  4. Smithereens

    Ahahahahaha! Pure poetry…

  5. the EPA

    Who hasn’t used a racial slur?

    Old people are racist because it used to be cool like smoking. Want some Brazilian nuts? Only if you call them nigger toes like they did in the good ol’ days.

    • Vito

      Actually, no, it has NOT been cool to be racist, but racist terminology has been used in the past just as profanity has been, and still is used today. In the past people were not a socially aware, not to mention that in some parts of the country people were simply ignorant of the fact that most racial epithets were offensive.

      But my question about this whole debacle would be “Why does Mel Gibson start spouting his racism when he gets angry, especially when he’s launching a tirade and slapping around his girlfriend?” She’s WHITE, folks! Sounds a bit Freudian to me.

      Everyone knows it’s bad form to hurl racist comments when kicking the shit out of the mother of your love-child, or any beautiful young woman for that matter.

      • Bdizzle

        First off, he was joking. And secondly Racism was and in some places in the world still is so rampant that being racist was “cool”. Trust me. That doesn’t make it right which is what you are implying. But kindness to people perceived to be of an inferior race was considered weakness in many cultures. Hence they considered it cool to be racist.

      • Amy

        Cry me a river! Do you care that the new black panthers were intimidating White voters at the polls? Do you care that eric holder & obama dropped the charges against them? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Quit acting like a bitch over something that was said in private & do something about real racial discrimination. Oh that’s right, it’s ok to hate Whitey.

  6. His Biggest Fan

    friggin love this guy…he should run for pres in 2012!! he’s got my vote….

  7. havoc

    “Wetbacks” is racist.

    “PepperBellies” is much more acceptable.


  8. Can’t you all just accept Mel Gibson as comedic genius? If it were the 3 Stooges, you would be laughing your asses off.

  9. Eric

    Mel is so colorful!

  10. Until he offends a Samoans, he’s yet to have crossed the line in my opinion.

  11. What a crock. This is a tape of Mel playing a role in his new movie.

    What’s next? I guess we should throw Quintin Tarantino under the bus for his “Dead Nigger Storage” line in Pulp Fiction?


  12. Dr. Tupacca

    C’mon Mel…Youre pissing me off. PLEASE come through with some anti-muslim slander PRONTO. They are bigger shitstains on humanity than all others combined.

  13. Huh

    Everyone is a racist so who cares what he says. The whore secretly taped him speaking his mind. I hate the invading motherfuckers too. Big Bro’s Daddy loves ‘em though! (primitive, work for cheap, non-intellectual types – perfect!)

  14. What a crock. This is a tape of Mel playing a role in his new movie.

    What’s next? I guess we should throw Quintin Tarantino under the bus for his “Dead Ni**er Storage” line in Pulp Fiction?


  15. MiKe

    Why is every fukking thing he says recorded? Who lives like that?

  16. Aunt Jemima

    Next movie he makes I’m 100% there.

  17. Flower

    I think you’ve captured his essence, Fish. Those will be the next tapes to come out

  18. Copy

    God, everybody hates Blacks, Jews, and Mexicans. Mel Gibson should be held up high and cherished.

    • justifiable

      Yeah, just like Jesus, Mel’s hero. Following his teachings is what made Mel the man he is today.

    • Yeah, and they all want to persecute Mel to hide their own hate.

      “Mel is EVIL! He is RACIST!”
      *crosses the street when a black guy is on the same side*

  19. Rough lil raunchy

    I wonder which moniker melly Mel uses when he log on the Superficial…

  20. JRS22

    Who doesn’t hate wetbacks?

  21. Randal(l)

    Jesus Christ does this broad not have a conversation with him that she didn’t record. I guess old habits die hard, right comrade Oksana….

    ….fucking commie


    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Well you choose to document every worthless thought you have, capie. At least she isn’t that self centered!

      • Randal(l)

        not every worthless thought. like right now I’m thinking that my nard bag really itches, but I’m not gonna document that….truth be told, that’s not a worthless thought. I’m sure there are people all over the world suffering from this problem and I should reach out to them to let them know they are not alone. Also, I’m not self centered, I’m just observant.


  22. BINGO

    He can take his immigrant ass back to OZ.

  23. Steelerchick

    HA HA HA!!! Nice picture. He looks like Cornelius from the Planet of the Apes!!!

  24. I love the line about the Irish in particular! :)

  25. badger badger badger badger badger badger badger

    i thought they were called “beaners”

  26. noodles

    That’s some funny shit – well done.

  27. Rob

    Say what you want about Mel Gibson but the son of a bitch knows story structure.

    • Vito

      Well, yes, there is that. It sort of mitigates his racism and abuse of his female companion. I guess she’s lucky he doesn’t also know musical structure, because then it would OK if he disemboweled her.

      • V

        ikr. he can tell stories so well, he should be allowed to rape children anally.

        oh, wait…

        this place is full of dumb fucks.

    • big d

      The whole “story structure” quote is from a South Park episode. Lighten up, Francis.

  28. barroom hero

    What a twat.

  29. Crystal

    Who cares what this has been has to say?? He is old and NO longer the sexiest man in America or anywhere else! It is all he has left!! Now I know why his first wife always looked so tired and haggard!! It was because of him! I bet she is laughing her ass off!!!

  30. Vito

    Mel Gibson to Oksana Grigorieva on her first visit:

    “Welcome to my humble abode. If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a kike. Now suck my dick!”

  31. Glenda


    I am Mexican and I don’t feel really sad because a gringo doesn’t love us. Believe me I can live with that.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      thumbs up~~~!!

    • White Person

      “gringo”??????…… is that racist?

      • V

        no, that term is not necessarily used in a derogatory way. it’s like calling someone from Australia an Aussie. it’s just a nickname and it’s not meant to be racist or negative. it is not a racial slur. it’s just a nickname. long story, but it comes from Green Coat.

    • Your mom

      Yes, V, gringo is a racist term.
      @ Glenda, believe me no one cares what a spic thinks…

  32. Liberal Hater

    Ummm, what’s wrong with this? I don’t get it….they’re fucking wetbacks. It’s like calling a spade a spade, or a jig a jig.
    Leave Mel alone.

  33. I don’t care for Mel Gibson, but last time I checked that was considered free speech and protected. Anyone can call anyone any name they want to. We only get to hear it when its a non minority(protected races) who slur. Who cares.

    • I don’t! :D I’m a mutt, so I could care less about racial slurs.

    • Pat C

      It is protected, which is why Mel’s not going to jail for any of this B.S.
      But that doesn’t mean people are required to buy tickets to his movies.
      Although, who knows, maybe he could sell more tickets – lots of people feel the same way he does.
      A fine example of a Christian man !

    • justifiable

      You idiot, protected =/= acceptable or immune from criticism. The law doesn’t set acceptable standards of behavior like this per se, but society does – which is why Mel called his prior racist outburst “the ravings of a drunk” to try and get off the hook with a pity card. Oooh, he was drunk, he’s really a good guy having a bad ol’ drunky day, right?

      Well, in vino veritas.

      He’s a fucking racist and a bigot, and now he’s sober when he expresses his true self. I think what most people object to is that he thinks he’s such a great Original Christian, who’s going to heaven because he embraces a purer form of Catholicism than the rest of the backsliders. I hope that Jesus kicks his hate-filled ass to the curb.

      • justifiable

        Pat C, I’m calling aera an idiot, not you And aera, white people are in the privilege seat, so slurs against them don’t have a helluva lot of power which is why you don’t hear about it.. It doesn’t make it right, but taht’s why it doesn’t make it newsworthy. Don’t whine about how it’s so unfair – just accept that you can get a cab at night and STFU.

      • justifiable

        Pat C, I called aera an idiot, not you.

      • justifiable

        And thanks, site, for holding back my first comment so I had to post the abridged version.

  34. Pancho

    Mel, pathetic old man: Chinga tu puta madre.

    Yours Truly


  35. Liberal Hater

    Black on white crime = Mugging
    White on black violence = Hate crime


  36. Can I just shove Mel into a box and mail it to someplace where he will be free to frolic and be himself? I know just where it would go… /b/

  37. missywissy

    okay Fish, you need to get out from behind the ‘puter. Wetbacks is not a bad word. Spic – yes, wetback – no.

  38. waka

    They keep talking about these different recordings. Was she recording him 24/7? Makes you wander if she knew he was prone to angry outbursts and was looking to cash in on one of them. I am not saying that it clears him but it adds some perspective.The comments do not bother me as much as him hitting her, if it is true and if they decide to show the proof.

  39. V

    victim blaming now? this place is full of douches. mel is an idiot. he probably thinks he’s better than every single one of you, so stop sticking up for him. he’s worthless.

    • Amy

      That bitch is no victim! BOOHOO! Someone doesn’t like certain people… go cry in someone else’s beer, you whiny bitch.

  40. Marcus

    Did he bang Pocahantas? I never saw that movie.

  41. David

    Fuck this guy, I hate him now.

  42. Brooke

    At first this whole thing made me kinda sad, but now it’s just hilarious. And Fish, your predictions are so funny I almost tattooed your URL to my tits and sent you the snapshot. Almost.

  43. Aussie Mama

    Eisenhower coined the term wetback, google Eisenhowers operation wetback.
    Also wetback in austrlai menas illegal immigrant, it can be anybody, not just mexicans! it can be an englishman anybody out there, who is illegally residing in the country.
    so whats the problem?

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