Mel Gibson Hates ‘Wetbacks’ Now

Another tape, another race Mel Gibson denigrates to verbally assault his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. This time around it’s Latinos who Mel lovingly refers to as “wetbacks” because these things are literally a KKK Christmas every single time. RadarOnline reports:

The Oscar-winning director/actor is heard referring to one of his staffers as a “wetback” during a recorded argument with Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his love child. has heard the tape in which Mel tells Oksana: “I will report her to the f**king people that take f**king money from the wetbacks.”
He is referring to turning a worker into immigration authorities, has been told.

In Mel Gibson’s defense, he’s old as shit and racial slurs are the bread and butter of the elderly. Or tapioca pudding because it’s easier on the gums. That being said, I’ve compiled a list of slurs we should probably anticipate seeing caught on tape:

“You call this a f-cking sandwich? You put the mustard on here like a g–k trying to put his tiny penis into math because he’s good at it. Now blow me.”

More Jews!:
“Did you take money out of my pants, you Russian whore? Set the baby on the stove so I can teach you how much Mel hates getting k-ked in the wallet. Also, oral sex.”

“Cook me potatoes the way Conan O’Brien eats them every day with whiskey or so help me, God, there’s going to be fellatio tonight.”

Native Americans:
“Oh, ‘stop fighting with me.’ What? You want ‘em smoke ‘em peace pipe now, b-tchass Pocahantas? I got your peace pipe right here, and just to be clear that’s a reference to my genitalia.”

White People:
“You’re more retarded than f-cking NASCAR! I don’t even know how you’re going to steer my penis into your mouth right after this sentence. I honestly don’t.”

“You send Tom Cruise over here to calm me down and I swear to f-cking Christ I’ll make him blow me while you take notes. And not short-hand like you did the last time. You write like a f-cking Welshman humping a Pacific Islander. C-nt.”

(Sad part, none of these are even going to be close.)

Photo: The Daily Telegraph