Mel Gibson Will Fight Alla Ya’s

July 11th, 2011 // 108 Comments

“Give me back my blowjobs!”

Here’s Mel Gibson swinging at the paparazzi outside a restaurant in Malibu over the weekend who got the last laugh by making these photos available to assholes like me. (Did a giant spring launch him out of the backseat? Because I’m pretty sure The Joker’s gonna notice that shit’s missing.) On top of that, they hilariously Photoshopped his car to look like a smart car which is impressive once you realize Mel Gibson only travels by Nazi zeppelin.

Photos: AKM Images/Flynet


  1. Mel Gibson Drunk Smart Car
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    Hey. Who farted? Was that me?

  2. Mel Gibson Drunk Smart Car
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    oh GOOD, he’s driving himself. for a minute there my whole world was topsy-turvy when i thought he’d do the responsible thing and let somebody else drive his drunk-ass home. degenerate.

  3. jump1551

    When that ash-hole Kayne West does this, he’s seen as comical and accepted. Either its because he’s still actively making crap music (that a lot of people apparently still like) or its because “whitey” isn’t allowed to be racist, but KW is….or, maybe its a little of both?

    • rantatonne

      In response to jump. Unfortunately, oddly or howeverly having ancestors that gone through slavery this relatively close in history gives some more leeway on the racism thing, accept it or not it is the general pc consensus.
      Kanye was never perceived as a respectable member of celeb society, that Mel was… until he stopped listening to his publicists.
      In comparative film-music industry terms, Kanye’s at least as not bigger than Mel was. Also he still is. If Mel was still bringing in millions this behavior may be ‘comically accepted’ instead of just ‘tragically comical’

  4. Mel Gibson Drunk Smart Car
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    What in the bloody fuck is he doing? Falling on his ass?

  5. Spielberg should set up a deathmatch between Mel and Barbra Streisand. It’s a win/win situation no matter the outcome.

  6. Mel Gibson Drunk Smart Car
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    Why I oughtta!!!
    It’s like the crazy, racist, drunk uncle that the women in the family ask never to be alone with. “Hey dad can you not leave on my own with uncle Mel. He’s a bit angry and rapey.”

  7. Awesome! They’re making a sequel to Team America: World Police??

  8. raysny

    Mel – Poster boy for AA.

    How many times will he keep doing the same thing (AA) over and over while expecting different results?

  9. Ed

    How long before we see this on Please please please be soon!

  10. Mel Gibson Drunk Smart Car
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    I can’t believe it. Mad Max is driving a smart…

  11. DoorLocks

    I fucking love this man.

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