Mel Gibson Driven ‘Nuts’ By Tranquilizers

August 3rd, 2010 // 33 Comments
Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson allegedly wrote an e-mail to Oksana Grigorieva blaming “tranquilizers” for allegedly punching her in the mouth while she was holding their infant daughter. Granted, he’s already been caught on tape admitting to doing it, I’m honestly getting tired of her trotting out all kinds of easily-faked evidence to milk more money out of this thing. “Breaking: Mel Gibson Secretly Hired Pilot to Write ‘Sorry For All the Domestic Violence I Definitely Did’ in the Clouds to Win Back Oksana.” RadarOnline reports:

In the email, sent the day after an explosive January 6 confrontation with his one-time lover, the Lethal Weapon star wrote: “The tranqullizers (sic) only make me nuts.”
It was an apparent reference to pharmaceutical drug use.
Tranquilizers are depressant drugs that are used in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia — and sometimes during alcohol withdrawal.

Sure, the alcohol withdrawal thing sounds plausible, but knowing everything we know about Mel Gibson now, and shit, even before all this, I’m 90% positive he was talking about the tranqs used to sedate large animals.

THERAPIST: How do you feel today, Mel?
MEL: Oh, I dunno. Hoping to get some head later.
THERAPIST: EVERYBODY OUT! *fires three darts*


  1. DarthBlue

    MY HERO FIRST!!!!!

  2. Hack Saw

    I’d hit it.

  3. Mel

    These tranquilizers are making me thirsty!

  4. Cock Dr

    Try Haldol Mel. That’ll quiet you down quickly. Take a lot, so that you can be used as a plant stand or coat rack in the corner.

  5. Doc Schweinstrudel

    It could be really true. I don’t know about his tranquilizers for sure but I found out that traditionally prescribed anti-depressants such as serotonin inhibitor types makes the person feel worse instead of better.
    In fact the teenager who went on school shooting spree was on anti-depressants.
    Research shown ”
    Paxil and seven other antidepressants caused children to suffer from increased suicidal behavior more so than children taking sugar pills.
    Out of every 100 children taking antidepressants in controlled clinical trials an additional tow to three children experienced increased suicidal tendencies.”
    The only treatment that helps is taking vitamines K, D, Omega 3, folic acid.

  6. Aryan

    Love ya Mel! Fuck the Paps,

    • Aussie Mama

      i think people are starting to get sick of oksana and starting to …i duuno, feel sorry for him, have a more open mind…..i find i am abused a lot less for sticking up for him.
      her daily leaks are malicious, very premeditated, thought out and a pain in the ass. what credibility she may have had, has been washed down the gurgler.
      i do not believe he is a bad man, i really feel he was in a terrible situation, which brought the worst out in him, for 10 hours.
      god knows what it was about. but breakups, child custody etc. can make a person terribly emotional, i don’t know that there is anything worse.
      i think he will be ok and people will see he is anything but the monster he has been portrayed.

  7. Doc Schweinstrudel

    That could be true. I do not know about Mel’s particular drug… But there are PLENTY of studies that show that anti-depressants do not help, only make people with mental disorders feel WORSE. In fact, teenager who went on school shooting spree was on anti depressant/sedative.
    Phramaceutical companies make 200% profit from making each pill.
    The only thing one can take that helps depression/mental disorder is taking vitamins: K, D, Omega 3 (most important), folic acid.
    This of course can’t be patented like Prozac. If you or someone you care about suffer depression, let them know the FACTS

    • musicgod

      you can’t blame drugs for people’s ignorant behaviour…that’s like saying oh, it’s ok to shoot up a school, because you’re a pill junkie

    • Aussie Mama

      we haven’t exactly seen eye to eye on the mel/oksana saga, but good call on the depression.
      long term the pharmaceuticals make a person crazy, the real injustice is the amount of kiddies prescribed adhd (kiddie cocaine), future mental cases, school shooters!
      all pharaceuticals are a patented version of something natural, put here for us.
      nothing synthetic will ever do the job, ever.
      well said, agree!
      if there are typing errors, sorry, it’s my birthday, was taken out to lunch, had a couple of drinks, and feelin’ a lil’ pissy right now!

  8. musicgod

    pill poppers do do fucked up things…i know from experience, though it’s not excusable:-D south park park hit it dead on—kaplaw

  9. Randal

    For someone who’s “honestly getting tired of her trotting all kinds of easily-faked evidence” you sure do talk about it enough. Hypocrite.

  10. dudeinboringpowerpointmeeting

    Is tranquilzer possibly code for angel dust?

    • Aussie Mama

      he’s never been, nor will ever be a druggie….he’s very much anti-drugs. i’d even be surprised to hear he took pharaceauticals to be honest. i know he has struggled with non smoking, who knows. he likes his grog, but nothing illegal.

  11. Linda

    Someone is throwing chocolate at him..

  12. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Sorry doublepost.
    I don’t excuse him being an asshole. My point is that when an asshole actually seeks help and pays for that his dear money – he MUST BE helped, not made feel worse. People shouldn’t profit from other people being sick! According to Oksana on that bad day he wanted to kill her, their daughter, her son and then commit suicide.

    • human

      We live in the century of “Big Chemisty”. We tear up the Earth, invent bullshit in labs, and sell it for monstrous profit to the expendable masses. We no longer are ruled by kings but rather imperialists who no longer care about us or the kingdoms.
      Off with their heads!

    • Aussie Mama

      hmmmmm….if he is as catholic as everyone makes him out to be. suicide would never be an option. it is one of the most selfish, unforgivable sins. he has the means to bugger off to an island and live in peace, as a recluse. when you have that much cash, suicide, is way down the list of necessities.
      i wouldn’t believe that one at all. i don’t think he’d do that to his kids, grankids, robyn, parents…..i don’t think that’s him at all.

  13. stinky mcpoop

    -Wait, what?
    - You got a fuckin’ dart in your neck
    - You-You’re crazy. I like you. But you’re crazy.

    First thing I thought of when I read that.

  14. Cardinal Fang

    I get a little crazy when my wife denies me oral sex. So that’s why I have a girlfriend.

  15. What The?

    They should have left Erin’s photo up…

  16. boredoffa**

    Love the Lindt ball in the air

  17. Weird Al

    Nope, he’s bat shit crazy, tranquilizers or not. Never heard a decent man call a woman by those names…

    Take it from one crazy to another – he wouldn’t have said those things about other races if he didn’t already have some rage inside…

  18. Snooster

    Hey, how about, in all of my most blackout-drunken-high moments, I’ve never used the n-word or threatened bodily injury on anyone. Insane psycho girl plans ahead to incriminate and profit off of the deepest, gritty nature of an even more insane psycho guy… Mad Max :*(

  19. captain america


  20. Slig

    What happen old man he in jail or have problim

  21. Slig

    Go go go

  22. Jack Mykokov

    Why is it that pieces of shit like Mel Gibson, Micheal Lohan, The Situation, Kanye West (you know, walking sacks of human fecal matter) are rich and powerful and can basically get away with any fucking bullshit they want to, and most good people are poor, working shit jobs, and taking shit from said rich assholes? And then there’s Snooki, who makes the term “piece of shit hobag slut whore cunt” sound like a compliment. I hope a giant asteroid strikes the Earth soon.

    • Jack should die

      How can a person group Mike Lohan and the Situation in with Kanye and Mel Gibson. Think what you want about celebrity culture, but being that ignorant about the contribution to society that each of these people has made makes you seem ridiculous.

      Also, what is he getting away with. The guy can’t even have an argument on the phone with his wife without the media portraying him as the devil. This website included, these shitty gossip sites jumped all over him, like they’ve been waiting to do, and immediately all people that read this, most mindless idiots, start to chastise him.

      Good people don’t work shit jobs, at least not for long. Good people do not stay poor long, unless its by choice. Rich assholes are often born with a silver spoon in their mouths and act like scum, but some of the rich folks have worked hard, educated themselves, and put themselves into a position to succeed in life.

      If only the asteroid that you want to strike the Earth could only wipe out the lazy, useless souls that burden the rest of us.

  23. kathleen

    u are soooo wrng! just bcoz sum1 is catholic,does nt mean that they shouldnt or wont feel suicidal.and who says its a selfish awful and worst sin to commit?do ya nt knw that sum people who commit suicide do it,r thnk about doing it,bcoz they actually believe they wil b doing their loved 1′s a favor.i dnt thnk u’ve ever felt suicidal;r u wud b a bit more sympathetic 2wards those who have.even the catholic church hav realised that suicide isnt anythng to b ashamed of.u make me sick.and btw the catholic church couldnt critize anybody suicidal,firstly if a suicidal person asked them 4 help they wud close the door n that persons face.anothr thng they commit plenty of sins too ie sexually abusing children

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