Mel Gibson Cut From ‘Hangover 2′

October 21st, 2010 // 57 Comments
Mel Gibson

Okay, so maybe this was what Zach Galifianakis was pissed about.

After a heavily publicized report – which was most likely a litmus test for audience reactions – revealed Mel Gibson would have a cameo in The Hangover 2, director Todd Phillips just announced this afternoon the cameo was axed after the cast and crew protested. TMZ reports:

“I thought Mel would have been great in the movie and I had the full backing of Jeff Robinov and his team. But I realize filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew.”

Of course, the cast could’ve simply been against going with a ham-fisted gag based solely on shock value, but we probably shouldn’t rule out them waking up to a bed full of bagels left there by the Jewish Mafia. (Store brand, mind you. Not Thomas’s. At those prices?)


  1. your dinner with me

    Actor and producers probably didn’t come to an understanding over the amount of mandatory blowjobs predicted in Gibson’s standard contract.

  2. That Guy

    Oy vey, he’s gone.

  3. eatme

    fucking retarded. i will now boycott The Hangover 2 in protest for the cast and crew being so fucking pedantically politically correct (not that I had any desire to see the movie anyway).
    convicted rapists: “OK”
    drunk celebrities who rant the truth about Jewish control over Hollywood media: “BURN HIM!”)

  4. Welcome to oblivion Zach Galifianakis, I saved you a seat.

  5. Lady Blah Blah

    I like Galifianakis even less now.

    Is the off screen Gibson often a jerk? Yes. Is he nothing but a jerk? I doubt Jodie Foster would continue to be his friend were that the case. People still listen to Wagner (the composer who wrote a criticism of “Jewish music” and who was an inspiration for Nazis – “Flight of the Valkyries” in Apocaplyse Now). People still listen to the conductor von Karajan, who was a Nazi (Amazon has a ton of his CDs). John Malkovich said he’d like to kill a Brit journalist whose views on the Israel-Palestinian conflict differ from Malkovich’s. No one boycotts him.

    Fuck fat Zack, say buh-bye bore boy.

  6. Monty

    I reckon Mel’s an OK guy, but he’s been targeted by the media to the point where it’s politically incorrect to have him in a movie.

  7. paul

    Mel apologists make me laugh

  8. mensa


    Wait. That was insensitive to Mel Gibson and his plight. Let me try again.


  9. That Guy

    Beard-o no rikey Mel Gibson.

  10. guarantee he wouldn’t have played whatever mockery of himself badass enough. grr i wana write a story just so i can have mel play god. a black god. like in black face. on some whacky judgement day lol

  11. Vito

    Could it be that Mel Gibson is simply a no good, lousy prick? Just a thought…

    • No, could it be that Hollywood and the media are oversensative and that Gibson being a figure in the public eye 24/7 said some things or did some things that many MANY people do, think or say but have the luxery of doing so behind closed doors? Yeah, I think that’s the ticket.

      • or could it be that he was more of a liability to the movie than he was worth?? more likely…
        i know i am not the only person who would’ve not seen the movie.. and I saw the first one twice in theatres..
        i will not support a movie that attempts to give that racist, abusive, pig a comeback role (cameo or not)
        he needs to fade into obscurity.. he has enough money.. if he doesn’t end up handing it all over to this or the next gold-digging slut he decided to shack up with..
        i mean this moron needs to learn if he wants a chick who really loves him he should stop robbing the cradle of all it’s little hollywood wannabee starlets and go back to his wife.. (forget it not even she would touch him now)

      • eatme

        wow, you saw the first one twice? in the theater? wtf is wrong with you? and you would actually not see the second at all simply because if it has a cameo from someone who you think is a racist, abusive pig (other than Mike Tyson)? and by “abusive”, i guess you mean abusive to that “gold-digging slut” Oksana?
        please sit down, go back to reading your people magazine, and take every line seriously because those rag magazines are serious journalism.

      • yes twice in theatres.. it was funny lol, plus i saw it the first time with girlfriends and then my man wanted to see it..
        Tyson was a f-up 2 decades ago.. he stayed out of the public eye for a long time
        Mel gibson seems to think.. he its been a couple months.. i’m sure everyone forgot that I’m a low life psychopath..

  12. eatme

    Right, more so than Mike Tyson? grab a fucking clue.

    • You are so charming.

    • at least mike tyson already served his time.. mel gibson is still roaming free thinking he deserves a comeback..
      he should go to hell

      • SayWhat!

        what exactly should Mel serve time for? Saying hateful words to a hateful woman while being secretly recorded? The man has yet to be charged, heck, they are still trying to figure out if a crime had been commited. Good thing you dont have to serve time for being an idiot.

      • I don’ t know maybe his mulitple DUI charges that have been forgotten since he became and even bigger spectacle for other things…
        or maybe abusing a woman.. (i think the woman is a gold digging slut too but that’s what you get for leaving your wife of two decades and dating some woman 15 years your junior, impregnating her, and then being stupid enough to rant on her voicemail) HELLO!!! that is harassment
        also,,,, i was not only talking about jail time.. Tyson was blacklisted from everything entertainment for years.. he faded into the background and lived a quite life for a long time to allow things to blow over..
        Mel gibson just seems to think he should get a pass and should be right back up there in hollywood!
        sorry buddy but it’s gonna take longet than that for people to forget about your crazy ass bigot remarks..
        you don’t see Micheal Richards making a comedic comeback do you..
        and he only insulted one group of people..
        Mel gibson made racist remarks about jews, black, and hispanics.. hello way to alienate yourself moron!
        I could care less if the tapes are illegal in court.. they are admissable in public opinion.. good enough for the movie going public

  13. Hungover

    I hate Mel Gibson! I’m so glad he’s not going to be in The Hangover 2!!!
    I hated him before he was crazy, but now even more!!

  14. one legged

    “Jewish Mafia” is called White Lightning
    but that’s on the sshhhh

  15. Tyler

    Oh shit that makes sense if Zach is Jewish

  16. Kel

    Wow. Galifinakis can eat it. Did this really happen?? I mean, REALLY? This should not be an issue at all. Mel Gibson, personal life aside, has become a part of fllm history, like it or not.

    To have a stand-up get his way is like if Jim Carrey said he didn’t want Morgan Freeman in ‘Bruce Almighty’…or If Michael Keaton didn’t want Jack Nicholson to play ‘The Joker’… They both went through bad personal lives at the time.

  17. Boodiba

    He used to be such a cute, little thing too…

  18. El Dukeh Picante

    Obviously Zach Galifinakis has never been the victim of a woman’s lust for money. Or that of a secret, well-funded organization of powerful Jews dedicated to the eradication of humanity and the consolidation of wealth and power.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      You speak truth to power my friend. Bless you.

      Oh and you left your hood in the backseat of my Mercedes….

  19. Good On Ya

    All you people hating on Zach should shut up…He stood up for something he believed in and I commend him for that. Maybe this will set a precedent that if film makers want to hire douchey people like Mel or try to hire Tyson again that the actors who have to work with these people will have a say in the matter.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Hey genius – I don’t care if Mel Gibson was in this movie or not – I wouldn’t walk across the street to see (I FREAKING guarantee it: A pile of shit like this)

      The bigger problem is that Mel Gibson – as a filmmaker – has rare vision: IF that vision doesn’t get funding/distribution support it deserves that is everyone’s loss.

      IF i needed someone to watch my back I’d certainly take Mel over that Russian BITCH anyday. Getting yourself preggars by wealthy celebs is NOT a viable career. Seriously am I the only one who smells a russian rat here?!

      • I, for once, agree with Hetero. Mel isn’t the issue here. The money grubbing gold digger who has done this to TWO rich men is the problem here.

      • she may be a gold digging slut but she didn’t put the racist bigot words in his mouth.. she gave him enough rope to hang himself.. and he did… and we should leave him hanging there… I would never watch another movie that Mel Gibson has anything to do with
        this man was hollywood history…
        as in currently a POS and nothing more

    • SayWhat!

      lol… hypocrites unite I see. You applaud Zach because he speaks his mind yet because other disagree with him you demand we shut up.

  20. NoMoreIsrael

    You cross any JEW and you are screwed! We let those worms into America and support them in Israel, is their any wonder why the world hates us?

    60 Minutes this past Sunday did a story on Israel and their archaeological dig under Palestine. The arrogance that only jews can obtain is angering to say the least.

    The Germans hated jews for a reason, it didn’t come out of thin air. I don’t condone the holocaust, but I also don’t acknowledge Israel.

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Please see my comment below – here’s a GREAT example of exactly what I’m talking about (By the way – NOMORE is right – hey I’m a self hating jew what can I say….? teeheeheehee….)

    • Aussie Mama

      what holocaust?
      yes rape and chew off peoples body parts (tyson), fuck your kids (woody allen), be a heroin addicted whore, with real life snuff pictures all over your walls (saint angelina jolie), out in the open satanist that tells kids at concerts to go home and kill your folks (m.manson), use orphange children for your own sick needs (boystown-whitehouse), but don’t mention the JEWS!
      PS: hitler was of the rothchilds, a jew himself.

  21. The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

    Wow – just wow. I’m simply stunned at the ability of one BITCH to ruin a dude’s life. Let’s NEVER hear what this gal said or did to Mel to get him set on that path. Let’s only hear one side of this sordid affiar so we can take a great talent like Mel Gibson and flush his sorry ass into oblivion.

    Hey why the faux outrage folks – most you bastards were lauding our hostess Fish with his Ben Rothisberger schtick over the weekend and call him/her brave and a great American for pontificating on something he (Fish) knows zip about.

    At the end of the day no one was there but yet lots of folks are all too happy to throw guys like Mel and Ben under the bus for nothing more than ‘sport’. That’s a shame because if Mel Gibson had a pre frontal lobotomy he’d STILL be capable of better product than most anybody working in Hollywood today. In the end, we all pay for THAT unfortunate fact. And folks THAT is from the mouth a Jew who knows for a fact that Mel only voiced what MOST of the world already thinks.

    • Mel ruined his own life. First there was the boozing & acting crazy with the police. Then he chose to pursue & couple with a woman without birth control, and followed by temper tantrums & very, very likely physical abuse. A man of his wealth has people who could/did(?) investigate her background & would have been able to make a good guess that she might not be the best wife #2 material. Now babymomma has burned him with those tapes and is going after the cash with an army of lawyers.
      Mel is toast. He’s got more than enough $ to live on but his leading man days are over. Just look at that face.

      • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

        Hey I agree his leading man days are over. Good grief – anyone who saw Edge of Darkness can attest to that fact.

        What I don’t agree with is that there are folks out there that prey on great guys like Mel Gibson and Ben Rothisberger and if you haven’t walked a mile in their shoes you have ZERO ‘right’ to offer commentary on what they should or shouldn’t do. It’s one thing to Monday Morning QB their lives from the safety of your laptop while sitting in your Washington DC suburb 1 bdr while cracking a cold one from your mini frig with the occassional glance up at your Gavin Rossdale poster — sound familiar Fish? – but it’s quite another to live that person’s life. Pal you ain’t livin nuthin’ so your commentary on what a Mel Gibson should have done or didn’t do doesn’t mean dick to me. What DOES mean something to me is that this is the guy who made Passion of the Christ and brother: THAT is some kind of talent.

        To lose that contribution to the world of film – and art – is a tragedy.

      • why would you group and awesome guy like Ben with this POS…
        Ben was targeted by a trashy slut in a club
        Mel knew what he was gettin himself into.. and he walked right into it…
        not only that but no matter what someone does to you, you are responsible for your own actions
        I could care less what she said to him.. she is nobody.. she will fade away soon
        Him on the other hand trying to claim christian values while spewing hateful racist, sexist, and derogotory remards is disgusting
        He has made racist remarks about jews, blacks, and hispanics.. who is left?
        He has a Hitler menatality and luckily for the world this stupid gold-digging slut let us all in on his dirty little secret..
        i hope they both dissapear of the face of the planet

    • The ONLY HETERO in this Joint

      Amanda you bring up a good point about Christian values: YOU should sit in on a class of Western Civ – you will QUICKLY learn that MANY wars have been waged and MANY lives lost in the name of Christian values.

      Honey – I’ll take the ‘names’ over the ‘sticks and stones’ any time….

  22. Zach, you are a little tiny pinhead who may have just overstepped his bounds and killed his career with this petulant move. You don’t want Mel Gibson in the movie because of Mel’s off screen behavior. Mel Gibson is a racist sexist jerk in your mind. You have all the right in the world to express your displeasure over Mel’s behavior, but now you have allowed the world to express their feelings about your childish ‘take my ball and go home’ stance. The public will speak up by burying your career, as miniscule a career as it may be.

    Gibson ranted against Paparazzi, which should be done more often. He was ticked at his leech of an ex-wife and expressed himself in a private conversation that was released by the bitch. He ranted drunkenly against Jews. His biggest crime? Being a public fuigure and getting caught acting and saying things that many people do and say but can do so in private.

  23. SayWhat!

    I will boycott Hangover2 as well as Due Date. Sorry RDJ, love him as an actor but cant bring myself to support anything with Zach Galfahasbeenhypocrite in it.

  24. SayWhat!

    Good On Ya | October 22, 2010 at 10:52 am All you people hating on Zach should shut up…He stood up for something he believed in and I commend him for that.
    lol… hypocrites unite I see. He is free to express his opinion yet you are telling us to shut up?

  25. J McC

    Do you people REALLY want to continue enabling this POS?

  26. J McC

    Oh, and whoever said (above) that ‘everyone talks like that ‘ (I‘m paraphrasing), NO THEY DONT – - I have never heard anyone speak that way to me or anyone else. I would suggest if YOU are spoken to that way or speak to others that way your reality is in need of some type of professional attention. This is in no way acceptable.

  27. Just Sayin


  28. J McC

    KUDOS TO ZACH!!! Ignore the madness, Zach Galifinakis. I, along with many others, appreciate what you did. You spoke for many, many of us.

  29. J McC

    aaaahhhhhh – - now I see what the problem is. I thought I was on Dlisteds blog and couldnt figure out why all the uncool comments. Its cause Im not on the cool blog afterall. Byeeee

  30. trousers

    how the fuck are you idiots taking sides in this, he’s a fucking asshole d-bag, shes a gold digger. Fuck them both.

  31. Jolyn

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost impsioslbe.

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