Mel Gibson Addressed His Latest Rant on
‘The Tonight Show’

April 30th, 2012 // 44 Comments
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Posted by Photo Boy

Hollywood’s favorite violent rage-filled maniac, Mel Gibson, went on his old buddy Jay Leno‘s show to defend himself against the exposure of his latest rant. In case you don’t know what I’m referring to, it’s this amazing piece of audio that literally sounds like a 911 call taking place just before a murder/suicide. The great thing about the interview is how Jay and Mel casually gloss over the fact that the whole recording was actually taken by Ezterhas’ 15 year old son who was justifiably scared shitless. Instead they laugh about Mel’s “little bit of an anger issue” and lightly touch on one’s inalienable right to not be recorded in your own home while you’re making your guests feel like they’re about to be anally knifed to death. Mel went on to say “Wow, I can’t believe the hebes that run this network are are allowing you to toss me these softballs. Must be busy plotting a war or Christian genocide, right old pal?” To which Jay replied, “Sure Mel, whatever you say, just please don’t kill me.”


  1. Dick Hell

    Good news for Mel, Jay LIKES being called Sugar-Tits.

  2. bebop

    Mel was cool with it. If Leno had that chin on his nose then Mel would have lost it.

  3. What a fucking cokehead!

  4. Kat

    he is a piece of shit

  5. JC

    They should let Mel anally rape-stab Leno for his crimes against comedy.

  6. kimmykimkim

    If I wanted to listen to psycho justify their psychosis, I’d ask my ex-girlfriend to move back in with me.

  7. Deacon Jones

    lol, dude, he is TRYING SO HARD not to slip into total psycho mode.

    You can see it in his eyes when Leno starts asking him details about the director…they flare up and then he realizes “fuck, I’m on a live talk show”.

    He’s literally squirming he’s trying so hard to hold back a,…a, motherfuckin’ WAVE OF FURY!!!!!

  8. EricLr

    With Larry King secured away in a cryogenic chamber now, Leno is now easily the worst interviewer on TV. He’s dumb, only throws softballs, and knows next-to-nothing about the people he interviews. He’s a clown. Actually, that’s an insult to clowns. He’s an ass-clown.

    So of course Mel’s publicist chose him. He’s probably the one person left on television who wouldn’t point out the obvious fact that Mel has serious mental problems and needs help before he ends up on a clock tower with a rifle.

    • Ass-clown is right. Because I know that when my plumber doesn’t fix the pipes that I hired him to fix and eats lunch at my place and just talks about it, when the water is up to my ankles I’m totes justified by screaming and ranting about how Hebes are responsible for all the evils in the world and my downfall in particular. Really, anyone could see that.

      Leno had a fucking creampuff pitched to him and he decided to do what he always does – which is drop it and pretend that never happened so that everyone will continue to like him. He rolled over and played to the “unfair wiretapping” angle and give Mel a forum to first excuse himself and then pretend to be Anthony Bourdain. He got more fucking excited about the concept of laksa than anything else Mel said – because no one gets in trouble getting enthusiatic over soup.

      Carson must be whirling in his grave. What a total fucking, boring waste of everyone’s time.

  9. Ella Farts-Gerald

    Mr. Gibson’s most recent rant was remixed:

  10. dooood

    today, you are photo Man.
    well done sir.

  11. Archie Leach

    I see Mel’s doctors GREATLY increased his thorazine dosage in preparation for his appearance on Leno.

  12. The Pope

    Fuck, he does look old!

  13. Josh

    Everybody hates them, but i still like Mel and Jay. I just want to get drunk as fuck with them and light cigars with burning cash.

  14. The Most Interesting

    Sorry, nope. After The Human Portajohn was let into the White House Correspondents Dinner, Leno is now officially among the best reporters on TV.

  15. Jonas Grumby

    Why did Ezterhas take his kid to the home of a known ranting, racist, alcoholic like Gibson anyway? Some kind of ‘scared straight’ shit for the kid?

  16. Mel.

    Shove it in your d!k hole, mel.

  17. Dramatic Puddle

    I like Mel. So he has some anger issues. We all do, and we all think things that we don’t have the balls to say because what we’re thinking isn’t PC. So let’s all jump on the hypocritical “Mel Gibson is a racist asshole” bandwagon because it’s expected. Pussies. You dumb fucks want life sweetened and homogenized, and it doesn’t work that way. Stop being fucking zombies, grow some stones, and admit the truth: We all have prejudices. You holier-than-thou assholes are as fucking boring as you are predictable.

    • Deacon Jones

      There’s a difference between being a racist and being stark raving mad, Mel.

    • I always love it when racists and bigots.pull out the tired old “you think that way, too, you’re just too much of a pussy to say it” card. While people are indeed pussies because they don’t like to cause scenes, the real “truth” that you don’t want to admit to is that they’re pussies because they’re too polite to tell you to your face what a major fucking asshole you are. It’s not dumb admiration and approval that keeps everyone silent around you when you spread “the truth”, it’s cringing embarassment at being in your presence.

      There’s a difference between being aware you have a particular prejudice and working to overcome it, and realizing you’re prejudiced and not only embracing it, but buying it flowers, candy, and making it blow you in the jacuzzi.

      The reason Mel Gibson is being called a racist asshole isn’t because it’s “PC”, but because he is one. What’s actually “PC” was his insincere apology for his drunken anti-Semitic rant years ago, since he obviously still thinks that way. WTF is it with you douchebags that you don’t take responsibility for your own actions and try to put it all on everyone else? Mel continues to blame the Jews and his girfriend for his lack of control and all that’s happened to him as a result, just as you try to put the blame everyone else for fronting and refusing to admit we’re just as hate-filled as you obviously are.

      If only Jews manufactured recording equipment, think what you both could do with that.

    • Nothing makes me consider that a side being presented might be worth considering like gratuitous swearing and labeling all who disagree with you as “pussies”. Did you take a break from writing angry letters to the government in a shack under a bare bulb or were you multitasking?

    • Archie Leach

      hitler had some prejudices too.

    • Mel.

      not too bright, huh?

  18. Mandy

    I was so uncomfortable watching this.

    Not sure why the audience claps when Jay asks “Was the tape just you swearing at the guy?” and Mel says yes.

    “HAHAHA so funny. The guy made a screenplay and it wasn’t good enough for you, so I think it’s hilarious that you lost your shit on him!” …..?

    Was there really no other way for Mel to deal with this guy?

  19. LMAO

    Lots of homos and feminists commenting today. Highly unusual for this site. Oh wait, no it’s not.

  20. j.j.

    they’re both dicks. and who the fuck watches leno anyway?

    • Fj

      ugh. I know… unfortunately my Italian boyfriend thinks he’s funny(??!). I always give him a hard time about it.
      Jay is the UN-FUNNIEST “comedian” ever.

  21. Doop

    Look, Mel is definitely a bigot with anger-management issues. Is that against the law? NO! As long as he doesn’t actively slander a particular individual, discriminate when hiring, or harm anyone physically, he’s within his rights to hate anyone he wants. The problem with America is that we believe that just because someone is famous for something, whether it be sports, acting, or music, then that person is automatically a role-model for our kids. Wake up, people! I like Mel’s movies whether he is acting or producing. That doesn’t mean I agree with his politics, religious beliefs, etc.

    • pfk

      He was doing a hell of a job slandering Oksana after the judge overseeing their custody case ordered those phone recordings of his threats of violence be sealed (and those recordings were taped after he supposedly did actual violence to Oksana with their baby in her arms in front of witnesses). Only when Mel was confident enough in his immunity to start publicly smearing the mother of his child is when copies of those tapes started leaking out from somewhere in Russia, lol.

      Oh, and Apocalypto is one of my favorite movies of all time. I don’t hate Mel Gibson. I actually feel sorry for him. His interior life must be miserable. He’s obviously mentally ill and horrible things must have happened to him to help make him that way. But he should not be able to get away with crossing the line treating people the way he does. That means not going ballistic in front of a kid who doesn’t know him with threats against the kid’s father, or at least threatening behavior. And of course Mel being Mel, he mentions the questionable legality of being covertly taped in his own home without questioning the legality of threatening someone’s own person.

  22. kirby

    Horse, meet death.

  23. Mama Pinkus

    Mel is an ugly rightwing piece of racist, homophobic, misogynisitc TRASH

  24. Jon and Kate Plus Hate

    who is Jay Leno?

  25. kimmykimkim

    I absolutely hate Jay Leno. His voice makes me want to heave myself out of my own body. How much dick did he have to suck to get where he is today? I mean, at least that would make him good at something. I’m a Letterman, girl, personally.

  26. guest

    What is he implying about how it is illegal to tape other people, but not him? If it is really illegal, he should press charges instead of playing a crybaby on Leno, if it’s not illegal than he needs to quit misrepresenting the truth. The law is the law and they aren’t going to allow illegal shit to go on just to make him look bad. He is clearly paranoid and delusional.

    It’s very annoying to see someone constantly play the victim and refuse to take any responsibility for their own actions. He is like an angrier, crazier version of Paris Hilton. He wanted to become hugely rich and famous, and he did……..mission accomplished!. He needs to take all of the trappings that come with it and shut his mouth. What a baby

    • He has no defense for being a raving bigoted unbalanced hate-filled abusive loon, and since it’s obviously him on the tape, his only defense is an offensive one: namely, that he was cruelly and illegally victimized by the evil non-creative, unproductive, mooching Eszterhaus. Who is probably being paid by the Jews to do this. Because really, now – what sort of crass and uncivilized houseguest violates the sanctity and privacy of the home of people who are totes justified on going off on bigoted unbalanced hate-filled abusive loony rants when they don’t get the script treatment they want? Honestly, people, what is the world coming to when a put-upon man who’s losing his looks can’t rip out a good anal rape death threat against his ex-girlfriend without it unknowingly being captured for posterity?

      Thing is, it is Mel’s home and therefore he has an expectation of privacy, and since CA is a two-party consent state, it is illegal to record a conversation unless notice or consent is given – whether he’ll sue Eszterhaus or just pray for him remains to be seen. And of course “praying for him” could translate to “Smite this motherfucker dead for what You let him do to me”. Because as take-the-high-road Mel probably sees it, the person who’s really to blame here is God, for letting this happen. Man, if The Lord was already being taken to task for letting Mel’s looks go to shit and his career circle the crapper, He’s surely gonna have some ‘splaining to do over this one. I would not want to be in the Almighty’s sandals right now.

      Most of the time behaving like a raving bigoted unbalanced hate-filled abusive fuckwad is its own punishment – in this instance, we all got to appreciate it.

      • pfk

        I believe it is legal to covertly tape someone in CA without permission from a court if there is the threat of violence, and as Fish pointed out, Ezterhas’ 15 year-old son is the one who did the taping (with a cell phone, all of which have recording devices built in and are ubiquitous.)

        I’ll never forget the first interview I read with Gibson after that whole Oksana phone taping business, and in it he said he could not believe she had the audacity to record him when he had every right to expect his privacy. This was after months of his lawyers claiming she had edited and/or forged the tapes. To Mel, the secret taping of his several terrifying (yet very funny) rants was the only violation that had occurred that day. Need I remind anyone that the release of those tapes happened only after Mel claimed Oksana was lying about his violence and her fear of him? If it wasn’t for those recordings Mel would have just gone his merry, mentally ill way while Oksana would have been vilified as a typical lying she-beast who didn’t deserve to have custody of her daughter. Well, even with the tapes that’s what happened to Oksana, but she was only vilified by half the world instead of all of it. And Mental Mel was not able to just skip away. That’s something.

  27. guest

    “Is that against the law? NO! As long as he doesn’t actively slander a particular individual, discriminate when hiring, or harm anyone physically, he’s within his rights to hate anyone he wants.”

    Nobody said he did anything illegal. He is in his rights to say whatever he hell he wants, just like we are all within our rights to say that he is a washed up, racist, jackass who needs to shut the hell up. Freedom of speech works both ways homie.

    I don’t recall anyone asking him to be a role model, people just want him to quit being a stark raving lunatic, or else we won’t go see his movies. Too late, he already lost me as a customer. Long, long time ago

  28. rj

    When I’m a hundred I want to be just like Mel! I mean it. I can’t wait to get old and just tell people to F**k Off!

  29. Jenny

    A bit of a temper? The guy’s on crack! He’s seriously deranged. This is not a bit of temper, this is a hate filled tirade and he’s horrible for laughing this off, because I guarantee you, no one else is laughing. The best thing you can say about a person like Mel is that he is an old, hate-filled, deranged moron.

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