Mel Gibson Addressed His Latest Rant on
‘The Tonight Show’

Posted by Photo Boy

Hollywood’s favorite violent rage-filled maniac, Mel Gibson, went on his old buddy Jay Leno’s show to defend himself against the exposure of his latest rant. In case you don’t know what I’m referring to, it’s this amazing piece of audio that literally sounds like a 911 call taking place just before a murder/suicide. The great thing about the interview is how Jay and Mel casually gloss over the fact that the whole recording was actually taken by Ezterhas’ 15 year old son who was justifiably scared shitless. Instead they laugh about Mel’s “little bit of an anger issue” and lightly touch on one’s inalienable right to not be recorded in your own home while you’re making your guests feel like they’re about to be anally knifed to death. Mel went on to say “Wow, I can’t believe the hebes that run this network are are allowing you to toss me these softballs. Must be busy plotting a war or Christian genocide, right old pal?” To which Jay replied, “Sure Mel, whatever you say, just please don’t kill me.”