Mel Gibson Accepts Plea Deal, Ducks Jail Time For Beating Oksana

March 9th, 2011 // 61 Comments
Mel Gibson

Because California has a strict Keep Rich Women-Beaters Out of Jail policy (See here and here.), Mel Gibson struck a plea deal with prosecutors today where he’ll plead guilty to simple battery, but won’t face jail time and only has to attend counseling. His lawyer issued the following bullshit statement to TMZ that essentially asserts Mel could’ve easily won the case but felt it was more important to protect his loved ones from all that winning:

“I know from almost 20 years as a criminal defense lawyer that sometimes justice can come for a client at too high a personal price. That is particularly so for Mel, whose right to due process can only be exercised in this case with an enormous media circus attached.”
Berk goes on, “Mel’s priority throughout all of this has been that the best interests of his young daughter Lucia and the rest of his children be put first in any decisions made. It is with only that in mind that he asked me to approach the District Attorney with a proposal that would bring all of this to an immediate end.”

Translation: Our client’s a jackass who openly admitted to assault in court documents, and the prosecution had a 13-year-old eyewitness that watched his mother get punched for not performing oral sex. Fortunately we live in the great state of California where celebrities can simply request a plea deal and face only the slightest of consequences for their actions. We’re talking a step above a minor inconvenience at most. God bless America.

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  1. devilsrain

    Mad Max baby!

  2. wonder what counseling means–a domestic violence program?

  3. Cock Dr

    Wouldn’t be surprised if they now get back together. Much insanity on both sides of the fence.

  4. Virgodoll

    shud come as a lesson to gold diggers everywhere

  5. Tough one to call on this one…
    Idiotic, antisemitic, alcoholic on one side…
    Money grubbing, gold digging, manipulative whore on the other…
    I am gonna have to give this one to Mel… Begrudgingly… I think she played him.

  6. And just when I think the Fish is out of pictures for this topic, along comes the crazed smacky high five…with tongue!

  7. RoboZombie

    Yeat another wife-beating douche! He and Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown need to be thrown into a pit of rattle snakes

  8. Mike

    Until Proposition R, allowing the public stoning of any celebrity we are tired of at the moment passes, and we all hope it will.

  9. nomdeplume

    That’s how I picture him looking as he winds up for a booty slap.

  10. well at least he didn’t have a house full of hookers and blow.

  11. Johnny Cage

    Oksana deserves a man like Chris Brown, not Mel Gibson.

  12. In Mel’s defense, he never did get that blow job.

  13. gooch goo

    The “strict Keep Rich Women-Beaters Out of Jail policy” discriminates against rich women!

  14. Tony Y

    Frankly, I think I would probably beat the crap out of this woman if I had to spend more than 20 minutes with her. She is an awful person. Mel Gibson is a saint for putting up with her as long as he did.

    • Yeah, because God knows Mel had no say in the matter. He was pried away from his wife and kids in the middle of the night and forced to date her and break up their home, and then had to impregnate her at gunpoint. It was only his strong religious sense of duty that kept him with her after that. Since Mel’s actually led a really sheltered life, he wouldn’t be able to discern whether she was an opportunistic gold digger before he was forced to do all that, so of course he should be given a pass if he wanted to beat the crap out of her for turning out to be an awful person, right?

      Now ask me how I know you still ask your mom to call in sick for you when you want a day off from work.

      • Because you still ask yours?

      • No one expects either the Spanish Inquisition or playground comebacks, nice to see you delivered on the second, “Cardinal”. What, was PeeWee Herman already taken?

      • Tony Y

        My mother passed away a few months ago.

      • My condolences. And even at six feet under I bet she’s still making excuses for you.

      • akewlazzmom

        Pretty obvious you know absolutely *nothing* about this. First, Mel and his wife had been separated since 2006. This ho was set up with MG by a Russian pimp named Peter Listerman.
        And he did not *beat* her, look at what she supplied for *evidence*-two pictures that her dentist took BEFORE her veneers were placed. They’re called pre-work photos, and he would have taken more AFTER he seated the veneers. She had no scratches, black eye, lip contusions or lacerations. There’s absolutely NO WAY to be “punched” in the mouth hard enough to knock those veneers off *without* have tissue damage to the lips and gums.
        She has lied about everything, her story changed every time she told it!
        And don’t you think, if her son (by yet ANOTHER rich actor) had told LASD the *exact* same story as she told-wouldnt he have been arrested already. I mean c’mon….”pulls a gun, “punched” her twice in the face, choking her with his arm”??? Puh lease!
        Don’t be foolish, think about all she’s said. None of it makes sense. No one becomes an abuser over night, if he was an abuser-*something* would have leaked out during his marriage of 28 yrs!! Think!!

    • Aussie Mama

      Tony Y. It would be hard yakka being sucked into a pregnancy you did not want in the first place. who would have thought a 40+ year old woman would want to fall pregnant again. then be sucked into monsterous payments from your money, you have earned. She’s a piece of shit!

  15. NotSurprising

    The difference in the level of vitriol against the woman beater Mel Gibson post vs the woman beater Chris Brown post is astounding. And by astounding I mean ridiculous…whole lot of attaboy attitude here for Mel

    • Aussie Mama

      what about rihanna, who lashed out and started punching chris first, then grabbed his car keys, tossing them out into bushes in the middle of the night, screaming, accusatory jealous rants?
      would you not lose it?
      don’t call it beating a woman, when the woman in question thinks it’s quite ok for her to throw punches, scratch n swing.
      fuck em.
      you hit, expect the same back. i would never lash out at anyone physically, never. which probably explains why i myself have never been hit either.
      it takes two to tango.
      rihanna and oksana go through men like underwear. i wonder why the fuck that is?

      • Since 1) Chris Brown didn’t have a scratch in him, 2) she looked like she connected face-first with a tree and 3) you weren’t in the back seat, you can’t claim that little scenario you just came up with is fact. I’m sure his publicist is grateful, tho.

        People get jealous and even accuse or argue with their BF/GF about screwing around on them all the time, without their having to be driven to the ER at the end of the argument. “She made me lose it” and “she started it” is every abuser’s lameass excuse for not having control of themselves, and no, most guys who aren’t Chris Brown wouldn’t “lose it” in that way. It’s bullshit, and BTW, it IS beating a woman when you’re doing anything more than holding her off. It’s never OK for anyone to hit anyone else, but if a woman looses control and swings at you, punching her (unless she’s wielding a tire iron) will always make you look like a far more out of control jagoff because physically she just can’t hurt you as much as you can hurt her. Looking at that non-cut on his lip, you can see just how desperate he was to come up with some sort of injury to justify the damage he did to her face.

      • Aussie Mama

        just like halle berry….always the innocent victim. the one thjat screams loudest isn’t alwys the innocent one, that’s all i’m saying. there are plenty of chic’s out there that are mongrels of women themselves.

  16. IntelligentAsFellasGet

    I read this post just to see the tone of the comments. When it’s Charlie everyone jokes about it. Again Charlie Sheen was older and married when he abused, also shot his wife. Mel Gibson again older, left his wife and beat this woman with a baby in his hand, not to mention his racist rants. Yet post a story about what Chris Brown did at 19 years of age to a girlfriend and it’s so much anger. What’s the difference? Fish, Keep it up man. I especially like how you said that Chris Brown left Rihanna for dead too.

    • someguy

      because fuck chris, that’s why.

    • LEB

      Charlie Sheen got shit when he went batshit crazy on Denise Richards. People still hate him for that, and respect her for leaving. People have less respect for his subsequent partners, because they KNEW he was an abuser yet got involved with him anyway. On the first offense, people get angry. By the second and third and fourth offense, people get used to them behaving like a dick and start questioning the sanity of the women.

  17. Aussie Mama

    As I said, again and again.
    Nothing will happen, he will not lose custody, he will get more custodial rights, which he has done. He will not be charged with shit.
    Life for Mel goes on.
    He has learned the hardway to keep his peen outta eastern european whores and she….
    I am sure is trolling through the celeb pages to see who her next victim will be.
    Charlie, say NO when she approaches you!

  18. Another Mel Gibson story…I’m getting too old for this s**t.

  19. the captain

    no doubt: THE FORCE IS WITH HIM, folks!!

  20. Silvio Burlisconni

    Why do you keep HATING on poor Mel Gibson? Shouldn’t you also mention Chris Brown, it’s like he gets a free pass on this site! MUST be a black thing.

  21. erdp

    His lawyer is totally right.

    Mel Gibson should sue her but what for? His own money back?

    Better to just learn from it and not deal with gold digging old hags from third world countries.

  22. 36-COLE SEELY

    Mel Gibson, after hearing your fucking disturbing and violent voice recording, that leads you more severe jail time, such a bad history, I believe the people had let go from you now old man.

  23. Mel Gibson using the nazi salute after what he calls his own Nuremburg trial.

  24. john thames

    Most of the idiots posting on this thread have no idea how the legal system “works”. A great many legal decisions are made for tactical reasons rather than reasons of truth. Recall the Marv Albert case as an example. Marv was forced to plead guilty to a sexual assault charge for raking his fingernails over a long time lovers back. The woman denied that she requested Albert to do so. Albert had in his possession Emails that proved that his accuser had, in fact, requested him to do precisely that on multiple occassions. Albert, however, could not get the Emails admitted because of the rule that a woman’s sexual history was inadmissable. Hence, he could not destroy her credibilty and had to plead guilty to a lesser charge to escape the possibility of conviction on a greater charge. In short, he was railtoaded.

    I strongly suspect the same thing here. Mel’s attorney’s explanation is entirely believable. Those who think otherwise have a lot to learn.

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