Mekhi Phifer defends Chris Brown

March 2nd, 2009 // 52 Comments

Mekhi Phifer obviously got the same memo as Kanye West. When asked to comment on his This Christmas co-star Chris Brown, Mekhi went with the same line used by Kanye: “People make mistakes.” E! News reports:

“People make mistakes–and while I don’t condone what happened that night, you know, what Chris did to her–I remember being young, 19, and at that age it seemed like everything was so over-the-top, and everyone’s so passionate about things at the age,” Phifer told us at this weekend’s World Poker Tournament Invitational at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.
Phifer says the Grammys eve incident will likely impact the singers’ careers, but no one can predict how much and in what ways. “I think this whole thing will affect him, and I think it will affect her,” he said. “With both of them, their fan base is mainly women and kids, so I don’t know what kind of example that leads, but like I said, I wish them all the best.”

Hey, we’re all entitled to our opinions, but what I want to know is who’s going to step up and defend Chris Brown wearing a winter hat on a jet ski? Anyone? That’s what I thought.


  1. rainbone

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  2. Tom K

    LMAO this site needs to stop! Who cares who defends that fag!

  3. Valerie

    He makes a good point about the winter hat on a jetski–a DON’T.

  4. Rick

    Too bad, the rules changed. She took him back. No more singling him out for criticism. Now they’re just a couple of self-destructive chimps who deserve each other.

  5. Sauron

    He’s laughing.He doesn’t know the real world yet. . .

  6. they is a


  7. liz

    there should be zero tolerance for this. I do not care what the circumstances are = unless there was a giant spider on her face- there is no reason for her face to look like that.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Talk about hypocrites.

    These are the same people that will march on city hall in Philly if the cops use unnecessary force, but dont do/say shit when 7 cops get killed in our city by blacks, don’t testify against anyone, don’t tell the cops shit, etc.

    You know how each breed of dog is known for something? Intelligence, aggression, stamina, likability, smell, hearing, etc…


  9. Nero

    I know a way to get that grin off his face.Probably 2500 whiplashes will do.

  10. Vince Lombardi

    Chris Brown, Kanye West, Mekhi Phifer – news flash – a mistake is when you do something unintentional and bad things happen. If you put too much toilet paper down the bowl, the plumbing clogs and water backs up. THAT’S a mistake.

    Putting your hands on someone for any reason is a CHOICE to resort to violence because you have not learned to cope with your anger issues. Whether that coping mechanism is faulty, or wasn’t taught, or just isn’t in your wiring, it’s STILL A CHOICE to hit someone repeatedly and cause them to look like Rhianna did.

  11. Still White on the Outside

    I’d bet 1000 bucks, mekhi, kanye, chris, rhianna, voted for barack.

    I cannot believe you dumb shits gave the monkeys the keys to the castle. You hate bush? sure. But this is your solution?

    The hiphop/handout culture is one of our greatest enemies. Fight it with words, deeds, laws, bullets and whatever else you have. Just fight. This is a disease that our children are catching. Do you want your children exposed to this kind of madness? A guy can beat the living shit out of his girlfriend and be jetski’ing all over the place?! The talented (arguably) rich, beatiful (arguably) woman, takes him back?! Is that what you want for YOUR daughter? Look at those pics! look at his mother fucking woman beating smirking little fucking face! If anyone in her family actually loved her, he would take a 000 buckshot to that perp mug.

    There is NO excuse for hitting a woman. None. But there I go, with those religious whacko conservative values again.

  12. Fati

    its’ really funny how ALL the people who have defended him so far were black… just putting it out there…

  13. fghsdg

    Black people are dumb as fuck

  14. Democrat

    I’ve never hoped Republicans would fail. You know why? Because they’re Americans.

  15. Valerie

    “Putting your hands on someone for any reason is a CHOICE to resort to violence because you have not learned to cope with your anger issues.”

    True, dat.

    And I’m pretty sure domestic violence transcends racial categories, you fucking morons. Also, Sheep People who can’t form original opinions need role models–if you have half a brain you can damn well use critical thinking and decide what is Right and Good for YOU. Otherwise, baaaaaaaah!

  16. TiZ69

    Puff Puff Pass, Big Daddy

  17. Black Dragon

    This aint something for a white man to concern his ass with. A brother make a mistake he love the girl and she love him. What kind of math you crackers want? Aint no simpler than one and one makin two. The girl know that and you don’t.

  18. Deacon Jones


    Yeah. Tell that to the 7 cops that have gotten blown away in Philly in 18 months

  19. Tom K

    You know I’m not a fan of Black Americans but I wouldn’t go so far as to say all blacks are dumb. The celebrities that are defending him are complete retards in general and not all of them were black there were a few dumb white ones giving that, “people mistakes” bullshit! The superficial just seems to like to report on what chimps think like we give a shit! lol

    In all most celebrities live in a dream world and most of them are cowards giving neutral responses…..

    One of the most outspoken people has been Gayle King, Oprah’s BFF. She is not empathetic towards Brown despite him claiming to be extremely remorseful.

    She says, “I can’t think of anything that makes me support anything that Chris Brown is saying at this time. And my heart just aches for Rihanna.”

    She is black, so not all of them are dumb, there are some smart ones.

  20. mike

    “There is NO excuse for hitting a woman. None. But there I go, with those religious whacko conservative values again.”

    The highest rates of male-on-female domestic violence are among WHITE people in the Bible Belt. Too bad crime statistics are public domain, huh?

  21. Tom K

    I actually give Black Americans some credit and then #18. comes along and once again makes all Black Americans look like idiots! LMAO

    They need to give all blacks, Latinos and wiggers a simple exam the smart ones that pass can stay the other ones and all the wiggers send them on a rocket to the Sun!!

    America would be a better place! lol

  22. Valerie

    @19 It’s a shame to be shot on the job. However, you make a CHOICE to be a COP, you put your life in danger. They could have been interior decorators.

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  24. Dee

    My sympathy for her went right out the window. Next time it happens, it’s just as much her fault for staying with him.

  25. Deacon Jones

    You’re right Valerie, it’s their fault they were cops, and not the black communities they get shot in repeatedly.

  26. Daniel

    Correction, celebrities make “mistakes” PEOPLE commit crimes and actually face consequences

  27. Deacon Jones

    This report was just posted on, i rest my case;

    “The report also noted huge discrepancies among the states in regard to the total corrections population — one of every 13 adults in Georgia and one of every 18 in Idaho at one end of the scale, one of every 88 in New Hampshire at the other extreme. The racial gap also was stark — one of every 11 black adults is under correctional supervision, one of every 27 Hispanic adults, one of every 45 white adults.”

  28. Josh

    Meh, i really dont care about this shit any more.

    And i dont care what he did to her either, dosent make me think any less of him. She was obviously fucking him off majorly, and he shut her up.

  29. Splooge

    Why is no one asking the really obvious questions?
    Who the f*** is Mekhi Phifer? I like to think I’m kind of up on things, I read the fish daily, and I’ve never heard of this ass clown.
    And now that I have I wish that I hadn’t.
    Women are for splooging on, not for hitting!! Are you with me on that feminists?

  30. Eric

    If my girlfriend gave me the herp I’d probably hit her too.

  31. lawrence

    Why did he post his personal ad on a celebrities and wealthy website named “”.. Is he still a single?

  32. me

    If we stopped feeding the monkeys they’d starve to death.

  33. me too

    #34 And if your mom had aborted you the world would be a happier place.

  34. Duwayne Jossephson

    Its not about Rihanna alone and F-u with the chimp reference. Chris Brown needs his ass kicked. And Sean Combs and the lawyer Shit-Trick need to be drafted and sent to Afghanistan. Sick of all these gangtas who become non-violent when talk of going to the war comes up. Kanye, Puffy, Chris all need to be in the front lines.

    As for Rihanna its not about her alone. A lot of young women are now going to get their asses wiped specifically because their punk Chris Brown wannabes have been given the green light. Abuse does not start or stop with Chris but as a role model these actions need to be dealt with severely to send the right message.

    Now here’s hoping someone on the street manages to have their fist collide with his face and all his supporters like Puff Daddy and Shit-Trick

  35. L Ron Hubbard

    Violence does occur in all groups but it is more prevalent among kneegrows because they always find a way to justify their barbaric acts and defend each other no matter what

  36. justifiable

    Every man, whether he’s black or not, who’s justifing and acting as an apologist for Chris Brown’s actions is a shit human being. Pfeiffer, I’m talking to you, and that goes double for Kanye “Whiny” West. If you’re doing it because a brutha is taking heat, find anutha brutha to support. There is no justification – youth or whatever sadass fucking excuse they’re trotting out doesn’t explain not being able to control yourself and keep your fists and teeth off your girlfriend’s face and body. That PATHETIC “youth” excuse isn’t valid past the age of 15 – by then you’d better fucking well be able to keep your hands to yourself and resolve your little anger issues or the state will help you learn how.
    I’ve seen immature men do this before, they circle the wagons around a guy who’s the scum of the earth because they think everyone with a dick is being attacked when said scumbag’s behavior with women is called into question. Guys, it does you no favors to stay members of the Boys Club like this – leave that shit behind in high school where it belongs. You haven’t noticed women en masse putting up a “hands off” sign on Nadya Suleman for being a fucking idiot, have you?

  37. Apes in the White House

    Most white people are apalled by this situation, but to the black, it’s just another day. Blacks come from a violent culture, the childrens and womens are beaten daily by the patriarch before he inevitabley abandons his family. To either have more bastard children or to do a “stretch” in the Penn. The mothers inevitably turn to drugs, and then their pimps continue the beating of the womens and childrens. So to the black, this behavior is acceptable and expected. They also have to defend each others actions publicly or they may risk losing some street cred and risk being tagged an Uncle Tom.

  38. Sauron


  39. nxus12

    Most dumb as bricks, trailer thrash tend to play the race card so often it makes you wonder why they don’t wear their hoods out in public? Only when posting anonymously on message boards. I wonder why? Keep talking smack on message boards people, your making a huge contribution to your precious white power community. Nice job your poster boy Bush did with our country.

  40. figures

    Most white people are appalled by you. Both by your stupidity and your illiteracy. I figure you’re here because not even Rush Limbaugh will take your call. He hates Obama, he wants him to fail – which of course means the country will be even worse off if he gets his wish! (What a great American, you are, Rushie! Why hasn’t Ann Coulter called you a traitor for wishing American down the shitter?) But not even he’s stupid enough to want you (publicly) on his team. Tough shit, you live in a country where, to you, an ape is President. If this is such an offense against your white nature why the fuck don’t you leave? Why not go lord it over the brown man in Mexico and tell him how superior you are? Oh wait, you won’t be able to get a job there since you barely speak and write English, let alone Spanish. Guess God is falling down on what he allows these days for the white man. Guess that leaves Canada. They’re very poilte, it’s mostly white up there, but as soon as you open your mouth and like most racists spew the shit that you automatically assume everyone agrees with, they will turn their backs on you. I doubt you’ve ever been out of the USA so I can’t see you selling the trailer to move to Europe because it’s a lot closer to Africa. Guess that just leaves suicide. Since you’ve probably failed at most things in your life, you’ll probably fuck that up a few times, but plz keep trying for all our sakes.

  41. figures

    ^ ^ ^
    The above is meant for #39. Great post, #41!!!!

  42. Sauron

    #40 Troll?

  43. John

    “Yo, Chris! We’re rich celebrities! Every liberal in Amerika is on our side! Besides, it was Bush’s fault you bitch slapped your woman!”

  44. jennifer Hammond

    Its funny how all the people coming to his defense have been black. I wonder if say Justin Timberlake (white) had beaten his girl, if black men would have his back. Of course not. They only help their fellow brotha. Blacks are the most racist people by far.

  45. Tom K

    #46. Please do not use Justin Timberlake as an example of a white person. He is the biggest wigger celeb, second only to Eminem. Justin Timberlake loves black cock and I’m sure they would defend him as well.

  46. nxus12

    #46 Who is defending him? I think everyone knows its wrong to strike a woman. It is the ignorant racial slurs that are both unnecessary and inflammatory. The comments section on this site read like a KKK rally news letter. I find it very funny how many people act tough behind the safety of anonymity.

    #45 The bush comment was in response to his user name “Apes in the White House” When the vanilla gorilla was in charge he sure did a bang up job.

    P.S. I’m white, However I hate degenerate, no class, ignorant people of all colors, genders etc.

  47. So are you #14…so are you.

  48. PIPER73

    I don’t think him beating her is right and I don’t think her taking him back is right…BUT, he has a point, I definately remember being 19 and getting beat with a dog leash over even dumber shit than text messages…and then unfortunately taking him back. You gotta go through tough times to learn hard lessons…that’s life…Mekhi’s just keepin it real.

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