Megyn Kelly Was Just Kidding About White Santa

December 16th, 2013 // 108 Comments
Megyn Kelly
WATCH: Megyn Kelly On White Santa 'LOL J/K!'

Before I even get to the conclusion of the Megyn Kelly said “Jesus and Santa have to be white” saga, below is the Eiza Gonzalez panty flash for those of you want to keep your worldview unchallenged and safe in its comfy bed of bullshit. Because, whatever you celebrate this time of year, showing goodwill toward other men is something that transcends religion and customs. Not unlike seeing celebrity’s underwear if you want to get all meta about it. Anyway, here’s your handy little escape chute while the grown-ups talk:

Are the kids gone? Alright, let’s get into it.

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, here are the exact words Megyn Kelly said Wednesday night, two days after she went on The Tonight Show and told Jay Leno that she’s “a straight news anchor” and “not one of the opinion hosts.” Keep in mind that I’m directly quoting from FOX News’ own website:

“For all you kids watching at home, Santa just is white, but this person is just arguing that maybe we should also have a black Santa,” Kelly said on Wednesday. “But Santa is what he is, and just so you know, we’re just debating this because someone wrote about it.”

Except FOX News left out that she also said this:

Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change. Jesus was a white man, too. He was a historical figure. That’s a verifiable fact — as is Santa.

What followed was an epic backlash from people who for some reason took issue with a “straight news anchor” reporting that Santa is a verifiable historical figure who is mostly definitely white just like Jesus. Weird, right? Megyn Kelly thought so, too, because she was totally joking, you guys. C’mon!

“In kicking off the light-hearted segment, I offered a tongue-in-cheek message for any kids watching, saying that Santa — who I joked was a real person whose race was identifiable — is white,” Kelly said. “Humor is a part of what we try to bring to this show, but sometimes, that is lost on the humorless.”
She then lambasted her critics for failing to get the joke.
“This would be funny if it were not so telling about our society,” she continued. “In particular, the knee-jerk instinct by so many to race-bait and to assume the worst of people, especially people employed by the very powerful Fox News Channel.”

That’s right. Megyn Kelly not only tried to pretend she was joking, but she had the balls on top of it to basically say, “U mad bro?” the lazy, status quo shield of those having their shit thoroughly called out. Because, you see, the real issue isn’t that a “straight news anchor” went on television and spoonfed her gullible audience that “Santa just is white” because racism is Fox’s bread and butter, it’s that people actually got mad about it like little bitches. Seriously, who gives a shit if Santa has to be white? That’s just how it’s always been, so how little of a life do you have to even try to start a dialog about what that does to ethnic children during the holidays? This is why kids today are pussies, some might be inclined to say.

But jokes about the last dying gasps of white Christian America aside, here’s what else Megyn Kelly did: The second it became a threat to her ratings, she threw everyone under the bus who actually argued she was right. And there were a lot of them out there. Except according to Megyn, clearly she was joking about Santa and Jesus being historically white because, haha, that’s preposterous! “Who’s stupid enough to even think like that?” she basically said. Which you’d think would cause a revolt amongst her viewers, but that would require independent thought. Because, let’s be honest, it’s much less scary to picture the classic Coca-Cola can Santa bringing white awesome to black little kids, and a beautiful, blue-eyed, Kenny Loggins Jesus while you’re braining your fellow man over a $20 Ninja blender at a store that systematically produces a poverty-stricken class of workers that are too poor to shop anywhere else. He’s always wanted that for his birthday.

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  1. Sketchy Galore

    This is just beautifully said, and the racist shitstorm that’s about to take over these comments is just further proof of how badly it needs to be said.

    • theTruth

      You liberals love to keep bigotry alive, huh? She can’t mention race in a historical context without being crucified. You’ll get your slaves back one day, be patient. Once you’ve silenced everyone with an opinion and every free thinker feels like they cannot speak. Liberals… what a funny word.

      • Slappy Magoo

        She can mention race in a historical right, as long as she’s rihgt. Dipshit wasn’t.

      • Dox

        Because historical Santa Claus is real, right?
        Oh wait, my bad. Historical Jesus (A jew from the middle east) is white, right?

        She’s not a free thinker. She’s an idiot. When your every word is recorded and broadcast to people, it is wise not to put out false information. Furthermore, she’s the one that brought it up. Everyone else just responded to her inane comments.

        If she had said, “Well I believe Santa and Jesus are white.” I could have cared less. I don’t give two flying shits what she personally believes. But I take issue and exception to someone passing off utter bullshit as truth.

        So fuck you, and Fox news. I don’t hate conservatives. I fucking hate lying pieces of shit. And that’s exactly what you, and they are.

      • You do know no racist has voted democratic in nearly 60 years right…..
        They are all republicans now and make racist posts exactly like this very one I am replying to…
        So if your shoes fit….

        Thanks for playing the game of history.

      • Convex

        How quickly the liberal bullies jumped you, and how conveniently they ignore their own intolerance. You are correct in your comments about the topic and about the liberals.

        Once the idiot liberals have destroyed the freedoms this country once had, I will enjoy watching them struggle to express themselves as the shackles they so gleefully try to put on everyone who disagrees with them silence them as well.

        The truth they’re all trying to avoid is that Santa Claus, in virtually all of his incarnations, is an invention of white culture. If the blacks want their own Christmas figure, let them invent something like Kwanzaa Crook, who will be the central figure of the entitlement-mentality-related holiday stories; not unlike the Grinch, but instead of giving back what rightfully belongs to others, Kwanzaa Crook will defend his haul with his illegal guns surrounded by his many offspring from several women, all of whom could have jobs but feel that they deserve to have their worthless lives funded because of a slavery that hasn’t existed for 140-some years.

        Yeah, I went there. No doubt Fish will ban me for daring to express an opinion that is not PC, and no doubt you liberal sheep will express your outrage via bullying and insults that will mean absolutely nothing to me because I simply don’t care what you all think.

      • Dox

        Your entire third paragraph is highly racist.
        You have a problem.

      • No. He doesn’t have a problem. He’s just a dumbfuck. You are the one that has a problem with his being a dumbfuck, which makes you a dumbfuck as well.

      • Dox

        In that case, no need to waste more time talking to you, since you seem to have already decided who and what I am.

      • Seriously check yourself in at the nearest mental institute.
        To bad in your case I am sure you will just go to a klan meeting for validation and like minded people.

      • Oprah Sucks

        Your bunker finished yet, asshole? Do us all a favor and, when it is, do a little re-enactment of Hitler’s last day. By the way, I’m not a liberal. I just hate stupid hick trash.

      • Fish doesn’t ban people for being stupid. He loves the rest of us too much to deny us the pleasure of eviscerating you in the responses.

      • I am down in The South right now and when you actually get to meet the IQ of 85 clowns that use the terms liberals and libtards on a mass scale, you can only sit back and laugh at you all like you are some idiotic Duck Dynasty merchandise buying freak show.

        You are so fucking gullible, stupid and uneducated, it is almost unbelievable that you all actually exist. Cannon fodder.

      • Dox

        Lived in the south for a while. Stationed in Beaufort, Mississippi, and the Pan Handle.

        Interesting people.

      • 85? That sound pretty high for the bible-belt south.

      • BobFaget

        Every single thing you just said of liberals is true of conservatives, NOT liberals, something which anyone with even the tiniest modicum of intelligence or global awareness knows. It’s beyond me how you managed to type those words out; I was unaware that apes had learned to type.

    • The only thing dumber than saying Santa is white is giving a shit that someone said Santa is white.

      • I like how you think McBeef. Why get mad over this? Sure it was naive of her to say this but why are so many nostrils flaring? Seems much ado ’bout nothing to me.

      • Dox

        Less to do with a single statement as a history of such things from Fox and its “News” Anchors, which eventually leads up to a large group of people getting sick of listening to people lie constantly.

        So yeah, they get called on it.
        And you can be damn sure that if it was said by an MSNBC anchor it would be front page news for months on Fox.

      • You could pick actual lies as your focus of discontent with fox news. Cuz it sure seems like you guys are arguing the facts of fictional characters. There isn’t a goddamn fact within 10 miles of this shit, therefore there can’t be any lies either.

      • Dox

        “There isn’t a goddamn fact within 10 miles of this shit, therefore there can’t be any lies either.”

        Really so if I come out on National TV and say that Cupid was white, just like Gandhi, then that’s not a lie.

        We have very different perspectives on truth, then.

      • Umm, Gandhi was a real person. Jesus may have been, but even so, there is more tall tales going on there than Paul fuckin’ Bunyan’s green ox.

      • Dox

        That Jesus existed, is accepted fact among almost every historical scholar. His divinity is however, an altogether different discussion.

        So what’s the problem here? I used a fictional character, followed by an accepted actual person making an assumption about their race that is not correct.

      • The fairy tales have stacked up so high that he might as well be a fictional person. Lily white is more believable than buoyant feet.

      • It’s more of the same idea that being offended means shit.

        The best part about this white/black santa and this “war on christmas” is that it’s entirely based on my being offended is worth more than your being offended.

        I’m getting everybody a big gift basket full of “meh” for their respective religious and/or nonsecular winter consumer capitalism boosting celebratory season.

      • Dox

        Let me rephrase.
        I am not offended by the content of her statement. I don’t really care, its a non issue. If I am offended by anything, It is that a person who claims to be a “hard news anchor” made a statement that is verifiably a lie.

        That is something we should all be offended at. Anyone that reports “hard news” that lies, should be called out. Yes, I do mean all of them.

        Fox just does it more often than anyone else.

      • I’d like to know more about McBeef’s big gift basket full of “meh.” Does it include white chocolate? A lot of people think white chocolate is “meh,” but I don’t.

      • I tried to avoid any racially divisive candies.

      • Charmed.

        This is re: USDA Prime McBeef.

        The reason why this matters is precisely because it is an innocuous issue. She can’t even be accurate over something as ridiculous as Santa Claus & “Historical Jesus”. She can’t even apologize over something so mundane; she has to turn it around like it’s everyone elses fault she’s nothing but an ignorant cum dumpster.

        If she can’t behave with integrity over an issue as trivial as this, then WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT SAY ABOUT HER COVERING REAL NEWS?!

      • If you ignore the issue then how do you feed your narcissism.

      • Mike Walker

        Santa is white, Superman is white, Fat Albert is black, Shaft is black… that’s who they were created and that’s how people accept these characters. There’s no law against changing their ethnicity but people have the right to side-eye spineless racial pandering and unimaginative cultural hijacking without being called a bigot.

      • For me, the issue was the pettiness of the whole, “UM HOLD ON JUST ONE HOT DAMN MINUTE, BLACK PEOPLE. We’ll let you use OUR Santa, but don’t forget for even ONE SECOND that he is OURS, and you must depict him in OUR way, letting it forever color your perception. ALSO: JESUS.”

  2. Judge Chamberlain Haller

    Megyn puts the “dumb” in “dumb blonde”.

  3. Dox

    Ok… I just got off the phone with God. Heres what he told me.

    1) Santa isn’t white. Or black. Or red. Or yellow. Or striped. Santa Clause is actually transparent. Otherwise how would he ever get in and out of peoples homes. Further more, Santa isn’t actually human. He’s an elf. And we all know Elf’s have creamy white skin with speckled brown, yellow, and red spots. Its natural camouflage for when they hunt in the wild.

    2) He told me to tell you, if you are seriously arguing the race or color of Jesus’s skin…. you’re missing the entire point. He wanted me to reiterate that the whole series of teachings in the new testament was the point. So, if you could stop acting like idiots and instead act like Jesus instructed, he would really appreciate it.

    3) Finally… He also wanted to relate to all of you, that he is extremely sorry about Bieber, Miley, and promises to make it up by eventually giving us Giant Robots so we can punch monsters.

    Oh… and he said Merry Christmas…. now stop killing each other over cheaply made items.

    You’re welcome. If you need me to call him again, just lemme know. The hotline is open.

  4. me

    May we all reincarnate as the kind of people we cannot figure out or accept.

  5. Joe Blow

    It’s FESTIVUS, bitches. Recognize.

  6. It was only a matter of time before she backtracked. It’s ok to put false information out there as long as it doesn’t affect ratings.

    @Dox: God doesn’t need to apologize for Miley. She’s a blessing. He definitely needs to apologize for and smite Beiber though.

  7. Kelly Megan

    It must be fucking exhausting to be a righteous white liberal.

    Deep breaths, guys, deep breaths

  8. Mohawk Disco

    Can’t wait for the “Rudolph is actually a dog” debate. Because you know he is. He just mimics the look of a reindeer to steal jobs from hard working caribou. Who are hiding at the North Pole from merciless hunters who chased them away from their native land. Rudolph is basically a dick what I’m saying… and a dog!

    • Dox

      Caribou and Reindeer are two different animals. Just sayin….

      • Both heads with their antlers mounted on my wall look impressive and strokes my ego so it doesn’t matter either way.

      • Dox

        Hunt a tiger. Solo. With only a knife.

        That should stroke your ego. It did for me.

      • That would give an unfair advantage to the tiger and I don’t believe in that. I prefer the advantage I’d have from shooting at the tiger from inside a tank.

      • Mohawk Disco

        Dox, they may look different but according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the National Museum of Natural History: “All caribou and reindeer throughout the world are considered to be the same species”. – and now, if you forgive me I have to go challenge Chuck Norris to a knife fight to upset my nerdiness.

      • Dox

        Ah, fuck me.
        You win. I didn’t check, just assumed. Bleh. Fine. Ill take my snappy comment and go.


  9. I always thought that when the fraudsters at fox got called on their crap, they would just double-down as that way their drooling, knuckle-dragging fawners would further solidify their belief they are a persecuted group?

  10. JC

    “Humor is what we try to bring to the show,” Megyn said, “but sometimes that is lost when the humor makes no fucking sense and isn’t at all funny.”

    “This would be funny if it were not so telling about our society,” she continued. “In particular, the tiresome need for non-idiots to point out that race is still an issue in this country, and that Fox News’ insistence that white is always right might be offensive in some way.”

    Fixed it for you, Megyn.

  11. alex

    Yeah, it was “tongue in cheek” you guys, see, because the piece we were trashing was also tongue in cheek, our response HAS TO BE “just kidding.”

    You can see right there in the clip they provided that there is nothing about this that was a “joke” to Megyn.

    What I DID get from the video is how lofty and far above this sort of story Ms. Kelly really is….you can see her dripping with disdain as she reads her lines. This was clearly a choice of apologize, give some BS story about “just joking” or you’re fired. She chose option 2.

  12. Piper

    I’m just wondering if at some point we’re going to debate the REAL racial crisis of Christmas. Is Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo white or brown? Technically, he is brown colored (with a bit of yellow), but he came from a white boy. Also, I have never heard anyone who wasn’t white or Ned Flanders say ‘hidy ho’.

  13. How does a store “systematically produce a poverty stricken class of workers”? Seems like libtarded ‘logic’ to me, to blame the company that employs people at a market rate wage for the skill set the job requires, when the problem actually lies with the workers who have not developed the skills required to obtain more lucrative employment. People get paid what their job skills command in the marketplace, and employers pay only as much as they have to in order to obtain workers with sufficient skills to do the jobs. But I’m sure Fish always walks around WalMart handing the employees crisp twenties since he’s such a champion of the working poor. Always easy to say that somebody else should spend their money fixing the problems you say you’re concerned about.

    • Dox

      Ok. I’ll bite.
      First of all Businesses don’t pay a “Market Rate Wage”. They pay the least amount permissible. If that amount ever raises to a point that they don’t want to pay, they move their operations to another region that is undeveloped, and has lax or no laws to protect their people from predatory practices.

      Lets revisit history, shall we.

      In 1923 businesses had it all. They could do whatever they wanted, however they wanted. Laws did not yet exist to protect a worker, and business took advantage of that. People worked extremely long hours, in sweatshops under dangerous conditions for pennies per day. (You would argue this is a Market Wage Rate. I would argue this is predatory behavior, and is a classic example of why you cant trust businesses to do anything that doesn’t involve maximizing their profits at ANY cost.)

      Anyways, 1923. Labor unions were attempting to get people a livable wage for their work. Ironically, it didn’t happen until 1938 when the Fair Labor Act was passed. It set a minimum wage of… 25 cents per hour, and a maximum work week of 44 hours. Yes, businesses had to be told not to work people to death. That’s how fair and concerned they were and still are about their employment pool.

      So yeah, you can pretend that businesses would pay a livable wage. Reality, and history dictate a far different picture.

      • VoiceOfReason

        Did you even read what he said before you responded? He didn’t claim they paid a living wage. He said they pay what the person’s skillset is worth in the market. I don’t understand how all you liberals think the world would even work if we started paying fry cooks the same as doctors. I also don’t understand how you think you’re making any kind of salient observation when you say things like “businesses can’t be trusted to do anything but maximize their profit.” No shit?! Businesses and business owners are in it for the money?! What a terrible world we live in when people open businesses and expect to receive money in return for the goods and services they supply! I know how we should fix this, we should let the government run all means of production and supply and pass it out to people as they “need” it. I bet that’s never been done before!

      • Dox

        ” I don’t understand how all you liberals think the world would even work if we started paying fry cooks the same as doctors.”

        I know you don’t. That would be why we are stuck in a debt based economy, rather than progressing to a resource based economy. Its your fascination, and unerring need to accumulate more wealth, and material goods that for the most part perpetuates a backwards, brutal and barbaric society.

        Honestly, I don’t fault you for it. You’ve been raised on a diet of capitalistic worship. You cant even imagine a world that doesn’t revolve around wealth accumulation. Neither can the vast majority of humanity. Hence the reason we are stuck making same mistakes over and over and over….

        ” I also don’t understand how you think you’re making any kind of salient observation when you say things like “businesses can’t be trusted to do anything but maximize their profit.” No shit?! Businesses and business owners are in it for the money?! What a terrible world we live in when people open businesses and expect to receive money in return for the goods and services they supply!”

        Salient observation? Its actually pretty easy. For example, if it maximizes profit to dump toxic waste into the local ecosystem, a business will do it. If a product has a failure rate of x percentage, which results in the deaths of the product users, and that percentage costs less to pay out than fix a product… they will let people die. If a business is not forced to conform to workplace safety, it will cut every dollar out of that budget.

        You see, its rather simple. Money is their only concern. Nothing else enters the equation unless it directly effects the amount of money they make. That is called greed. Greed is never beneficial.

        And before you go all crazy on your socialism, etc, etc. I’m not advocating socialism. Its still based on debt. I am advocating a resource based society. Which uses automation to fill lower tier jobs. So yes, it is a coherent conversation. Its just one you cant even begin to imagine, because you have this love affair with capitalism, and wealth accumulation.

        ” I know how we should fix this, we should let the government run all means of production and supply and pass it out to people as they “need” it. I bet that’s never been done before!”

        Yep got it. The central problem with every form of government is that people are self centered, greedy, and disinclined to help others or make ethical decisions unless forced to. There is a small percentage of individuals who do act ethically, but it is a very small percentage.

        With that being said, it paints a gloomy picture of humanity. A race that will in all likelihood wipe itself out, in pursuit of printed pieces of paper, and shiny metals.

        All because the fundamental basis of our society values that more than anything else.

        Hence the reason the quote
        “For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

      • VoiceOfReason

        I’m genuinely curious about your believe, despite your aggressive and dismissive attitude. I’ll look into them though I strongly distrust their ability to function in a real world. I do have a few points to make though.

        You claim that the majority of people are horrible, evil, greedy and unconcerned about anybody but themselves and their own wealth. First of all, I feel really bad for you having to live in such a dark world. I see evidence of human kindness and generosity every day.

        Also, you admit that it’s human nature. That this is How People Are. How do you think that’s every going to change then?

        Also..if all menial jobs are automated and the majority of people have PhDs…who fixes the machines that automate everything when they break down? Who cleans up the mess…the Doctorate of Janitorial Services?

    • Convex


    • DBN

      To say nothing of the fact that our economy is predicated on having a pool of unemployed people who have no opportunities aside minimum wage jobs… Not enough people with few opportunities? The price of your McDouble will start rising because McDonalds has to start paying unskilled workers a lot more to shovel that order of super-sized fries onto your tray. Want to get rid of migrant laborers? Your McDouble just went up again because McDonald’s suppliers now have to start paying their slaughterhouse workers and field workers more… and on and on and on. So, yes, the economic policies the Fed builds into our economy (growth, but not too much growth) ensures that there is a class of people who will scramble for minimum wage jobs with little future.

      And, yes, I’m liberal enough that Fish looks like a Dixiecrat by comparison.

      • “having a pool of unemployed people who have no opportunities aside minimum wage jobs”. Why not just use the proper term: “mexicans”.

      • Dox

        Realistically, we should be a resource based world. Not debt. All of these minimum wage jobs should be overtaken by automation. Everyone should be educated, and honestly we should be living in a world where PHD’s are the most common level of education.

        But the simple truth is, since the first small band of people hunted and gathered, there was always someone that felt the need to take a larger portion of the food, a better cut of the meat. Nothing’s really changed about that mentality.

        We could be in the stars. We could be colonizing other planets. But people enjoy chasing green colored pieces of paper, shiny metals, and trophy mates. This is the summation of what humans seem to want out of their life. While those that think on a greater scale, or are willing to expend huge amounts of energy and effort are considered fools.

        Until they succeed.
        Then they are visionaries.

        Either way, its a bassackwards world we live in.

      • VoiceOfReason

        Those people who felt the need to take more were generally the people who did the hunting. Traditionally warriors and hunters got the largest share because they kept the tribes alive. What do you suppose would happen if all those minimum wage jobs were automated? You think unemployment is bad now? You lefties don’t seem to be very good with cause and effect. Everybody should have a PhD? Then what? How many PhD level jobs do you suppose are available to go around? What happens to the people who aren’t mentally competent enough to obtain one? Since all the menial jobs are automated, they become jobless and homeless with absolutely no hope of changing the situation. Cries of “not fair!” and hatred of people who have the ability to achieve things for themselves doesn’t advance society. Insisting that everyone have the same level of wealth and position regardless of skill, talent or ability is just ridiculous and the product of envy.

      • Dox

        You love capitalism and calling anyone that disagrees with you a lefty in your condescending manner. Got it.

        Thanks for sharing your support and love of capitalism.

      • VoiceOfReason

        I do and you’re welcome. It’s in humankinds nature to be the way we are. To want more than we have and to struggle to obtain it. It has been since the birth of (wom)man and will continue to be until it’s end.

      • VoiceOfReason

        Also…capitalism, which is spelled with four letters when so many of you use it, gave you the phone or computer that you’re using in order to bash it.

    • Yeah, I’m sure if they all got the skills and degrees necessary to move up in the world, there’d be room for everyone at the top. Because everyone who isn’t a highly paid executive is just SHIFTLESS AND LAZY, and not held there by circumstances beyond their control.

  14. VoiceOfReason

    Hate to break it to you folks, but Jesus -was- white. There’s no debate. He was a Jew and Jews are classified as caucasoid. Once upon a time, being Jewish wasn’t a matter of both religion and race. It was just the race. There were no black jews back then. I’m an atheist and don’t buy into the whole religion thing, but if we accept that Jesus was a real person, which there seems to be historical proof of, he was simply white. That doesn’t make Jesus, or the people who believe he was white racist. It’s just fact.

    • Dox

      Read “Forging the Races” by Professor Collin Kidd. It discusses specifically that there is no consensus among actual scholars about Jesus’s race. And that essentially almost all of the racial stereotypes you see are based on cultural stereotypes and societal trends, as opposed to any scientific method. The book itself reviews several theories ranging from an Aryan Jesus, to a Black African Jesus.

      In other words. No, there is no historical fact to base your comment on. Just supposition, cultural stereotype, and conjecture.

      That’s kind of the whole reason people found this to be a bullshit statement made from a “hard news anchor” that’s supposed to report fact.

      She didn’t.

      • VoiceOfReason

        Well you know, except the Bible. If you’re going to believe in God and that Jesus was his son based on a book written thousands of years ago, you can probably go ahead and trust that same book when it says he’s a Jew. You don’t get to cherrypick out of your religious book.

      • Dox

        1) Its not my book.
        2) If that’s the case, then lets argue about Jews born and raised in the middle east during that time period and what color their skin was. Hint: They weren’t blonde haired and blue eyed.
        3) I haven’t cherry picked a damn thing. I offered solid concrete evidence about the discussion, that historical scholars have been printing.

        You offer insults and your petty racist attitude.

      • VoiceOfReason

        Except I haven’t insulted anyone at all or given any “racist” attitude. I also didn’t claim that Jews of any time were blond haired and blue eyed. We know what Jews look like. They generally have dark hair and light to medium toned skin…and are still considered white. There’s nothing to indicate that those traits have changed since biblical times. You accuse me of insulting people, but I still haven’t. The only thing insulting is your arrogant tone in -your- replies.
        It doesn’t matter if the Bible is -your- book secifically. It’s the book that talk about Jesus and makes the claim that he’s the son of the Christian God. So, in a debate about Jesus, that would be the book that would be referenced and it claims he’s a Jew and Jews are not black, no matter “progressive” you want to be to make yourself feel like a “good person.”

    • Aw, you still think “Caucasoid” is a real thing. I suppose you also have a collection of preserved skulls, categorized by race and all specially mapped out to show how certain dimples suggest intellectual and moral capabilities among different ethnicities.

      • VoiceOfReason

        Yeah…there’s this thing called science that doesn’t care about political correctness and liberal feel-goods. You can tell the difference between people’s origins based on genetic markers in their DNA. Look it up. The interwebs is just full of useful fact.

      • You do know most scientists are those pesky liberals you seem to hate so much.
        Global climate change is real and man is accelerating it…
        Those same scientists say that…
        But your and your conservative ilk deny deny deny.. why because milking the last drops of oil is more profitable and heck next they can sell us breathable air and drinkable water…
        Go back to knuckle dragging where you belong with your pseudo wanna be intellectualism and the rest of your kin.

      • VoiceOfReason

        Ah yes, the liberal habit of resulting to insults rather than logic and fact. Very predictable. Just a moment while I find a comfortable spot to prop myself up by my knuckles and groom my companions for a bit, then I’ll respond…..

        Your claim that most scientists are liberal is ridiculous. Do you have a directory listing of every scientist in the world that allowed you to ring them all up for a brief survey of their political and social leanings?
        Also, climate is changing and it’s also known that the greenhouse gas level of today is miniscule compared to previous eras in the history of the world. You think things are bad now, let’s all switch over to those hydrogen cell electric cars that give off water vapor as a waste product and see what happens…Hint:Read up on water vapor’s effects on the atmosphere. And…that’s about it because you didn’t make any actual points that needed elaboration, only personal attacks in an attempt to draw attention away from the issue, as your kind is wont to do.

      • That thing called science discredited classifications like “Caucasoid” and “Negroid” many years ago. And here’s a useful fact I found on the interwebs:

        “[In the United States], race is defined primarily by skin color. Since that’s a genetic trait, the logic goes, race itself must be genetic, and there must be differences that are more than skin deep.

        “But that’s not what modern genetics reveals. Quite the contrary, it shows that race is truly skin deep. Indeed, genetics undermines the whole concept that humanity is composed of ‘races’—pure and static groups that are significantly different from one another.” (The Myth of Race, Mark Schoofs, 1997, as reprinted on

        Yes, genetic markers can identify people’s origins. But it has nothing to do with the racial classifications you brought up. The only way genetics can identify Jesus’s skin color is if you had some of Jesus’s DNA.

      • VoiceOfReason

        Sorry, but you’re incorrect. It was deemed too politically incorrect to continue with those classifications, although for some reason it’s still OK to call people with white skin caucasions. Just because the person who first used the term was a racist idiot, doesn’t mean the science behind it wasn’t sound.
        “The physical traits of Caucasoid crania are still recognised as distinct (in contrast to Mongoloid and Negroid races) within modern forensic anthropology. A Caucasoid skull is identified, with an accuracy of up to 95%, by the following features…”

        The Myth of Race, which I’ve read in it’s entirety and I doubt you have, was a pile of ass-kissing, kumbaya crap. You are, of course, welcome to your opinion on things, but you have to realize that a lot of opinions are just flat wrong, despite what the people who hold them might want to believe. Anyone with eyes in the head can look around and see that people from different regions differ greatly in appearance. Race isn’t just “skin deep” as you claim Science, yes with a capital, has Proven.
        You -do- understand that there are differing scientific views on these things and just because you like one of them more because it gives you the fuzzy feel-goods doesn’t mean it’s just gotta be the right one?

        You said… “Yes, genetic markers can identify people’s origins. But it has nothing to do with the racial classifications you brought up. The only way genetics can identify Jesus’s skin color is if you had some of Jesus’s DNA.”

        Well, yes…it does..because people can do a DNA test on you right now and tell you what race you are. They can tell you -every- race you are through this test. Depending on where you are from, it’s unlikely that you’re 100% anything. Certain regions have less ethnic mixing of course and if you’re from one of those places, you might be 100% of one thing or another, but most of us are not. For example, I’m part Native American, part Irish, part Scottish and part Scandinavian. All of those things are distinct in my DNA. Can you guess which one of those causes the fact that I have a light brown skin-tone and tan easily? According to your view on reality, you cannot because DNA has nothing to do with race. Over here in the real world though, I know it’s my Native American bloodline that makes me brown.

        As for the Jesus part, don’t have to have his DNA. The only “reliable” records we have of him are from an ancient “holy” book that says he was a Jew. If we’re going to believe that book enough to feel that debating Jesus’ skin color, then we have to believe the rest of the book as well. It’s either all valid and beyond reproach, or it’s been tampered with and none of it can be believed because there are no other ways to prove or disprove the contents of the book. For myself, I think it’s no more valid that The Koran, The Torah, The Edda(prose or poetic) or any other book claiming the intervention of supernatural beings in our world.

      • Wow, you can cut and paste from Wikipedia. Did you happen to notice the second sentence of that entry? “The term [Caucasian] was used in biological anthropology for many people from these regions, without regard necessarily to skin tone.” And from the same section from which you pulled your quote: “Skin color amongst Caucasoids ranges greatly from pale, reddish-white, olive, through to dark brown tones.”

        You can’t even propagate your own bullshit without undermining your original thesis. (Which was, to remind you, Jesus was Jewish, therefore a ‘Caucasoid,’ therefore his skin was white.)

      • VoiceOfReason

        Yeah, I sure can. I didn’t quote the other parts because they had no bearing on the discussion. You seem to be making a lot of assumptions here. What you don’t seem to understand is that those ranges of skin colors, which you might notice don’t include black, are all still considered skin tones of “white” people. She didn’t claim Jesus was a lilly-pale Norseman with long blonde hair, a square chin and brilliant blue eyes. She said he was “white”. “White” people, who are all considered to be caucasion, include the people of Israel, Saudi Arabia, most middle-eastern countries as well as the countries where people have very pale skin like Scandinavia, Finland, Ireland, etc. The Jewish people, who often have a more olive complexion and even sometimes light brown, are still “white” people. My skin is brown, I’m still a “white” person. You accuse those of us to acknowledge that there is a visible difference between people of different races of being racist, but it seems your definition of “white” is pretty racist to me since it only include those evil Aryan types who are apparently out to destroy the world.

      • Well I saw Jesus Christ Superstar somewhat recently and jebus in that show had sandy blonde hair and green/blue eyes. The last I checked there’s probably more of that physical type in Afghanistan than there are in the “holy land”.

      • She didn’t claim Jesus was a lilly-pale Norseman with long blonde hair, a square chin and brilliant blue eyes.

        Except that is EXACTLY what the Fox News audience envisions when she says “Jesus was white,” and she knows it. I think you know it, too, and you’re just playing dumb to keep the argument going.

  15. Deacon Jones

    I think her hair looks much better in this video than in the first one.

  16. Poor Meygn…she’s the real victim (and I guess Fox News, because corporations have feelings too you guys). This woman is so high and mighty on her throne of ignorance, but she’s a comedy goddess and all of us are just dummies who didn’t get the joke.

  17. Bryan

    Jesus in all likelihood is just as much a fictitious invention as Santa Claus.

  18. Matt

    People do realize Santa was based on a real historical figue St. Nicholas who was WHITE. What’s the big deal here? That she was correct, and everyone’s PC alarms went haywire?

    • It’s cool, Matt, you don’t need to read the article to comment. Just fire away.

    • lbb

      Good Lord Matt, it’s been pointed out multiple times in the past week that the historical figure, St. Nicholas, lived in what is modern-day Turkey.

      On a side note unrelated to Matt – how interesting that the new far-right rebuttal to logic appears to be “Stop being so prejudiced against my opinions!” It’s a topsy-turvy world we live in.

      • VoiceOfReason

        Turkish people….not black. Why shouldn’t his reponse be “stop being so prejudiced against my beliefs”? That’s the liberal way as well. Except the liberal response usually sprinkles in several insults against the person’s intelligence and ancestry as well in an attempt to shame people into no longer voicing their opinions.

  19. anonym


    SANTA IS CHINESE. You know it.

  20. What a dumb shit. Santa can be whatever color you want him to be, who cares.

    • VoiceOfReason

      Yeah. Any color you want. Including white. Apparently a white Santa is offensive and oppressive though.

  21. goodwolfe21

    Fish, Simply brilliant! Well said!

  22. Oprah Sucks

    I like how the dumb (yeah, I know she’s a lawyer, blah, blah) bitch didn’t include John Stewart. He probably ripped her to shreds worse than anyone else. He’s just too much for her. What I hated the most about her back pedaling was that she tried to treat it as humor, but it wasn’t. That cunt was serious as sheet when they were having that debate. If she would have just “manned up” and admitted that she truly believes Santa and Jesus are white, I would still think she’s a dumb bucket, but I would have a little respect for her.

    • VoiceOfReason

      She didn’t backpedal, and she did admit that she thinks Santa is white. She pointed out quite clearly, to those who speak and comprehend English, that she was merely pointing out the fact that Santa is portrayed as white.

      • Oprah Sucks

        Voice of Reason? Bullshit. She backpedaled…big time. They had a serious debate when she made those comments (the word “portrayed” never appeared in her declarations of a white Santa, so you pulled that out of your ass) , then “conveniently” became ill the next night after the shit storm hit. Then, the next night, after being prepped by Roger Ailes, appeared and came up with that unbelievable crap about it being “humor”. The last time I checked, humor was supposed to be funny. that original debate wasn’t funny, no matter how much of a racist asshole you are. It’s obvious I comprehend English better than you could ever dream.

      • VoiceOfReason

        Obviously. I guess my English comprehension is terrible since I didn’t know that she had to use the actual word “portrayed” when talking about how Santa is depicted as white everywhere you look. I suppose context clues and their use have been discredited as racist or barbaric somewhere along the way and I just didn’t hear about it because down here in the South, we’re too busy beating our wives and lynching black folks to do much of that thar book larnin’. My apologies.

  23. So she’s a stupid unapologetic bitch who won’t admit she was wrong by using the old “I was kidding” defense.

  24. Charmed.

    At least the stupid bitch looked very unhappy, uncomfortable, and like she was barely holding it together over that entire broadcast :)

    Good. She’s one step closer to hitting bottom.

    • Charmed.

      And just a follow up I forgot to add to the last comment…

      what the fuck is with everyone going on and on about Liberal this, Conservative that? Who gives a fuck. She’s ignorant, obnoxious, self entitled trash, if I was a conservative I wouldn’t want her on my side and I certainly wouldn’t be defending her.

      You really want to be defending someone with the knowledge, rationale & eloquency of “Jesus just is white” ?! Really?!

  25. I know this is a fact-I like all colors of tits and to fuck Megyn Kelly I’d tell her Santa is white or any color she wants me to say. When it comes to pussy I have no morals.

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