Jon Stewart Had A Few Things To Say About Megyn Kelly’s White Santa

December 13th, 2013 // 131 Comments
Megyn Kelly
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Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly Says Santa And Jesus Are 'Just White' Read More »

Yesterday, when the Internet learned of Megyn Kelly‘s pure, lily-white Jesus and Santa Claus, the most prominent reaction after, “I’m sorry. What?” was, “God, I hope The Daily Show tackles this.” Which they did. So below is Jon Stewart having a goddamn field day pulling this delicious bullshit sandwich apart along with asking a very important question:

“Who are you actually talking to? Children who are sophisticated enough to be watching a news channel at 10 o’clock at night, yet innocent enough to believe Santa Claus is real, yet racist enough to be freaked out if he isn’t white? … Yes, West Virgina, there is a Santa Claus.”

And this money quote:

“‘Just because something is uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change.’ Actually, I think that’s the official slogan of oppression.”

Interestingly enough, Megyn Kelly didn’t host her own show last night and was replaced by a fill-in which puts her in the prestigious ranks of Glenn Back and Sarah Palin a.k.a. people who somehow managed to spray xenophobic horseshit that’s too much for even FOX News. That takes skill. I’m man enough to admit that.


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  1. JC

    If no one steps up and creates a “news” program wherein Megyn Kelly and Alec Baldwin spend an hour screaming slurs and obscentiy-riddled nonsense at each other, then there is no Black Santa Claus.

  2. Mr.Progressive

    Yay more race-baiting and political bullshit. Thanks alot FishFuck.

    Cultural marxism is always good; the islamic prophet Muhammed is white, Shaft should be a white tranny, James Bond should be a black female lesbian, quotation is always good, affirmative action should apply to dating.

    If you disagree with any of this you are racist.
    Happy weekend.

    • I think the point was that someone on a “news” channel is arguing it is a FACT that an obviously FICTIONAL character is white.

    • Convex

      I agree, and point out that it’s the rabid libtards like Fish who are the most judgmental and intolerant of all. He is true to type, yet he would be the first to rail about stereotypes.

      He’s been told and told that no one comes here for his liberal lectures and his political opinions. Best way to kill a site is to preach liberal horseshit to visitors. Ask Perez Hilton about his dropping numbers; they coincide with his political outbursts and his militant gay agenda.

      I come here for well-written celebrity gossip. Fish, keep your politics to yourself or create a new political site where you can spew your liberal garbage.

      • I’ve been ranting about politics for six years. Nothing has happened to my numbers despite 50,000 “stick to tits” comments.

        As for Perez Hilton, he still seems to be insanely profitable which only further proves there is no god.

      • I’m not clear on your problem.

        She’s got tits. Wonderful, gorgeous, domineering, “I’m an Aryan brood-mare” tits.

        And she’s a celebrity. She’s got the 2nd highest rated show on the highest rated “news” channel.

        If she wasn’t up for snark, she should have gone into print, where she’d have lived a blissful life of anonymity.

      • Surprise, surprise. Convex shows up only when Fish shits on a Republican who said/did some dumb shit. The funniest thing about this website is the people who you hear nothing from until Fish shares his political views.

        I hope Fish keeps shitting on them, just so Convex and others keep generating more ad revenue for this site which will continue to shit on them. It’s a beautiful thing.

      • catapostrophe

        Again, where’s the “politics” in any of this?

      • catapostrophe

        It’s funny to think that it’s a “liberal” position to find humor in someone telling “children,” via a “news outlet,” that Santa Claus’ and Jesus Christ’s whiteness is a provable fact.

        Is it a conservative position to be fucking nuts? Is that what you’re insinuating, Convex?

      • I’m still laughing my ass off at “[Fish has] been told and told that no one comes here for his liberal lectures…” like Convex is doing his fucking Employee Evaluation, and is getting ready to recommend disciplinary action.

        I personally don’t come here to watch people like Convex air out the sand in their vaginas whenever Fish posts something political, but there it is. We all have our crosses to bear.

      • [hold up small sign that reads "10"]


      • Sigh…….let me explain how a relatively conservative person enjoys this sight.
        1) Recognize that its a free site and you have the freedom to eye-bang skanks at all the other free sites across the internet. Yay freedom!!
        2) Even if politics harmed the site and diminished its profitability, its not you problem so save the lectures. (it actually generates clicks cause liberals love money too)
        3) You should know that liberals put their politics first. Learn to roll eyes. (its all about them, not the issue)
        4) People pick low hanging ideological fruit and grandstand (Limbaugh, Hannity, Palin, Stewart, Maher…and …Fish). That is what people do. People that put politics first do it more often. Accept it.
        5) Hack on hack crime is actually good. It’s political Darwinism (you should believe in Darwin bro). Let the dude shred Palin’s book because she is lame and her book is dumb. Let him denounce denounce Megyn Kelly with faux-Stewart-esque style because what she said was stupid and there are more important issues that deserve real news time.
        6) Ultimately, Fish is decent enough to let everyone say their piece (and he provides boobs… sometimes) even if you have to roll eyes from time to time. Grow up. It’s a site devoted to cultural garbage (including Kelly and Palin’s).

      • catapostrophe

        Again–where’s the “politics” in this?

      • The “politics” is in the selection bias. You understand that though.

      • @Convex : I would highly recommend you stick to your grade level on the comment boards on Faux News.

      • I love the political commentary on this site, I, also, love the tits and dicks (when I am lucky enough to see one). You don’t like this site? Go, Go, Go Away.

    • Nah, most persons would generally agree that Muhammad had a nappy head.

    • rican

      Fish’s liberal stupidity diminishes his comedic writing. But he knows that such liberal stupidity generates a ton of clicks. So take the good with the bad and hope for the return of pantyless celebrities showing us their twats.

      • catapostrophe

        But how is this “political”?

      • Mr.Progressive

        This place is appearantly just a circlejerk for sheltered american liberals cheering and clapping for John Stewart’s nightly sermons; and agreeing with Fish’s smug cookie-cutter opinions and platitudes.

        I guess Fish has reached a new stage in his life, one of self-actualization. He’s no longer content with being a funny titty-mongerer, he’s now transforming into an abrasive social justice warrior.

      • Dox

        Mr. Progressive-
        Actually, we tried the group masturbation thing a while back. The first two weeks were kind of awkward because only Don and I showed up.

        Then Beefy showed up dressed like Barney, and it started getting really weird when Fish demanded we all cover ourselves in McRib sauce beforehand.

        After Don’s pickle accident the whole thing kind of disintegrated. Although, in all honesty the closest we ever came to social justice was wearing matching Mesh half shirts and waxing each others backs.

        You know how it goes.

      • That was the best Christmas ever, dude. It was your fault for not using enough lube btw.

      • Are You That Zimmerman Fella?

        I have been coming to this site for years, and Fish’s political rants are nothing new. I have also read the many ” stick to T and A” replies. My comment is “you can tell the post is political in the title. If you know the fucker is going down “liberal Avenue” once again, why do you read it, let alone comment”? If you don’t like them, by all means, rebutt in kind and let the lefty pshyco know how you feel. After his umpteenth fucking Zimmerman post, I did. Be creative, because the only-post-titty-and-snatch replies are, quite frankly, kind of tired.

        With that being stated, where in the fuck is that word hog Justifiable? I was looking forward to half way reading his 2 million words + comments on this issue. That shits better than nyquil.


    • The sad thing is, you write this as if you’re making some snappy, witty comment, without realizing how absolutely, pants-on-head retarded it is. I mean, was this supposed to be some sort of biting comment or something?

      Someone on TV said something hilariously stupid and racist. A gossip blogger made fun of that person. That’s all there is to this, you ultra-sensitive, thin-skinned whiner.

    • Yah, TheSuperficial writer should stick to the celebrity nonsense. Or, better yet, he/she can start ANOTHER blog on which he/she can espouse his sociopolitical opinions and see how many people show up. Equal-opportunity “news” railing would be more acceptable (e.g., Al Sharpton is a terribly easy target for anyone who actually cares about race relations – or black people – in this country), but the “Megyn Kelly sux,” and “I’m glad Breitbart died” drivel is pretty pathetic. Wait, am I on teh interwebs?

      • ReaganHuffsDongsInHell

        So only make fun of people you don’t like who also happen to be black?

        Got it Adolf.

      • Here’s a thought: If you don’t like it, why don’t YOU start your own goddamn celebrity bashing site? You, get a ll boot-strappy and set it up without any help. Let us know how that goes.

    • Dox

      Just so we’re clear here…. you supporting ignorant statements about a fictional character, by using other fictional characters for support?

      Dude… you went all inception.

      Mind. Blown.

    • ReaganHuffsDongsInHell

      Nothing makes you sound like more of a moron than using the phrase “cultural marxism” when referring to a country that considers anything even remotely socialistic – let alone Marxist – a slur all while being proud of the fact they are the most nonsensically capitalist bunch of goofs in existence.

      What I think you mean to say is “hi i’m an easily manipulated white racist who is scared of everything”

    • Well, clearly SOMEONE is on Black Santa’s “naughty” list this year…

  3. Mohawk Disco

    Don’t know what’s scarier. These people wantig to sell this horseshit to others or that they actually believe in this crap.

  4. Man, maybe it’s because Im getting older, but I dont agree with Stewart on comparing oppression to arguing about Santa Claus’ race…

    Im getting sick and tired for years of everyone trying to pander to the politically correct side of things. Take my school district for instance. I went to a massive high school that has 3 middle schools and shit, 8 or so elementary schools. And now none of the elementary schools are allowed to celebrate Halloween in any way. As in, none of the teachers are allowed to put up skeletons and cobwebs in the classroom, give out candy, and GOD FORBID let the kids have a costume parade at lunch. Why? Because a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses filed a lawsuit against the district and claimed it was offensive to their religion that their kid be subjected to it.

    And don’t even get me started on a Christmas tree (or a menorah or Happy Kwanza sign). Those were banned years ago because the atheists were offended.

    Oh, and for field days, no one keeps score anymore, because winning is divisive and causes emotional distress, Oh NOOOO!

    We are raising a generation of, for lack of a better term, pussies, who are being groomed to believe that there’s no such thing as winners or losers. And if you complain loudly enough about something you can, and will, get your way over the vast majority of people. So now THEY are the ones that are affecting everyone else with their viewpoint. The majority of people suffer for a minority of people. What is end result in all of this? I dont know, but it’s not fucking pretty if you ask me.

    • Speaking of pussies, I notice you didn’t bring any of this up during Fish’s Sarah-Palin-War-on-Xmas series, when this rant was relevant.

    • I kind of agree that everyone is raising/being raised by pussies, but I also (naively?) think there’s still a difference between equality and progressive education – and pandering to be PC. Too fine a line maybe.

    • alex

      Deacon, americans aren’t turning into pussies, that happened a long time ago. It started with the rise of frivolous law suits. The first thing anyone does when they are wronged is to lawyer up and “get theirs.” 50 years ago, taking advantage of people was something done by major corporations and criminals. Today, it’s everywhere and everyone is guilty of it. Everyone knows “their rights” and that translates to, I don’t require a moral compass or ethical bone in my body, I have the right to exploit anything at any time and as long as I can successfully argue my case. It’s not about everyone getting a trophy or about kids not having the same Halloween experience that we did growing up, its the new world goal of gaming the system to get what you want. It’s all about cash and access to the best lawyers. They’ve destroyed america.

    • rican

      Progressives ejaculating their moral equivalency bullshit, Deacon. Maybe not getting older, but definitely not moving further left.

    • I find the political correctness a little annoying too. I’m an atheist…was raised an atheist. I went to public schools in the 80s and we sang all the traditional Christmas carols. It was nice and festive and really made the season special for a kid. The words to many or the carols are religion based, but to me it was nice melodies and sounds and created associations that exist to this day. When I hear traditional Christmas carols, I get the warm and fuzzies inside. It’s nice.

      The words holy, jesus, christ, savior, god, etc. are no more offensive to me than any other word.

      Let the fucking kids enjoy the season no matter what their beliefs. Keep the adult bullshit out of it.

      • Agreed. I was raised Catholic for a while, then “got religion”: and became an Atheist. Way back in the late ’70′s, in band, we were forbidden from playing religious Xmas songs, so our Band teacher, who was Jewish, said anyone who wnated to could meet on a Saturday downtown and paly all the banned songs. It was weird but also fun.
        Anyway, I don’t know if it’s because I was raised with Christmas(tree, presents, baby Jesus(for a while anyway until the Church abandoned my mom because she left my abusive Dad-Hooray family fun), but I dont mind the Christmas stuff. I DO mind it in Government buildings, but the school thing is tough. Yes it’s government, so you can’t “establish” a religion, but shit, we are so multicultural now, I don’t see a problem with having Xmas and Hannukah and Diwali and Ramadan celebrated in SOME way in school. I think it would be good for the kids.
        WIll see how MY kids turn out tho…we don’t go to church, but still have a tree at Christmas. (Hey, it’s a Pagan thing :) )

    • @Deacon: Why the fuck your city stop celebrating Halloween because a bunch of Jehovah’s Witnesses bitched about it. If you don’t like or aren’t allowed to celebrate Halloween, how the fuck is that anyone else’s problem? Take a night off. Stay home.

      Why does one person’s imaginary shit take precedence over another person’s imaginary shit? Christmas is about coming together with friends and family to exchange gifts and good tidings. No religious bullshit required.

      • Being offended gives you extra special rights and is equivalent to persecution and oppression.

      • Oh. Well I’m offended by people who think I should give a shit whether they’re offended or not. Here’s something that every person should know. The truth is never politically correct.

        This victim class mentality shit has to stop. It seems the most powerful thing you can be these days is a victim. This entire world is becoming a bunch of whiny, entitled pussies.

      • kimmykimkim

        Hey, Beefy, ‘member that one time that I was like “I hate this fucking country.”? This. Alllllll of this. I’m so fucking sick of it.

      • I think the Liechtensteinians might be even worse about trying not offend anyone over cultural/religious insensitivity.

      • Dude, that’s my whole point. Its bullshit how a huge majority of us are rolling over and taking it up the ass because the occasional family in an entire school district are “upset” over something.

        I guarantee the Christmass tree in TImes Square is gone in another 5-10 years, there’s no way that’s lasting.

        I am technically an atheist too, well more agnostic, dont practice organized religion whatsoever, but I love Christmas too. What’s the point of sterilizing everything to the point where no one is allowed to celebrate anything?

      • The biggest celebration of the year in my country is Carnival. Every year the weekend before Ash Wednesday the celebrations start. Saturday and Sunday is for the kids during the day. Monday and Tuesday for the adults. On Monday and Tuesday, the adults come out they drink, they grind on each other and march down the street in skimpy, colourful costumes while the best music of the season plays on giant music trucks that travel with them.

        I’ve never participated in it and I have no inclination to. If someone invites me, fine, but otherwise it’s not my thing. You don’t see me demanding my government bans Carnival so that I don’t have to see this. Why? Because I’m not a self-righteous asshole that thinks the entire world revolves around me and my beliefs. I realize that while I have no interest in it, it’s a vital part of my country history and identity and most people love it. So have fun everybody. What the fuck’s so hard about that?

      • kimmykimkim


      • Dox

        So then… basically we all agree.
        Nobody gives a fuck what color your Santa Claus is, you can put your nativity scene up next to my wall of Christmas beer cans, Halloween is fun, and if you don’t like it, stay home that day, dreidel’s suck but we love a festival of lights (Hanukkah) so decorate away, and all other religions or non religions are welcome to join in the fun and decorate away, and if we don’t like it, we will just soldier the fuck on, and get over it.

        Progress has been made.

      • What a second, are you a Barbadosian? er, Barbadosee, however the fuck you pronounce it? But isnt Carnival in Brazil too?

      • Dox

        No no no. Carnival takes place in Sweden. Which is just South East of the Isle of Mann…. located in the Sea of Gibraltar, near Australia.

        (Did I mention I failed Geography? Badly.)

      • Carnival is a custom spread out across many nations. It’s a remnant of French Colonization. Many Caribbean countries have it, South Americans have it. USA has it’s own version called Mardi Gras.

        I live in Trinidad & Tobago, specifically Trinidad.

      • Dox

        Isn’t Trinidad in Ohio?


      • No. It’s in Asia. JK. It’s the southernmost Caribbean country.

      • Dox

        So Orlando, near the Pirates ride?

        (feel free to smack me.)

      • I have a friend from Trinidad, he told me about doubles. I want double with.

      • rican

        Makes you kinda think if there is a war on Christmas after all, doesn’t it?

      • Dox

        Oh yeah… just look… over the dell and glade. See the two armies as they line up. Pennants fluttering in the wind. Muskets straight and tall. Oh look, they have bayonets fixed. Today will be a particularly bloody battle in the war on Christmas.

        Can you hear the war drums of the heathen anti Christmas’ers. Note the protruding tusks, dripping with venomous saliva. And over there, the shiny plated armor of the Holy Paladin of the Christmas Spirit. Gleaming like the white skin of Jesus/Santa.

        The horns of war have sounded… and the foot soldiers of the Christmas army sally forth to cross blade and bullet with the evil anti Christmas horde. The pop of muskets clash with the hiss of thousands of arrows. Men scream and fall. Brave men. Honorable men.

        The Horde surges implacably forward. The Christmas army is surrounded.

        But fret not, boys and girls, for in the background our two hairy footed midget elf hybrid heroes have finally clambered to the top of Mount Bullshit. As the Ring of Anti Christmas is tossed into the evil hell fires that rage there, a single harmonious peal of Christmas bells ring out….

        Ok… that might actually be a mix of The Lord of the Rings, and Glory, but that’s HOW IT WOULD HAPPEN.

      • The “Christmass tree in Times Square” is actually in Rockefeller Center, Deacon. Y’know, on private property. No one’s complaining.

        At least Fish now knows who to send his copy of Palin’s book now that he’s done wiping his ass with it.

      • Deacon Jones

        Palin’s a ball of batshit crazy.

        Doesn’t mean she’s the only one that is sick of our generation cowering like a bunch of wet dogs in a corner for fear of offending someone.

      • I burnt that shit in my backyard.

        Three days later it reappeared on my desk asking why I don’t have any Christmas lights up.

      • Dox

        Beware the Palinomicon.
        Bound in Christmas Wrap, and inked in holly sap, it contains bizarre holiday incantations, and fictional character resurrection passages.

  5. Blottter

    Jimmy Kimmel’s bit about this was also really good. Not Daily Show writres good, but good nonetheless:

  6. leila

    I can’t tell if Megyn is totally fucktarded like the majority of the Fox News staff, or if she’s stirring the idiot pot to continue her rise up the ladder there. Also, is the spelling of Megyn something her agent came up with or did her parents actually give her a playmate name? Shits getting weird is the best tagline for this horseshit non-news ever.

    • You might be onto something there. They do seem to reward “headlining” behavior, versus, you know, integrity.

    • Dude, watch the second John Stewart video…it’s a “black” name.

    • Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

      I’m sure it’s a combination of actual belief, pandering to her white, elderly audience, and talking points delivered via Roger Ailes. I honestly believe Kelly is a far right conservative. She does actually believe a lot of what she says. Why else would she spoon feed her loyal audience thinly veiled racist comments. She learned it from the Fox news rule book. Sucking Brit Humes cock didn’t exactly hurt her career either.

  7. So… Megyn Kelly actually followed up her claim about Santa with an assertion that he was white – just like Jesus Christ (as in that dude supposedly born in Bethlehem in the middle of the middle east). No one grabs onto that? Just the idea that a mythical Nordic figure shouldn’t be white?

    • MrChips

      Nope. It’s only news if it happens to blacks or whites. The rest of you brown people just pick a side.

    • They hit the Jesus part in the second video.

      • Well then… in that case, I really wish Comedy Network would streamline their US to Canada service so that you’d get redirected to a .ca site that shows the same content rather than getting an image with a bland joke about healthcare and a link to their other homepage.

  8. cc

    Ah fuck this, can’t I just see her in some leaked nudes or lingerie at least?

  9. BDiddyNOVA

    I don’t come to this site for *anything* said on, or about, *any* news program. BUT, if they’re going to keep harping on FoxNews, I’d at least like the site to cover some of the dumb shit said on MSNBC too.

    • Your idea of “balance” is childish and partly to blame for the rubbish state of American media.

    • It’s Fish’s blog. He writes about what he wants to write about. He’s not your trained monkey, and he doesn’t fucking owe you “balance.”

      • Dox

        Actually… he is my trained monkey.
        I can make him break dance, and he looks so cute in the lederhosen outfit I bought him. Imagine my shock when Photo Boy turned out to be a poodle that can do backflips.

      • …a break-dancing monkey in lederhosen named “Fish” …you need to copyright that shit before it shows up on adult swim.

  10. Judge Chamberlain Haller

    Shit just got weird.

  11. When I was a kid, I read “The Little House” books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. (Yes, I read them and loved them as much as I loved Curious George). And I remember in one of the books, not sure which one, but in one of them, Laura, at age 7 or 8, learns there is no actual “Santa”. Caroline “Ma” Ingalls basically said to her that anytime anyone does something nice to some one else, that was Santa. Anyone could be Santa because of what you did for someone else. Laura was not sad at this news but accepted it because Ma Ingalls is a good mom who doesn’t want to be bullshit her kids. So let us all learn from the great American frontier family The Ingalls and see that Santa is all of us if we choose to be.

  12. Joe Blow

    Well, if Kanye West can be the black Jesus, why can’t Santa Claus be some old white guy?

  13. amazing that you douchebags have NOTHING to say about the socialist, Obama suckling going on at MSNBC.

    • Dr. JFever

      Shawn, may I call you Shawn?

      Let’s unpack your troll comment a bit. You start with an insult that is not only silly but completely unoriginal.

      Then you use the troll technique of all caps to try to make a moronic comment somehow more persuasive.

      Next there is the use of the term/slur of socialist, this does not mean what you think it means. A true socialist would not bail out the US auto industry and leave them as private corporations. There has been nothing about the actions of this President that are anywhere near ‘socialism’. The only national known politician that is anywhere near a ‘socialist’ is the honorable Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont who is a self-described ‘democratic socialist’.

      The next thing you bring up is ‘suckling’. Shawn you need an editor or at least to take a few deep breathes then edit your troll comments. Suckling refers to breast feeding, it is spelled ‘sucking’ if you are referring to the act of oral sex done to men. While we are on the subject of oral sex, what is it with conservatives and the act of oral sex on males? Are you all not getting it enough or at all or is it the whole gays do it bugaboo?

      Anyways the last thing you bring up Shawn is the cable network MSNBC. What seems to be the problem here? If you don’t like it or some of the people on it then don’t watch. Seems real simple but perhaps your real problem is that liberals exist at all. Then as they say Shawn you must KCCO, because reality has well known liberal bias.

      The last thing here is that you did not address the post by Fish at all, which was the fact that the comments by the Fox news host were not political but were by any examination completely stupid and most likely unintentionally racist. Leaving out any questions of the whole ‘historical’ figures BS.

      Shawn, as a proud liberal who by definition has empathy and cares about my fellow humans, I hope you get the mental care you need. If your not on your parents health plan or are not lucky enough to have it thru work then sign up for the ACA and get some insurance with mental health coverage. Have Happy Holidays.

      PS It is President Obama, have some respect at least for the office of POTUS.

      • rican

        And you really expect us to believe that you afforded George Bush the same respect you ask for Obama? GTFO.

      • I was horrified when I realized G Bush would quite likely become the POTUS. I literally cried.
        But, I never came into these rooms and bashed him. Maybe that is one of the differences between a liberal and a conservative, a live and let live attitude. IDK, maybe I should have been screaming online to stop his damaging policies. The wars, which I felt certain would come and did.

  14. PassingTrue

    Oh yes, my day wasn’t complete until Jon Stewart weighed in. Seems that Megan Kelly is doing fine ratings wise and the scorn of Jon Stewart will not bother her one bit. Nobody *has* to watch Fox, particuarly the shows that are commentary. But if you tend to lean liberal and wish to saunter by to raise your blood pressure, don’t let me stop you. But, it seems that the intolerance and bashing gets a bit deep when you shouldn’t be surprised that Fox channel has comments you won’t like. Kinda like getting too excited when you hear a dog bark.

  15. “‘Just because something is uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change.’ Tell that to a feminist.

    • rican

      Don, this is too funny. You slam the Jehova’s Witnesses, a minority group, for wanting to do away with Halloween. Then you slam Megyn Kelly for making a statement that really summarizes the essence of your Jehova’s Witnesses slam. That is precisely her point!!! Just because some woman is uncomfortable with a white Santa, it does not mean we now need black Santas!
      Personally, I don’t give a fuck whether he’s yellow, red, blue, whatever, but skewering her for saying something that you’re in agreement with is just plain moronic.

      • I’m not in agreement with her. She deserves to be ridiculed because this has no place on a freaking news channel. Who gives a shit if someone wants to make a made up character white/black/latino? The implication in her statements is that it would upset the children to know that Santa/Jesus was black. The only way that would upset a child is if the child has racist parents who’ve already started indoctrinating him/her into their bigotry.

        What threw it over the edge is that she stated Jesus was white as if it was a fact. A Jew born in the Middle East 2000 years ago, white? How the fuck is that even possible? How much of an airhead do you have to be to believe that? This was just more of the typical Fox news War on Christmas bullshit. Because to them, the idea of a black Jesus is an affront to the idea of Christmas.

      • “Who gives a shit if someone wants to make a made up character white/black/latino?”

        White liberals, obv.

      • rican

        Don, a few things, her program is not marketed as news, it is an opinion show like Maddow, Anderson Cooper, etc. The implication in her statement was not what you say. See it again. Her implication is “Just because something is uncomfortable (black woman does not like white Santa) doesn’t mean it has to change (now we need to have black Santas so this black woman can feel comfortable again). Again, who gives a flying fuck, but to slam her for saying it? Shit man, you agreed with that statement when it applied to Halloween and Joehova’s witnesses!
        As for Jesus etc, I think Sn0t_BuBBLe summarized it perfectly.

      • I agreed with the Halloween situation because I don’t think the state should mandate that because this small group of people think Halloween is bad, nobody should be allowed to celebrate it.

        Unless I heard wrong, that’s not what going on in the situation Megan was talking about. If the person Megan was talking about was demanding that her State or whatever make Santa black just because she wants it to be that way, then yes. I agree it shouldn’t be made law that Santa is black now. That’s bullshit.

        But if a small group of people want to have a black Santa that fine. That’s their business. You have to understand that Megan has a national audience. And as Jon Stewart pointed out, her show is on at 10pm, so there were most likely very few children watching. She used the children as a shield, but the real message was to her adult audience. “If we allow this person to make Santa/Jesus was black, it’ll destroy the very essence of Christmas. Soon they’ll replace it with Kwanzaa. They’re coming for you! They’re coming to destroy everything you hold dear. Run! Protect your children!”

        So basically the same fear-mongering that Fox news puts out on a daily basis.

      • rican

        Don, Megan was making the same point Deacon made complaining about having to change long standing traditional events because few people won’t learn to deal with it. Her stating Santa can’t be black is like stating Batman can’t be a Hassidic Jew, or Shaft can’t be British. Contempt for Fox News makes you see more to it than what was said.

      • So you agree that what she said was stupid right? Because that’s my argument.

      • Dox

        You have to give her credit. Who else could pick a fight with an entire nation over a fictional characters likeness……

        That takes a bit of skill.
        Or a lot of money and a Television station.
        Either way, its entertaining as hell.

      • It’s not hard to get attention for doing something stupid in America. As a matter of fact, it’s the main reason anybody gets attention in America.

      • rican

        I agree to the extent that It’s a stupid argument, who cares, really. But not with the vitriol and attacks that are in essence a contradiction. If all you people don’t care, why get so emotional? I understand Stewart and Fish, ’cause that’s their business, but beyond that, wtf.

      • I’m not emotional about it at all. I’m just calling people out on their bullshit.

  16. Walter White

    Crazy eyed bitch is crazy.

  17. YourMomsFav

    That chick is a fuc*head. It’s F’N Santa ya witch. I hope the real Santa comes down the chimney and takes a dump on her as she sleeps. It’s not white Santa, it’s just Santa. Die.

  18. Linda

    These people are so silly. I am sure if I took my 4 yr old granddaughter to see Santa and he was being portrayed by a man of color – she would not even take notice. She doesn’t care as long as he thinks she has been good and put presents under the tree for her
    And as far as Jesus is concerned – he was a Jew who lived in the Middle East. You can figure that one out on your own.

    • rican

      Bullshit. We ran into a black Santa once and my oldest kid whispered into my ear (so the younger two would not listen), that he knew that was not the real Santa because he was not white. BTW, we’re an “Obama” shade of black.

    • diversity hire

      Youre a good person, Linda. Not like those other white ppl

  19. reggy

    All y’all who are bitching: Remember when you were forced at gunpoint to read all these articles you’re complaining about?

  20. Stannis

    I think we can all agree though that the Easter Bunny is a white rabbit.

  21. This is not a story, just more proof that some morons can not wait to post anything, anything negative about Fox. For every actual 1 zinger that Stewart gets against that crew, he has about 100 misses.

    Yes, asshole, Santa is white. Just like Michael Jordan is black. And (this’ll kill you) most of us outside of HollyYork have little if any problem with Fox News.

  22. YourMomsFav

    The Easter Bunny is a white rabbit costume. Inside. Chris Rock.

  23. diversity hire

    The tooth fairy is gay, to deny it is proof of rethuglican homophobia.

  24. Look, John’s funny, but he’s usually way off base on this war on Christmas stuff. Does Fox News overreact and sensationalize? YEP. But are they wrong? In this instance, no they’re not. There are lots of atheist movements out there trying to turn Christmas, a RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY, into a non religious one. Or they are trying to ignore that Christmas and the religious aspects of it are why we give gifts to each other, with things like “Happy Holidays” (which this year is NONSENSE since Hannukah happened a month ago already. There are no other holidays) that take the word “Christ” out of the mix. People love the materialism in Christmas, yet so many want to suck out what it really is. And many atheists go one step forward, with things like this festivus pole, which is just downright disrespectful. If people did that as a message against Jews, NO ONE would tolerate it! It would be antisemitic. Just because Christians are a majority doesn’t make antichristian sentiment ok.

    As for Santa being white…HE IS WHITE. He’s based on Saint Nicholas, a European Saint who was WHITE. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean everything should cater to you. Saying this obvious fact isn’t racist or oppressive. It’s ACCURATE.

    • St. NIcholas was born in what is now Turkey. He was almost certainly a brown person.

      Also, most Christmas traditions predate Christianity, so fuck your perceived lock on the holiday season.

  25. And more importantly, it’s a hundreds year old tradition. You shouldn’t change traditions arbitrarily. There’s no reason to. If anything, being against a white Santa simply because he’s white is racist. When did Santa ever oppress black people? Never.

  26. Are You That Zimmerman Fella?

    Meggy, poor Meggy. You probably should have stuck to fucking Brit Hume than trying to run with the big boys in the political punditry department. No true right wing conservative wants their women to have opinions, no matter how “Jethro” they are. So, sweet cheeks, why don’t you stick to what you Conservative gals do best: Shit out kids and complain about your hubby’s tiny dick at the beaty palour.

  27. Kodos

    And Jon Liebowitz matters because?…

    I thought so.

    Fuck this noise.

  28. nutterbutter

    Fish you keep doin what your doin and ignore all these jakalope haters.

  29. What I want to know is if Santa is black, then how does the very white Mrs. Claus feel about boning his North Pole.

  30. Mr. Virginia Tech

    A ball gag and a tube of anal lube and Megyn Kelly might be useful for something.

  31. George

    Jon Stewart has a pathological Talmudic hatred of Christmas, obviously.
    of West Virginians.
    Oh, and a circumsized boner for Megyn Kelly that makes him hate himself because she’s such a hot shiksa.

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