Megyn Kelly Has Interesting Criteria For Which Teens Are ‘Saints’

UPDATE: Eric Casebolt resigned from the McKinney Police and received a deliciously rare public “fuck you” from the chief of police for his actions, so please continue to fill the comments with how this ass balloon was “just doing his job” and everyone needs to “watch the whole video.”

Megyn Kelly spent not one, but two prime time specials letting America’s #1 clown car vagina circus work with Mike Huckabee’s advisors – So that’s what went wrong. – to exonerate Josh Duggar’s actions and slam the media for “revictimizing” victims. So you’d assume Megyn is in the business of giving 15-year-olds a fair shake especially ones that are the victims of racial attacks by the police in McKinney, Texas. Via Raw Story:

The girl was no saint, either,” Kelly said of Dajerria Becton. “He had told her to leave, and she continued to linger. When a cop tells you to leave, get out.”
Kelly did not mention that, according to Becton, she was in the process of complying with Casebolt’s order when he violently took her down after being called to the scene of a pool party.

Oh, damn, girl, Megyn Kelly just Trayvon Martin’d your ass! And by Trayvon Martin’d your ass, I mean Megyn Kelly used Trayvon Martin’s juvenile record to smear him, yet still joined the Duggars in their fight to protect juvenile records from public scrutiny because they’re not black like you. Make this way more entertaining than I just did, The Daily Show:

Photo: Fox News Insider