Meghan McCain wants to be played by Hilary Duff

Meghan McCain is hard at work on a book about her life, complete with a chapter on Sarah Palin, and already knows who she wants to play her in the movie: Hilary Duff. I guess Megan wants to see more women with linebacker shoulders in film. Who knows? NY Daily News reports:

“I want Hilary Duff to play me. I think she’s really hot – hotter than me – but I’d still want her to play me,” Sen. John McCain’s daughter confided to us at the Trevor Project’s summer gala on Monday night at Capitale.
But the young Republican isn’t dead set on Duff. “Really, I’d take anyone who’s blond,” she joked, adding that one actor in particular would certainly be welcome to join the cast. “Bradley Cooper is so hot,” McCain swooned. “If he can be in it, he will. I’m obsessed with [his film] ‘The Hangover!'”

Why is Meghan McCain just standing around dream-casting Bradley Cooper in a pretend movie? I’m pretty sure she has enough money to buy him into white slavery at her mansion. Oh, sure, we can all act like it doesn’t happen in this country, but trust me, it does. And if it doesn’t, then how come I gave a guy in an alley a whole bunch of money for Leighton Meester? And, more importantly, why am I just now noticing the receipt he gave me is actually a tin can? I rest my case.

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